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Chapter 797: The Roll of Honor Reappeared

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Abig class was going on at the competition venue.

While the judges seats were full of arguments.

“Full score! It has to be full score!”

“No, not full score.

No one has ever received a full score in the second round of conducting alchemy.”

“But according to the rules, there are three criteria: high-level, high-quality, and less time-consuming.

Young Master Xu has refined the highest-level sixth-grade elixirs in the competition.

The quality of the elixir is top grade, and the time taken is also the least… Im referring to the time taken during

the process of conducting alchemy.”

“It is at most 90 points for him.”

“No, youve forgotten about the final additional 10 points.

He submitted all the changes to the other elixirs and recorded them in the jade scrolls.

The pill formula is also normal.

Even though there are some details in there that needed to be verified, he has given so much.

Its more than the 13

transformations that we have wanted… We have to give him full score.”

“If you want to calculate in this way, why does it have to be the time taken for the entire process when others conducting alchemy twice But when it comes to Young Master Xu, its only the time taken for one round of conducting alchemy.

You must understand that he was the last person to complete

conducting the alchemy and handed in his work!”

“How can this be compared”

“Why cant it be compared”

“You old man, try saying that again!”

“Lets try it then!”

Abunch of old men was fighting so hard in the judges seats that they almost started to get physical.

Without a doubt, Young Master Xu would definitely be ranked first in the second round of the competition.

However, everyone had different opinions on the standard of the full score.

Some people opined that Young Master Xu spent the longest time conducting alchemy.

Some opined that he spent the shortest time conducting single alchemy.

Dong Ling, who was listening from the side, felt a headache coming on.

From her point of view, the answer that Young Master Xu gave was practically non-controversial.

Thus, after listening for a while, she forcefully interrupted them.

“Everyone, think about it.

Where in the five domains of the continent can there be a genius like Young Master Xu”

Everyone was stumped by the question.

Lu Chenghui, the leader of the opposition faction with full score, turned his head and said, “Its just that weve never seen it before.

But it doesnt mean that there isnt any.”

The old presidents behind him all started shouting.


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“There should be at least a few geniuses that the various factions are trying their best to nurture, right”

“Theres a whole bunch of them in the Holy Palace!”

President Shi Ti, the representative of the supporting faction, sneered.

“Youve just mentioned the Holy Palace.

Holy Palace is Holy Palace.

The one standing in front of you is not one of those old fellows with half of his foot already stepping into the coffin.

Instead, its a young man.

What he did today was


“Watch out your words,” Dong Ling reminded him in a low voice.

Shi Ti was clearly angered.

He flung his sleeves angrily and did not say anything else.

Everyone was silent.

Young Master Xu was indeed too terrifying.

The answer sheet he submitted was too perfect.

It was so perfect that it made people feel as if he had been possessed by a mighty figure.

Otherwise, how could a little brat be so experienced

But looking at how he was giving pointers and teaching a group of players of the same age, he looked like a normal young man again.

After making some achievements, he could no longer keep a low profile and could not help but want to show off.

‘What kind of person is he… Dong Ling sighed in her heart.

She did not let the president continue the discussion and exercised the power of discretion that she rarely used.

“Theres no need to discuss this matter anymore.

Leave it to me.

All of you can just sit properly.

If the Holy Palaces patrol inspector investigates the authenticity of the score, I can solve i

As she spoke, she looked at Hua Ying on the viewing platform.

This little girl came from the Holy Palace!

The lecture was interrupted after a while.

An audience cried out in surprise.

“The roll of honor has been refreshed!”

The contestants stood up one after another and rushed to the front of the roll of honor.

After all, in this competition of conducting alchemy, the final score was the most important.

Xu Xiaoshou ended his dazzling lecture and felt that his mouth and tongue were dry.

He took over the teacup that Xiao Wanfeng handed over and walked in the direction of the roll of honor.

The roll of honor had been updated.

“First, Xu Deye, 100 points.”

“Second, Zhu Yan, 69 points.”

“Third, Yu Chuchu, 67 points.”

‘As soon as they read out the top three, some people realized that something was wrong and started to gasp.

“Heavens, the top scorer, Young Master Xu, has a full score.

As for the others, the highest score is not even 70 points”

“Isnt this too difficult Ive long heard that the second round of the Alchemy Convention is in hell.

And Ive seen it today.”

“Even a sixth-grade Alchemy Master cant get more than 70 points.

Isnt this assessment standard a little too harsh”

“Then the question is, how can Young Master Xu be so exaggerating… full score Does he have someone in his inner circle”

The audience fell silent as they watched.

There wasnt much of a difference between the first and second place in the first round of the roll of honor.

One scored100 while the other 97.

Everyone felt that there wasnt much of a difference between the two.

