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Chapter 820 You, Rong Dahao, Were Born to Be One of the Leaders of the Xu Faction!


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On the Drifting Cloud Peak.

The Master (stage) path energy appeared one after another.

Rong Dahaos group of 100 people was extremely excited.

ts almost done.

Theres only one more to go.”

ts a critical moment…”

“Its done, its done!”

“20 Master (stage), plus the 10 who just left the mountain, theres a total of 30 Master (stage).

Lets see how the Xu Faction can continue to be arrogant, hahaha!”

“Dont forget, we still have a trump card, Team Zero!”

Hahaha, youre right.

D*mn it, this time when we leave the mountain, we must beat that Young Master Xu so hard that even his mother cant recognize him!”

F*ck him!”

A total of 20 new Master (stage) gave Rong Dahaos 100-man team unparalleled confidence.

Even Rong Dahao himself couldnt help but smile at this moment.

20 Master (stage)!

If he were surrounded by 20 Master (stage) cultivators at the same time, he would be able to escape with ease at most.

However, it would be difficult for him to turn the table.

After all, Rong Dahao knew these 20 Master (stage) members well.

Each of them had a trump card and wasnt an ordinary Master (stage) cultivator.

“The 20 of you who have just advanced, including the Master (stage) team that was formed previously, there are close to 30 Master (stage) on the mountain now!” Rong Dahao smiled at the team in front of him.

n his team, Team Zero was formed by the seven Master (stage) members and was led by Lei Ze.

This trump card was not easily used.

Usually, they would not be included in the battle.

But now, to deal with the Xu Faction, Rong Dahao had sent out all of his forces.

“Brother Hao.”

Lei Ze seemed to be a little excited as he walked over and said, “Including the 10 Master (stage) members that have gone down the mountain, there are close to 40 Master (stage) on our side.

Even if an ordinary

Sovereign (stage) comes, its difficult to withstand the power!”

“Thats right,” Rong Dahao nodded.

Lei Ze looked down the mountain.

The clouds and fog blocked everyones line of sight and spiritual senses, but it did not hinder the Rong Groups confidence in the 10 Master (stage) members who had gone down the

mountain earlier.

“I wonder how far theyve gone.

Have they completely torn apart the Xu Factions front line Hopefully, they wont fall…” Lei Ze said.

ong Dahao shook his head.

“Its unlikely that they will fall.

Even if Young Master Xu captures a few of them, he will at most steal their points.

When we go down the mountain, not only will we save them, we will also

lestroy the Xu Faction and bring peace to the east!”


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When the hundred of Rong groups members heard this, they became excited and raised their hands.

Boss is right.

We will destroy the Xu Faction and bring peace to the east!”

Destroy! Bring peace to the east!”


The crowd was excited and everyone was so excited that their faces turned red.

Close to 40 Master (stage) was a faction that could sweep across the entire Yunlun Mountain Range.

Just as everyone was getting excited, the clouds on the mountain top began to move.

Someone broke through the spiritual array and hurriedly climbed up to the peak.

“Something bad has happened!” A desperate roar came from the heavy breathing.

“Who is it” Rong Dahao looked at him warily.

Everyone looked over and saw that the person who was dressed in rags and stained with blood was actually one of the 10 Master (stage) members who had gone down the mountain earlier.

“Brother Qian Gun”

ong Dahao was shocked when he saw the miserable state of the person who came.

He went forward to help him up and asked, “What happened Did you guys kill your way through Why is it so much blood”

na great battle between Master (stage), they could run if they were defeated.

They shouldnt have been injured so badly.

Qian Guns clothes were like strips of cloth, torn to shreds.

Furthermore, his body was covered in dried blood scabs…

if it wasnt for the fact that there was still a trace of human consciousness in this persons eyes, Rong Dahao would have thought that the 10 Master (stage) members must have done something terrible during this short

trip down the mountain.

“Something bad has happened! Brother Hao…”

Qian Gun took a deep breath, his face filled with despair.

Under everyones uneasy gazes, he wailed, “That Young Master Xu, the Way of the Sword of Sovereign (stage), gave us a strike and defeated our 10 Master

(stage) members instantly!”

