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They descended from the sky.

Rao Yaoyao immediately gave orders to the scattered Red Coats and White-clothed.

Everything was ready.

The rest of the operation was up to them.

To the people of the Imperial City, the great calamity was over.

Rao Yaoyao, the commander of the Red Coats, and the Chief of the Sixth Division were all mobilised.

Tonights mission was of the utmost importance, and nothing could go wrong.

Otherwise, how could she, Rao Yaoyao, have the face to go back and face the higher-ups of the Holy Divine Palace if she failed


No sooner had the Red Coats and White-clothed received their orders than they dispersed in four directions in an orderly manner.

The remaining few, led by the Night Guardian, gathered in the direction of the South City Districts trade fair.

The trial was not over yet!

In a dark alley on the other side…

Mei Siren wanted to leave when the battle was over.

He was an outsider in this place and had nothing else to do.


Suddenly, a small stone fell from nowhere.

Coincidentally, this small stone landed right in front of the Mei Siren.

He stopped in his tracks, a thoughtful look in his eyes.

“Who is it” He asked softly.

Mei Siren had not participated in the arena challenge, so he was not ranked.

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As one of the Seven Sword Deity, Rao Yaoyao had the clout to pin some nameless crime on him and pass judgement.

Yet, Mei Siren remained unphased.

No one had bested him before in all the lands and seas, but it was par for the course.

Someone from the Holy Divine Palance would not have thrown a rock.

Either they came all at once or not at all.

It was how those of the Palace operated.

The air was still, not a whisper in the wind.

There was no reply.

Just as Mei Siren was about to continue on his way…


Another stone fell, giving him pause.

It was as if the road ahead was an abyss.

Mei Siren narrowed his eyes, and the folding fan in his hands stopped vibrating.

Even he could not sense this elusive figure… Was whoever it was trying to tell him something

… Could they be asking for directions

A young figure appeared in the mind of Mei Siren.

He was almost 70% sure who it was.


While he was thinking, another object fell from the sky.

It was not a stone but a small piece of wood often used to tie strings in street stalls.

It was quite inconspicuous.

However, Mei Siren could tell with a glance that it was a small piece of wood from an ice-sugar gourd.

Even in its current state, he could still read the code.


Mei Siren could not help but laugh.

He looked at the small puddles on the uneven ground of the dark alley and seemed to have understood something.

Tapping his folding fan against the palm of his hand, he used a sliver of the Higher Voids power to envelop the dark alleyway.

“Come out.

No one will see you.”

He received no response.

The corner of Mei Sirens mouth twitched.

Wasnt whoever it was being too cautious


He tapped his folding fan against his palm a second time.

Sword intent spread out, and a miniature domain formed, separating the rain that fell from the sky and the elements between heaven and earth.

Mei Siren said solemnly, “I know that you dont wish to expose yourself to the public eye.

Fear not.

Within this domain, not even Rao Yaoyao can sense us.

Now, come out!”

The air trembled with the force of his words.

Xu Xiaoshous figure stepped out of the shadows.

“Master Siren.”

The moment he appeared, Xu Xiaoshou bowed and said, “Im sorry, its not my wish to be paranoid, but one cannot be too careful when dealing with the Holy Divine Palace.

Wisdom would have it to err on the side of caution.

Sometimes, failure lies in the small details.”

Mei Siren laughed and said, “No one dares to plot against this old man.”

Xu Xiaoshou looked up at the sky and said, “Master Siren, do you think this rain is normal”

Mei Siren Thought for a moment and then laughed, “I heard you fought with the Spirit Division Chief, Yu Lingdi, and now youre in hiding Hes already dead.”


Xu Xiaoshou sighed.

It was as Master Siren described.

Whenever it rained, he felt like there was a black hand behind the scenes stirring up trouble and monitoring the situation.

It was disgusting!

As for whether Yu Lingdi was dead or not…

In all honesty, Xu Xiaoshou felt that that guy could not be still alive.

After all, it was Elder Sang who had done the deed!

Only a handful of people in the world had reached the final stage of the Dao realm: the Sovereign (Stage).

Xu Xiaoshou worked with Aje and destroyed half of the ghost baby in the ninth underworld, forcing Netherworld, the King of Hells boss, to show up and save him.

He did not know the pros and cons of this action in the past.

However, in the Battle of Heaven Prayer Forest, Yin Cao and the hundred ghosts could only shoutNetherworld to save themselves even on the verge of death.

In the end, they did not even see Netherworlds shadow.

On one side was the tiny Sovereign (Stage).

Two at the great Cutting Path (Stage) were on the other side.

If it was Xu Xiaoshou, he felt that he would pay more attention to Heaven Prayer Forests actions, right

However, the choice a big shot like Netherworld made was the same as the Holy Divine Palace.

It was unexpected.

Xu Xiaoshou found it hard not to overthink the situation.

“Did Yu Lingdi die”

“Would the Holy Divine Palace allow such a genius, let alone a chief, die for nothing”

Mei Siren was in the loop, so he did not see the forest for the trees.

Or rather, he had never seriously paid attention to such a small matter.

