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Chapter 801 Senior Xu Vice-President Xu!

I think so!

Xu Xiaoshou suddenly thought of something.

He raised his head and took the green lantern from Dong Lings hand with a smile.

“Theres no need for President Dong Ling to worry.

I dont trust others.

I choose to swallow it myself.” The fire in the lantern burned brightly, reflecting the stunned expression on Dong Lings face.

“This guy really doesnt hold back when he speaks…” Dong Ling thought to herself.

However, Xu Xiaoshou was a descendant of the demi-saint faction.

Other people might have an accident if they swallowed the little Heavenly Flame, but Young Master Xu should not have a problem.

“President Dong Ling.”

Xu Xiaoshou stared at the Little Blue Flower of the Tranquil Lake in his hand and suddenly asked, “What kind of stage is the real Blue Flower of the Tranquil Lake Was it really born from one of the Nine Great Ancestral Trees, the Ashvattha tree” “Thats right.”

Dong Ling affirmed, “The Nine Great Ancestral Trees are extraordinary.

The Little Blue Flower of the Tranquil Lake was born from the Ashvattha tree.

Theres no doubt about that.

Now, the Ashvattha tree is still blooming on the Tranquil Lake in the City of the Living Bodhisattva.

No one has been able to subdue it for tens of thousands of years.”

She said with a mocking tone, “Speaking of which, youve obtained the Little Blue Flower of the Tranquil Lake.

With this primer, perhaps in the future, you can try to subdue the Ashvattha tree as well.”

Xu Xiaoshou immediately laughed.

“For tens of thousands of years, no one has been able to subdue it.

I dont think that I have the ability.”Arent you pretentious… Dong Ling thought to herself.

Her expression was indifferent.

“Young Master Xu, you must be joking.

You do indeed have this extraordinary talent.”

“Praised, Passive Points, 1.”

When Xu Xiaoshou saw this message, he was a little moved.

It was not sarcastic, but heartfelt praise.

What is wrong with Dong Ling today The last time they met, they had been at odds with each other.

Now that she had won the championship of the Alchemist Competition, this womans attitude had changed drastically.

She had become nice “Is the Heavenly Flame at a saint stage” Xu Xiaoshou asked casually.


Dong Ling nodded again.

“The Ashvattha tree blooms once every 90,000 years and bears fruit once every 90,000 years.

The birth of the Heavenly Flame is extraordinary.

Naturally, it is at the saint stage.” Her gaze landed on the green lantern, “The Little Blue Flower of the Tranquil Lake was born from the Heavenly Flame.

Even if its power has not reached the saint rank, it is still a supreme treasure above the cutting path stage.

In this world, there are not many treasures that contain calamity power.”

After obtaining confirmation, Xu Xiaoshou did not continue to ask.

He lowered his head thoughtfully and stared at the Little Blue Flower of the Tranquil Lake.

Above the sea of energy reserve, the ice lotus moved rhythmically.

The Three Days Frozen Calamity seemed to have sensed the aura of its same origin, and it was not as quiet as usual.

However, even though it made a strange movement at this moment, it was not as manic as the Infernal Original Seed.

Instead, as it breathed, it opened and closed itself with a gentle ringing.

“Is it just my imagination…”

Xu Xiaoshou narrowed his eyes.

If he remembered correctly, the Three Days Frozen Calamity was actually the Heavenly Flame!

Strictly speaking, it should be on the same level as the Blue Flower of Tranquil Lake.

However, from his subjective perception, the calamity power contained in the Blue Flower of the Tranquil Lake was not weaker than the Three Days Frozen Calamity.

This caused Xu Xiaoshou to have a wrong impression.

An impression that the Three Days Frozen Calamity was only at the same level as the Blue Flower of the Tranquil Lake.

But it shouldnt be!

If the Heavenly Flame is at the Saint Level, why did he only sense the calamity power above the Three Days Frozen Calamity and not the holy power for such a long time

His cultivation level had been too low before, and he had come into contact with very few things.

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Xu Xiaoshou only had a vague concept of the sovereign stage and above.

At that time, treasures containing the calamity power were really like what President Dongling had said.

He himself had felt that they were very rare.

But now, as he came into contact with more and more people, he had fought more and more experts of the cutting path stage.

Xu Xiaoshou discovered that there was a difference between the cutting path stage and the cutting path of the Nine Death Thunder Realm.

The difference between the cutting path stage, the higher void stage, and demi-saint was even greater.

Three Days Frozen Calamity is the Heavenly Flame.

The power it displayed should be greater than what he had used before.

At the very least, the ability to destroy the world like the Saint Blood and the Saint Statue is the most guaranteed power of the Three Days Frozen Calamity.

However, it clearly did not have… The little Ice Lotus shrank in the sea of energy reserve and fought against the Infernal Original Seed.

In addition to the holy power, Xu Xiaoshou could not even sense the aura of the holy energy from his two treasures.

The arena was still cheering.

Dong Ling looked at Young Master Xu in front of her in silence.