The crowd on the top of Drifting Cloud Peak was shocked and many discussions went on.

Rong Dahao thought he had auditory hallucinations and asked in shock, “What did you say!”

With a crying face, Qian Gun said, “Brother Hao, you didnt hear wrongly.

That Young Master Xu, the Way of the Sword of Sovereign (stage)! He really is the Way of the Sword of Sovereign (stage), and not just an

ordinary the Way of the Sword of Sovereign (stage).

Even an ordinary Sovereign (stage) Spiritual Cultivator would find it difficult to withstand his attack…”

“Hes not just a master swordsman!” Qian gun cried.

This piece of information was wrong!

When his 10 Master (stage) members went down the mountain, in less than the time taken to burn an incense stick, they were almost beheaded on the spot.

Wasnt it giving them away for free

ff he had known that Young Master Xu was the Way of the Sword of Sovereign (stage), Qian Gun wouldnt have dared to bring the 10 Master (stage) members down the mountain even if he was given a hundred times

more courage!

“The Way of the Sword of Sovereign (stage)…”

ong Dahao muttered in a daze, there was a shock in his expression.

“Is he really the Way of the Sword of Sovereign (stage) Isnt that just a rumor”

ecalling the scene of Young Master Xu having a conflict with Jiang Xian at Plenty Gold Company, Rong Dahao was mad.

f that fellow was the Way of the Sword of Sovereign (stage), why would he waste so much time talking to Jiang Xian If he had revealed his aura of the Sovereign (stage) directly, even the Jiang Clan would want to

befriend him.”


ong Dahao shook his head.

He didnt think that Young Master Xu was really the Way of the Sword of Sovereign (stage).

it was because, at that time, he could only sense a tiny bit of the master swordsmans path energy from Young Master Xu through a secret technique.

“Did he break through recently” Rong Dahao thought to himself, but he was shocked by himself.

How could it be possible that he broke through recently

ff he broke through recently, according to Qian Guns words, how could Young Master Xu possibly contend against a Sovereign (stage) Spiritual Cultivator

Didnt he need to consolidate his realm

“Nothing is impossible!” Qian Gun was very confused yet but he had no choice but to continue explaining to Rong Dahao his terrifying experience going down the mountain.

“Brother Hao, have you ever seen the Way of the Sword of Sovereign (stage) That guy, that guy…”

“A sword!”

“With a sword, he directly defeated our 10 Master (stage) members without any resistance!”

On the Drifting Cloud Peak, everyone was flustered by Qian Guns words.

It was so terrifying

The 10 Master (stage) of Heavenly Image State disappeared under a sword strike

Rong Dahao was a little scared.

“Tell me in detail…”

“Theres no time,” Qian gun waved his hand.

“Brother Hao, Young Master Xu let me come up the mountain to inform you that theres no need to work hard.

Even if we have another 20 people that break through to

Master (stage), we cant contend against his one strike!”

“Nonsense!” Rong Dahao shouted.

At this moment, the 20 Master (stage) members of Team Two and Team Three who had finished adjusting their breathing opened their eyes at the same time.

An overwhelming cold aura covered the sky and earth,

causing Qian gun to tremble.

He turned his head around and saw the 20 new Master (stage) members with an arrogant battle intent in their eyes!

“They have broken through”

Even Qian gun was a little surprised.

tt hadnt been long since he left the mountain.

In such a short time, the second and third teams had all broken through to Master (stage)

For a moment, seeing the good seedlings that Rong Dahao had found, Qian gun couldnt help but sigh with admiration.


tt was useless!

Qian Gun turned around with tears flowing, “Brother Hao, listen to my advice.

Even another 20 or 30 Master (stage) go down the mountain, its useless.

That guy isnt human at all.

You havent seen him draw his sword.

Within a radius of 10 miles…”

ong Dahao interrupted abruptly, “Ive seen the Way of the Sword of Sovereign (stage) make a move!”

Qian Gun was stunned and said happily, “Then you should know how terrifying the Way of the Sword of Sovereign (stage) is…”

ong Dahao looked straight at him.

