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Chapter 813: Where Is Your Young Master Xu I Have Something to Talk to Him


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Seven greedy gazes looked over.

Xiao Wanfeng turned at the corner and did not see what he had anticipated.

He was so frightened that his face turned green.


In front of him, a small group of seven people was beside the spiritual light.

They seemed to be united.

When they saw this fledgling lamb, their eyes began to glow.

“As expected, someone came,” one of the seven people laughed.

“What cultivation level I cant see through it…” Someone was puzzled.

“This guy looks familiar.

Isnt he Xiao Wanfeng from the First Pavilion in the Sky Hes acting on his own”

“Oh yes, its because of random teleportation.

This guy has crashed into the door directly.”

“Hahaha, theres a path to heaven but you refuse to take it.

How sad!”

Someone in the seven-man team was from Dongtianwang City and he could recognize Xiao Wanfeng.

After all, Young Master Xu was too ostentatious.

Xiao Wanfeng, who followed Young Master Xu all day long and happened to be the champion of the heaven geomantic battle, could be considered a “comical” celebrity.

There were people from the five regions in the team who didnt know Xiao Wanfengs identity.

When they failed to sense his cultivation level, they had a solemn expression at first.

However, after their companions explanation, they felt relieved instantly.

“A mortal”

“He unleashed his Innate Sword Intent in the heaven geomantic battle, but he did not have a cultivation level and could not make a move.

He is just a servant.”

“How can such a person enter the Yunlun Mountain Range Its a waste of the trial quota!”

The leader of the group of seven was the young man who proposed the alliance, Tong Zhong.

He was from the Southern Region and did not know Xiao Wanfeng.

However, after being introduced by his companion, he had understood the situation.

“Little Fellow, come here.

Show me your jade pendant.” Tong Zhong smiled as he moved forward, waving his hand with a mocking expression on his face.

Xiao Wanfengs footsteps stiffened and he replied, “I, I dont have any points…”

“I told you to come here!” Tong Zhongs eyes were full of anger.

Under the aura of a Master Stage Threshold, a hint of heat could be felt in the air.

He had long reached the Heavenly Image State of the Master.

The reason why he didnt break through was because of the Imperial City Trial.

Among his Innate (stage) peers, he rarely had an opponent.

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This person in front of him didnt have the slightest cultivation level.

He only had the Innate Sword Intent that he couldnt use.

What did Tong Zhong have to be afraid of

Xiao Wanfeng wasnt afraid of his aura.

At the very least, he didnt feel anything in his heart.

He had experienced a more powerful aura than this.

This fellow in front of him could not even compare to Young Master Xu.

Naturally, he would not lose his composure.

However, even if he was calm, he could only appear to be submissive.

He also faltered when he spoke.

“L really dont have any points.

Big Brothers, you all know that I am a mortal.

I followed Young Master Xu in here to acquire some benefits.

Now that I have been randomly teleported away, I dont even dare to move.

How can I have any points” Pretending to be dull-witted was Xiao Wanfengs specialty.

“Come here!” Tong Zhong shouted and wanted to make a move.

Xiao Wanfeng hurriedly walked over while trembling in fear.

He also handed over the jade pendant and said politely, “Big Brothers, take a look.

If you want to accumulate points, dont look for me.

But if you want to crush my jade pendant and send me out, I… have nothing to say!”

He was sincere and he quickly handed the trial jade pendant to Tong Zhong.

Tong Zhong flipped it and took a look.

Sure enough, the point displayed was zero.

This time, his face turned ugly.

He thought that he could taste the benefits of the opening game after bumping into a little lamb.

He didnt expect that this lamb was too small.

It didnt even have a bit of meat that he could stuff in between his teeth!

“What do you say” Tong Zhong turned around and looked at his companions.

“Just crush it.

Whats the point of keeping this guy” Someone shrugged nonchalantly.

However, someone from the Imperial City raised a different opinion.

“You may not know this, but the person whom he follows, Young Master Xu, is a Demi-Saint descendant.”

