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“Someone under the Saint Servant”

After pondering for a long time, Situ Yong felt that it was necessary to confirm the position of the other party and his own side.


Yu Zhiwen nodded slightly.

It was apparent that her thoughts were not in this place but in the distant central zone.

Situ Yong clenched his teeth and asked tentatively, “He is also a member of the younger generation.

Among the younger generation, it seems that it is rare for him to have a Saint Statue.

With such a cultivation level, he can suppress those at the higher void level.

Someone like him is rare to find, isnt it”

At this point, Situ Yong raised his chest slightly.

He also had a Saint Statue, and it was from his master, Dao Qiongcang.

As long as he managed to summon the Saint Statue, he could accumulate enough time to increase his holy power.

Whatever Xu Xiaoshou could do, he could also do it!

Who would have thought.

Facing such a question, Yu Zhiwen continued to stare into the distance, her eyes fixed.

“There is only one person.”

At that moment, Situ Yong froze, and he almost choked.

Xu Xiaoshou was just relying on the power of the Saint Statue to fight.

He was only bullying those who did not have the Saint Blood or Saint Statue.

Even if Xu Xiaoshou was against a higher void without the Saint Blood, as long as the distance and time were pulled apart, and the higher void did not face the holy power head-on.

When the duration of the Saint Statue was over.

Xu Xiaoshou would just be a fish on a chopping board.

Nonetheless, there were indeed very few people of the same generation as him who have such battle achievements.

However, a demi-saint descendant hidden in a big and powerful clan could be an exception.

For example, he, Situ Yong!

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Yu Zhiwen obviously did not think so much.

What Situ Yong did not know was that her answer was the result of all the previous performances done by the youth in the distance combined.

After a long silence, Situ Yong did not continue to provoke her.

Instead, he suggested, “Junior sister, since you are so curious, why dont we use the divine secret technique to enter the arena and wait for the opportunity”

Yu Zhiwen subconsciously wanted to nod.

This suggestion was exactly what she wanted.

However, on second thought, if Xu Xiaoshou really exposed his weakness, she had to secretly play a trick on Situ Yong…


This reason was not important.

What was important was…

When she thought of the way Xu Xiaoshou looked at her after Lu Ke showed the Ghost Beasts aura when they fought for the Path Pattern Initial Stone in the White Cave, she felt that she was not qualified to approach him.

Yu Zhiwen felt that she was not qualified to approach him anymore.

Under the veil, Yu Zhiwen pursed her red lips slightly.

Her beautiful eyes flashed with hesitation.

Finally, she said firmly, “No need.

We can watch from afar.”

Situ Yong was astonished.

He didnt expect his junior sister to answer like this.

This proposal was originally from Yu Zhiwens point of view.

It would definitely hit her heart.

At the same time, Situ Yong also felt that he needed to observe Xu Xiaoshous opponent up close.

Perhaps in the future, they would have a moment of confrontation…

But Yu Zhiwen directly rejected it!

To be honest, Situ Yong even felt a hint of joy in his heart at that time.

But he quickly realized that something was wrong.

His deduction should be correct.

Then, Yu Zhiwens rejection could only be due to other reasons.

Some stories that he did not know between the two of them…


Thinking of this, Situ Yong clenched his fists slightly, but he soon felt relieved.

“In that case, lets watch from here.

I have to make some preparations.

Later on, I might need junior sisters cooperation.” Situ Yongs eyes regained their calmness.

“Huh” Yu Zhiwen quickly looked back.

Apparently, this was her blind spot.

“Preparations What preparations”

Situ Yong smiled.

“Of course, its preparations to deal with the Saint Servant.

junior sister, dont tell me you think that we came here to play and dont need to contribute anything”

Yu Zhiwen narrowed her eyes.

However, she only paused for half a breath before she spoke calmly.

“Okay, Ill cooperate with you later.”

Central Zone.

On the battlefield.

This was an extremely absurd competition… Yes, it was a competition.

It was a “who flies the highest” competition that could not even be considered a duel.

After a few rounds, Rao Yaoyao was so angry that her face turned red.

With just a few moves, she felt that she was going to completely shatter the legends that she had created after becoming a sword deity.

When one did something that was very shameful, they would unconsciously pay more attention to the eyes of outsiders.

If no one was around, the sense of shame would be slightly reduced.

But if the situation was really the focus of everyones attention, the sense of shame would explode!

This was the case for Rao Yaoyao.

With her spiritual senses, she could see the shocked, stunned, and incredulous gazes of all the spiritual cultivators in the Central Zone who were very concerned about thebattle.

Such incredulity was naturally impossible for her, Rao Yaoyao, to be able to fly higher than Xu Xiaoshou!

And it could only be because…

One of the Seven Sword Deity actually played such a childish game with a junior in the Central Zone.


When the shame in her heart exploded to the point of no return, the Cang Godhood Sword was still happily competing with the Fourth Sword in a meaningless competition.

Rao Yaoyao could not hold it in any longer.

