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Chapter 806: Liu Changqings Return, the Hidden Hand behind the Tracker!


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Little Blue Flower of the Tranquil Lake officially recognized him as its master.

The spiritual object fed back, and a vast amount of spiritual energy gushed out of his energy reserve.

Xu Xiaoshou subconsciously activated the Breathing Technique.

In the next second, his body could not help but convulse all over.

“Hiss, hiss…”

A large amount of spiritual energy was converted by the Breathing Technique and channeled into the origin of his energy reserve.

Xu Xiaoshou was so comfortable that he collapsed to the ground.

It had been a long time since he had experienced such a pleasure.

In the past, the level of the Breathing Technique was low, and the quality of the spiritual source he absorbed was also low.

In addition, after a long period of cultivation, he had gradually become immune to pleasure.

He had also gradually forgotten about the concept of convulsions.

But ultimately, the Little Blue Flower of the Tranquil Lake was also a unique treasure that involved calamity power.

Even when it squeezed out its potential, it could still squeeze out a trace of holy will.

This wave of spiritual energy feedback had given Xu Xiaoshou a taste of sweetness.

It was both painful and happy.

“So awesome, hiss hiss…”

In the cultivation room, Xu Xiaoshou was lying on the floor without caring about his image.

Like a drunken fish or a rotten shrimp, he bent into a ball and his knees were clamped tightly together.

Every time he trembled and touched the ground, the comfortable feeling from his skin made him feel like almost ascending to immortality on the spot.


‘When he absorbed the Infernal Original Seed and the Three Days Frozen Calamity earlier on, Xu Xiaoshou had experienced a similar wave of spiritual energy feedback.

Although the quality of the Little Blue Flower of the Tranquil Lake was not as good as the two treasures in his body, it was too gentle.

There was no delay in the conversion of the spiritual energy.

It was like a high concentration of mint blooming in every cell.

Apart from the awesome feeling, Xu Xiaoshou did not feel anything painful.

After a full half an hour, the awesome feeling finally subsided.

After the climax, Xu Xiaoshous face was flushed red.

With a feeling of wanting for more, he checked his energy reserve.

After breaking through to the Heavenly Image State, his energy reserve had expanded by more than 10 times.

Previously, the same spiritual energy feedback could raise his cultivation level by several sub-levels.

However, at that time, he was at the Innate cultivation level.

Within the Heavenly Image State, this wave of spiritual energy feedback had only allowed him to consolidate his foundation at the early stage.

He wasnt even able to break through the bottleneck of the mid-stage.

“Its a little scary…”

Xu Xiaoshou knew that because his energy reserve had a few great treasures.

It was different from ordinary people.

However, this wave of spiritual energy feedback was only able to bring about this small breakthrough, which surprised him.

If it were any other ordinary Master, this wave would have been able to reach the mid-stage, late-stage, or even the peak of Heavenly Image.

“However, I am different from a mortal after all.”

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Xu Xiaoshou exhaled lightly, and there was not the slightest disappointment in his eyes.

He had advanced step by step from the Innate Level Physique to the Sovereign.

It was a real tempering, and it was normal for his energy reserve to be huge.

It didnt matter if his cultivation level had broken through or not to the mid-stage of Heavenly Image.

However, he had caught this wave of spiritual energy feedback.

The growth he had obtained wasnt any less than that of an ordinary Master.

The basin was big, so it wasnt a problem.

The key was that the amount of spiritual energy was fixed.

The amount depended on how much he could catch.

With an even bigger basin, it meant that Xu Xiaoshous foundation would be more solid.

In the future, when he broke through to the Sovereign, he would be even stronger.

It didnt mean that the amount of spiritual energy that he received this time was less because he didnt break through to the


“From Heavenly Image to Yin Yang, Star Worship, and then to the Sovereign Dao realm…”

After Xu Xiaoshou recovered, he began to think.

“To be honest, the Dao realm enlightenment of Master Stage is now meaningless to me.

With the enlightenment of the Way of the Sword Sovereign, I am equivalent to the Grandmaster Realm.

There is no bottleneck.