She only thought that he, even as a demi-saints descendant, was a little excited about obtaining the Little Blue Flower of the Tranquil Lake.

She suddenly glanced at the judges seat at the speed of light.

Seeing that the elders were still fighting, her eyes flashed with craftiness.

She turned around and asked, “Young Master Xu, how do you feel about the Magic Pill Technicians Association in Dongtianwang City”

Xu Xiaoshous thoughts were pulled back, and he was a little surprised.

“What does President Dongling mean”

Dong Ling smiled and didnt say anything.

At this moment, a staff member at the back stepped forward and respectfully handed over a ring.

Dong Ling took the ring.

With a light shake, an alchemist badge appeared.

The audience was already focused on the champion player and President Dong Ling.

How could they not know what is going to happen next “A grade four badge!”

“President Dong Ling is going to confer his title on the stage so soon” “Weve witnessed the birth of a grade four alchemist.

Its my honor!” “Haha, Young Master Xu is mighty!” The young talents of alchemy on the side were also envious.

A grade four badge.

It was something they dreamed of!

Some people had only seen badges of this level on their master.

However, among the contestants of the same age, there was a grade four!

Dong Ling smiled and handed over the badge with both hands.

In front of everyone, she solemnly said, “Young Master Xu, on behalf of the Holy Sword Land of the Eastern Region and the headquarters of the Eastern Sky Realms Magic Pill Technicians Association, I hereby bestow upon you the badge of a grade four alchemy sovereign.

Additionally, I sincerely invite you to join the headquarters of the Magic Pill Technicians Association of Dongtianwang City as the honorary vice-president.

From now on, we will share honor and disgrace together.

Do you accept this”

Her voice was not loud, but it contained great power that drifted into the ears of the tens of thousands of people present.

The high-grade award and the position of vice-president required someone to bear witness.

In an instant, the entire place fell silent.

Just a moment ago, everyone was still in a heated discussion, but in the next second, the drums and banners had been silenced.

They could understand why Dong Ling had conferred the title, but the “honorary vice-president” had given them a shock.

“Is Dong Ling crazy” “Did I hear wrong President Dong Ling actually wants a young man to be the honorary vice-president”

“This isnt a small county, its Dongtianwang City! Shouldnt the vice-president of the Imperial City be an experienced third-grade senior”

“Young Master Xu may have refined a fourth-grade sovereign pill, but hes too young and doesnt have enough experience.

How could he be given such a high position like the honorary vice-president” “I must be hearing things!”

Everyones jaws dropped.

The contestants on the stage were even more dumbfounded.

They are alchemists, and they understood what it meant to be the honorary vice-president of such a large imperial city!


Yu Chuchu looked at the fourth-grade badge between Young Master Xu and her Master in a daze.

She felt as if she was in a trance.

When she first met Young Master Xu, the two of them were competitors with equal status.

The latter was still unknown, but he had risen to fame in the world of alchemy.

After the grand competition ended, she became Young Master Xus apprentice in alchemy according to the wager.

Her status instantly dropped by one level, like a subordinate.

Now that the sovereign pill was out, Young Master Xu was about to be promoted to vice-president.

In the blink of an eye, she was about to become a junior.

What was going on A dimension-reducing blow

Yu Chuchu was really stunned.

She had lived her whole life, but she had never encountered such a swift dimension-reducing blow!

The judges seat was also stunned.

The old presidents, who had been pulling their hair and clothes, froze after hearing Dong Lings words.

They turned their heads like robots and looked at the two people in the arena in disbelief.

Then, the elders flew into a rage.

“A brigand!”

“Dong Ling, so this is what you are.

Ive misjudged you in the past!” “The hatred of being stolen from others is irreconcilable.

I was the first to bring up this vice-president.

How could you be so shameless to intercept halfway” “Despicable person! You hid a knife behind your smile.

Damn it –“

The old presidents wanted to rush down.

But they were stopped by the spiritual array.

In the eyes of the audience, after Dong Lings shout, the old presidents turned around in unison.

Some smiled and nodded, while others were calm and collected… Each and every one of them had the demeanor of a deity.

They stood with their hands behind their backs, and there was nothing out of the ordinary about them.

Xu Xiaoshou was also shocked.

He could understand why the fourth-grade badge was given to him.

But the honorary vice president…

“President Dong Ling, is there something wrong with you today” He asked with his eyes slanted.

Dong Ling was at loss for words.

“Cursed, passive points 1.”

“Young Master Xu, Im not joking.

Im asking you formally.

Would you be willing to take up the position of the honorary vice-president of Dongtianwang City” Dong Ling forcefully suppressed her emotions.

Xu Xiaoshou took a deep breath.

Honorary vice-president

It was not a joke

He remembered that Elder Sang was the honorary vice-president of Tiansang City, right

But Tiansang City couldnt be compared to Dongtianwang city at all!

What was going on with the headquarters of the Magic Pill Technicians Association here Could Dong Ling give away the honorary vice-president position just because she wanted to

There were many people who had the same questions as Xu Xiaoshou.

Everyone had the same question… Young Master Xu is indeed strong and talented.

