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Chapter 770: Since Ive Become a Master (stage), I Must Have Touched All the Underpants of the Path

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Xu Xiaoshou stared at the “ 2″and the additional “ 1″in the information bar and pondered for a long


He picked up the little white cat beside him.

“Little guy, youve been channeling a lot of spirits recently, right Youve been secretly eating elixirs, right”

“Being Hated.

Passive Points, 1.”

Greedy the Cat Spirit struggled for a while, flailing its four legs in an attempt to escape.

But suddenly, as if it had smelled something, its little nose twitched and turned into a face full of intoxication.

It intimately rubbed against Xu Xiaoshous wrist, wanting to drill into his chest to suck.


Passive Points, 1.”


Xu Xiaoshou thought to himself, youre really smart!

Ive just ascended to the Sovereign Physique, and you want to suck my Life Force

How can that be

Conducting alchemy, Xu Xiaoshou scolded, “Go and refine some pills, and steal less.

Dont suck like a demon all day.

Youre a… Sigh, if I remember correctly, youre a female, right”


Greedy the Cat Spirit curled up her paws with a wronged expression, wanting to pounce over and suck again, but was glared away by Xu Xiaoshou.

How could a cat suck a human

A human should suck a cat, right

What kind of mutated species were the ones following him around!

“Lord Shou, what was that just now”Xu Xiaoji hesitated for a moment before speaking up.

The commotion just now was too big.

Sword cries and abnormal signs.

Even if he hadnt eaten pork before, he should have heard of the famous saying, “Havent you never seen a pig run before”

“Sovereign (stage) of the Way of the Sword”He guessed.

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“Yes.”Xu Xiaoshous face turned contemptuous as he raised his chin.

Xu Xiaoji stared at the side profile in front of him.

His gaze moved down and landed on his Adams apple as he suddenly swallowed unconsciously.


Realizing that “Something is wrong with me”, Xu Xiaoji pried hard in his heart and then probed, “Sovereign Physique”

“Yes.”The corner of Xu Xiaoshous lips lifted.

He could not suppress the happiness in his heart.

However, in Xu Xiaojis eyes, this smile was simply stunning.

It was like the melting of ice and snow.

The charm of the spring breeze was so refreshing that Xu Xiaojis eyes were wide open.

“Revered, Passive Points 1.”

Xu Xiaoshou was shocked and quickly jumped away.

With a shocked expression, he said, “What are you doing!”

Xu Xiaojis eyelids fluttered and his face turned red.

He finally reacted.

“Oh, oh, no, no, what…”

He tried to hide his loss of composure, but he was wailing in his heart.

Was he going to let him live

Did the Great Demon King Xu break through again

Sure enough, once this guy entered the Yuan Mansion, nothing good would happen.

The Great Demon King Xu was able to defeat the Cutting Path (stage) and the higher void (level).

The Great Demon King Xu, who had broken through to the Master (stage), was going to crush the demi-saint in the future, right

In Xu Xiaojis heart, the shadow of the Great Demon King Xu had always been beyond common sense.

Ordinary people might understand what it meant to “cross ranks to fight”.

However, in Xu Xiaojis opinion, the combat strength that the great demon king Xu possessed couldnt be called “Cross ranks”to fight.

He had always been “crossing buildings”!

“Dont want to talk to you anymore.

Youve become a little scary now…”

Xu Xiaoshou stared at the word “Adoration” in the information bar seriously.

His body trembled.

He felt that even Xu Xiaoji was a little abnormal.

He quickly turned around and left.

At the same time, he sliced open space to separate the two of them so that his precious bodies wouldnt be tainted.

The increase in the level of “Sword Technique Expertise”had brought him unparalleled experience in the Way of the Sword.

It was exactly as he had expected.

Master (stage) Lv.

1s Way of the Sword had just broken away from the foundation of it and had formed the prototype of the Nine Major Sword Techniques.

