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Chapter 774: Awakening! Feast!

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‘Drawing Expertise was too powerful!

Xu Xiaoshou had already expected that the expertise passive skills would overturn his combat system.

However, he had never expected that the expertise passive skills would overturn his combat system so completely.

‘completely, its a brand new path…”

‘Xu Xiaoshou thought of his identity as the demi-saints descendant.

The number of times this “Xu Deye had made a move could be counted on one hand.

A large part of the reason was, of course, becauseXu Xiaoshouhad too many unique features.

Once he made a move, it was very easy for others to lock onto his identity.

For example, he had previously used the Master Physique, Master Sword Intent.

Once these two features were revealed, the Night Guardian even dared to directly lock onto him, not to mention other iconic things like White Flame and Ice Lotus.

Therefore, “Young Master Xu” had been hiding it all this time.

Either his words offended people or he used his background to crush them.

Or he used his newly recruited subordinates to beat people up.

For example, Xiao Wanfeng, and Xiao Wanfeng…

However, one Xiao Wanfeng was too little to be enough.

The reason why he was able to take actions in the heaven geomantic battle was because Xu Xiaoshou held Xiao Wanfengs lifeblood and used a little trick to force this guys agility to the extreme.

However, there were still limitations.

For example, when he met a true master, Xiao Wanfeng could only hide.

Just like the late-stage of the heaven geomantic battle, Xu Xiaoshou had no choice but to personally fight against Luo Yin of the sacred physique.

The appearance ofpainting masteryperfectly solved this problem.

Xu Xiaoshou felt that as long as he spread his thoughts on this brand new battle system, it was basically enough to fight against his peers.

The Imperial City trial was just a battle between a bunch of young Innate (stage) cultivators.

How could there be an enemy that could not be resolved by someone who wasDrawing Expertise

If he really could not handle it, he could just summon Bazhun‘an at random.

It was so scary that it could scare those young rookies out of their wits!

He came back to his senses.

“Passive Points: 399,467.”

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The remaining Passive Points were no longer useful.

Xu Xiaoshou did not plan to draw again and decided to use them on awakening.

This was because an Awakening Stone now required thirty thousands Passive Points.

This was about the number of ten consecutive awakenings.

“hope I can get one.”

Xu Xiaoshou prayed sincerely.

Last time, he had done a wave of ten consecutive awakenings and left the “Close-bounds Force Field”.

In the end, he still had two Awakening Stones left.

This was a small trick.

Xu Xiaoshou originally thought that if he did not mention it and did not pay attention to it, the Passive System would ignore this bug and would not notice it.

However, when the system upgraded this time, the two Awakening Stones that he had secretly left behind were still sacrificed!

“Damn it…”

This meant that when ones cultivation level was low, they would swish the Passive Points and then buy the Awakening Stone and Passive Key at a low price.

They wouldnt use it after they had a breakthrough in their cultivation level and would only use it after the system upgraded.

-~ this is not feasible!

The systems logic was too strong and didnt give him a chance at all.

Xu Xiaoshou could only give up being sneaky and stop fighting against it.

“Come on!”

With third hundred and ninety thousand Passive Points, Xu Xiaoshou didnt believe that he wouldnt be able to awaken even one of them… Pooh Pooh Pooh, the words of a child are fearless, the words of a child are fearless.

“Whats good to be awakened”

He got rid of his flying thoughts and fell into deep thinking.

‘Xu Xiaoshou faced the group of extended Passive Skills and fell into hesitation.

He had already awakened the Passive Skills that he felt were powerful.

Right now, he could only use Perception, Transformation, Toughness, and Transition.

These four Passive Skills had not awakened yet.

It was not that they were not strong.

It was just that Xu Xiaoshou could not imagine what the effects of these Passive Skills would be after they were awakened.

Very soon, after some thought, he was the first to rule out Transformation and Toughness.

This was because these two skills were sufficient at the moment.

They had extra Passive Points, and he would immediately top them up.

If the Passive Points were scarce, they would be placed at the back of the leveling party.

But “Perception” and “Transformationwere different.

‘These two were very powerful!

They were both practical and practical!

Xu Xiaoshou was hesitant.

He felt that “Perception” had followed him for longer and wanted to awaken “Perception”, but he had no idea where to awaken it.

He couldnt predict it at all!

“Predict the future”

“Predict danger”

“Expand the range of Perception”

It shouldnt be…

Even if it was, Xu Xiaoshou felt that he could develop “the Eye of Heaven”.

“Perception” also had whim, and the current “Perception” range was enough.

