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Chapter 787: The Golden List Is Now

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Rarely, Xu Xiaoshu did not expect to be able to abduct another young girl through Xiao Evening Feng.

The Yu family is a big family, a big family in Midtown.

The clan is a decapitation experts, Taixu have no idea, but the bottom is extremely deep, Xu Xiaobu into the city, after hearing about it.

Yu Chuchu is also the senior disciple of President Dongling.

King City Alchemist Association headquarters, and many Taixu forces are involved.

This one alchemy child abducted, the first floor in the sky just lost Mr.

Siren, and add a big help, who dares to move the first floor in the sky now

Who dares to mess around, throw Yu Chu Chu first, as a shield!

The enemy will have to think about whether they can afford to offend the Yu family, as well as the president of the Dongling.

As for the bet will lose …

Xu Xiaosu didnt even think about this.

Although he is not very familiar with orthodox alchemy, but “cooking mastery” point to the throne level, in this conference even without “boiling soup stream alchemy, is also abuse, do not think there is any difficulty.

The little girl is still too innocent ah, really interesting it, no wonder many people in this world like to abduct little girls … he thought.

On one side Yu Chuchu pulled Xiao Evening Wind to the corner away from Xu Shao, seems to have started a crazy brainwashing work, to prepare for the departure and entry afterwards.

Although the voice is low, but Xu Xiaoshu has “perception”, what “I am better than him”, “Yu family has a great future”, “alchemist association headquarters also thief powerful it” and so on…

Heard it all!


Xu Xiaoshou shook his head and lost his smile.

This digging, all crooked to the sky.

If Xiao Wanfeng cared about this, Im afraid he wouldnt have come to work in the first building in the sky.

Half-saint heir, on this gimmick alone, not crush these empty conditions 10,000 times

Ignoring the distressing gaze that Xiao Wanfeng throws at him from time to time, Xu Xiaoshou feels that it is worthwhile to let the teenager sacrifice his sex for a big boost.

The evening breeze go!

With a word of encouragement in his heart, Xu Xiaoshou continued to pay attention to the competition scene.

Two quarters of an hour were approaching.

There were already people in the field who had become dan.

There is no doubt that the Thirsty Xuan Dan that was brought out in this examination is difficult to refine.

But there are many geniuses in the Eastern Heavenly Realm.

The five domains of alchemy green jun, even more is not a vain name.

The first one to become a pill was not a sixth-grade alchemist Zhu Yan, but an unheard of eighth-grade alchemist.

Qiu Jiangzhi, in his twenties, has a clean appearance and a dusty temperament.

But apparently, the eighth grade alchemist badge, did not fit his status.

“Surprisingly, it is the same as me, the guy who intends to pretend to be a pig and eat a tiger …” Xu Xiaoshou suffer secretly took note of this youth, can become a dan before the sixth grade alchemist, this strength, should not be underestimated.

Two quarters of time passed ina flash.

The first set of tests ended, the staff came forward to collect the pills and handed them over to the judges for scoring.

After the first group of people left the field, were collected into a special spiritual formation – “closed area” in order to prevent the penetration of the problem.

But the inability to communicate with the outside world did not prevent these guys from stretching their necks, waiting for the results of the judges table, as well as the final comments.

The second group of people entered, and as usual, got their dan recipes and herbs, and started another wave of sad faces.


Xu Xiaoshou was really curious about what that dan recipe looked like.

This large group of peoples face-changing stunts, simply call people amazed.

He roughly calculated.

The first five hundred people made Thirsty Dan, more than four hundred people blew up the furnace.

The rest of those who became pills, not counting the waste pills, it is estimated that only thirty or so can get a valid score.

The second group of people made pills in between.

The spiritual formation on the side of the judges seat activated, and a brilliant golden list appeared.

“Here it comes!”

The audience stand was instantly agitated.

The alchemists waiting for the field also looked up.

