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Chapter 799 Alchemy Sovereign

“Young Master Xu has formed the pill!”

The audience rushed around to announce the news.

Every one of them was more excited than when they had broken through their cultivation.

From the beginning to the end, that man had never disappointed anyone.

And the people who last bet on him, even if the odds were reduced to the lowest, was still undoubtedly a profit! “Little Rejuvenation Pill, top grade.” The first bottle of pills that the judges had received was unexpectedly the most difficult to refine and succeed, handed over by the No.1 spiritual array.

This time, the elders were speechless.

Young Master Xus strength had truly convinced everyone present.

“From a 10th-grade alchemy rookie to a fifth-grade Alchemy Master, this kid only made use of the time of an alchemy competition…” Lu Chenghui was speechless.

At this moment, he finally admitted it completely.

Amber Juice, Young Master Xu, could hold his ground.

No matter what, he wouldnt be able to take back the Amber Juice Pills market.

“The competition is over.” Dong Ling smiled.

“Yes, at this point, the competition has already ended.” Shi Ti was a little speechless.

The Little Rejuvenation Pill was top grade, how could others fight Even if Zhu Yan could form a top-grade Heavenly Star Pill…


In this round, his score would definitely be higher than Young Master Xu! However, between the two, there was a big gap between the scores in the previous rounds.

And if Zhu Yan really had the strength of a top grade, fifth-grade Alchemy Master, he wouldnt have been beaten so badly earlier.

Therefore, it was impossible for him to form a top-grade Heavenly Star Pill.

All theifs were justifs… The other alchemists at the competition venue had clearly witnessed Young Master Xus pill formation.

With just a glance, they could tell that Young Master Xu had become a Grandmaster Elixir by observing the faint aura of path energy in the No.

1 spiritual array.

“Unexplainable…” However, they had prepared beforehand.

At this moment, no one was interrupted in the process of conducting alchemy.

All they could do was sigh in their hearts.

There was always someone better than them.

“Wanfeng, how much time do we have”

In the No.

1 spiritual array, Xu Xiaoshou had nothing to do.

He didnt want to let go of the last chance to make some profits, so he turned around and asked.

“Young Master Xu took about half an hour conducting alchemy jus now,” Xiao Wanfeng answered in a daze, not understanding his intention.

“In other words, I still have half of the time…” Xu Xiaoshou thought for a moment.

It was very difficult to form the Little Rejuvenation Pill.

But with his experience, he still succeeded in forming the pill.

And with this experience of forming a fifth-grade pill, he basically had confidence in his strength and where he was at.

In the past, he didnt dare to think about it, but now that he had reached this point, he had no choice but to start thinking in that direction.

In this world, an Elixir Master was very popular.

Acquired elixirs could be used by an Innate Spiritual Cultivator.

Grandmaster Elixir had become a hard currency for transactions among the Sovereign experts.

And though a fifth-grade Alchemy Master was strong, it wasnt strong enough to move a Sovereign expert and work for him.

However, a fourth-stage Sovereign alchemist relied solely on a badge.

In this continent, his influence was extremely terrifying.

Especially when he wasnt an old man, but a young man with unlimited potential.

A fourth grade was the limit for others.

For a young man, it was way far from that.

Given time, third-grade Alchemy Sovereign, a second-grade Alchemy Saint, and even a supreme first-grade Alchemy God… it was impossible for anyone not to see the potential.

In the past, Xu Xiaoshou really didnt dare to think that he would be able to reach the level of fourth-grade Alchemy Sovereign so quickly, so conducting alchemy had always been a joke.

But now, he was just one step away… Cooking Expert at the level of Sovereign no longer brought basic knowledge, but high-level skills.

With this, it didnt seem difficult for him to refine a fourth-grade Sovereign Pill while Cooking Expert was still at level one of Sovereign.

Xu Xiaoshou had never overestimated himself, and there was a reason for his deduction.

As a fifth-grade elixir, the refinement difficulty of the Little Rejuvenation Pill was close to that of an ordinary fourth-grade elixir.

As for fourth-grade elixirs, the lowest requirement was for an Elixir Master to have the Dao Realm comprehension of the Sovereign.

