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Chapter 828 Embarrassment

The situation was on the verge of breaking out.

Xin Gugu and Liu Changqing had already anticipated the battle that might break out next.

But the two of them were clearly only at the cultivation level of a “Master (stage)”, yet at this moment, they forcefully stepped forward and did not retreat even half a step.

“Step back!”

Xu Xiaoshou reprimanded.

He understood the intentions of the two of them.

Even if they were exposed in the end, they would not let him, Young Master Xu, die.

However, with his words, if Yu Lingdi still dared to provoke the Demi-Saint faction, capture and kill people in front of him in the name of a falsesuspicion… That would be a complete offense!

Xu Xiaoshou was certain that Yu Lingdi wouldnt make a move.

If he wanted to make a move, there were people above him who could stop him.

Of course, at this time, he couldnt let Xin Gugu and Liu Changqing, the two guardians, expose their identities.

The two guardians werent stupid either.

They held on for a moment.

After they intended to protect Demi-Saint Young Master Xu and were reprimanded, they had no choice but to retreat several hundred feet away.

These reactions were extremely normal in Yu Lingdis eyes.

After all, it would be suspicious if the guardian chosen by the Demi-Saint descendant was a coward.

Yu Lingdis gaze didnt shift away from Xu Xiaoshou at all.

Instead, he slowly raised his right hand and pointed in the air.

“Shush, shush…”

The water element in the world gathered crazily.

In an instant, heavy rain poured down.

In front of Yu Lingdis finger, when a bit of golden water gathered together, the heavy rain that filled the sky seemed to be frozen in time.

“If thats the case, then you can go to hell,” Yu Lingdis eyes were not arrogant at all, as if he was telling a plain truth.

Then, his fingertip bent slightly.

At this instant, Xu Xiaoshous heart pounded wildly.

A life and death threat caused all the pores on his body to explode.

“Locked-on, Passive Points 1.”

“Threatened, Passive Points, 1.” “Ambushed, Passive Points 1.”

He did not make a single move, but it was judged as a covert attack by the system.

One could imagine just how terrifying Yu Lingdis golden water finger was.

Xin Gugu, who had retreated, instantly tensed


At this distance, he could guarantee that the moment Yu Lingdi made his move, he could instantly break the seal and receive this attack for Xu Xiaoshou at a speed close to teleportation.

As for Liu Changqing, he had never expected that Young Master Xu would help him to such an extent even though they had only met by chance!

His hands and fingers were hidden in his sleeves, and the mysteries of the Divine Secret were secretly emerging.

He was also certain that he could use the Divine Secret technique to change Young Master Xus position the moment Yu Lingdi attacked.

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At this critical moment…


A delicate voice came from afar.

At the same time, the rain that filled the sky evaporated into thin air and vaporized on the spot.

“Pfft, pfft…”

There was a faint sound.

That familiar heatwave, that faint sound that lingered in the nightmare every midnight, that white flame that suddenly bloomed in the void…

At the first moment, it made Yu Lingdis soul tremble.

It was as if he had returned to the nightmare battle in the Eighth Palace.

“Infernal White Flame”

He suddenly looked back.

Yu Lingdi did not even dare to delay the slightest bit of time.

He looked back at the person who had spoken behind him as if he was facing a great enemy.

She was dressed in black.

“Trial officer” Yu Lingdi was stunned.

At an instant, he even thought that the Saint Servants Sleeveless had returned.

But when he turned around, he saw a young girl carrying a huge cauldron.

Her face was filled with anger.

She had a huge strength that did not match her graceful figure.

She also had a fiery temper that was similar to that of the Infernal White Flame.

As soon as she landed, she frowned and scolded.

“Who are you”

“Where are you from” “How dare you come to my place Im in charge of the inner area.

Who gave you the order to cross the border”

Xu Xiaoshou secretly heaved a sigh of relief after the life-and-death crisis was resolved.

He looked around but did not know whether to laugh or cry.

Hua Ying… Why did this little girl come And why did she become a trial officer

Yu Lingdis brows furrowed deeply.

He sensed the tyrannical aura of the Sovereign (stage) in the sky, and he could faintly feel that it had 80-90% of the power of his Sovereign (stage).