At the very least, there might have been some luck that caused Young Master Xu to appear as a dark horse and overtake Yu Chuchu to win the championship.

But now, no one would feel that way!

There was a full score in the second round…

Young Master Xu maintained his results, while the others had the highest score of not more than69.

It was so ridiculous!

“So Young Master Xu had 100 points because the full score was 100 points while Miss Yus 97 points in the first round was only due to good luck.”

Comments of such appeared.

Yu Chuchu blushed with shame.

In the second round, she even scored lower than Zhu Yan, and she only got third place.

But that was not the point.

If everyone had a low score, it would be fine.

But there was a pervert at the top of the list with a perfect score.

How could other people take it

A group of geniuses looked back with a complex expression, wanting to see Young Master Xus reaction to his own results.

They turned around.

‘They saw Young Master Xu sitting on a high bench with a long back in the distance with his legs crossed and his eyes closed.

“Wanfeng, hows my score”

Xiao Wanfeng had followed Young Master Xu for so long.

How could he not know what he should do at this moment

He offered a cup of tea in a flattering manner and said loudly, “Young Master Xu, full score!”

Young Master Xu, who had his eyes closed, frowned, got up, and turned around to leave.

He did not even look at the roll of honor.

“Whats the big deal about the full score Why did you shout so loudly”

Xiao Wanfeng rolled his eyes behind him, but smiled helplessly and said, “Young Master Xu is right.

As long as you have your hands, you will get a full score.

If you cant even get a full score, then it should be a human problem.”

As long as you had your hands…

Ahuman problem…

The group of talents in conducting alchemy behind him felt that they had been stabbed by something.

They felt like they had a heart blockage.

Yu Chuchus eyelids twitched wildly when she heard that.

She felt that she couldnt let Xiao Wanfeng indulge himself any further, otherwise, this child would be ruined sooner or later.


“But if this goes on, Im going to become his apprentice in conducting alchemy.

What more energy do I have to worry about Wanfeng” Yu Chuchu bit her lower lip, and her face was full of bitterness.

There were only 13 names on a 100-person roll of honor.

“13, Long Mei, 42 points.”

It was blank after this line, it was as if mocking the contestants on the competition venue.

The contestants on the competition venue quickly left with dejected faces.

The 13th place on the roll of honor meant it was not that only the top 10 in the second round would appear in the list.

Instead, those with good results would be listed.

In other words, in the second round of the assessment, 87 out of the 100 contestants did not manage to refine anything until the end of the assessment.

Some of them did not even manage to come up with a final solution before they went up and stood there for an hour.

What a big blow!

Dongtianwang City knew that the geniuses from the five regions were all here for conducting alchemy.

However, when the examination questions became difficult, the elimination rate was still ridiculously high.

However, this also meant that it was not because the 42 points scorer of the 13th place was weak, but those who were able to make it onto the list with this score were already the cream of the crop in the world of conducting alchemy.

Of course, if one were to calculate it this way, Young Master Xu, who was ranked first with a full score, was definitely not included.


There was nootherwise!

It was because there was simply nothing to compare between the two!

The commotion after the appearance of the roll of honor lasted for a long time before it subsided slightly.

“This is too ridiculous.”

It wasnt just the audience who shook their heads and sighed as they looked at the top of the roll of honor…

The Elixir Master who had failed the previous round couldnt help but be surprised.

As Elixir Masters, they knew how difficult the second round of the assessment was.

Therefore, they understood better what it meant for Young Master Xu to get a full score in this round.

On the viewing platform, Hua Ying sat among the crowd.

In this place full of faction leaders (middle-aged men) and guardian elders (octogenarians), it was really out of place for such a young lady to sit here

During the process of conducting alchemy, many people came over to greet her, trying to get to know this young lady who had appeared at the Spirit Gem Trade Fair but whose identity was unknown.

However, without exception, Hua Ying refused to interact.

She had been invited by Dong Ling to watch the ceremony and did not have any expectations for the participants in conducting alchemy.

This was because, in the field of alchemy, she could only be considered as half an expert.

Of course, this was not because her master, grandmasters, and grand grandmasters could not teach her well.

It was only because her skill tree had all been touched by the explosions of the infernal lineage and did not leave any for conducting alchemy.

However, no matter how bad she was at conducting alchemy, Hua Ying was knowledgeable.

“Why did his last move of condensing pill look so familiar”

On the viewing platform, the little girl watched as Young Master Xu strolled around the venue after he saw the roll of honor.

In her heart, she was still recalling the last condensing method which looked very much similar to condensing method of infernal heavens.

It could be said that this was the only alchemy technique that Young Master Xu had displayed since he started conducting alchemy — pill condensing method.

Before this, no one could see Young Master Xus pill condensing method clearly, and who his master was.

‘What could one see in a black chicken

But this condensing method…

Hua Ying frowned.