The moment my spiritual source rises, it is naturally easy for me to break through.”

“But the Sovereign realm of Dao is a big hurdle.”

Xu Xiaoshou thought of Yu Lingdi and Ye Xiaotian.

He had long experienced the terrifying combat strength of the final stage of the Dao realm.

Although he was currently at the Master stage, there was no need to suppress his cultivation level.

He believed that breaking through to the Sovereign was only a matter of time and the accumulation of treasures.

However, during this time, he had an advantage that was different from ordinary people — the enlightenment of the Great Path ahead of time.

With the passive system, Xu Xiaoshous comprehension of the cultivation level would always be more than one step ahead of his cultivation level.

He wondered if it was possible for him to comprehend the Way of the Sword, the Way of Fire, or some other paths of the 3,000 Great Paths, to the final stage before his cultivation level broke through to the Sovereign.

With that, when he broke through to the Sovereign, he could even reach Cutting Path on the spot achieving the Peak!


“Way of the Sword final stage”

Xu Xiaoshou suddenly sighed.

He knew how difficult it was.

In the Five Regions, it seemed that even the Seven Sword Deity had only practiced one or two of the Nine Major Sword Techniques.

And if he couldnt even master the Nine Major Sword Techniques, how could he achieve the Way of the Sword final stage

Then, was there really a person who could achieve the final stage Way of the Sword in this world

Xu Xiaoshou fell into deep thought.

He suddenly thought of Bazhunan.

He did not know if Bazhun‘ans Cutting Path (stage) was after attaining the final stage Dao realm.

However, if there was such a person at the Dao realm Sovereign who had attained the final stage Way of the Sword, then undoubtedly Bazhun‘an was the only person.

After all, Bazhun‘an was a terrifying existence who had combined the Nine Major Sword Techniques into one and created the terrifying Witness Sword Technique.

“What a geniu:

In the past, Xu Xiaoshou did not know how difficult it was.

He also did not know why Bazhunan was known as the Eighth Sword Deity and had a status that surpassed the Seven Sword Deity in the Holy Sword Land of the Eastern Region.

However, after he knew everything, he was a little shocked when he thought of this person.

He really could not connect this mythical figure to the eight-fingered masked man in his memories.

It was not that he had learned or mastered it, but that he was proficient in the Nine Major Sword Techniques…

It was simply too brutal!

The process of absorbing the Little Blue Flower of the Tranquil Lake was not unexpected at all.

Xu Xiaoshou successfully came out of seclusion.

During this time, he really did not want to cause any trouble.

He also did not plan to go out.

He only hid in the tower to observe the movements of the city.

He was peeping secretly.

In the evening, being shielded by Abyss Island, the sky was completely dark.

Outside the first pavilion in the sky, there was a familiar fluctuation.

In the tower, Xu Xiaoshous heart moved.

He seemed to have sensed something and appeared in the hall on the first floor.

“Young Master Xu.” The person who came was Liu Changqing, whom he had not seen for many days.

As soon as he appeared, he bowed very solemnly.

“Its Xiao Qing…” Xu Xiaoshou was a little surprised.

Ever since they parted ways at the Spirit Gem Trade Fair, he felt that Liu Changging might not come back anymore after a few days of not seeing each other.

After all, that should be the best time for him to leave the control of a large faction and retum to his freedom.

But now that Liu Changging had returned, it undoubtedly meant that this old man was truly frightened.

As a ghost beast host body, he didnt feel that he could only care for himself anymore like in the past.

Did he come to show his loyalty… Xu Xiaoshou looked at the elder in front of him with a smile and asked, “You actually came back”

Liu Changgings expression was solemn.

“Since Ive said that I want to be loyal to Young Master Xu, then its not a joke.”

He paused for a moment, did not wait for Young Master Xu to ask any further questions, and he explained, “Ever since we parted that night, I did not dare to return to the first pavilion in the sky immediately as I was afraid of being followed.

I escaped from Dongtianwang City along with other people and

wandered outside for a few days.

At the same time, I verified the Divine Secret technique…the ability it gave me,” he pointed at his head.

