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Chapter 819 Withering Snow of the West Wind


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A strange sound rang out again.

The cloud beast that had escaped to the edge of the sky seemed to have bumped into something.

The cloud body was crushed, and it had no choice but to turn back escaping in another direction.

However, they bumped into each other again.


The cloud beast cried out in pain.

On the Drifting Cloud Peak, the spiritual sword that had twisted into a black snake was stuck in the air.

The echo of the shout at the foot of the mountain was still reverberating, and everyone was silent.

“Xu Faction!”

“Its Xu Factions people.

Oh my God, how did they get here so quickly”

“When the fourth team was patrolling, there were no Xu Fcations people within 500 hundred miles of Drifting Cloud Peak!”

“D*mn it! What should we do now”

Soon, discussions broke out among the people on the mountain.

The reputation of theXu Faction in the east had been fully established in the past two days.

Gods and demons couldnt stop them!

Regardless of a spiritual beast or a cultivator, Innate (stage), or Master (stage), as long as they encountered members of the Xu Faction, they would either be beheaded or become the members of the Xu Faction.

Rong Dahaos team didnt dare to face them head-on.

They could only take a detour.

It wasnt just him.

All the other small groups in the Eastern Region would do the same if they wanted to be free.

But now, this Xu Faction that would not miss out on any opportunity had arrived at the Drifting Cloud Peak!

The sword of the Xu Factions leader, Young Master Xu, had even stabbed on the top of everyones head!

“Brother Hao…”

Lei Ze had a bitter expression on his face as he looked at Rong Dahao hesitantly.

He did not know what to do.

He was indeed at the Master (stage) Ying Yang State, but it was rumored that there were at least dozens of Master (stage) cultivators in the Xu Faction.

Furthermore, Young Master Xu was somewhat a Sovereign (stage) of the Way of the Sword.

Even if he was not the real Sovereign (stage) of the Way of the Sword, or if he was only a Master (stage) Swordsman, he was not someone that a mere Ying Yang state cultivator like him could provoke!

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Whatever he was, the identity of Young Master Xu as a Demi-Saint descendant had made 70% of the trial takers not dare to test their swords on him recklessly.

Lei Ze Didnt dare to provoke him at all.

“Young Master Xu, why is he here…” Rong Dahao looked at the black sword and frowned.

Soon after, his gaze turned to the sky.

Others couldnt see it but Rong Dahao could see it instantly.

Intangible sword energy rose within a radius of 10 miles, trapping the entire void on the peak.

The cloud beast originally wanted to escape.

As it crashed into the sword energy barrier, it turned around in pain.

However, the surrounding area had already been sealed off completely.

Where could the cloud beast escape to

Rong Dahao who was leading a hundred or so people, at this moment, was like a cloud beast that had nowhere to escape.

Young Master Xu had sealed off the entire Drifting Cloud Peak with one word!

“Is the Master Swordsman really that strong”

“Is he really the Sovereign (stage) of the Way of the Sword”

Rong Dahaos heart was filled with bitterness.

He felt that the power that sealed the surroundings was not like the Sovereign Domain, but it had a power that was not inferior to the Sovereign Domain.

At the very least, when facing a group of Innate (stage) cultivators like them, he could kill all of them without a losing end.

“Brother Hao!”

His subordinates were anxious.

They were pleading with Rong Dahao to make a decision.

Whether to fight or to surrender, to live or to die, it was a matter of thought.

“Do we fight”

Rong Dahao had mixed feelings.

If it were any other Demi-Saint descendant, he would dare to fight in this Cloud Realm world.

But he knew Young Master Xu!

At the door of Plenty Gold Company in Dongtianwang City that day, Young Master Xu led two women and a man and had a confrontation with Jiang Xian.

Outsiders might not know, but Rong Dahao knew.

The woman beside Young master Xu was the ghost beast host body of the seal ghost beast that had appeared in the White Cave.

That fellow had an affair with the ghost beast!

The Higher Void family knew a lot about the secrets of this world.

So Rong Dahao did not dare to have any relations with Young Master Xu.