Sizing up Xu Xiaoshou, Mei Siren noticed that the young mans holy statue had disappeared, and his aura sputtered feebly.

Otherwise, he seemed unharmed.

At that moment, he asked with concern, “Are you alright Did a backlash of Holy Power hit you”

“Im fine.” Xu Xiaoshou waved his hand.

A backlash of Holy Power… Could it be referring to the pain that other people would have to endure after destroying the Holy Statue

Xu Xiaoshou could vaguely imagine the pain.

After all, the power of the Holy Statue was too strong.

Those at the Innate (Stage) would not withstand the explosion of a peak-level artefact.

Once the Holy Power disappeared and the caster lost its protection, they would die instantly.

However, it was different for someone like Xu Xiaoshou.

He did not drink just any Holy Blood before releasing the Holy Power.

He had consumed exotic Holy Blood given to him by Elder Sang; the bloods potency was guaranteed, its power being similar to that of a divine blessing.

Therefore, when the Holy Power erupted… Nothing happened!

There was no pain to speak of, though many had said he would feel it.

He merely felt awful when the battle ended.

It was a level of discomfort he could soldier through sheer force of will.

Mei Siren frowned and stepped forward.

So far, he had observed Xu Xiaoshous condition through his cultivation alone.

If he wanted to understand Xu Xiaoshous present situation better, he would have to physically touch the young man.

Xu Xiaoshou knew what the elder was thinking and immediately took a step back, putting some distance between them.

Mei Siren raised his eyebrows.

Was he so clean and pure

He knocked on his folding fan and stopped moving forward.

He only asked, “Did you attempt a forceful breakthrough and fail”

Xu Xiaoshou was overjoyed when he heard Master Sirens question.

Anxiously, he asked, “Master Siren, what cultivation level do you think Im currently at”

For a moment, Mei Siren was stunned.


He had never seen such a strange person!

If he had reached the Master (Stage) with an unstable foundation, his cultivation level would drop, resulting in permanent damage to his sea of energy.

In this world, there was probably nothing more heartbreaking than this.

Yet, why was Xu Xiaoshou still smiling

“Master (Stage)”

Mei Siren hesitated as he took in the sight of that smile.

Xu Xiaoshou shook his head.

“Master Siren, dont be influenced by me.

I want to know if you were to look at me from the perspective of an ordinary cultivator of the higher void (level), whether you can tell what my cultivation level is.

Pretend you dont me for a second before you answer.”

It was an important question!

It was for this reason, and this reason alone, that Xu Xiaoshou had gone to Mei Siren to confirm his hypothesis before rushing off to the trade fair.

He had to know if someone at the higher void (level) could determine his cultivation now.

Mei Siren was at a loss for words.

The heart of the person in front of him was simply boundless.

However, since he had asked, it would be not very pleasant if he did not say anything.

Nevertheless, his subjective consciousness made it difficult to abandon his previous observation.

“Half… Half-Master (Stage)” Mei Siren asked in puzzlement.

Xu Xiaoshou: “…”

He knew that Mei Siren was disturbed.

He bowed his head in thought.

Suddenly, Xu Xiaoshous expression turned into one of fright and, he let out a strange cry.

His body seemed to have been grabbed from behind by an intangible force, hauling him away.

“Who is it!”

Mei Siren was startled out of his thoughts.

Someone had barged into his domain, and he hadnt sensed them

The situation was dire.

Mei Siren tried to grab hold of Xu Xiaoshou but failed.

In an instant, Xu Xiaoshous figure disappeared from the dim alleyway.

Mei Siren stared at his hand, dumbfounded.

“He… Was he captured”

Shock and disbelief warred in Mei Sirens heart.

Who had the strength to pull someone out of his domain from under his nose


While caught in a daze, another figure appeared in front of him.

It was not Xu Xiaoshou but a stranger in a different set of clothes.

Xu Xiaoshou transformed into Zhou Tianshens appearance and asked in a muffled voice, “Master Siren, what do you think Can you tell what realm Im in now”

Mei Siren:

The Old Sword Immortals eyebrows shot to his hairline!

It was a play Xu Xiaoshou had orchestrated himself!

What he could not understand was why Why would the young man go to such trouble

Looking at the stranger before him, Mei Siren realised Xu Xiaoshou was using his higher void (level) cultivation to test something.

Seriously, he said, “Innate (Stage), but I also sense a hint of Master (Stage) energy.

Your path energy is gone.

Its quite strange… Describing you as having a Half-Master (Stage) cultivation seems the most accurate.”

“Youre not being affected by your subconscious now, are you” Xu Xiaoshou sought confirmation.

“No.” Mei Siren nodded.

Xu Xiaoshou was overjoyed.


He was still in the Master (Stage) of the Heavenly Image State, but no signs indicated an unstable foundation.

On the contrary, it was too stable!

After breaking through to the Heavenly Image State, his perception of the world around him had changed.

Xu Xiaoshou had finally touched the threshold of heavens way.

He could sense an orderly net of laws between the heavens and the earth, conferring luck in an intangible manner.