The elimination round was mainly a rush, so the judges would not comment on each one of them, but the results of the completed pills would be announced in time.

This “Golden List” was made by the judges after they had the results of the scoring.

Anyone who disagrees can go to the judges to argue.

As long as you think that you are a youngster, you can have the eloquence to argue with the 18 fair and impartial old foxes who are monitoring each other.

“Look, the rating gold list has appeared, just like previous years.”

“The first stage, good guys, only thirty-six people on the list”

“My God, five hundred people, only thirty-six people have scores, this year this thirsty Xuan Dan is perverted, right Is it that hard”

On top of the Golden Ranking, there were a hundred names listed.

However, those who can be on the list, only thirty-six, the remaining positions, only the serial number, and blank.

“One, Qiu Jiang Zhi, 92 points.”

Almost the first time, all eyes fell to the top of the list.

However, that one unfamiliar name, but the whole room tens of thousands of people, into a silence.

“Qiu Jiangzhi, who”

This was the question on everyones mind.

Yu Chuchu pulled Xiao Wanfeng and ran back, staring at Qiu Jiangzhi at the top of the list, and fell into a state of bewilderment.

“Qiu Jiangzhi”

“The top of the list is not even Zhu Yan”

Zhu Yan, the sixth rank, couldnt even get the top of the list How is this possible”

The little girls big eyes stared straight up, just about bulging out.

Xu Xiaoshou amusedly moved closer and said meaningfully, “There are many capable people in this world, not everyone cares about the false name of the alchemist badge, just like this young man.”

He proudly puffed out his chest.

Yu Chuchu didnt have the good grace to give this guy a white look: “You dont have to put gold on your face, wait until you give up Xiao Wanfeng!”

After a snort, the girl cast her eyes, like most people, on the first group of alchemists who had finished participating in the “closed area.

Closed area.

Zhu Yan was also lost in thought as he looked at the golden list.

“Im not the first one”

He looked at the top of the list, “Qiu Jiang Zhi”, and was completely stunned.

Although the Thirsty Xuan Dan was difficult, but after really eating through the recipe and stabilizing his mind, Zhu Yan did not feel much refining.

Its all basic!

It is the last step to condense the Dan, he a small mistake, and then by the conflict medicinal properties to torture to, took some effort.

But even so, the quality of the finished pills is not low.

The “lower, middle, upper and extreme” quality of the alchemy world alone, he thought that this first time to alchemy, even if it does not reach the “top”, but also can be mixed to the “middle”.

This is the first time he touched the new formula.

Can refine to the “middle grade, is already very exaggerated.

Most people either end up with a ruined single or a “lower” grade, and have to hesitate whether its worth it before taking it.

But the middle grade means that the elixir is very close to perfection, at least no toxicity.

Its a medicine that has three toxins.

The lower grade is still at the “three points of poison” stage.

Middle-grade, it means beyond this stage, non-toxic and harmless.

As for the top grade, the very best, that is the alchemy process after familiarity, to produce good goods.

Poison is impossible to poison, only “extraordinary” and “exaggerated” two levels.

Zhu Yan sixth grade alchemy master, the first time to refine thirsty Xuan Dan can be “medium”, he felt that to exceed his own, it must only be “top”.

“This Qiu Jiangzhi, the first time he refined the Thirsty Xuan Dan, he made a top grade pill”

The young man Zhu Yan was lost in thought.

The Alchemy Conference is full of talented people, its really not just empty talk!

The golden list was listed.

The confined area alchemists exploded.

One after another, they turned their eyes to find out where the top of the list was.

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Among the crowd, Qiu Jiangzhi, who had an eighth-grade alchemist on his chest, slightly raised his chest and raised his head proudly.

He is not a bad person, in the crowd of people looking left and right, can make such a posture, stand out from the crowd, immediately recognized.

“Eighth grade”

“It cant be!”

“This is definitely a Sixth Grade Patriarch, a wolf in sheeps clothing.”