After level 10, Sovereign (stage) Sword Technique Expertise poured a large amount of high-level Sword Technique experience into his mind.

“Nine Major Sword Techniques, Eighteen Sword Forms, 3000 Sword Styles…”

Although “Sword Technique Expertise” the didnt give him such a system of knowledge, it gave him a detailed understanding of the Way of the Sword.

However, in Xu Xiaoshous view, “Sword Technique Expertise” at the Master (stage) level contained the foundation of the Sword Techniques, Sword Forms, Way of Sword.

The reason why he could not give him similar concepts was because these concepts were also gathered by human forces based on the foundation of the Way of the Sword.

“Sword Technique Expertise” gave him the most perfect and detailed understanding of the lowest level!

Xu Xiaoshou did not learn the abilities from the mainstream ancient swordsman system, but he was certain that if he wanted to, he only needed to imitate and he would be able to achieve a similar effect.

“Dang dang dang.”

At this moment, a strange sound came from the side.

Xu Xiaoshou turned his eyes and saw that Hidden Bitter had come out.

At this moment, he seemed to have completed his evolution and began to wriggle back and forth, like a live fish in a pot of oil, completely intangible.

“Leveled up”

Xu Xiaoshou was pleasantly surprised.

With a wave of his hand, the black sword entered his hand.

He held the hilt of the sword, but Hidden Bitters sword body was like a maggot, still twisting back and forth.

Occasionally, the tip of the sword would meet its owner, and it would turn especially excited.

Xu Xiaoshou:”…”

This owner devouring character!

Hidden Bitter had always been his saber.

Although he looked disgusted on the surface, his body was upright.

Xu Xiaoshou had always hoped that Hidden Bitter would develop well.

To say something arrogant.

In the future, Xu Xiaoshous Sword Deity would be the famed sword of Hidden Bitter!

This was a dream.

Therefore, when Xu Xiaoshou was free, he used the Witness Sword Technique to nourish this black sword, trying to let it grow together with him.

And now, Hidden Bitter had also evolved from a seventh grade to a sixth grade spiritual sword.

“Youve also become a Master (stage) Youre shaking quite happily!”

Xu Xiaoshou was so amused that he flicked this broken sword with his finger.

In the end, Hidden Bitter shook it even more happily, like a little demon that was trying to grind people down.

Xu Xiaoshou:”…”

The other two swords behind him had appeared at some point in time.

Famed sword, Flame Python, vicious sword, Fourth Sword.

However, these two swords were much more dignified.

Although the sword body was also flowing with precious light, as if it had been nourished by a great force, when it was stabbed into the ground, it only hummed and trembled, unlike Hidden Bitter, which was jumping around.

Xu Xiaoshou received enlightenment.

This should have been when “Sword Technique Expertise” gained enlightenment, and he had brought them out along with him.

In addition to the last wave of him breaking through to the Sovereign (stage) of the Way of the Sword, the three swords had also received nourishment from the way of the heavens.

The reason why the famed sword became the famed sword was because of the Way of the Wwords continuous enlightenment and nourishment by the sword-bearer.

This method was similar to the spiritual cultivator cultivating the spirit and the body-tempering cultivator cultivating the body.

It was a way for the spiritual sword to grow.

Xu Xiaoshou could clearly sense it without using his senses.

Apart from Hidden Bitter, who was already like a brother, the Flame Python and the Fourth Sword became even more intimate with each other at this moment, and they even recognized each other more.

These two swords were both arrogant.

Obviously, they recognized each other more when their master became stronger.

“Alright, lets go back!”

Xu Xiaoshou used the “Witness Sword Technique” to satisfy the three swords and sent them away.

He had indeed become much stronger.

But overall, this was only the beginning… the second step!

“Passive Points: 1469,462.”

He had only used 200,000 Passive Points, yet he had already obtained the achievement of the Dual Masters Sect.

Xu Xiaoshou truly felt that his premonition was not bad.

This wave of Passive Points was simply too comfortable.

A short period of time passed.

