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Chapter 786: The Ignorant Newbie of Alchemy, Xiao Wanfeng

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Judges Table.

As the alchemy conference officially entered the first round of competition, the 18 judges minds were completely put on the scene.

Seeing that the potion recipes and herbs were distributed, the 500 contestants were slow to make their moves.

The many old presidents sitting on the top, one by one, laughed wryly.

“This time to refine the Thirsty Xuan Dan, I dont know how many people will die in the first step, and I dont know how many people will be able to last until the final congealing session.”

“Haha, the recipe of this Thirsty Xuan Dan has been verified again and again, there is no mistake, it is the three hurdles set in it, I do not know how many people will be stuck.”

“The elimination round, thousands of players, always in the refining process to eliminate more people first, the subsequent scoring can be better.”

“I think that the sixth grade teenager can succeed, whats the name … Zhu Yan Well, good name, as for the others, it depends on the enlightenment!”

Dongling Zhou looked at the old men on the side, some bitter smile.

In order to make the first round of the competition better, eighteen judges studied together yesterday until this morning, the Dan formula changed and changed.

This is naturally not only for the sake of tedious refining process.

For pills, the effect of the finished pills is the most important.

The judges will not deliberately make something trivial and write it into the recipe for the sake of the test.

On the contrary, in order to enhance the value of the Thirsty Elixir Dan, the old guys tried their best to test various spiritual medicines, while simplifying the alchemy procedures.

In the end, what emerged was a formula that was extremely skillful and ingenious for an alchemist.

To be honest, the refining procedures for the Thirsty Pill are only “generally difficult among the seven grades, but not extreme, and the elixirs used are mostly common.

What is difficult is the three hurdles set in this recipe.

The first is the special medicinal properties of the commonly used elixirs, hidden medicinal properties test.

The second is the problem of how to solve the conflicting medicinal properties between the conflicting elixirs in the recipe with other fused conflicting elixirs.

The third is the condensation of the dan, three hundred and sixty-five flavors of auxiliary medicine and eighteen flavors of the main medicine diametrically opposed characteristics, how to perfectly balance.

There is no doubt that this Dan recipe exhausts the long experience of the old presidents.

After the conference, for the market, the Thirsty Elixir is a hot elixir that will not be kept in the high pavilion, but only in the hall of elegance.

I believe that every player who can be on the stage is very familiar with each of the elixirs used in the recipe.

But how to use, but very test the foundation.

Those who do not have a solid foundation will be unable to start when they see the interlocking conflicting medicinal properties, even if every step is written out in detail on the recipe.

“Lets hope we can get enough for a hundred players for the next round of advancement …” Dongling was a little worried.

‘What the old foxes came up with overnight is not so easy to handle!

On the competition field.

The time passed little by little.

The anxious atmosphere in the field, also accumulated little by little.

After half an hour of work, the contestants were still staring at the jade slip and the formula.

Some even chose to give up and leave the field, after being temporarily detained in the “confinement area by the hospitality staff.

This scene into the eyes, people outside the field are aware that something is wrong.

“Is it so exaggerated”

“How long has it been, no one has made a move yet, is this Thirsty Pill really a seventh grade innate pill”

“Or is it that these 500 innate alchemists on the field are all rookies”

It is impossible for a rookie to be a rookie.

Everyone was a genuine young talent.

But the difficulty of the Dan formula is also really difficult!

Inside the 38th spirit formation, the teenager Zhu Yans forehead was seeping with fine beads of sweat as his spirit thoughts flowed back and forth over the elixir and the dan recipe.

He was a bit incredulous.

This Eastern Heavenly King Citys alchemy test was a little too exaggerated

“In the first step, Blue Free Ice Grass, Red Inflammation Fruit, Taiyuan Drops, Xuanjin Liquid, Calendar Dust Wood Root … gradually refine the medicinal liquid”

‘The beginning is the intermingling of the five elements, or gradually refining, can not be carried out together.

Zhu Yan head are big!

‘The most exaggerated Dan recipe he has come across is the sixth-grade pills in the “ice and fire glaze Dan, the beginning is the ice and fire medicinal liquid refining at the same time, the conflict medicinal properties in the first step will grind people to death.

But even so, there are only two main attributes: ice and fire.

A lower grade of thirsty Xuan Dan, led by “blue ice grass” and “red inflammation fruit, definitely borrowed the first step of the “ice and fire glazed pills.

However, this is just the beginning of the nightmare.

‘The subsequent three attributes of water, gold and wood are waiting, not at all according to the rules of the five elements in order, extremely disorderly state.

This all boils down to just the first step.

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Subsequent steps, more than also this seemingly pie-in-the-sky, impractical ideas.

It is difficult not to let people suspect …

Dan recipe, written wrong!

“President Dongling…”

Zhu Yan could not help but raise his eyes, looked at the judges table, and was about to speak.

Almost at the same time, the players breathed a sigh of relief, all of them were studying, but at the same time, they were also waiting.

Zhu Yans doubts are exactly the doubts of the people.

But no one dared to question the eighteen presidents whether the old eyes, the wrong order of writing, so they are waiting for the one that comes out.