This time, several people in the team were shocked.

Demi-Saint descendant

This identity was not to offend.

Tong Zhong hesitated for a moment, but he quickly made up his mind.

He smiled sinisterly and said, “Didnt you all come here for an opportunity”

“If you have entered this trial space, and you still worry about the Demi-Saint descendant identity, you will become timid and cautious in the fights among your peers.

How will you then be able to brave the waves and create a path in the future” he asked, and everyone was stunned by his question.

It was true.

After entering the trial space, one had no identity and position to speak of.

Everyone was fighting among their peers.

It was unlikely for them to provoke a Demi-Saint factions big shot.

Those old freaks wouldnt stoop down and attack because of the competition among the younger generations.

Moreover, the one they wanted to kill wasnt Young Master Xu, the DEmi-Saint descendant, but an insignificant servant behind Young Master Xu, Xiao Wanfeng.

“What do you think” Tong Zhong asked again.

“We can kill him!”

“Thats right.

Why should cultivators of our generation be afraid We should be like the Eighth Sword Deity, looking down on the world!”

“Kill him! Such trash will not be able to get any points even if he stays in the Yunlun Mountain Range.

Instead of letting him live and be humiliated by others, why dont we send him out in advance We can still leave him some face.”



“Me too!”

‘The seven of them quickly came to a consensus.

Xiao Wanfeng could no longer smile.

He did not expect the trial takers to be so ruthless this time.

They did not even care about Young Master Xus identity.

Just because he did not contribute a few points, they wanted to send him away

“This jade pendant…” Tong Zhong raised the jade pendant that belonged to Xiao Wanfeng high up in his hand and then let out a sinister laugh.

“Destroy it… Ah!”

Halfway through his words, the Sword Will exploded in the void and filled the air.

Before the raging flame in Tong Zhongs hand could burn, a thick white sword aura pierced through his entire body.

Furthermore, the jade pendant was sent flying.

“Sword Will”

The other six members of the team were stunned.

This sudden Sword Will had reached the Master (stage) level

“Xiao Wanfeng, is he a Master Swordsman”

Everyone looked at Xiao Wanfeng, who was holding a wooden sword, in shock.

However, they realized that this guy was also stunned and had awhat happened expression on his face.

“Master Sword Intent, its not his…” someone cried out in shock.

He turned around and pointed to the distance, “Look!”

Everyone turned their heads in unison.

On a mountain rock in the distance, a little girl in a white dress strolled over.

She hung a huge snow-white sword high in the air, and her face was filled with coldness.

The little girl was very young.

She was even shorter than Xiao Wanfeng, and she seemed to be even younger than Xiao Wanfeng.

Master Sword Intent at such a young age

The seven of them were all scared out of their wits.

Even the Higher Void Family would find it difficult to nurture such a genius in the Way of the Sword, right

Among the ancient swordsman, those who were able to achieve Master Sword Intent at such a young age should be considered very rare, right

“Who are you!” Tong Zhong withstood the intense pain in his body.

Relying on his powerful will, he forcefully turned his head amid the sword energy and shouted in shock.

He could only see the snow-white greatsword in the hands of the girl in white shook.


Blood splattered.

An arm was directly thrown out.

“ah!!!” Tong Zhong let out a mournful scream.

That was his hand.

This method of removing an arm directly without saying anything scared everyone present, including Xiao Wanfeng.

This little girl looked exquisite, but she was a murderous maniac in essence!

“Let him go!”

Finally, someone in the group of seven could no longer withstand the pressure.

Everyone was smart, and they knew that if Tong Zhong died, they would be the next.

Thus, one of them stepped forward, and the rest also stepped forward blocking Tong Zhong.

“Dont force me.

Even if you are a Master Swordsman, at the very most, we will break through to the Master (stage) Heavenly Image State on the spot.

I believe that with the seven of us here at the Peak of Innate Stage breakthrough at the same time, even you wont be able to withstand…”

“Heavy tomb!” Without saying anything else, the little girls snow-white greatsword sank heavily.