With a roar, she sealed the Cang Godhood Sword and threw it into the cold palace of the spatial ring.

This sword…It will be fine even if she did not have it!

At this moment, Xu Xiaoshou was very high up in the sky.

He was a little afraid of heights.

Usually, he wouldnt fly to such a height where he could see the entire outline of Dongtianwang City with his naked eyes.

But if the Fourth sword liked it, he would gladly accompany it.

After seeing that Rao Yaoyao wasnt happy to accompany the Cang Godhood Sword, Xu Xiaoshou felt that his situation had suddenly opened up.

“You cant do this, Sword Deity Rao.”

“As your favorite sword, it has helped you kill many people, right However, it only has this little hobby, why arent you accompanying it”

As he spoke, Xu Xiaoshou tilted his head and held the Fourth sword in front of his chest.

He gently stroked it and said gently, “Unlike me…”

“Shut up!”

Rao Yaoyao shouted.

She was so angry that her delicate body trembled.

She had enough of this disgusting tone from the other party.

What little sword~

What heartache~

Was this the successor chosen by the rebellious Bazhunan back then

If she had not seen it with her own eyes tonight, Rao Yaoyao even felt that for such a person to be able to grow up without being crippled or even beaten to death, it was already considered a blessing in disguise!

“Xu! Xiao! Shou!”

She muttered his name word by word.

Rao Yaoyao was indeed greatly angered by this young man.

However, at her level, being angry was one thing.

If she really decided to make a move, her emotions wouldnt be able to affect her in the slightest.

Her brows lowered.

Following closely behind, Rao Yaoyao pulled out an incomparably slender female sword from her sword sleeve — The Singer of the Stars and Moon.

This sword was not a famed sword.

It was just a grade-three spiritual sword that was awarded to Rao Yaoyao when she comprehended the acquired stage of sword will.

However, along the way, this grade-three spiritual sword had been nourished by Rao Yaoyaos fame.

It continued to evolve and eventually became a grade-one spiritual sword.

Furthermore, after Rao Yaoyao was conferred the title of Sword Deity, it received feedback from the Way of the Heavens and had the ability to surpass grade-one.

It was not a famed sword, but even more so a famed sword.

Some people asserted that if the 21 famed swords were to be re-ranked, the Singer of the Stars and Moon would definitely be on the list.

If all famed swords were to be strictly ranked, the star-moon singers ranking would definitely not be low.

It would have been in the top ten, or even the top five!

At that moment.

Ever since this sword appeared, Xu Xiaoshou felt that Rao Yaoyaos temperament had completely changed.

She had lost her most basic human emotions and desires and had become extremely rational and calm.

It was as if the many things that she had just been angered had all been thrown to the back of her mind.

At this moment.

The Singer of Stars and Moon rose into the air and a faint red mist followed behind the sword that was as thin as a finger.

Xu Xiaoshou was in a daze for a moment.

“Controlled, passive points, 1.”

The information bar jumped.

Xu Xiaoshou was shocked.

Why was it this type of mind control again

This was completely hitting his weak point.

Xu Xiaoshou knew that someone like the sword deity opposite of him would have seen through his weakness immediately, so she had decided to use a direct counter-attack.

Just as he was trying his best to resist this power that could affect his own mind, he was somewhat helpless.


The Nine Dragons Burning the Ancestor Saint Statue on his back pulled, and a wave of magnificent energy was injected into Xu Xiaoshous body.

Xu Xiaoshou instantly became clear-headed.

But in the next second…

He felt that he was once again in an unrealistic situation.

Because at this moment, even if his mind was clear-headed, it was as if his vision had turned into a third perspective.

He was using a birds-eye view to unconsciously measure the entire mortal world.

Ordinary people, bystanders, middle-stage actors…

The evolution of the greater world, the end of the way of spiritual cultivation, the birth, aging, illness, and death of mankind…

The growth, transformation, and even the results of the path…

All of these flashed through Xu Xiaoshous mind.

It had only been an instant, but Xu Xiaoshou felt as if he had experienced his entire life.

He saw two different endings.

One was that the Saint Servant had succeeded, and his ambitions had been unleashed.

After breaking free from the Cage of the world, everyone had reached the great path of transcendence, achieving true freedom.

The other path was that the Saint Servant had failed decades later, and was once again suppressed by the Holy Divine Palace.

After suppressing the Saint Servant, the dark forces of the continent finally lost their ability to resist, and the world fell into a “Peaceful” faction.

A “Why” appeared in his mind.


Passive points 1.”

The Saint Statue of the Nine Dragons Burning the Ancestor shook again.

Xu Xiaoshou finally woke up after receiving the feedback of holy power.

However, he was not even awake for half a millisecond before he fell back into deep thought and continued his previous thoughts.


“In ones life, success or failure is the only thing.

However, the end of life is death.

Why do we have to live so tirelessly”

He stayed where he was.

Xu Xiaoshous soul, however, seemed to have experienced a worldly experience.