Regardless of being captured after the battle or surrendering on the spot…

As long as one had relations with Young Master Xu, in the future, when red-clothed people found out that this fellow had an affair with the ghost beast, everyone who was related to him would not be able to escape!

Red-clothed peoples attitude towards the ghost beast was implicating all related… Rong Dahao understood in his heart that Young Master Xu was a messy guy.

Whoever had relations with him would die.

As for whistle-blowing

The Higher Void family could not withstand the Demi-Saint familys revenge!

Rong Dahao could whistle blow to red-clothed people about Young Master Xus suspected affair with the ghost beast, but he could not produce any evidence.

After that, he would just wait for death.

His master had said that he could not touch anything related to the ghost beast.

Thisnot touch meant that he would neither agree nor oppose it.

He would just pretend that he did not see it.

Otherwise, if in the future, no matter which side pursued the matter, he, from a mere Higher void family

could not withstand it.

“Brother Hao! Quickly make a decision!” Lei Ze could not hold it in any longer.

The black sword was right above his head.

The more it swayed, the happier it became.

The more it sounded, the more terrifying it became.

The sword energy was overflowing.

Even he had felt a chill, not to mention those at the Innate stage.

“We…” Rong Dahaos heart was filled with bitterness.

He was on the verge of tears falling.

“People on the mountain, are you deaf Give me a reply when you hear me.

I will give you three seconds.

If you still dont surrender, blood will stain the Drifting Cloud Peak!” Young Master Xu shouted again.


On the Drifting Cloud Peak, a hundred-odd people were trembling in fear.

Everyone knew that Young Master Xu was arrogant, but now they had seen it for themselves.

Everyone was a man of blood.

Even though they knew that Young Master Xu was strong, after being provoked in this manner, they couldnt bear it anymore.

“If you ask me, I cant bear it anymore!”

“There is a hundred-odd of us and we have broken through to Master (stage).

I dont believe that Young Master Xu has let all of his subordinates break through to Master (stage) … If this is the case, we can fight our way


“I can follow Brother Hao, but if you want me to follow that good-for-nothing Young Master Xu, dream on! I agree to fight our way out!”

“Brother Hao, what exactly are we going to do”

The subordinates shouted in unison.

Rong Dahao could see that everyone was hot-blooded

As long as he gave the order, even if there were only a hundred or so people, they would still dare to charge into Young Master Xus group of hundreds.

What a pity! If it were any other time, I would surrender.

Who wouldnt want to befriend a Demi-Saint descendant However, its not that I didnt want everyone to surrender today, but I couldnt… Rong Dahao sighed

in his heart, and a determined look appeared in his eyes.

“We cant join Young Master Xu in his dirty work.

He has too many subordinates, so we might not be able to reach the top 36 in the end,” Rong Dahao said.

“After all, he has his people under him.

When he gets the

points later, priority will be given to his people first.”

Everyone nodded their heads in agreement.

What he said was right.

Everyone had thought so from the beginning.

Otherwise, they wouldnt be so foolish that they wanted to battle with the Xu Faction.

“Listen to my orders!” Rong Dahao waved his hand.

“Team One, Master (stage), charge ahead and tear apart the Xu Factions formation.

Team Two and Team Three, prepare to break through.

Everyone else, stand by.

If necessary, break through to Master (stage) and

charge out together!”

“This time, lets make a big deal!”

The order was given.

Everyone became excited.

30 Master (stage) broke through together… In the entire Yunlun Mountain Range, no one had dared to do so!

This meant that as long as they could tear apart the Xu Gangs formation, the team led by Rong Dahao would be invincible.

“Two…” Young Master Xus countdown started again.

Taking the advantage that they still had time, the 10 members of the first team sat down cross-legged.

Very soon, waves of path energy of the breakthrough to the Heavenly Image State Master (stage) began to spread.

Everyone had suppressed their cultivation level for a long time.

The people that Rong Dahao had recruited were all geniuses among the geniuses.

Breaking through was just a matter of time.


After the countdown ended, the black sword in the air trembled and turned into a streak of light.


On the Drifting Cloud Peak, the 10 Heavenly Image State Master (stage) charged down like a ferocious tiger bringing thunderous power under Rong Dahaos orders.