He then looked at the Infernal White Flame, which was burning with heaven and earth element, and made some guesses about the identity of this young girl.

“Holy Palace, Infernal Lineage”

Yu Lingdi only knew that a special envoy had come from the Holy Palace, but he did not know that this person had the same ability as the Saint Servant Sleeveless in his nightmare.

“My name is Hua Ying.”

Hua Ying acted as if she did not know her Uncle Xu at all.

She did not even glance at him as she stared at Yu Lingdi.

“Whats your name Youre quite young Youre also a trial officer Youre a stowaway, arent you You dont even know Im in charge of this area Evildoer, show your true identity!”

She was like a chatterbox.

As she spoke, she put down the cauldron in her hand.


The ground shattered.

Yu Lingdi was slightly stunned.

His expression quickly darkened as he said, “Since youre a trial officer, you should know who has the right to randomly appear in this area youre in charge of.”

“Who is it”

Hua Ying was stunned but she quickly reacted.

“Oh, youre the trial officers Chief Commander, the Spirit Division Chief, Yu Lingdi” Yu Lingdis heart was filled with anger, and he had nowhere to vent it.

But he could also see that this girl was really stupid!

“Youre so young” Hua Ying was then surprised.

She picked up the cauldron and jogged over, sizing him up.

She then said curiously, “I thought the chief of the six divisions are all from the previous era.

They are all old men, but youre actually so young.

Could it be… Ugh! I didnt say anything!” Yu Lingdis face darkened.

After the surprise, Hua Ying was no longer hesitating.

She glanced at her Uncle Xu and asked tentatively, “Then, Chief Commander, what brings you here” “Didnt you see” Yu Lingdi asked back with a cold tone.

He was just one step away from confirming the truth.

Now, he was interrupted by this stupid girl.

How could he not be angry Hua Ying smiled thoughtlessly, “Chief Commander, you also like Young Master Xu Unfortunately, he is the one I liked first.

Even if you want to test his ability, he has already been taken by me!” This time, she smiled brightly.

Yu Lingdi was stunned before he reacted.

This girl was not really stupid.

She could tell that he was testing Young Master Xus, as well as his guardians abilities.

In addition, Young Master Xu might be facing a death threat, so she stood out to protect him

After Yu Lingdi reacted, he understood better.

The six divisions were subordinate organizations of the Holy Divine Palace.

Sword Deity Rao had indeed chosen Young Master Xu, and Yu Lingdi had also chosen him.

They all wanted to pull him into the camp of the Holy Divine Palace.

But the Holy Palace had also chosen Young Master Xu.

The difference was that the Holy Divine Palace valued Young Master Xus aura, cultivation level, and ability to conduct alchemy.

But what the Holy Palace valued was Young Master Xus status as a fourth-grade Sovereign (stage) of conducting alchemy!

“He also has a sub-occupation of conducting alchemy…” Yu Lingdi sighed in his heart.

He had naturally forgotten about this matter.

Only after a while did he remember.

He was a little speechless.

This person knew too many things, didnt he

In essence.

The status of the Holy Palace was equal to that of the Holy Divine Palace.

This time, Hua Yings sudden intention could be completely explained.

She didnt come out by chance.

She was competing with the Holy Divine Palace! With the Holy Divine Palaces bad impression given to him, what impression would Young Master Xu have of the two factions if she, the representative of the Holy Palace, came out to help

Without a doubt, one was good and the other was bad!

According to Yu Lingdis plan, no matter how Young Master Xu angered him, he wouldnt hurt him.

Even if he was forced to the last resort, he would only want to see how he resisted.

No matter how extreme he was, as long as he did not make a move, he would explain again after his validation.

This small problem between the two sides could be solved in an instant.

Yu Lingdi could even take advantage of the situation and express the Holy Divine Palaces approval and appreciation for Young Master Xus ability to remain calm in the face of danger.

The situation was bound to succeed!

People could be roped in, identities could be verified, and the mission could be completed!


Such an evil-minded girl had appeared out of nowhere, and Yu Lingdi no longer could act following what he had planned.

Along the way, she had also destroyed the good opportunity.

However, the timing of her appearance was just right.

She had painted herself a picture of a good person.

In the name of the Holy Palace, she was snatching the person away from Yu Lingdi.