But to give him the position of honorary vice-president, it was too much of a childs play! At his level, he could at most be given the position of a guest alchemist, Honorary Elder, and so on.

Honorary vice-president, even if it was “honorary” because it has the suffix of vice-president, anyone in that position still has a certain amount of power!

The important figures on the viewing platform were shocked.

They did not know what to say.

Some of the audience shouted that something was wrong and that there was an inside story, some shook their heads and sighed, completely unable to understand President Dong Lings intentions.

Even Xu Xiaoshou himself began to wonder if this matter was a scam.

In the entire audience, the only person who could still understand President Dong Ling was the judge, Shi Ti, who was still pretending to blame Dong Ling for being inhumane.

“She wouldnt be so irrational.” “Its not impossible for her to forcefully give the honorary vice-president position to a grade four sovereign of alchemy.

However, people will criticize her later on.”

“The only explanation is that Amber Juice might break the market structure.

However, Amber Juice alone is far from enough.

Unless Young Master Xu comes up with a few other things similar to amber juice, but of a higher level.”

“Its obvious that Dong Ling wouldnt joke about the unknown…” “Thats right, that pill condensation technique!”

Shi Ti suddenly felt that he had comprehended


It was definitely because of the special pill-condensing method that Young Master Xu had displayed.

In this world, the condensing method of infernal heavens was too rare to see.

Shi Ti had only seen his good friend Sang Qiye use it a few times in his entire life.

What Young Master Xu used was 90% similar to the pill-condensing method of Infernal Heavens.

If that was the case! He is Xu Xiaoshou!

And if that was the case, then he, Shi Ti, should continue thinking in this direction… It was said that President Dong Ling had once gone to the Holy Palace to study, and could be considered half an in-name disciple of Mu


Mu Ling was also Elder Sangs junior brother and both of them belonged to the infernal lineage.

In other words, Young Master Xu and Dong Ling were of the same generation.

According to the rules, they werent even considered as in-name disciples, and those who didnt enter the ranks of the official inheritance should be addressed as senior brothers by in-name disciples even if they had studied earlier and met their peers.

In that case, Dong Ling should call Young Master Xu…

“Senior Xu” Shi Ti almost spat out a mouthful of blood when he derived this conclusion.

His expression was completely stiff.

He did not dare to think about it anymore.

This was too terrifying.

If Young Master Xu is really Xu Xiaoshou, then this persons connections are way too terrifying!

“Im shivering…”

Shi Tis old face had “I dont want to know”, “I dont wish to know” and “I shall just continue to angrily criticize Dong Lings cruel and inhuman actions” written on it.

On the field, Xu Xiaoshou was still hesitating.

In the past, he was always the one who gave others a feeling of uncertainty and make them unable to understand him.

Now, he finally knew what kind of mentality those people who had been fooled by him in the past had.

“This woman, what on earth is she trying to do”

Xu Xiaoshou felt that if Dong Ling also had a passive system and information bar, it would be a quick pop-up box that would say “Suspected” and “Conjecture”…

However, after thinking for a long time, he did not think that accepting the position of honorary vice-president would do him any harm.

So he asked, “Are you really not joking” “Yes.” Dongling smiled.

“You are lying to me.” “No.” “Sharing honor and disgrace”

“Sharing honor and disgrace!”

Xu Xiaoshou thought to himself, “Come on, if you knew my identity as a saint servant, you would probably run away.

Talk about share honor and disgrace…” However, he kept smiling.

“Well, well, well.

President Dong Ling, thank you for your efforts.

I am willing to accept the position of honorary vice-president… By the way, does the honorary vice-president need to do anything” Dongling shook her head.

“Its just a casual title.

You can participate in the management until you are promoted to an official vice-president.

You can also put on the title without caring about the actual facts.”

“Thats great!” Xu Xiaoshou was overjoyed.

He clapped his hands and said, “I like to be thatshopkeeper who flings his hand to ask others to work the most.

I am also a very reputableshopkeeper.” Dong Ling thought to herself, “You really dare to say anything.”.

However, she smiled and did not reply.

She turned around and faced the public.

“Everyone, I believe that everyone is still wondering why I would give Young Master Xu the position of honorary vice-president of Dongtianwang City.” Everyone quieted down and waited for an explanation.

Dong Ling continued, “I believe that everyone has experienced the magic of Amber Juice recently.

Thats right, this magical healing medicinal liquid is Young Master Xus great feat.”

“The birth of such a new creation that benefits the spiritual cultivators in Dongtianwang city is a blessing for the spiritual cultivators in the imperial city.” “I also believe that the founder of Amber Juice, Young Master Xu, as a fourth-grade alchemy sovereign with unlimited potential, will bring more innovations to everyone when he joins the headquarters of the Magic Pill Technicians Association in the Imperial City!”

It was unknown if there would be more innovations, but after being the president for so many years, Dong Ling was still very skilled at painting a rosy picture.

“Young Master Xu, dont you think so” With the last question, Dong Ling turned around and tossed the attention of the audience to Young Master Xu.


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