“Team Two and Team Three, get ready!”

ong Dahao immediately gave the order and another 20 people sat down cross-legged.

These people were all elites.

ong Dahao had assigned them earlier.

ff one were to ask who had the highest chance of getting into the top 36 of the point board, these three teams had the highest chance.

Thus, the breakthrough this time was not forced to happen.

It was just that he had made it earlier.

n the end, everyone was going to break through anyway.

At the foot of the mountain.


The 10 Master (stage) rushed over through the clouds and mist.

All kinds of spiritual strength surged forth.

The fire-type, ice-type, light-type, lightning-type… Xu Xiaoshou couldnt help but feel envious.

“Young Master Xu!”

The Five Tiger Generals stepped forward with solemn expressions.

They were about to defend.

“All of you, step backward.”

Xu Xiaoshou summoned Hidden Bitter.

He tilted the sword and amidst the whistling wind, he forced the five of them behind him.

“Young Master Xu…” the Five Tiger Generals were moved.

It had been agreed that Xu Xiaoshou would help the five of them break through to Master (stage) first so that it would be easier for them to fight against enemies.

However, every time Young Master Xu encountered a strong enemy, he would always go forward alone and fight against the enemies.

He would not let his subordinates suffer even the slightest injury.

Xu Xiaoshou turned his head and said, “Im going to test my strength!”


Young Master Xu said that again…

He always used such a magnificent excuse to protect us under his wings.

The Five Tiger Generals looked at each other and saw the helplessness in each others eyes.

They were indeed not as powerful.

If the five of them had all reached the Ying Yang State, they would be able to take care of the 10 Heavenly Image State Master (stage ) on the Drifting Cloud Peak without Young Master Xu making his moves.

But now…

Young Master Xu alone was taking on 10 persons again!

“Theres a path to heaven but you guys arent taking it.

Do you really think my words can be ignored” Xu Xiaoshous eyes were filled with anger as he turned towards the 10 Master (stage).

Since he had established the Xu Faction, he had to establish military discipline.

The words he said were like the water that had been poured away and he no longer could retract his words.

Even if he didnt want to ruin the group of cultivators opportunities in advance…

However, if the person in front of him did not know what was good for him and was seeking death, he would not show any mercy.

He took a step forward.

His afterimage dissipated.

The 10 Heavenly Image State Master (stage) had locked onto Young Master Xus figure.

But when they were about to face him, they lost track of him.

“Did he fly away”

“Where did he go”

“Dont bother about him.

Lets tear apart the Xu Factions front line and help Brother Hao fight his way out!”

The 10 people were shocked at first, but then their hearts were filled with ecstasy.

With savage expressions, they pounced on the members of the Xu Faction.

The Five Tiger Generals hearts trembled.

Young Master Xu was supposed to make his moves, but he had disappeared, right before the battle

When Young Master Xu stepped out, they didnt even see where he had gone.

It was too fast!

“Hes over there!”

“Hes still over there!”

The 10 Master (stage) charged forward back to back.

The Xu Faction members were watching the battle from all directions.

They saw Young Master Xus afterimage disappear from where he stood and once again coalesce into a solid form.

“He never moved”

The 10 Master (stage) probed with their spiritual senses and were somewhat frightened.

Young Master Xu took a step forward.

He was gone, but he appeared on the same spot after half a breaths time.

Did he take a pointless step

“No…” someone felt that something was wrong at this moment.

He wiped his neck and realized that his hands were stained with blood.

He turned pale with fright.

“He has already made his moved!”

The 10 people were shocked at the same time.

They each covered their necks, and a sharp pain came from their wounds.

And now…

Xu Xiaoshou stood in the air.

Hidden Bitter in his hands slowly returned to the sheath.

His handguards knocked against each other, making a lightda sound.

“Withering Snow of the West Wind.”

Alow murmur…

The coldness of the Nine Heavens pounded down on his head, and a heavy snowfall fell from the sky.

Xu Xiaoshou turned around, his clothes rustling.

He lightly brushed the black hair on his forehead and smiled.

“Are you all surprised A sword is enough to take care of 10 people.”