He was like an ordinary person in the secular world, who suddenly became rich overnight on the road to success, and then lost the meaning of life.

He was also like a seeker who obtained eternal life on the long road to immortality, but after looking at his loved ones birth, old age, illness, and death, passed down from generation to generation, the world dried up and the rocks rotted, and the vicissitudes of life evolved, he obtained the final eternal loneliness.



Other than loneliness and “Me,” the immortal, had nothing.

Fear arose spontaneously!

After losing the meaning of chasing after life, Xu Xiaoshous black hair turned white at a rapid speed.

His face began to age.

His body began to wither.

The progress of the mortal world was speeding up, and the scale of his life was shrinking.

Xu Xiaoshou had gone from a young man to an old man in the blink of an eye.

All the people watching from behind were completely dumbfounded.

Yu Zhiwen couldnt hide the shock in her eyes.

She moved her feet and unconsciously began to move forward.

“Junior sister”

Situ Yong, who was smiling at the back, couldnt help but be surprised when he saw the situation.

Hearing the sound, Yu Zhiwen was already awake.

She instantly understood the positions of both sides.

But positions were positions.

Sometimes, a persons state of mind was not controlled by a position.

At this moment, Yu Zhiwen was completely sincere and chose to follow her true intentions.

The divine patterns on her hand suddenly appeared, and her figure disappeared in a flash, rushing towards the battlefield.

“Junior sister!”

Situ Yong shouted in shock and immediately followed her.

The two of them were still too late.

In the battlefield of the Central Zone.

Almost at the same time that Rao Yaoyao pulled out her sword, Mei Sirens eyes turned cold.

“Secular Sword…”

Among the nine major sword techniques of the ancient swordsman, the only sword technique that could make one lose the ability to chase after the meaning of life after a battle was the relation sword technique.

The relation sword technique was not a simple relationship between a man and a woman.

It was a variety of emotions in the secular world.

Those who practiced such a sword technique had to first experience secularity and then walk out of it.

From true love to true passion, to supreme indifference, and finally to the realm of “Unworldly”.

Not me, not you, not him.

Heartless, non-existence, non-distinction.

This was called “Unworldly”.

The Secular Sword, the Emotion-forgetting Sword, the Unworldly Sword.

This was the path of the Relation Sword technique.

It was a sword technique that could be used to confirm the existence of the entire world, but at the same time, it could negate the meaning of the entire world.

The word emotion only referred tohuman.

The will ofhuman is also referred to asheart.

It could be said that once the relation sword technique was used, there was no need for anything else.

One move from the Secular Sword.

Those who had not reached the cutting path stage would definitely not be able to pass theTruth-seeking stage.

One move from the Emotion-forgetting Sword.

Those who could not transcend the tribulation to become a higher void would definitely not be able to pass the emotion-forgetting stage.

Xu Xiaoshou was only at the innate stage, how long had he been in the secular world

He would definitely be trapped in a prison, trapped in a sea of mortal suffering, unable to transcend!

Thinking up to this point, Mei Siren sighed.

He had already entered the arena.

At this time, even if he encountered Rao Yaoyao, he had no choice but to make a move.

However, some time ago, Xu Xiaoshou was able to get out of the predicament of extradimensional being on his own, which was very good.

He, Mei Siren, did not make a move.

After that, he could argue with the Holy Divine Palace and obtain some relief, slowing down his progress and adding another variable to the chaotic situation later on.

If he were to make a move to save Xu Xiaoshou now, there would really be no way out in the future.

But it did not matter.

To Mei Siren, it was only a matter of time before he made a move now.

Saving peoples lives was the most important thing.

However, at this moment.

Before Mei Siren could make his move, a mocking voice suppressed the entire place.

“One of the Seven Sword Deities actually used the Secular Sword to suppress an innate junior It is already shameful to be defeated as the higher void in a battle with an innate.

Now even a sword deity made her move, does the Holy Divine Palace have any dignity”

Everyone was shocked when they heard this.

Although it was a huge battle before, everyone still had to show some respect.

At the very least, these disgraceful matters would not be exposed.

But this voice right now was not giving the Holy Divine Palace any respect at all.

In fact, this voice was no different from a few slaps on the Holy Divine Palaces face and a few mouthfuls of saliva!

“You want to escape”

On the long street, Wang Dachui suddenly swung his fist and smashed it into the air.

Meanwhile, the scruffy-looking man who had retreated to the back directly gave up on his opponent who was in the predicament of his fantasy sword technique at this moment and flew up into the air.

A golden ray of light shone brightly.

A Golden Buddha descended.

“Buddha transcends the mortal world, the Sea of suffering ends…”

The scruffy-looking mans cloudy eyes were cold as he pointed down with his finger.

Xu Xiaoshou was in a critical moment, so he could not hesitate at all.

He slashed down with his sword finger.

The Great Buddha in the horizon slashed down with his sword force as if he wanted to cut the entire mortal world into two halves.

“Great Buddha Chop!”


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