“Damn, its a big brother…”

“Brother Qiu is more than the eighth grade, right” Some people came forward to greet.

Qiu Jiangzhi looked around the room and had the joy of raising his eyebrows.

Closed for many years, what people are trying to do, is not this moment of manifestation of sainthood in front of people

“A mere eighth grade, not enough to mention.”

In the virtue of humility, Qiu Jiangzhi pointed to the eight-grade badge on his chest and denied those rumors of the so-called sixth grade.

“Oh, brother Qiu is joking, if you are the eighth rank, then all of us, the seventh rank, will have to go feed the pigs.”

“This eighth grade of yours, I guess it has not been updated for a long time, right”

Qiu Jiangzhi listened to this, his chin lifted one more time: “Not long, just five years.”


A crowd of people sucked in cold air backwards.

The smile on Qiu Jiangzhis face became even bigger.

The crowd looked at each other with disbelief.

The alchemist badge was glory.

Basically, as long as the strength breakthrough, no one can resist the temptation to immediately assess the upgrade.

This Qiu Jiangzhi, endured five years

Abstinence, not even this strong will ah!

“Five years, from the eighth grade to the sixth grade …”

Zhu Yan looked at not far away led endless wind, the youth, gritting his teeth some chagrin.

He did not lose much.

If the last step of condensation is handled well, the score will not be lower than Qiu Jiangzhi.

And in his opinion, five years from the eighth grade to the sixth grade, the qualifications can only be considered average.

He is sixteen this year and is already a sixth-grade clan master.

The total number of alchemy career is only five years.

On the contrary, Qiu Jiangzhi, looking at his face alone, is already more than twenty years old, and his qualifications can only be described as good, but not to the extent that he is such a genius.

But the reality is this.

A competition, not because you are too young in the postponement of time.

A competition, also will not be because you are not prepared enough, also delayed the process.

“Aloss is a loss, next time, win back, there are two more rounds!” Zhu Yan clenched his fist.

“Dont look at the first place, look down, you will find a new continent!”

The audience outside the field could hear the exchange in the confined area.

As soon as the first place was recognized, the audience saw the person, but the looks were not very distinguished, nor was it a slender goddess, so it was sketchy.

At this point someone shouted and pointed to the golden list, seemingly spotting the anomaly again.

Xu Xiaoshou saw the guy who was pretending to be a pig and eating a tiger that he was concerned about, and really took the attention of the crowd, so he did not look more.

Ifhe is a big power, he actually better phase Zhu Yan.

This kind of genius, only more the old guys on the viewing platform want.

Claptrap …

If there is not passive value can take, Xu Xiaoshou suffer himself look down on this matter!

“There is a problem with the golden list”

He also only the first glance swept the top of the list, did not look more.

At this time, listening to the audience shouting, he rejoined and cast his eyes back.

Yu Chuchu likewise looked over, nodded her fingers, and read out softly one by one.

“One, Qiu Jiang Zhi, 92 points.”

“Two, Zhu Yan, 86 points.”

“Three, Zhang Erde, 62 points.”

“Four, Zhao Zi Snake, 59 points.


She quickly noticed that something was wrong.

“Starting from the third, the score plummeted by more than twenty, with a maximum of only sixty-two points”

“From the fourth onwards, it flunked”

“My goodness …”

Yu Chuchus mouth opened into an0 shape, holding her head, somewhat shocked.

How hard was the Thirsty Xuan Dan

Not even sixty points, that means that the thirty or so people in the bottom of the line, even if they become a Dan.

That Dan “lower grade” is not running, but can not take, and is two say …

“Something ah!”

Xu Xiaoshou was energized.

He is not afraid of the challenge, but afraid of the challenge is not big.

This thirsty Xuan Dan, apparently very unexpected to all.

Although the first time refining, blowing up the furnace is normal, into the Dan is already not easy.

