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Damn it!

Even though the Night Guardian was usually calm and steady, he couldnt help but curse in his heart when he was constrained by whom identity was a demi-saints descendant.

It was too damn annoying!

If it werent for the fact that the people of the Holy Divine Palace had been transferred out at this moment…

If it werent for the demi-saints descendant sitting across from him…

If the Night Guardian really wanted Young Master Xu to die in this bounded domain, he would only be willing to teach the person in front of him to leave after he had sent people to investigate if there really was a Young Master Xu from the Taixiang Xu family of the Northern Region who had come to Dongtianwang City.

However, this was clearly unrealistic.

He had no reason to keep a demi-saints descendant under house arrest for too long.

No one could bear this responsibility.

The current situation was a closed loop, a dead loop!

If the person sitting on the other side was really Xu Xiaoshou, his considerations were too thorough and far-sighted!

Could it be that he had thought of all this since he entered the city

At a certain moment, the Night Guardian really wanted to give up.

He felt that everything could really be a coincidence.

He had clearly asked the wrong person.

On the other side of the square table, after being forcefully attacked by the Night Guardian, it was obvious that Young Master Xu, who was a little embarrassed, was so angry that he flung his sleeves and angrily said,

“I see that the seniors of the red-clothed people are used to using force.

So these coercive interrogation method on me, right”

“However, if the seniors of the red-clothed people are unable to produce evidence on the surface today, please forgive me for not being able to continue accompanying you.

Everyone, please leave!”

Turning his head around, Xu Xiaoshou angrily said to Xiao Wanfeng, “Send our guests off!”

Xiao Wanfeng felt extremely wronged.

Why are you yelling at me

Im only in charge of pouring tea!

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But when he turned around and saw the red-clothed people who looked like member of the devil gang, his face turned even more green.

He was in a dilemma..

But Young Master Xu was the master.

Since the master had commanded, he could not disobey.

Thus, one of his feet pressed against the heel of the bench.

Xiao Wanfengs other foot stepped forward.

His figure seemed to have taken half a step forward, but in reality, he did not move at all.

Then, Xiao Wanfeng braced himself and stretched out his hand.

“Everyone, please go back.

My Young Master Xu is tired and needs to rest.”

The Night Guardian did not care about this ordinary guy.

He only returned to his senses and said to Young Master Xu, “Im sorry, but I still have one thing to confirm.

Young Master Xu, please take a seat.”

He stretched out his hand and signalled Young Master Xu to sit down before talking with him in a friendly manner.

Xu Xiaoshou only stood there angrily.

This time, he did not sit down and did not say anything.

He had a proud look on his face that said, “If you have something to say, say it quickly.

After that, this Young Master will leave.”.

Night Guardian sighed and waved his hand.

He snatched the teapot from Xiao Wanfengs hand and personally poured a cup for young master Xu.

Then, he pushed it over and said, “Young master Xu, I was indeed reckless just now.

Please sit down.”

Since the senior of red-clothed people, a Cutting Path (stage) , had given him so much respect, Xu Xiaoshou could only sigh in his heart and return to his seat.

Seeing that he was seated, he did not speak.

Silent Night Guardian shook his head and then asked curiously, “Young Master Xu, where are the other people from the first pavilion in the Sky Why arent they here Come, have some tea to calm down.”

Xu Xiaoshous heart skipped a beat.

Looking at the teacup that was pushed over, it was as if he had seen a hot potato.

At this moment, Night Guardian happily picked up the teacup that Xu Xiaoshou had given him at the beginning and began to enjoy his tea.

“Good tea!”

Xu Xiaoshou was still pretending to be angry as he picked up the teacup.

At this moment, his heartbeat could not help but started racing slightly.

The words came from the Night Guardian made him think of a flaw in himself.

A fatal flaw!

When a demi-saints descendant went out, he would usually be surrounded by at least a Sovereign (stage) guard, and there was also a Cutting Path (stage) .

However, there was no powerhouse around him.

There was only an ordinary man, Xiao Wanfeng.

If one were to say that Xiao Wanfeng was actually a higher void (level) who had returned to his original state..

Xu Xiaoshou couldnt believe it himself!

How could such a guard strength be something that a demi-saints descendant should have when traveling

It was also at this moment that Xu Xiaoshou realized that he was used to traveling alone.

Usually, there was a Sovereign stage Xin Gugu who stepped into the muddy waters ostensibly and was used to being a troublemaker.

But now, because Xin Gugu had met with the Night Guardian, he had kicked him out in advance.

Under this subjective negligence.

At this moment, he was surrounded by guard who wasnt even a Sovereign (stage) guard!

It was over…

As expected, the Night Guardian wasnt an ordinary person.

After taking a sip of tea, he said teasingly, “Young Master Xu is so confident that he doesnt even bring a guard when he goes out.

What if he meets a bad person”

Xu Xiaoshous heart was in a mess.

But at this moment, he forced himself to calm down.

He maintained his indignant expression, and there was no longer any respect in his tone as he continued, “My safety will be protected by someone, theres no need to

worry the seniors!”