She could not help but recall Zhou Tianshens words at the Spirit Gem Trade Fair that day.

Touching her chest, there was still a letter in her bosom that was urgently waiting for Uncle Xu to acknowledge.

Of course, Hua Ying remembered her Supreme Master Bai Lians exhortation.

And to find someone as famous as Uncle Xu in Dongtianwang City, to be honest, someone who knew alchemy, who had a strong cultivation level, and who could easily make explosions…

“Saint Servant Xu Xiaoshou, First Pavilion in the Sky Xu Deye…”

Unknowingly, the two images in Hua Yings mind gradually overlapped and formed Uncle Xu that was eighty percent similar to what she had imagined.

“Could it be”

A young girl who was not very smart and was easily influenced by others words was more likely to believe in her sixth sense.

Even if the feeling was inexplicable and there was no reason to verify it.

But she believed it!

Or to put it another way, other than extremely rational women like Lan Ling and Rao Yaoyao, most women felt that their sixth sense was very accurate.

Hua Ying also felt the same at the moment.

She felt that if she were to look for it herself, she might not be able to find Uncle Xu even until next year.

But now that such a person had appeared, if she didnt ask him in person after the grand meeting of conducting alchemy, it was simply unreasonable.

“After all Uncle Xu cant reject his niece, right” Hua Ying thought.

But suddenly, she trembled and remembered something,

“Tve just beaten up Zhou Tianshen, and now Im going to look for this Young Master Xu.

If I get an affirmation from him, doesnt that mean Zhou Tianshen is right”

For a moment, Hua Ying scratched her ears and felt a little confused.

The capacity of her little head was not enough to support her to figure out what Uncle Xu wanted to do with the two identities.

However, this did not affect her decision after seeing the Condensing Method of Infernal Heavens that was 90% similar.

“After the conference, Ill go and look for this Young Master Xu for another interview!”

“No matter what, even if hes not Uncle Xu, with this talent, Ill still kidnap him to the Holy Palace and let Xiao Bai see how powerful I am!”

‘Passive points: 964,722.”

On the other side, when Xu Xiaoshou looked at the information bar again, he was shocked by his inventory.

More than 900,000!

It was almost close to the goal of a million!

He knew that it was impossible for a person to continuously give too much emotional output to someone in a short period of time, even if that persons actions were very advanced.

Anyone would become more and more numb the more they looked at it.

And after the first round of the competition, the audience had already given him enough passive points.

After the second round of the competition, he could still be given around 500,000 passive points.

This could only prove that during this period of time, his, Xu Xiaoshous, shock to the audience had far exceeded his expectations.

“Sensationalism is also very tiring…”

After two rounds of the competition, Xu Xiaoshou did his best to cause trouble, and all he did was to gain more attention.

At this point, he had run out of ammunition and food.

The audience was all the same.

If he wanted to gather more passive points in the next round, he could only do something that far exceeded the previous two rounds.

But he, Xu Xiaoshou, was not god!

“Tm exhausted.

In the third round, Xu Xiaoshou felt that he could only do his best.

One million was a small goal.

It was inevitable that he would achieve it today.

‘Xu Xiaoshou didnt care how much he would exceed.

He had decided to enjoy the competition.

At the judges seats.

After giving the contestants enough time to rest, President Dong Ling began to speak loudly.

“First of all, congratulations to the contestants who made it onto the roll of honor in the second round.

The top 10 can enter the final round.

“In addition, I believe that through this competition, everyone has a clear understanding of their strength.

“This time, we wont say anything about working hard to get first place.

For the final round of the qualifying competition, everyone just needs to do their best.

Its because, at this time, all of you have already obtained the qualifications for the Imperial City Trial!”

The contestants looked at each other.

That was right!

Everyone just needed to do their best and leave it to fate.

‘With a top student on their heads, everyone would feel that they could surpass him.

However, when they realized that it was not a top student, but Mount Taishan, everyone no longer had the intention of hitting a rock with an egg.

Lets take a gamble and fight for second place.

Xu Xiaoshou, who was listening from below, found it funny.

He suddenly realized that unknowingly, he had achieved the small target of the Imperial City Trial.

The only thing left to fight for seemed to be the reward of the first place — Little Blue Flower of the Tranquil Lake.

“Little Heavenly Flame”

Xu Xiaoshou was still very envious of this thing.

Even though he already had the infernal white flame, this item of the infernal lineage was too iconic.

Moreover, wasnt it better to have more treasures

If he could obtain the Little Blue Flower of the Tranquil Lake and use this opportunity to obtain the Little Blue Flower of the Tranquil Lake from the City of the Living Bodhisattva, then use the Heavenly Flame and the Infernal White Flame from the heavenly tree to improve his Seeds on All Five Fingers…

“What will it be like” Xu Xiaoshous heart was full of excitement..


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