Normally, if an old Elixir Masters cultivation level didnt meet the requirements, they would only be able to give elixirs the simplest Dao Realm comprehension after they had lived long enough and comprehended the philosophy of life.

Unfortunately… Although Xu Xiaoshou was young, he had Sovereign level physique and Sovereign level way of the sword.

He was dual-Sovereign! His enlightenment of the Dao Realm had reached the lowest standard for an Elixir Master to refine fourth-grade elixirs, and had even exceeded it! He had met all the requirements.

What was left to do was to take a bet.

Since that was the case, why not take advantage of the opportunity of conducting alchemy to directly take down the badge of the Sovereign of conducting alchemy “The people I relied on in the past were either Elder Sangs friends or Bazhunans friends.

The people I came into contact with were all at the Sovereign level.” “But as long as I take down the badge of the Sovereign of conducting alchemy, with my potential, it wouldnt be a dream for me to take out the badge and recruit from the higher Void level.”

That was what Xu Xiaoshou thought.

He wasnt daydreaming.

At the level of the Cutting Path and Higher Void, there were actually very few things in the world that could move them.

And no matter what benefits the enemy used to make them move, the temptation of the Holy Pill was absolutely greater! Even if it wasnt the doing of a Gu enemy at the last minute, as long as they had the cultivation level of the Cutting Path and Higher Void, and their identity was clean, there was no need to be afraid that no one would follow them once they showed the badge of Sovereign of conducting alchemy.

And all of these would be his people.

Not from the Saint Servant, not from the Holy Palace, not taking instructions from others.

“Only me!” Thinking of this, Xu Xiaoshous eyes shone brightly.

The alchemy convention was too peaceful.

This peacefulness was because he, Xu Xiaoshou, did not want to cause trouble, as the Saint Servants internal members were participating in the competition.

And after the alchemy convention, a storm was coming… Xu Xiaoshou could imagine what kind of storm the Sovereign trial and Abyss Island would cause.

After the trial ended, the Four Symbols Secret Realm would open.

According to Bazhunans explanation, even Cen Qiaofu would be sent out to persuade him to participate in the big move.

When it was materialized, it was going to cause an even bigger chaotic battle! At that time, nothing was clear about what would happen.

Perhaps with a chaotic battle, Bazhunan would die, and his identity would be exposed.

He would then never have the chance to obtain the badge of the Sovereign of conducting alchemy.

At that time, everything would be too late.

“So unknowingly, the only peace left is now…” Xu Xiaoshou sighed as he thought about it.

When he came back to his senses, he saw that Xiao Wanfeng was still looking at him inexplicably.

His heart calmed down, and he patted his shoulder.

“Go, go and take a portion of spiritual medicine for the Sovereign Pill from the judges seat.

Im going to make a miracle happen.

If everyone can think of the miracle that Im going to create, then it wont be called a miracle.”

Xiao Wanfeng was stunned.

At this moment, there was clearly no wind within the spiritual array, but Young Master Xus clothes rustled and his hair fluttered in the wind.

There was even a faint treasure light shining around him.

After saying this, the young man was inexplicably excited.

He responded loudly and ran to the judges seat eagerly.

“What is he going to do” The audience was excited.

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Young Master Xu was going to cause trouble There was still nearly half of the time left in the final round of the finals.

They had thought that after refining elixirs, Young Master Xu would win the final championship.

And that was the trouble he had caused.

Now, this guy was going to do something after he was done.

He had fallen back to how he behaved previously.

As expected of Young Master Xu! Xiao Wanfeng was negotiating with the judges.

Outsiders couldnt hear the content, but with the naked eye, they could see the senior presidents expression of cursing at him.

This couldnt help but cause everyones imagination to run wild.

This went on until Xiao Wanfeng, under the protection of President Dong Ling, returned to the No.

1 spiritual array while holding the spiritual medicine and wiping the saliva on his head.

And above the No.

1 spiritual array, a row of the brand-new name of elixir flashed again.

The audience was in an uproar.

“Sovereign Pill!”

The big blood-red words had a natural pressure compared to the small white words on the other nine spiritual arrays.