However, the upgrade of the passive system this time had swallowed his Master (Stage)s path energy, just like how it had devoured his innate elemental power during the previous upgrade.

These two distinguished the Innate from the Grandmaster realms, the most basic external phenomena.

Xu Xiaoshou had lost his innate elemental power in the previous upgrade.

This time, the Passive System swallowed his Master (Stage)s path energy, but his perception of heavens Dao did not disappear.

In other words…

Xu Xiaoshou lost his Master (Stage)s path energy, which helped him better communicate and conform to the ways of heaven and even gained the prejudice of outsiders.

This prejudice, along withStealth, was a true method of hiding ones cultivation level that no one could see through.

To Xu Xiaoshou, it was a divine skill!

Nonetheless, he had lost more than he gained!

Without any hesitation, Xu Xiaoshou exchanged for a Tier 3 skill point in the store.

Then, he upgraded his level of stealth past that of the Master (Stage).

“Passive points: 1868,961”

“Passive points: 1768,961”

“Stealth [Master (Stage) 1]”

“Stealth [Sovereign (Stage) 1]”

A 100,000 Passive Points disappeared.

“Stealth” was a passive skill, but it had reached the Sovereign (Stage)!

All this occurred in his mindscape.

Mei Sirens eyes lit up with surprise.

“Suspected, Passive Points 1.”

Xu Xiaoshou raised his eyes happily and reverted to his original appearance.

He then asked, “Master Siren, what cultivation level do you think I am now”

Mei Siren heaved a sigh of relief and asked in astonishment, “Tell this old man… Are you still at the Master (Stage) Your cultivation level hasnt fallen, has it”

Xu Xiaoshou nodded.

Waves surged in Mei Sirens heart.

He, a higher void (level) cultivator, could not see through Xu Xiaoshous aura.

It was simply extraordinary!

How did he do it

Furthermore, how did he manage to take another big step forward while concealing his cultivation level in this last wave

If he had not seen it with his own eyes, Mei Siren would not have known any better.

He would have subconsciously ignored Xu Xiaoshou presence even if he scanned the surroundings and knew he was there.

Terrifying! Truly terrifying!

“Innate (Stage)”

At this moment, the Mei Siren realised what Xu Xiaoshou was testing.

Solemnly, he asked, “Where did you learn your spiritual concealment technique How is it so powerful”

“Is it true that you are at the Innate (Stage) and not at the Half-Master (Stage)” Mei Siren pressed.

Xu Xiaoshou did not reply.

Instead, he confirmed it again and again.

“It is true that you are at the Innate (Stage)!”

Mei Siren declared, “Demi-saint, I do not know, but those from the Great Void Sect are like a sacred mountain.

The cultivation level you see is only at the Innate (Stage)!”

“Marveled, Passive Points 1”

“Admired, Passive Points 1”

Xu Xiaoshou glanced at the information bar and was finally certain the demi-saint was not lying.

His plan of deceiving the heavens and the seas was now ready for action!

“Xu Xiaoshou, are you going to scam someone”

At this moment, the demi-saint hesitated for a long time before asking.

Xu Xiaoshous face became more and more joyful, and the worry in Mei Sirens heart grew more and more intense.

Xu Xiaoshou was not a good person!

This kid had just reached the Master (Stage) realm, and he had spent a lot of effort suppressing his cultivation to the Innate (Stage) realm.

His target was probably some big fish.

Even though Mei Siren did not know what Xu Xiaoshou wanted to do, he prayed for Xu Xiaoshous enemies.

This kid was simply a hungry wolf in sheeps clothing!

Xu Xiaoshou took a deep breath, and then his expression returned to tranquillity.

For the sake of his disguise, he had to correct this elders understanding of him, if only a little.

“Mr Siren, I am not the saint servant, Xu Xiaoshou.

The Saint Servant, Xu Xiaoshou, is already at the Master (Stage).

Please dont pour dirty water on me.”

“I am just a lowly Innate (Stage) cultivator.

I have nothing to do with the Saint Servant.

I am from the Northern Region.

My heart is set on the Dongtianwang city trial.

That is all.”

“As for Master (Stage) Xu Xiaoshou, Innate (Stage) Xu Deye has nothing to do with him.

We may share the same surname, but we have nothing to do with each other!”


“Doubted, Passive Points 1”

Immediately, the old sword deitys face twisted slightly.

This wave…

This wave had nothing to do with each other.

Mei Siren was willing to say that the young man before him had the clearest distinction and the strongest separation!

“Xu Xiao…”

“Master Siren!”

Mei Siren was only halfway through his words when Xu Xiaoshou interrupted him again.

He kept retreating with a terrified look on his face.

“Master Siren, I really cant bear the crime of being a Saint Servant.

Please stop calling me that.

Just call me Xu Deye or Xu Fuji!”

Mei Siren: “…”

At this moment, although there was only the young man in front of him, two other figures appeared out of thin air behind him.

The three illusory figures overlapped and merged into one Xu Fuji in the eyes of the dazed old man.

It was an amazing sight!

“Impressed, Passive Points 1”


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