The 10 Master (stage) pounced to the front of Xu Faction.

Bloody flowers blossomed from all of their necks, dyeing the heavy snow red.

Then, one by one, the severely injured bodies fell to the ground.

They felt that there was a special power on the wound on their necks, and they couldnt even heal it.

“How could it be” the 10 people were confused.

How could it be so fast!

Young Master Xu took a step, and before they could even react, their throats were cut.

The key was that the 10 people were far away from each other, and the height of their positions was also different.

How did Young Master Xu cover a distance of several thousand feet in half a breaths time, and then return to his original position before the afterimage completely dissipated, and even accurately cut everyones


This was too fast!

Xu Xiaoshou stood proudly in the air, feeling the surging strength on his body, and smiled faintly.

He hadnt even started his warm-up, but the 10 Master (stage) had already fallen.

“| have indeed become stronger…”

Sighing in his heart, Xu Xiaoshou lamented that the Master (stage) was no longer his match.

He had Sovereign Agility and SovereignSword Technique Expertise.

Even if it was just these two things, it was like using a butchers knife to kill a chicken when fighting Master (stage).

Not to mention, there were other passive skills at the Sovereign stage all over his body.

It was normal for these 10 people to be unable to react in time.

If they could react in time, they would definitely become an overlord in the future!

Snowflakes fluttered heavily in the sky.

Xu Xiaoshou looked into the distance and was slightly surprised.

This wasnt drawn by hisDrawing Expertise.

Instead, it was truly a sword that had influenced the power of the Heavenly Image that resulted in the state.

Withering Snow of the West Wind was the fastest sword technique that he had comprehended in Tianxuan Gate of Tiansang Spirit Palace.

This sword technique was terribly fast.

Now that his physical attributes had improved in all aspects, this sword technique was even faster than before.

He didnt even have time to show his afterimage.

It was as if he had entered a state of no one, and a world of emptiness.

Xu Xiaoshou felt something in his heart and faintly had a deeper understanding of the Heavenly Image State.

“My one step is the distance that you guys wouldnt be able to cross in 10 years,” he smiled faintly.

Taking advantage of the fact that his aura was still there, he casually reaped therespect from the thousands of Xu

Faction members with a single sentence, as well as thefear in the eyes of the 10 Master (stage).

Then, he waved his hand again and gathered the 10 of them together.

“Kill me…”

“If you have the guts, kill us!”

The 10 of them did not die, but they seemed to have already predicted their ending.

Their faces were filled with humiliation.

“Its not impossible, but before that…” Xu Xiaoshou smiled.

He guided his spiritual source and spun it into a thread.

He then hooked the rings and the trial jade pendants of the 10 of them.

He then checked them one by one.

“700 points.”

“420 points So little”

“1,300 points…”

“3,600 points! Good fellow, youre quite a character!”

“2,200 points, youre not too bad.”

“Five Tiger Generals, come over here! Its time to reap the points.

Im lazy to take such small amounts.”

The Xu demon was reaping the points that belonged to him.

He even waved his hand and gave the points to the Five Tiger Generals.

Seeing the scene, the blood of the Xu Faction members was boiling.

With Young Master Xus strength, he could fight against 10 Master (stage).

What were they afraid of

If they followed him, there would have meat to eat!

After plundering the points, Xu Xiaoshou chuckled as he looked at the 10 of them.

“There are rules in the Cloud Realm.

I wont snatch your opportunities.

Since this isnt the third time you have been plundered, then

according to the rules, go back and start all over again!”

This was a game that the trial takers understood in their hearts.

Only by plundering three times could the benefits be maximized.

Generally speaking, if one was not a true mortal enemy, one would be given a chance to start all over again.

Of course, if one was afraid of revenge, one could crush the trial takers jade pendant.

But clearly, Xu Xiaoshou was not afraid of revenge.


To the last person to leave, Xu Xiaoshou stared at the fellow and pointed at the peak of the Drifting Cloud Peak.

“Go up and tell your boss that theres no need to painstakingly send people to break through.

Even if you

send a hundred Master (stage), I will defeat them all with one strike!”.


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