“Oh”Hearing this, the smile on the Night Guardians face became even wider, “From what Young Master Xu said, the guards you bring along when you travel are of the higher void (level) ”

This was naturally what Xu Xiaoshou was implying.

The Night Guardian was not stupid and could understand.

And similarly.

Only the higher void (level) could hide their tracks completely in front of Cutting Path (stage) and not be detected by the Night Guardian at all.

Xu Xiaoshou chuckled coldly and looked up, not answering, “Senoir Night Guardian, what else do you want to ask”

The Night Guardians eyes narrowed, and a dangerous light began to flash in his eyes.

“Im very curious, Young Master Xu.

Before red-clothed people and the others arrived, where did you send everyone around you to”

Xu Xiaoshou was unmoved, “My willingness to accept the red-clothed peopel was out of respect, but that doesnt mean I need to be honest with you and expose all my trump card in front of you, just like how I dont like to be touched by others!”

These angry words sounded like something a young man should say.

Night Guardian was not attracted by this appearance, instead, he fell into deep thoughts upon hearing this.

It could be understood this way..

Young Master Xu was either surrounded by the high void guards, or there was no one around.

And before the Night Guardian himself came over, he had locked his aura onto the entire group of people from the First Pavilion in the Sky.

Even though they were far away.

But the sudden disappearance of those people was clearly not because they had split up, but because they had been transported away by the spatial power.

Where did they go

What was he hiding

Night Guardian was puzzled.

He was certain that Young Master Xu might not have a problem, but there was something wrong with these people who had been hidden!

And if there was something wrong with the First Pavilion in the Sky..

It was impossible for there to be so many coincidences in this world.

As long as there was something wrong with Young Master Xus faction, there must be something wrong with him.

And as long as there was something wrong with Young Master Xu..

At the end of the day.

Perhaps my intuition was right.

Young Master Xu was Xu Xiaoshou!

Night Guardian suddenly felt as if he had missed out on something.

He held his teacup and thought hard, but he could not remember what details he had missed out on in this interrogation.


At this moment, Night Guardian suddenly recalled the past events of questioning Xu Xiaoshou in the City Lord Mansion of Tiansang City.

as if it was yesterday.

He suddenly realized that he had overlooked something.


Perhaps it couldnt be said that he had “overlooked”.

It was just another shocking “similarity”.

Young Master Xus answer was too flawless!

It was as if all his questions had been rehearsed countless times in his mind.

From his innocent and angry expression, his well-behaved and unambiguous words, his cooperation, but selective by nature…

What Young Master Xu was showing was the performance of Xu Xiaoshou in Tiansang City when he questioned him about whether he was a ghost beast.

It was exactly the same!

The eyes of the Night Guardian lit up.

He knew that perhaps even Xu Xiaoshou himself did not realize that sometimes being too flawless was one of his most obvious characteristics.

Because an ordinary young man could not do this.

It was even more impossible for someone who was a descendant of a demi-saint to not have other feel the arrogance of a demi-saints descendant from the bottom of his heart after such a close conversation.


It was arrogance.

This was the common problem of all the descendants of major forces.

However, Young Master Xu, in front of him, tried his best to create an image of “Im also very arrogant.”.

Unfortunately, a fake was still a fake.

After the Night Guardian used Xu Xiaoshou to replace the identity of Young Master Xu in front of him, what he felt was surprisingly the same kind of atmosphere that he felt when he communicated with Xu Xiaoshou in the past.

Even if the other party had become more conventional in his way of speaking, there was a 99% of chance that he was faking it!


Once it make sense, they all make sense!

The Night Guardian thought again, wasnt the other party pretending to be another person, so how could he use his usual way of communication to talk to him, the Night Guardian

He suddenly understood!

At this moment, Night Guardian felt that everything was smooth sailing.

His intuition was right.

Young Master Xu was really Xu Xiaoshou!


After understanding all this, Night Guardian laughed as he looked up to the sky.

He laughed so hard that tears were about to come out.

Too amazing!

This young man was simply rare to be seen.

He could always use an innocent identity to transcend the world.

Up until this moment, the Night Guardian still couldnt understand how Xu Xiaoshou was able to take care of the identity of Houng Master Xu of the First Pavilion in the Sky after the Dongtianwang city exploded, and kept the two unrelated.

But he understood that even if he asked at this moment, the other party would still give him a perfect answer.

That answer.

It would be so perfect that even if Lan Ling, Rao Yaoyao, and the others were dragged over, they wouldnt be able to find any flaws.

The ability to bewilder peoples hearts was a unique trick of Xu Xiaoshou!

The sudden wild laughter of the Night Guardian caused everyone to be stunned.

The red-clothed people behind them didnt know what had happened to their boss.

When Xiao Wanfeng heard this laughter, he felt that the red-clothed people had gone crazy.

Xu Xiaoshou, on the other hand, didnt understand at all what flaw he had made that would cause the Night Guardian to suddenly change the way he looked at him.

It had changed to the way he had looked at Young Master Xu.

This gaze was only for Xu Xiaoshou.

It should not appear in the way the Night Guardian looked at Young Master Xu!

“Young… Young Master Xu…”

The smile on the Night Guardians face finally disappeared.