Zhu Yan did not have so many scruples, he felt that perhaps this is the first test.

-~ Dare to speak out and question the truth!

“President Dongling, and all the presidents, the late generation has some confusion and needs…”

On the referees seat, Lu Chenghui patted sniffing case and rose, angrily interrupting.

“This is the alchemy conference, is the test! You usually do not learn the art, the foundation is not firm, now to the examination room want to question the elders, want to open the question and answer”

“What do you think the alchemy test is!”

“Is it childs play!”

The whole audience was startled.

Including the audience outside the field.

Everyone couldnt imagine that President Lu would suddenly lose his temper so much, not so much!

Zhu Yans face stiffened, and he directly couldnt get off the stage.

As expected, the gun shot the head bird, President Lu is waiting for me, right

Dongling sighed and laughed.

She understood what Zhu Yan wanted to ask and replied in a loud voice: “There is no problem with the recipe, there is not much time for the examination, please take advantage of the time and continue with the alchemy.”

Zhu Yan breathed a sigh of relief, feeling that the pressure was all gone, passed a grateful look at President Dong Ling and regained the jade slip.

No problem

He frowned, feeling that something was wrong.

The content of this first level of assessment, vaguely, Zhu Yan some understanding.

“Medicinal properties”

He did not do it first.

Because after receiving Donglings affirmation, too many people at the scene couldnt hold their breath.

Since there was no problem with the dan recipe and he couldnt read it, instead of letting the time go by in vain, he might as well put up a fight.

At that moment, there were many players who threw the medicine into the pot and started the first step of medicinal liquid refining.

They followed closely behind.

But three or four breaths of work.


“Boom boom boom!”

“Boom boom boom…”

Inall directions, began to uninterruptedly resound the sound of explosive furnace.

Obviously only two flavors of medicine, the explosion brought about by the conflicting medicinal properties, but extremely terrifying, like the blasting music of ice and fire, fiercely slapped on the face of every gray-headed loser.

“Sure enough …”

Zhu Yans eyes look in all directions.

Within the spiritual formation, the spiritual thoughts can not peep into the outside world, the outside worlds blasting furnace influence, but also shielded to a minimum.

But the naked eye is able to see things.

Zhu Yan can see, among the many frying contestants, there are one or two extremely lucky, somehow managed to refine the “blue ice grass, “red hot fruit” successfully.

The successful ones are still unknown.

But everyone is a genius.

Once someone really succeeded, thinking carefully, the crowd also perceived the Dan formula to test the focus.

The foundation!

Zhu Yan dawned on him.

‘Those two successful people, perhaps just lucky, but a similar coincidence of success affirmed the accuracy of the dan recipe.

This is a dan recipe that can be refined!

And the focus was on hiding the medicinal properties.

“Leave …”

Zhu Yan stared at the first flavor of the elixir in his hand, “blue away from the ice grass”, and then combined with the successful duos timing sequence of drug delivery, it dawned on him.

With ice grass “away characteristics, can temporarily isolate and “red inflammation fruit” conflict, and then achieve a balance of medicinal properties.


Each of the next elixirs has such hidden properties.

“What a strong dan recipe!”

In an instant, Zhu Yan understood the value of this Dan recipe.

It was simply priceless!

‘The old presidents had used their lifelong experience to unite the hidden medicinal properties of the lower-ranked spiritual medicines into this textbook-grade dan recipe.

Learning the Thirsty Xuan Dan was equivalent to mastering the hidden usage of over 300 common spiritual medicines.

“No wonder he was mean to me

Zhu Yan was not aggrieved this time.

He felt that President Lu should be fierce to him.

How selfless was it to present such a priceless treasure so generously

He himself just went to question the accuracy of the Dan formula, simply rash.

Thinking of this, Zhu Yan sank his heart and began to recall what he had learned before, using the foundation skillfully and gradually refining the pills.

Time passed and the sound of blasting was incessant.

The contestants waiting for the field, the audience outside the field, at this moment has looked dumbfounded.

Most of the quarter of an hour passed, the scene froze without a successful alchemist.

But there were more than three hundred people who blew up the furnace alone!

“The contestants are only five hundred people ah…”

The waiting room alchemists faces already looked a little purple.

Yu Chuchu is beside Xu Xiaozhu, so nervous that her small fist is clenched and her brain is sweating.

There was no need to even look at the success rate of alchemy.

The rate of a seventh-grade Dan recipe blowing up alone can let everyone know how difficult this Thirsty Dan really is.

“There is only one chance…”

The little girl had a bitter face.

She felt that she was going to be Xuan.

Because the same sixth-grade teenager Zhu Yan, who was in the condensation session at the moment, had been stagnant for a long time.

Waiting far away, Yu Chu Chu could not see what was inside the spirit formation.

But the time to project the alchemy process, and then determine which step the contestants have reached, this is a normal alchemist should have the ability.

Zhu Yan was stuck.

He is the sixth grade, himself is also the sixth grade …

This Thirsty Xuan Dan, is it necessary to make it so exaggerated


Xu Xiaosu asked with a smile as he twisted his head on one side.