The other contestants didnt know what was going on, but they were affected by the atmosphere of the outside world during the process of conducting alchemy.

When they looked back, they saw tens of thousands of people at the sidelines raising their arms and shouting.

Their faces and ears were red as if they were on a pilgrimage.

The contestants panicked.

“What happened”

Yu Chuchu looked at the No.

1 spiritual array in confusion.

She was focused on conducting alchemy, and she didnt even see Xiao Wanfeng go to the judges seat.

But if she wasnt wrong, the reason why there was such a commotion was definitely Young Master Xus doing!

She was now at the last step of conducting alchemy.

Thus Yu Chuchu didnt think too much about it and quickly came back to her senses.

After condensing the pill, a burst of multicolored glow shone from the alchemy cauldron, and the path of energy kept emitting.

“Supreme-grade Grandmaster Elixir!” Yu Chuchu was satisfied.

This time, she had performed perfectly.

Even if there was still time left, there was no need for her to rush anymore.

First, she didnt need to conduct alchemy in the alchemy convention.

Second, no matter how she rushed, the refining time for fifth-grade elixirs was only much longer than sixth-grade Grandmaster Elixir.

Yu Chuchu knew that she couldnt rush, so she simply scored the best result and walked out of the spiritual array.

She was about to hand it over to the master at the judges seat.

However, as soon as she stepped out of the spiritual array, the wild shouts from the sidelines came over.

The sound waves almost caused her eardrums to burst.

“Young Master Xu! Young Master Xu! Young Master Xu!” Yu Chuchu thought, “Whats going on” She looked at the sidelines in a daze.

She realized that she had successfully refined a supreme-grade Grandmaster Elixir, yet she didnt attract the attention of even a single audience.

At this moment, everyones gaze was still on the No.

1 spiritual array.

“Didnt he successfully refine it” Yu Chuchu looked at the No.

1 spiritual array in confusion.

Almost immediately, she was stunned by the large blood-red words on the top of the spiritual array.

Sovereign Pill! Yu Chuchu thought, “What joke is this”

At this moment, the little girls eyes widened to the maximum and almost pop out.

“He wants to refine a Sovereign Pill He wants to break through to the fourth grade He wants to become a Sovereign in conducting alchemy” Yu Chuchu was stunned for three whole breaths of time before she suddenly covered her head.

Alchemy of Sovereign!

What concept was this The persons sitting in the judges seats were only at the level of Alchemy of Sovereign! Even though it was third-grade at the lowest level.

However, a third-grade was still considered an Alchemy of Sovereign! A fourth-grade Elixir Masters strength was sufficient for the judges at the judges seats to become the vice-president of each branch.

If he were to be placed in some remote counties and cities, he could even become a branch president.

Young Master Xu, such a young man… was of the same age as her! Was he striving to be a fourth-grade Elixir Master

“He wants to refine the most precious Sovereign Pill” The most valuable and unmarketable type of elixirs was the Sovereign Pill.

This was because before the Sovereign, even if a sect was formed, it was a Sovereign sect.

However, after becoming a Sovereign, there was no place where one could not go! If ones talent was good enough, the faction of Higher Void and even the Demi-Saint would want to extend an olive branch to him! Thus, it was difficult to find a Sovereign Pill in the market.

This thing was too difficult to refine, it took a lot of time and effort, and it also took a lot of enlightenment from the Dao Realm.

The cultivation level of the veteran Elixir Master was usually not high, and they were old.

After refining this thing, it was as if they were exhausted.

If they did not cultivate for half a month, they would not be able to recover.

There was only half an hour left, and Young Master Xu wanted to play with this thing

He was crazy! As she was too shocked, Yu Chuchu held the pill bottle in her hand and didnt move forward.

She walked up to the No.

1 spiritual array and wanted to observe Young Master Xu conducting alchemy.

It wasnt until the staff member stepped forward to stop her that she was separated.

She then used her identity to order the staff member to leave, indicating that she wouldnt interfere with others conducting alchemy.

Then, she passed the pill bottle over and asked the staff member to pass it to the judges seat.

By herself, she was learning close by… Young Master Xu opened the cauldron.