In the sky, a streak of black light shot over and interrupted the person who had spoken directly.

It also blasted the person into the ground.

The figure of the person who had spoken disappeared from the ground.

However, in the deep pit, blood blossomed.

At this moment, the remaining five members of the seven-man team finally realized that the situation wasnt looking good.

It was a ruthless person!

This guy had the intention of fighting seven people at one go.

Moreover, she was able to do so!

“Tm sorry, Heroine.

Im not familiar with Tong Zhong.

This team has only just been formed.” Someone immediately took a few steps back.

When the others saw this, they all came to a realization.

“Yes! The team has just been formed.

Now its disbanded.

If Heroine has a grudge against Tong Zhong and the others, just look for them.

Im just an acquaintance with them.”

“We met by chance.

Farewell!” Some chose to drift away directly.

“You guys…” Tong Zhong, who was frozen by the sword energy, was so angry that he almost vomited blood.

He was feeling dizzy and failed to recover for a long time.

The little girl in white shouted coldly, “You want to leave”

‘The remaining five people retreated and stopped in their tracks.

“Hehe, is there such a thing”

“Well just retreat a little.

We wont leave.

Well see how you settle the matter and be the witnesses.”

“Oh yes, the cloud bead is yours.

We wont fight over it anymore.

Im quitting anyway.”

“Tm quitting too!”

“Me too…”

Everyone raised their hands in a surrender gesture.

What a joke!

A cold-blooded Master Swordsman.

With seven people breaking through at the same time, it was hard to say whether they would be able to kill her or not.

However, if they wanted to break through and become a Master, it would be very easy for them to be eliminated early if they did not get into the top 36 of the point board, or if they were deliberately contested by others in the subsequent trials.

If that was the case, they could only look at the Holy Palace Trial from afar.

The breakthrough that they spoke of just now was only a threat.

The group of seven was instantly defeated by the sudden appearance of the white-clothed Master Swordsman.

Xiao Wanfeng, who was watching from the side, was in a daze.

He did not even notice that his trial jade pendant had fallen to the ground.

He did not dare to retreat either.

He was now waiting for this cold-blooded Master Swordsman to announce his sentence.

He did not expect the little girl in white to come to him carrying the snow-white greatsword after stopping everyone.

She suddenly smiled and asked softly, “Are you one of Young… Young Master Xus people”

“We know each other” Xiao Wanfeng was stunned.

He vaguely felt that the little girl in front of him who was half a head shorter than him looked somewhat familiar.

“My name is Su Qiangian,” Su Qiangian smiled.

“Ive seen you at the Spirit Gem Trade Fair.

Im a friend of Zhou Tianshen.”

Zhou Tianshen

Xiao Wanfeng knew him.

That fellow had shouted several times at the Spirit Gem Trade Fair.

He had even been the peacemaker in the dispute between Young Master Xu and Hua Ying.

Xiao Wanfeng knew him.

He recalled for a moment and remembered that this person calledSu Qiangian had indeed followed Zhou Tianshen and Hua Ying to Young Master Xus private room that day.

However, this person didnt say a word and was very quiet.

He didnt expect that this person was a Master Swordsman of the ancient swordsman.

She was younger than him and was able to use the sword.

It was that type without any restrictions!


She had hidden deep enough!

Xiao Wanfeng blinked his eyes and felt that he could be saved now.

At this moment, Su Qianqian bent down to pick up his trial jade pendant and handed it over with a smile.

“You dont know me, but I know you.

During the heaven geomantic battle, I heard that you broke through to Innate Sword Intent, but some people also said that it was Master Sword Intent”

“L know you,” Xiao Wanfeng hurriedly added.

Su Qianqian smiled.

This was Big Brother Shous friend.

To her, he was also her friend.

And it was obvious that this group of seven was bullying her friend who couldnt use his sword.

Seeing injustice on the road, she drew her sword to help.