Xu Xiaoshou nodded.

“How was it”

“It was very powerful, but it also made me understand how dangerous it is to be powerful,” Liu Changing let out a long sigh.

Xu Xiaoshou was delighted.

Ghost beast host body, how could it not be strong How could it not be dangerous

The one inside your body was still an existence that could challenge the grey mist figure and not a primitive ghost beast like Xin Gugu.

As he pondered, Xu Xiaoshou did not say much and waited for Liu Changqing to continue.

Liu Changging took out an array wheel from his pocket and handed it over.

“This is the first mission given by Young Master Xu.”

Xu Xiaoshou took it and realized that this array wheel contained spatial power.

He suddenly thought of something.

“Spatial Teleportation Array Wheel”

“Yes,” Liu Changqing nodded.

“These few days, not only have I verified what Ive learned, but Ive also made some improvements.

Basically, under the Higher Void, using this array wheel to escape will not cause any problems.

Even if I encounter the Higher Void, taking advantage of its unprepared state, I

might still have a chance to escape.”

Xu Xiaoshou was moved.

“You could do this in just a few days.

Looks like youve benefited a lot”

“Thanks to the Divine Secret…” Liu Changqing did not dare to claim credit and shook his head.

“To me, the Divine Secret technique is an unfamiliar thing.

But the knowledge it gives me is so comprehensive.

It has directly enlightened me in a way that makes it difficult for me not to learn it.”

Speaking of this, Liu Changqings face was filled with bitterness.

Over the past few days, while the ghost beast host body took the initiative to exchange ideas on the Divine Secret technique with him, it had repeatedly asked him to go back and look for Young Master Xu.

It said that only by following Young Master Xu would he be able to guarantee his safety.

If it was possible, Liu Changqing also would not want to come back.

However, it was because he had no other choice.

After living together with the ghost beast, if the two of them were to argue, the outcome would be a stalemate.

In the first few months, Liu Changqing had already experienced that kind of pain.

He did not want to do this anymore.

Thus, he could only choose to accept it.

While giving in, he had also grasped the incomparably powerful Divine Secret technique.

After thinking about it, this might not be a bad thing.

After all, with the Divine Secret technique, he might still be able to fight against the Higher Void.

On the other hand, by Young Master Xus side, with his Demi-Saints descendant, he could protect himself even if he was at his weakest state.

Xu Xiaoshou held the array wheel and put it into his ring.

He then instructed, “Make a few more of these things and give them to the others in the first pavilion in the sky.

Its best if everyone has ten or a hundred of them just in case.”

Ten or a hundred

Liu Changgings face twitched when he heard this.

“Young Master Xu, the cost of making these things is not cheap…”

“Money is not a problem!” Xu Xiaoshou waved his hand.

“Ill give you money.

You just focus on making them.

If something big happens next, these things will come in handy.

Even if it only succeeds once, its still worth it.”

Something big… Liu Changging took the black gold card that Young Master Xu handed over.

He felt that this thing was a little hot.

Hearing this, Young Master Xus next move would not be small.

But since he had decided to follow Young Master Xu, Old Liu felt that he only needed to perform his duty.

“Twill!” He promised.

Refining the array wheel was not difficult.

As long as he had money, it was fine.

Accepting this new mission.., Liu Changqing still had something to say.

“Young Master Xu, I was not idling around outside the city these few days.

At first, I was not familiar with the Divine Secret technique, so I could only faintly sense that someone was following me.

But after that when I mastered the

technique, I carried out a counter-tracking…”

‘Xu Xiaoshou was interested instantly, “Oh”

“Someone is following me!” Liu Changqing said.

“That night, all the major powers that escaped from Dongtianwang City basically left behind a trail, and the end of the trail was red-clothed people.

If Im not mistaken, Sword DeityRao has the whereabouts of most of them, but he hasnt captured them yet.”

“Oh” Xu Xiaoshou had actually expected this, but he didnt expect Liu Changqing to bring such a pleasant surprise.

“You counter-tracked, but did you manage to catch anyone”

“I didnt know who he was.