So if he could, he wanted other abilities.

But “Transformation” was different.

This thing was too amazing.

It gave people a feeling that after awakening, it would be more helpful in actual combat.

Xu Xiaoshou hesitated for a long time and stopped further hestitation.

“What are you afraid of”

“Only children make choices.

Im an adult so I want all!”

He regained his confidence and felt that his nearly four hundred thousand Passive Points could awaken four Passive Skills in the past.

Why hesitated

“Thank you “Perception” for waiting for me.

Once I had my night with “Transformation” I will come to you! Definitely!”

Xu Xiaoshou locked onto his target and turned around to buy the Awakening Stone from the store.

Since his petty thoughts were useless, he did not need to buy it ten times in a row.

He bought one at a time, then bound it to the passive skill “Transformation”and threw it into the Awakening Stone.


“awakening failed!”

As expected…

It really went into the nothing.

The corner of Xu Xiaoshous mouth twitched, but he was not discouraged and continued with the next one.


“awakening failed!”



“awakening failed!”

“E*ck…” this time, Xu Xiaoshou could not take it anymore.

He punched at the ground, and this punch shattered the ground into pieces.

He felt that the ground should be renamed as the Passive System.

In just a few breaths, ninety thousand Passive Points were gone

This wasnt a f*cking game, it was a game of heartbeat!

Close to one hundred thousand Passive Points.

If it was used to level up, it would be a Sovereign (stage) Passive Skill.

‘Xu Xiaoshou had to consider whether it was worth it or not.

These shining Passive Points had been sacrificed by him just like that…

Were those Passive Points

Those were all sons!

“Huff, huff, calm down, calm down.

The time for leveling up has passed.

If I really use an Awakening Skill, the boost of combat strength will definitely not be comparable to the remaining Passive Skills of the Sovereign (stage) .”

“So what if four hundred thousand goes down the drain”

“This time, I, Xu Xiaoshou, will compete with a dog like you… Hmm, Dad ~”

Xu Xiaoshou exchanged for another Awakening Stone with no expression, bound it to “Transformation, and threw it into the pool.

“Awakening successful!”

“Transform (Awakening: Feast) !”

E* ck.

Its out!

Calling it “Dad” was effective!

Xu Xiaoshous eyes were about to pop out of their sockets.

He stared straight at the information bar, at the newly appeared words “Feast”, and his heart almost jumped out of his chest.

“Calm down, calm down.”

“Its just a mere Awakening Skill.

Its not worth dying from excitement.”


Whats the function A skill that allows you to feed yourself”

Although the name was somewhat unexpected, Xu Xiaoshou did not think that this was a skill that allowed him to feed himself.

If he really wanted to feed himself, he could also twist it into a battle.

For example, eating people.

“Dry it”

He stood calmly.

Xu Xiaoshou looked around and saw that there was no one around.

Suddenly, he spread his legs and widened his eyes in anger.

He pointed one hand at the sky and the other at the ground.

He roared, “Feast!”

Damn, so shameful.

This name was not suitable to intimidate the enemy.

Xu Xiaoshou came to a realization.

Then, he used his spiritual senses and pointed out the Awakening Skill.


A low roar came from behind him.

Xu Xiaoshou was stunned.

His “Perception”could clearly see that there was a ferocious beast head on his back like a berserk giant.

However, the similarity between the two was only the condensed form of energy.

The difference was that this Taotie Beast Head was only the size of a millstone.

Although it was big enough compared to the head, it could only be used as a background board to hang on Xu Xiaoshous back.

The Taotie Beast Head was completely red, full of red light of thirst.

It had a huge mouth, and its tongue drooped out, drooling.

However, when the saliva dripped from the beasts mouth, it would turn into energy and disappear.

“Is it really for food”

Xu Xiaoshous face stiffened.

At this moment, he keenly realized that after the Beast Head was summoned, the Spiritual Source in his body was actually decreasing at a crazy rate.

This decrease in speed was something that even the Sovereign (stage) Eternal Vitality couldnt withstand.

“What the hell is this”

‘Xu Xiaoshou was shocked.

The Sovereign (stage) Eternal Vitality was even enough for him to continuously take the easy way out as long as he didnt continuously use the “take the easy way out” and split the Spiritual Sources recovery time in the middle.

This Taotie Beast Head consumed so much

“Its definitely not used for food.

Since this thing consumes so much Spiritual Source, it must be even more terrifying!”

Xu Xiaoshou pondered and felt something.

He commanded the Taotie Beast Head to swallow forward.