After the heat cooled down, his heart also calmed down.

The two strongest Passive Skills of which he had already reached the Sovereign (stage).

If he continued to level up as usual, it shouldnt be possible for him to lose his composure again..

“Then, which card do I turn”

Xu Xiaoshou pondered.

With so many Passive Points, he decided to set aside at least three to five hundred thousand to draw the lottery.

After all, a person couldnt stay in the comfort zone forever.

After he tapped on the Passive Points, he had to leave behind a direction where there might be other surprises.

Xu Xiaoshou continued to explore.

Excluding the three to five hundred thousands, there were still around a million Passive Points.

Obviously, it was unrealistic to use all of them on the “Evolution Tree”in the new module of the Passive System.

Xu Xiaoshou had a headache whenever he thought of this “Evolution Tree”.

One evolution cost a million Passive Points.

This was too much!

He was clearly sitting on over a million Passive Points, so he could be considered a rich man.

But compared to the requirements of the evolution tree, he looked like a poor man in a slum!

He might as well not look at it.

Because for the time being, passive fist and disillusionment one finger were barely enough.

When he went to the crowd to stir up trouble the next time, he would have enough passive points.

He really wanted to see the effect of the evolution of this special passive skill that was worth a million once.

“I still need to level up!”

After confirming his direction, Xu Xiaoshou thought of conducting alchemy, so his gaze locked onto the expertise passive skills.

Without a doubt, his three expertise passive skills were all top-notch in all fields.

As he grew, he came into contact with theDaocontinuously.

Xu Xiaoshou did not feel thatcooking expert could only bring him an advantage in fire control, whileweaving expertise could only allow him to set up an array and array shattering…

He looked at these points in a detached manner.

‘Cooking Expert could judge and analyze the flaws and weaknesses of living beings.

It could also strengthen ones sensitivity in conducting alchemy and fire control.

It could even affect the transformation that would occur when one touched upon thePath level…

‘Weaving Expertise could be used to understand the Divine Secret, the Way of the Heavens, the vein diagram of living beings, and the upanishad of the world order..

All of these were what Xu Xiaoshou needed!

After leveling up, these were not physical improvements, but spiritual improvements.

Master (stage), Sovereign (stage), Cutting Path (stage)..

Xu Xiaoshou was very clear about the path he was going to take.

It was all about the struggle for the “Path”.

Whether it was the enemies he had encountered or the big shots he had yet to meet..

To put it bluntly.

All the disputes that happened in this world were all battles of the Great Path and the Battle of Robbing Path.

The so-called “Path” in this world had the Way of the Heavens and the direction of some people.

From Innate (stage) to Master (Lv.1), the expertise Passive Skills didnt involve much in the aspect of “Path”, so the power was still within the realm of human understanding.

However, from Master (stage) to Sovereign (Lv.1), the expertise Passive Skills could allow Xu Xiaoshou to skip the process of “Touching the Way”and directly enter the realm of “Enlightenment”.

This was too awesome!

These two Passive Skills had to be upgraded!

Thus, Xu Xiaoshou gritted his teeth and reduced the 200,000 Passive Points.

Level by level, he focused on the Passive Skills that he had been looking forward to for a long time.

“Cooking Expert (Master (stage) Lv.


“Cooking Expert (Sovereign (stage) Lv.


“Weaving Expertise (Master (stage) Lv.


“Weaving Expertise (Sovereign (stage)Lv.


A long period of time to digest and settle down.

A long period of time to comprehend and understand the Path.

Xu Xiaoshou opened his eyes from his closed state and felt as if his entire being had been sublimated.

“Sword Technique Expertise” allowed him to start using the Way of the Sword to understand this world.

“Cooking Expert” and “Weaving Expertise” opened his new train of thought.

“Its over.

The path of Meat Pills is inevitable…”

Xu Xiaoshou recovered from his contemplation with a bitter smile.

After a large amount of knowledge was instilled into him, not only did he obtain the ability to eat anything, he even had the method to cook this meal!