He is heartless, even though the spirit formation shield contains the power of the Taixu, and then there is a celestial magic, even “perception” can be discarded.

Xu Xiaoshu also did not intend to cheat.

Thecooking mastery” will be all the medicinal properties of low-grade herbs, all instilled into his mind.

It can be said that he is a walking encyclopedia of spiritual medicines and spiritual meat.

Pills of the innate level, frankly speaking, do not involve Dao rhyme, are only the fusion of medicinal properties, in his opinion, just like stir-frying, there is no difficulty.

Fire, order, steps, seasoning …

Perhaps another optional dao rhyme sublimation, the icing on the cake, thats all.

Yu Chuchu didnt think so.

But she also gritted her teeth and did not show it: “How could I be nervous”

Xu Xiaoshu cheerfully uncovered the young girl beside him: “This young man sees your brain is sweating, do you want to wipe it for you”

He said with concern and extended his hand.

Yu Chuchu was shocked and quickly jumped away: “Shameless!”

“How is that shameless Then why dont you ask Xiao Evening Wind to wipe it for you” Xu Xiaoshu sighed: “I cant believe you cant see that this young man is easing your tension, really, good intentions as a donkeys lung.”

Yu Chuchu: “…”

“Disliked, passive value, 1.”

Xu Xiaosu turned his head to look at Xiao Evening Wind, said in a serious tone: “Evening Wind na, this young man told you, the innate level of the elixir, to put it bluntly, is the fusion of medicinal properties, the old presidents want to test difficult, is bound to drill in this direction.”

“So, if this young man is the questioner, use the most unusual elixir, coincidentally use special hidden medicinal properties, give everyone a basic test.”

“Refining not out, you can scold him for not having a solid foundation, refining out…”

“Even if you can succeed, the finished product is unlikely to be good, because the hidden medicinal properties, not most people will want to master.”

“So, think from the perspective of the questioner, this is the best solution, what do you think, Evening Wind”

Xiao Evening Wind looked mute, how could he understand alchemy

“Young Xu is powerful, Young Xu is clear and insightful, Young Xu is insightful.” He just patted the horses ass, then handed over the tea: “Xu Shao said so many words, thirsty, right Here, moisten your throat.”

The young mans original intention, is Xu Shao as long as the tea, will concentrate on tasting up to pretend to outsiders, and then will not talk more nonsense.

In this way, can also let their own ears to silence some.

Which had thought, this humble scene fell into the eyes of Yu Chu Chu, angry: “Have you so treat subordinates”

This is the innate sword intent!

After accusing Xu Shao, Yu Chu Chu stepped towards Xiao Evening Wind and took the teenagers hand: “Come to sister, sister wont let you serve tea.” Her big eyes were shining.

Xiao Evening Winds face was red.

He had never been held by such a good-looking girl.

But, serving tea and pouring water, is my job This job is easy enough!

You have not seen Xiao Xin brother busy with a big chief appearance, but also complained to me about their own lack of wages … Xiao late wind thought.

Hu thought for a while, Xiao Evening Wind back to his senses, some do not know how to refuse, pushing away Yu Chu Chu at the same time, smoothly with a: “Sorry, you are a good man, but Iam more… uh!”

Yu Chu Chus face was green.

Xu Xiao Sui almost did not laugh out loud.

Xiao Evening Wind realized that something was wrong, and hastened to stop his mouth, his eyes scouted, handed “Xu young to save me eyes.

Xu Xiaoshu shook his head and laughed: “Want to dig this young man Youre still a little young!”

Yu Chuchu is half dead with anger.

This Xu young man does not know what kind of soul soup he has given to Xiao Wanfeng.

How could he be so devoted!

No, Ihave to think of a way….

little girls mind is turning rapidly.

Whatcant lose, destroy to” the evil thoughts, is not possible in the good girls heart appear.

Yu Chuchu had a bright idea, provocative: “Xu Shao, lets make a bet!”

Xu Xiaoshu funny head, this rash girl want to do what, perform a wave I sell myself

“What bet” He asked.

Yu Chu Chus slender hand pointed to Xiao Wanfeng:Alchemy Conference, you do not want to participate in it Final ranking if you lose me, give him up to me!”

Xu Xiaosu raised an eyebrow: “So powerful, six products to beat ten products, what if you lose”

Yu Chuchu was bashful, this was indeed considered bullying, but for the sake of Xiao Evening Wind, she had to go on even with a stiff head: “If I lose, Ill let you do as you please!”

“Good, then this young man wants you to …”


Yu Chuchu hurriedly interrupted, blushing: “This wont work, Im too much of a loss.”

Xu Xiaosu looked odd: “This young man has not finished, if you lose, you will give this young man also as a dan refining child, just and my family evening wind a male and a female, male and female with, work is not tired.”

Xiao Wanfeng blushed.

He is not yet an adult, do not understand the words of young Xu, what is the meaning of it ~

Yu Chuchus pink fist tightened and her ears turned red.

But not to the whole person, but just the words of the alchemy child, is nothing …

He is only the tenth grade!

“Okay, I promise you!”


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