The scarlet Taotie Beast Head could not be too far away from its body, but there was no target in front of it.

It could only close its mouth to the void.


It swallowed a large amount of heaven and earth element and vitality spiritual energy in its bloody mouth.

At this moment, Xu Xiaoshou felt that the spiritual energy in his sea of Qi had increased slightly, but this small inflow could not make up for the consumption that was still greater than the replenishment.

However, after this experiment, Xu Xiaoshou completely understood the use of “Feast”.


“This is the ability to transform directly!”

He was so excited that he was trembling.

The Taotie Beast Head could swallow anything and transform it into the energy it needed to immediately replenish the nutrients needed by the body

“It can only swallow energy”

Xu Xiaoshou didnt think so.

He took out a handful of Elixirs and threw them back.

But this time, before his mind could move, the Taotie Beast Head automatically opened its mouth and closed it.

“Gulu ~”

Elixirs didnt even need time to transform.

They turned into pure spiritual source and entered the sea of Qi.

“Energy can be used as well!” Xu Xiaoshous eyes lit up.

“Also, passive attacks doesnt need to be commanded”

He now understood the use of this “Feast”.

No wonder the consumption was so huge.

This thing was summoned in battle.

It was used to swallow the attack and covert attack of enemies from all directions.

“Xu Xiaoji!”

At the thought of this, Xu Xiaoshou immediately jumped in front of Xu Xiaoji.

Xu Xiaoji had already returned to his normal state.

There were still many world-leading experts strolling around in the Yuan Mansion world, so he couldnt be bothered to pay attention to them.

He only counted and placed the amber juice as usual.

He turned around when he heard the sound.

But he was almost scared out of his wits by the ferocious beast head behind the Great Demon King Xu.

The Great Demon King Xu didnt intend to hide his identity as the Grim Reaper anymore

Even this dark object was displayed

“Lord Shou”

Xu Xiaoji suppressed his beating heart.

He kept feeling that the thing behind the Great Demon King Xu was exuding a strong desire for him.

Desire for what

‘Xu Xiaoji didnt know.

But his subjective guess was that it should be everything… including his physical body and soul!

“Hit me.” Xu Xiaoshou said excitedly.

“Again” Xu Xiaoji was about to cry.

I dont dare to..

“Dont attack me with your physical body this time.

Use energy to attack me,”Xu Xiaoshou said.


‘The Great Demon King Xu was deep in thought as he stared at the scarlet Beast Head on the Great Demon King Xus back.

So, he was here to test out a new move

‘Where did you get this strange move

He calmed his heart and threw a punch.

Spiritual energy churned in the air, and a powerful black cutting power slashed out.

There was no other terrifying momentum, but the strength of the attack was more restrained.

Xu Xiaoshou raised his eyebrows.

This attack method was beyond his expectations.

He didnt react.

When the black cutting power similar to sword energy arrived behind him, as expected, the Taotie Beast Head behind him thrust forward and opened its mouth to swallow it.


Xu Xiaoshou suddenly burped, full of shock.

It was a direct conversion!

His energy reserve Spiritual Source had been depleted to only 50% .

After this attack, it rose back to 70% !

One had to know that he was only at the cultivation level of a Master (stage) .

The energy of a Sovereign (stage) attack was far greater than the tolerance of a Master (stage)s energy reserve.

At the same time.

The attack of a Sovereign (stage) was destructive to a Master stages Sea of Energy Reserve.

However, after the transformation of the Taotie Beast Head, the damage was gone.

Moreover, the attack had tuned into pure energy.

Although there was a loss of energy, the replenishment was still extremely exaggerated.

“This is the highest level… transformation”Xu Xiaoshou was amazed.

The “Transformationof the extended passive skill could only balance the energy in the body and absorb the attack energy.

But to swallow all the energy in the world and use it on ones own body

“How Strong is it”

Xu Xiaoshou was keenly aware of this question.

What if it could even swallow the higher void (level) attack

“Hiss ~”

His mind instantly went blank.

Xu Xiaoshou realized the key point.

Either the Taotie Beast Head swallowed the attack and he died from the energy surge.

Or the Taotie Beast Head couldnt swallow it and he was crushed by the higher void (level) attack.

But no matter what, after such a transformation, the attack power would definitely be greatly reduced!

“The attack of a Sovereign (stage) can be swallowed directly and tuned into pure energy without feeling any damage at all.”

“Even if the higher void (level) attack cant be blocked, it can at least reduce some of the attack power, right”

eTecin Dieede fee meteanVies a iin cL fee dof le


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