“The Way of the Sword of Sovereign (stage) isnt as terrifying as you think.

Youre just traumatized from being attacked first.”

Qian Gun was stunned.

That was not the case!

Brother Hao, was the one that you had seen a fake Way of the Sword of Sovereign (stage)

The person at the foot of the mountain that I saw wasnt what you had just said!

Qian Gun was going crazy.

He still wanted to persuade him, but Rong Dahao didnt give him the chance to affect the morale of the army.

“Qian Gun, step down!”

A warm hand pressed on his shoulder.

Qian Gun understood that it was useless for him to say anything else.

He would be boosting the morale of others and destroying his own groups prestige.

“Brother Hao, I…” Qian Gun hesitated.

“Il understand.”

Rong Dahao said in a low voice with a complicated expression.

How could he not know the power of the Way of the Sword of Sovereign (stage)

However, if Young Master Xu wanted him to surrender, he could not even if he was beaten to death.

This was no longer a matter of the Yunlun Mountain Ranges trial.

It was related to the ghost beast.

Rong Dahao would definitely not work under Young Master Xu.

“30 Master (stage), follow me down the mountain!”

An order was given.

Rong Dahao led his men and flew out of the spiritual array.

They tore through the clouds and left the Drifting Cloud Peak at lightning speed.

“Boss, you can do it!”


“Kill them all!”

The cultivators who were still lingering on the peak did not know what was at stake.

They only knew that they still had 30 Master (stage) in their faction.

In the Yunlun Mountain Range, they were a faction that could kill any godhood or Buddha that stood in their way.

Young Master Xu was the Way of the Sword of Sovereign (stage)

How much could a mere Sovereign (stage) accomplish

Besides, in this Cloud Realm world, even the Way of the Sword of Sovereign (stage) could only use the power of the peak of the master swordsman.

What about Master (stage)

We had 30 people on our side!

It was a crushing force!

At the foot of the mountain.

“Sit properly and form a circle!”

Zhao Xiu kicked the nine Master (stage) captives of battle one by one and gathered them in the camp.

He laughed coldly and said, “You can only leave this place after youve thought things through.”

“Young Master Xu has let us leave!” In the camp, one of the Master (stage) shouted indignantly.

“Young Master Xu is kind-hearted and has let you all leave.

However, we, the Five Tiger Generals, have the ability to capture you all and take you under the wing of the Xu Faction.” Zhao Xiu snorted as he picked his

nose and flicked his finger.

“You…” the nine Master (stage) all felt humiliated.

The King of Hell was not easy to deal with, and the little devil was also difficult to deal with.

How could this lousy Xu Faction be so unruly

However, when they thought of the might of Young Master Xus sword, no one had the strength to resist at all.

They could only pray silently in their hearts.

“Brother Hao, surrender…”

“This Xu Faction is really not what we can provoke…”

When they were not even halfway through their prayers…

On the Drifting Cloud Peak, the clouds and mist were torn apart and the blue sky was seen.

Dozens of light figures flashed out.

“Its Brother Hao!”

Among the nine Master (stage) cultivators, someone exclaimed excitedly, “Brother Hao is here to save us!”

But very quickly, someone spoke rationally, and his tone was filled with bitterness, “Can he save us”

The nine of them fell silent.

Zhao Xiu laughed loudly, “Not to mention your Brother Hao, even if the King of Heavens were to come, he wouldnt be able to save you now!”

With that, he looked in the direction of the Drifting Cloud Peak.

Nearly 30 Master (stage) figures gave Zhao Xiu a shock.

Were all the people on this peak so talented

In just a short while, nearly 30 Master (stage) figures came down

Zhao Xius heartbeat sped up a little, but when he thought of Young Master Xu, he quickly calmed down.

So what if there were 30 Master (stage) figures

Young Master Xu was an unreasonable existence!

Even the gods and Buddhas came, in this Yunlun Mountain Range, they would be annihilated by a single sword strike!

“Young Master Xu, they are here.”

Among the five generals, the other four surrounded Young Master Xu.

Tai Xing spoke solemnly.

Xu Xiaoshou was somewhat surprised when he saw that the people above were still unwilling to surrender.