But all present are genius type players, the first set of 500 people, only three pass.

This is too much

The little girl beside her was already worried.

Xu Xiaoshous mind is not limited, quickly thought of something, laughed out loud: “This is afraid

“This is afraid This is difficult to be This young guess, this has to do with the order of registration, right After all, heroes are the last to appear, just like this young man.”

Yu Chu Chu subconsciously wanted to retort, vicious glare to.

But halfway through the glare, it dawned on him that Xu has a point.

Five domain geniuses, the Eastern Heavenly Realm major talent.

The powerful are in the last few days into the city, although the registration is reported today, but think those people came a long way, and even some are just into the city on the hoof to register.

It is indeed a bit affected by the order of …


This does not prevent Yu Chuchu continue to want to choke this dude Xu young: “What do you know, registration are reported today, has nothing to do with the order!”

Xu Xiaoshou suffer a laugh, tured his head to look at Xiao Wanfeng: “Evening Wind na, women are incomprehensible, such as this young wants to enlighten a person, used a sarcastic tone, afraid that her face was fallen, the results of people … hey, really do not hear, really do not appreciate ~”

He eyes and nose, a face I do not know anything, Im just a childs look.

Yu Chu Chus pretty face was on fire from these words, like she had eaten a pound of chili.

This guy is too hateful, right!

Why does someone speak with this style

This layer of shame, you can not cover a little longer, give people a step down

Ihavent reacted yet, right

How did you tear your face off!


“Cursed, passive value, 1.”

Time flew by.

One set of people went up, one set of people came down.

The gold list was updated in real time.

The five domains are full of capable people.

Qiu Jiangzhis position at the top of the list only sat steadily for one round before it was blown away from below.

The highest score also went from “92” to”94″ and “95”.

But belatedly, it seems to be stuck in “95” is the supreme.

Four consecutive sets down, froze no more than the existence of the 9-5.

“The judges will not give to the full score” Xu Xiaoshou asked curiously, this set is almost over, he is about to go on the field.

Yu Chuchu snorted, in the back of the field was constantly accosted, she and Xu Shao has been somewhat familiar, the tone of voice also unconsciously, was infected with the kind of Yin Yang.

“Full marks Youre thinking fart eating!”

“First time alchemy, is the alchemy master, can refine a top grade is already considered good, full score is naturally to the very best, you can refine”

“Oh ~ wait do not interrupt, you are able to.”

“You are a pretend pig eating tiger,ten grade alchemist it ~”

Yu Chuchu covered her lips, her big eyes fluttering, her head tilted, and the adoration squeezed out of her eyes.

Xiao Wanfeng at the back raised his head and looked.

The young mans insight is shallow, only to feel that this moment of Chu Chu sister is very ancient and quirky, or … very moving.

Xu Xiaoshou is used to seeing beautiful women.

What makes him feel most stunning is the fish Zhiwen after the veil fell off, he naturally can not be as Xiao Wanfeng, was tempted by this stunted little girl, at the moment only sneered.

“Full marks Soon there will be.”





Abominable … several consecutive back and forth lost, Yu Chuchu anxious.

Why is it that the same “huh”, he felt that the “huh” that came out of Xu Shaos mouth, would be more exasperating

She has imitated very similar ah …

“Xiao Wanfeng, wait for sister!” Yu Chu Chu ignored Xu Shao and turned her head to look at the teenage swordsman.

“Good.” Xiao Wanfeng was still dazedly letting go, his mind was a blank.

Xu Xiaoshou suffer patted his shoulder: “Evening wind dont think about it, when this young man will catch this demon spirit, let her accompany you in the first building in the sky to guard the door at night.”

“ah!” Xiao Wanfeng was shocked, waving his hands: “No no, I did not think of my daughter …”

Xu Xiaoshou:

Yu Chuchu face red, as if to drip blood: “Xu, got … young, you give me … shut, mouth!”

“Requested, passive value, 1..”


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