He was very alert, and he was also an expert.

As soon as he noticed my movements, he immediately stopped tracking me.”

Liu Changging frowned.

He seemed to think that his pursuer was also very troublesome.

“I fought with him in the air… He has the water-type ability, his cultivation level isnt high, so hes only at the Cutting Path.

He doesnt have the calamity power, so he shouldnt be a Higher Void hidden hand.

Otherwise, he could have directly attacked.”

“Water-type ability”


Xu Xiaoshou received the affirmation and fell into deep thought.

Liu Changqings words reminded him of a possibility that he had abandoned.

Yu Lingdi!

However, Yu Lingdis existence was rejected by even the Mei Siren people.

How could he have resurrected

Moreover, his cultivation level of Cutting Path was also incompatible with his cultivation level of the final-stage Dao realm…


Xu Xiaoshou suddenly had a spiritual light and felt his scalp go numb.

“Could it be that Elder Sang did not kill him and helped him to cut his path”

His heart pounded rapidly instantly.

How strong would a Cutting Path cultivator of the Dao realm final stage be

Not to believe the rumors, not to believe the rumors…

Xu Xiaoshou felt that this was a little unbelievable.

He asked in surprise, “Is there any other information”

“No,” Liu Changqing shook his head very straightforwardly, “This persons ability is very strong.

He should be Sword Deity Raos hidden hand.

Basically, he is in charge of the tracking.

When I was practicing the Divine Secret, I discovered the abnormality of the water-type element in my body, and I probed


Other people, I reckon that even the Cutting Path, would not be able to discover the existence of this person.”

“Even the Cutting Path couldnt find him Then why are you saying that hes not from the Higher Void (level) ” Xu Xiaoshous heart skipped a beat.

Liu Changgings face was full of seriousness.

“Its because hes indeed not strong.

Its probably just that his tracking ability is more outstanding.”

Xu Xiaoshou fell silent once again.

Perhaps it wasnt that he wasnt strong.

It was that he didnt want to make a move to avoid alerting the enemy.

After all, to Rao Yaoyao, the Imperial City Trial and Abyss Island were the most important.

Before that, making such a big move just for a suspected ghost beast host body and catching the wrong person, and then being exposed would not make up for the losses.


This information is too valuable.

It came at the right time,” Xu Xiaoshou affirmed.

Only then did Liu Changging heave a sigh of relief.

He had only returned after a few days.

The thing he was most worried about was that young master Xu felt that he was disloyal.

Fortunately, he had gained something from this period of isolation.

At this moment, Liu Changqing suddenly realized something when he saw Young Master Xu sizing him up from head to toe.

He smiled and said, “Young Master Xu, dont worry.

I did not have anything on that fellow this time.

The Divine Secret technique is no joke.

Even if I cant sense it, it..”

Liu Changging pointed at his head, “It cherishes its life much more than L.

It wont make a joke out of itself.”

Xu Xiaoshou finally felt relieved.

Xuan Wuji was known as the most powerful Divine Secret technique under Dao Qiongcang.

Even if that person was really Yu Lingdi, he believed that it was impossible for him to follow again after being discovered.

Liu Changging suddenly smiled at this moment.

He tured and looked outside the door.

“But there is one person that Young Master Xu might want to get to know.

He is the other person that had been chasing and attacking me across the space, trying to intercept my existence when I was studying the

Divine Secret technique.

He is also a practitioner of the Divine Secret technique.”

“Oh” Xu Xiaoshous eyebrows moved and he looked over.

Outside the door, Xiao Wanfeng ran over at the right time.

When he saw that Young Master Xu was in the hall, his eyes lit up.

Just as he wanted to say something, he saw Liu Changqing, He said in surprise, “Hey, why are you here How did you get in”

But then he thought that since he was a senior of the Cutting Path (stage), it was not a big deal for him to be able to sneak into the building without him knowing.

Thus he looked at Young Master Xu again.

“Young Master Xu, someone outside the door wants to see you.

He is quite handsome.

He is also a young man.

He calls himself… Situ Yongren”


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