What knife skills, heat, seasonings such as firewood, rice, oil, salt, and so on, how to use pots and pans, and so on so forth…

These were very basic things.

Once the target became a human, the seasoning would become the corresponding high-grade poisonous flowers and strange grass, and the method of using the tools would become the control of space, and even the world.

All tastes would change!

Xu Xiaoshous expression became distorted.

He was a little unable to look straight atCooking Expert.

But theinteresting knowledge in his mind forced him to try it out.

Xu Xiaoshou suddenly realized that perhaps his somewhat strange way of understanding the world, as well as his way of expressing it, might have been influenced by these things.

“Lattice objects…”

He reluctantly gave them the title of new knowledge.

However, he felt that if this was called a “Lattice object,” then his understanding of the concepts of living beings and dead souls was a little too thorough!

As for “Weaving Expertise”..

This thing really treated the way of the Heavens as a substantial thread and began to define the world from this aspect.

From the human bodys veins and veins diagram, to the leaf patterns, the tree rings, to the mountains, rivers, and the landscape that was outlined by the shape of the land..

A two-dimensional picture that was abstracted from the three-dimensional world directly pointed to the essence of the Great Path!

The ability of Weaving Expertise was shockingly to change one of the threads, and the ending could be greatly changed.

And in the end, when Xu Xiaoshou saw the outline of the river of fate and the river of time, he also vaguely realized that these could also be abstracted into threads by weaving expertise and could also change the ending signs…

It was amazing!

Xu Xiaoshou even felt that the knowledge in his mind could shock any cultivator at the final-stage of the Dao realm just by saying it out loud.

This would cause their sovereign (stage) to break and have to be repaired.

“Others have just entered the Master (stage) and are beginning to touch the Path.”

“Now that Ive entered the Master (stage), I must have touched all the underpants of the Path, right”

Xu Xiaoshou was in a daze.

This knowledge…

He felt that if he were to talk about it, just these few hours of enlightenment alone would be enough to write several novels.

He could even use this to become a bardic poet and give it to readers who liked this aspect.., talk about it for an entire few years!

It was too terrifying.

As Xu Xiaoshou was comprehending these principles, he almost had a cultivation deviation.

Because as he comprehended the Path, he actually began to think, what exactly is this passive system

Just by upgrading, it could have such an increase.

If it was according to the scientific method of comprehending the Path, the energy would not appear out of thin air, it would only be the constant conversion between the two…

Then logically speaking, there really is a “system conspiracy theory”in this world!

And if such a knowledge system was given to him, how erudite would the person who could give him this knowledge be

How terrifying!

After thinking for a while, Xu Xiaoshou broke out in cold sweat.

However, this was not a world that could be explained by science.

Strange powers and chaos were normal.

He pressed down and did not think about it.

These questions were like three consecutive questions in human philosophy.

Clearly, it was not at his level that he could come up with the answers.

With a heart full of shock, Xu Xiaoshou hesitated and returned to the level of Passive Skill.

Soon, he fell into a happy paradise again.

Fundamental Passive Skill:

“Eternal Vitality (Sovereign (Lv.


Endless life force, surging blood essence Qi, and the never-ending source of life spirits…

“Full of high spirits (Sovereign (Lv.1)”

Take the easy way out, the inexhaustible, super-strong spiritual source, no longer needed the origin court pill to maintain the disappearing state, the ability to reach the sky in one step dozens of times..

He didnt use theBreathing Technique, so he couldnt use it at all!

Although Xu Xiaoshou had suppressed his cultivation level for a long time, strictly speaking, it had only been less than a month.

He felt that it was slow because he personally felt that it was slow.

However, from the perspective of the world, his breakthrough in cultivation level was still very fast.

TheBreathing Technique at the Master (stage) was enough for him at this point.

Passive Points were not many to begin with.

He must have used other Passive Skills that could increase his combat strength in a short period of time to ensure his own safety!


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