He shook his head and said with a sigh, “Do you know, in my entire life, I have only seen such a rare talent who could be as calm as you.”

Xu Xiaoshou:”…”

At this moment, he finally understood what he had missed.

Night Guardian actually confirmed that he was Xu Xiaoshou from the aspect of “one and only.”

Was this to be pleasant or sad

Xu Xiaoshou knew that he used this “one and only” theory to confirm his identity.

Even if Night Guardian was not certain, it was close to 70-80% probability, which should be enough for him to take the risk and forcefully take action.

Xu Xiaoshou wanted to leave.

But he couldnt leave.

He wanted to teleport and disappear.

But he couldnt.

Because he wasnt the only one now.

Behind him was the entire First Pavilion in the sky.

At this moment!

The gaze of the Night Guardian suddenly changed from disappointment to extreme danger.

Xu Xiaoshou racked his brains but couldnt think of a solution!

“Boom –”

Suddenly, a loud explosion sounded from above.

The black-bounded domain of the Night Guardian was shattered by the loud explosion before it could completely dye the world into darkness.

At the same time.

Everyone present, including red-clothed people, Xiao Wanfeng, and Xu Xiaoshous bodies sank, as if they had encountered immense pressure.

Xu Xiaoshou had only felt this kind of pressure from the pressure of the Holy Power of the Heaven Prayer Forest.

“Whats going on”

The red coat behind him was shocked and raised their eyes.

Night Guardian also gave up and raised his head in shock.

Xiao Wanfeng and Xu Xiaoshou also looked over.

The moment the bounded domain was shattered, the pedestrians on the street acted even more in unison.

However, the difference was that these people with low cultivation level were pushed to the ground by the huge pressure, but they were still struggling to look up.

Everyone wanted to know what this sudden, terrifying pressure that enveloped the entire city was!

“This is…”

Xu Xiaoshou, who looked up, was the first to have his pupils shake, and then he revealed a dumbfounded expression.

It wasnt just him, even the Night Guardian reacted the same way.

In the sky, the rising sun that was originally rising in the east with white light shone in the sky.

At this moment, along with that roar, it was as if an eclipse had taken over the sun.

The sunlight started to be swallowed.


Following the apocalyptic roar and the continuous shattering of the sky, the sky was dyed completely black after a short while.

The vast expanse of grayish-black covered the entire sky of Dongtianwang City.

At this moment, a poem suddenly appeared in Xu Xiaoshous mind, “Black clouds are pressing down on the city, wanting to destroy it!”

Shortly after.

In the shattered sky, a corner of a grey city really appeared.

“A city!”

Xu Xiaoshou was terrified.

Xiao Wanfeng cried out from the side, “A city How is this possible for a city to appear in the sky”

That corner of the city came out from the shattered black hole in the sky.

It was just the tip of an iceberg, but when it appeared in the void, it made people think of how big the whole thing hidden in the black hole was.

“Sky City!”

At this moment, Xu Xiaoshou suddenly had an enlightenment.

A city that was almost bigger than Dongtianwang City but could still fly in the void, what else could it be other than Sky City

In the blink of an eye, Xu Xiaoshou looked at the corner of the city wall flying toward the north, revealing more and more walls, Sky City, and suddenly had an enlightenment.

“Abyss Island, Bazhunan!”


North of the North City District, Yunlun Mountain Range.

That was where Bazhunan was located!

That was the place where Bazhunan had disappeared for a night.

Xu Xiaoshou even blamed the Eighth Sword Deity who had not made any progress after a night to carry out the mission.

As for his mission…

When he thought of Bazhunans mission, Xu Xiaoshous soul began to tremble.

He stared blankly at the corner of the sky that had revealed an endless aura of the ancient city.

In his mind, he recalled the joke he made when he was communicating with Bazhunan.

At that time, Xu Xiaoshou did not know that the Abyss Island was so big.

Then, he said something similar, “Go to the Yunlun Mountains and summon the Abyss Island.

Then, wouldnt the imperial city be settled”

Bazhunan: “Do you think Im a God”

At that time, Xu Xiaoshou thought that the Abyss Island was just an existence similar to a resort island.

After all, how big could a prison be

Bazhunan already had the title of the Eighth Sword Deity.

It was not difficult to split mountains and seas.

How could he not summon a small island

But now, when he saw this ancient city that only revealed a corner of the city wall, the aura it exuded was thicker than the entire Dongtianwang city..

Xu Xiaoshou understood why Bazhunan had retorted, “Do you think Im a God”.


Such an ancient city..

It was not a joke that it was truly named “Sky City”.

It was a true Sky City that could still be summoned by humans!

Others might think that the Abyss Island had landed early.

Xu Xiaoshou knew that all of this could only be caused by Bazhunan, who had disappeared overnight in the Yunlun Mountains.

At that time, he had really forgiven Bazhunan for thinking that Bazhunan was weak and powerless.

Now it seemed that…

Bazhunan was just being modest.

Did I take it seriously

Look at this city…

How was this man not God!

Summoning a true Sky City in one night..

Bazhunan is a damn true God!


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