The black chicken chose the medicine.

The process continued, and the pace of conducting alchemy was as smooth as flowing water.

“He knows about the Sovereign pill” Yu Chuchu was shocked.

She had seen the Sovereign Pill formula before, and there were too many new Sovereign spiritual medicines in it.

She did not learn about it because she could not aim too high.

There were a lot of Master spiritual medicines.

She was still young and it was very difficult for her to remember the medicinal properties and details of the Master spiritual medicine.

But Young Master Xu looked as if he was very familiar with the Sovereign spiritual medicines…

15 minutes.

20 minutes.

Time continued to pass.

Everyone in the venue had forgotten about the other contestants.

And in the final round of the finals, almost no one handed in their work on time.

When there was still 15 minutes before the end of the competition, everyone had completed conducting alchemy.

After walking out of the spiritual array, these people, almost at the same time, came to Yu Chuchus side, as if they were on a pilgrimage, to observe Young Master Xu conducting alchemy up close.

“Hes too crazy,” someone said.

“He has stolen all our limelight…” Zhu Yan muttered.

He had completed the Heavenly Star Pill, which was a mid-grade pill.

He was now a fifth-grade Alchemy Master that he had dreamed of.

However, at this moment, no one was cheering for him.

Everyone, including the judges, was only staring at Young Master Xu.

Inside the No.

1 spiritual array, Xiao Wanfeng heard the heavy breathing of the audience outside.

He noticed everyones gaze.

And at this moment, he felt honored.

As for Young Master Xu, it was clear that the alchemy wouldnt be done within 15 minutes.

He was only halfway through…

There were still many more spiritual medicines…

Time was up.

The final round of the finals, two hours of time, had finally passed.

Xiao Wanfeng gritted his teeth.

He felt that he needed to go out and apply to the judges at the scene not to interrupt Young Master Xus rhythm.

However, just as he moved his feet, President Dong Lings solemn voice sounded in his ears.

“Dont interrupt him in conducting alchemy!” Xiao Wanfeng was stunned.

He stopped and looked at the judges seats.

The 18 presidents in the judges seats couldnt sit still anymore.

They stood up in unison.

Even though the time was up and the bell had rung, no one made a sound to end the competition.

A staff member hesitated for a moment and went up to the judges seats.

He reminded them, “Presidents, the finals have already exceeded the time limit…” “Shut up!” Lu Chenghui didnt even turn his head and berated him.

He wasnt happy with Young Master Xus style of conducting alchemy.

He wasnt happy with his playful black chicken alchemy.

But in essence, he was also an alchemist.

To be able to become the president of the branch of Tianyuan Citys Alchemist Association, Lu Chenghui knew what it would mean if Young Master Xu could become an Elixir Master.

So what if time was up for the finals

As long as that kid could refine the Sovereign Pill today, he, Lu Chenghui, was even willing to put down his face and directly invite Young Master Xu to become the Honorary Vice President of the branch of Tianyuan Citys Alchemist Association!

It was because this talent was too terrifying!

The staff members retreated.

Time continued to pass.

The finals exceeded 15 minutes, 25 minutes…

It exceeded by half an hour!

Finally, Young Master Xu reached the final step.


On the viewing platform, Hua Ying stood like everyone else.

She opened her mouth again and said “Boom”.

At the scene.


An explosion sounded and the spiritual array was instantly destroyed.

In the judges seats, Dong Ling disappeared in a swish.

When she landed, she had carried Xiao Wanfeng out of the explosion circle.

Then, she threw Xiao Wanfeng aside and landed in front of Young Master Xu.

“How is it”

At this moment, Dong Lings voice was actually a little nervous.

Xu Xiaoshou had a troubled expression on his face.

He wanted to say something but hesitated.

Dong Lings heart skipped a beat.

As expected, even though he had broken the rules and exceeded the time limit by half an hour, the Sovereign Pill did not succeed.

At this moment, Xu Xiaoshou took out a pitch-black elixir pill from the alchemy cauldron.

He peeled off the pill ash and revealed the golden light inside.

Then, he turned around hesitantly.

“Sovereign Pill.

If its only mid-grade, it should still be edible, right”


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