This was something that Big Brother Shou had taught her, and Su Qiangian still hadnt forgotten about it.

“So, youre a Master Swordsman” Su Qiangian asked.

“I…” Xiao Wanfeng hesitated for a while.

Thinking of the affirmation by Young Master Xu and Master Siren, he answered with uncertainty, “Probably, should be, yes”


The surrounding onlookers were shocked.

Even the young man who had just climbed out of the deep pit with his leg broken almost staggered.

His hand couldnt hold on and he fell back into the pit.

Master Swordsman again

‘What the f*ck! Others picked up the cloud beads at the beginning, but we encountered two young Master Swordsman at the beginning

Su Qianqian looked at Xiao Wanfeng up and down, as if she had seen through Xiao Wanfengs swordsmanship, but she didnt ask any more questions.

She turned around and looked around at the seven-person team.

Her expression returned to its usual coldness and indifference.

“Tl count to three.

If you dont hand over the trial jade pendant before I finished counting, Ill send each of you a slash.”

“You must know that the ones that have been sent to the Cloud Realm are your physical bodies.

The protection mechanism of the trial jade pendant will be activated if you die here, and it will escort you out.

“But if you cant withstand the blow of death mentally, then even if you leave, youll still be a dead person.

Do you understand”

Everyones faces darkened when they heard this.

Of course, they knew this.

If the slash was too powerful, then the body would be protected by the jade pendant.

If it was a mental death, it meant that the soul could no longer revive.

In short, Su Qianqians sword might not be able to kill their physical bodies, but it could kill their souls.

“Dont go too far!” Tong Zhong shouted amid the sword energy.

Su Qianqians eye expression turned and she gave him a sideways glance.

Her hand shook and a sword flower appeared.


Another arm flew out.

“ah!!!” Tong Zhong screamed.


“This is a demon.”

‘They were all scared to death.

This little girl was too scary.

They had never seen such a cold-blooded person.

She cut off an arm when she said that she was going to cut off someones arm… No! She didnt even say a word!

“Three,” Su Qiangian began to count down.

Xiao Wanfeng was shocked by the girls killing intent.

‘What had she gone through that had made a little girl cold-blooded to this extent Even he felt a little scared just by looking at her.

The expressions of the seven peoples group were uncertain.

“Two,” Su Qiangian held the snow-white greatsword upside down.

The seven people clenched their teeth and even their fists.

“One.” Su Qianqians eyes flickered and the Sword Will flew out filling the sky.

Inan instant, every grain of sand and dust in the world flew up into the air and transformed into a flying sword.

The densely packed smoke and dust sword world really made peoples scalps go numb.

This move represented the end.

It also meant that no one could resist it.

“Tl hand it over, Ill hand it over.

Spare my life, spare my life.”

“I dont have points!”

“Ido, I have 100 points.

I admit defeat.

This time, I admit defeat.”

At the last moment when Su Qiangian drew her sword, the seven-man team finally admitted defeat.

They couldnt withstand the pressure.

Ancient Swordsman was too terrifying.

In the Yunlun Mountain Range, the sword sect of Ancient Swordsman was the group of people that they couldnt afford to offend.

Losing to Su Qiangian wasnt shameful!

“300 points.”

Su Qianqian smiled and accepted half of the points from six of the seven.

Then, she turned her head to look at the cloud bead in the spiritual light.

“Theres still this thing.”

With a low murmur, the snow-white greatsword rose and slashed.


The spiritual light of the cloud bead, which even a Master (stage) couldnt destroy, exploded.

It caused the eyebrows of everyone present to twitch wildly.

This destructive power…

Su Qianqian stepped forward and held the cloud bead.

She closed her eyes and the cloud bead tured into pure energy, fusing into her petite body.


With a small burp, Su Qianqians pretty face turned slightly red and quickly returned to normal.

After doing all of this, she turned around and waved her sword to dismiss the rest.

Then, she landed in front of Xiao Wanfeng and smiled faintly.

“Where is your Young Master Xu I have something to talk to him..”


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