Were these people really not afraid of death

Or could it be that the person who was released just now did not describe the battle scene properly

No matter what, Xu Xiaoshou somewhat admired the courage of these people who dared to descend from the mountain.

However, it was clear that if they wanted to win with numbers, they could deal with ordinary people.

If they wanted to deal with him…


“The few of you, wait here and warm up a cup of tea.

I will be back soon,” Xu Xiaoshou turned around and instructed them.

The four Tiger Generals looked embarrassed.

They all felt the weakness of their strength.

As expected, in the end, Young Master Xu had to take on all of them by himself…

“Who is the leader State your name!”

Xu Xiaoshou leaped up and stood above the mighty crowd of Xu Faction.

Rong Dahao was leading many Master (stage) cultivators and stood in the air.

With a glance, he could see the nine Master (stage) cultivators shaking their heads at him in the war camp.

Was he really that powerful

Rong Dahao did not believe it.

He actually had never seen the Way of the Sword of Sovereign (stage), but he had seen many Peak of Sovereign (stage) Spiritual Cultivators.

Compared to the people who were at Master (stage) and fought against those of a higher stage in the Yunlun Mountain Range, a Sovereign (stage) Spiritual Cultivator just had an additional bounded domain, as well as

the comprehension of the Order of Dao.

And these were all restricted by the Cloud Realm, so they couldnt use them at all.

Under such a prerequisite condition, how could Young Master Xu be able to defeat 10 Master (stage) with a sword

“Rong Dahao!” he turned to look at Young Master Xu and replied with a serious look in his eyes.

“Its you”

Xu Xiaoshou was a little surprised to see this fatty dressed in luxurious robes.

He knew this person.

That day at the entrance of the Plenty Gold Company, he followed behind Jiang Xian.

He didnt expect that this person was actually a character and not just a bystander

“Descendant of the Higher Void (level)” Xu Xiaoshou asked.

This was the information he obtained from the battle captive.

“Good to see you, Young Master Xu,” Rong Dahao nodded slightly, but he didnt show too much respect.

It was because he had come here to burn bridges.

“Lets not talk crap.

Young Master Xu took my people.

Today, I

will return the favor by fighting!”

30 Master (stage) cultivators moved with the wind.

Xu Xiaoshou stretched out his hand.

“Hold on!”

The void suddenly trembled.

The fighting spirit of the 30 Master (stage) cultivators in front of him was suddenly cut off by this shout.

They felt nauseous and wanted to vomit.

“What the hell is this”

“What method is this”

“Is this the Way of the Sword of Sovereign (stage)”

The 30 Master (stage) cultivators hearts palpitated.

They could not see through this ability.

“Aura” Rong Dahao seemed to have realized something.

Young Master Xus move almost caused him to choke on his blood.

He had only experienced such an aura from his master before.

“What do you think”Rong Dahaos tone became even more indignant.

The stronger the other party was, the more he wanted to fight to the death because he couldnt surrender at all.

Xu Xiaoshou chuckled, “I only came for the cloud beasts.

I didnt expect to come across such an elite team in the east.

I wont say anything else.

I like you guys,” he spoke bluntly.

However, Rong Dahao and the others were stunned.

“What do you mean”

“Join the Xu Faction and Ill spare your lives!”

Rong Dahao was stunned.

He had made up his mind to fight to the death because he was afraid that Young Master Xu would take them in.

Yet, the other party was so determined

“Its better to be destroyed than to remain broken!” Rong Dahao shouted suddenly.

There were nearly 30 Master (stage) cultivators behind him, and they were deeply troubled by the aura.

Upon hearing his words, their eyes regained their fighting spirit and shouted in unison, “Its better to be

destroyed than to remain broken!”

Their fighting spirit tore the sky.

Xu Xiaoshou was even more delighted when he saw this.

He looked at Rong Dahao, and his tone was filled with admiration.

“Ordinary people wouldnt even dare to resist when they see my strength, but you are incredible.

You arent affected by my aura, and everyone else is willing to die today.

However, I cherish talent, and I wont let you


“You, Rong Dahao, were born to be one of the leaders of the Xu Faction!”.


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