For a moment, even Yu Lingdi, who had a good temperament, was angered to the point that smoke was coming out of his head by Hua Yings appearance.

He even had the intention to make a move!

However, could he kill the envoy of the Holy Palace

“Why are you looking at me this way”

Hua Ying was glared at fiercely by Yu Lingdi.

She was a little scared, but she said confidently, “I also have status.

Im only here for fun as a trial officer.

Im not afraid of you…”

When she saw Yu Lingdis expression change, Hua Yings tone changed as well.

“But dont worry Chief Commander, theres no problem with the area Im in charge of, except you.” Yu Lingdi was furious.

This girl was not afraid of his status at all.

She was just here to disgust people!

However, he did not make a move.

He could only suffer and have nowhere to vent his anger.

If he made a move, the trial officer under him would transform into a special envoy of the Holy Palace with extraordinary status.

He couldnt afford to offend her.

He was fought in between.

This anger was as if could crush his teeth and swallow his blood.

But he had to endure it!

On the other side.

Xu Xiaoshou didnt expect that Hua Ying would suddenly appear out of nowhere and directly rescue him.

In the beginning, he was just speculating like Yu Lingdi.

He felt that the timing of Hua Yings appearance was simply wonderful.

The special envoy of the Holy Palace had gone head-on with the chief of the six divisions.

He had stopped halfway because there was an important person of the Infernal Lineage.

The reason was that she was a fourth-grade Sovereign (stage) in conducting alchemy.

It was simply perfect!

It was unassailable!

But then he thought about it…

Perhaps Miss Hua didnt have the brains to think so much.

It was simply because she saw that her Uncle Xu was in trouble and had carried the cauldron out to shout around.

But what a coincidence!

No matter what, Yu Lingdis aura had already been broken, and he could no longer make a move.

If he pulled a long face again, he would have to fight against the Holy Palace and Demi-Saint Xu Clan, the two giants.

The scene suddenly became quiet.

The atmosphere had reached its peak just now.

One died and the other was injured.

But now it suddenly became so harmonious.

Hua Ying was stunned too.

Seeing that everyone was silent, she looked left and right.

Anyway, she did not know the reason, and she also wanted to be the peacemaker.

Thus she said, “Its fine now Its fine… then its over”

The corner of Yu Lingdis mouth twitched, and he clenched his fist slightly before releasing it again.

Xu Xiaoshou secretly laughed in his heart.

This time, he concluded that Hua Ying was really stupid and could not see anything.

However, he had to give face to the Chief of the Spirit Division.

Xu Xiaoshou couldnt withstand the next wave of thorough investigations of the chief commander of the trial officer.

Therefore, he gave a way out.

“Is it over, the chief commander of the trial officer” Xu Xiaoshou chuckled as if the confrontation just now didnt exist at all.

He said calmly, “If you cant give evidence and want to forcefully test it, I can understand the situation.”

“However, you didnt ask me if I can explain your suspicions!” Xu Xiaoshou slightly raised his head, full of aura.

Yu Lingdis face darkened, and he turned his gaze over.

Xu Xiaoshou pointed at Liu Changqing and said, “Divine Secret technique Does the Chief Commander really think that in this world, only the Path Division of the six divisions can study the Divine Secret technique And the others can only study the Way of Spirit Array, not even a little bit of the Divine Secret technique”

Yu Lingdi sneered, “Thats not the case.

The timing, the character, and the location and ability of the guardians beside you cannot be explained! As long as there is doubt, we have the responsibility and obligation to solve it on the spot.

As for you How else can you explain it”

Xu Xiaoshou sighed and shook his head, indicating that he still could not agree with the other partys words.

He spread his hands, palms facing upwards.

His fingertips moved agilely like dancing.

“Then what about this Can this be explained” The patterns of the Divine Array could be seen.

In Xu Xiaoshous hands, a small-scale Divine Array of path mechanisms was formed.

The surrounding space was modified.

His face directly changed into Yu Lingdis appearance.

Yu Lingdi was stunned.

Hua Ying was stunned.

Liu Changqing was also stunned.

“Suspected, Passive Points 3.” Xin Gugu was the only one present, looking at Xu Xiaoshous little trick, and felt a surge of admiration.

Bringing out the Divine Secret technique at this time was truly amazing! Even he, who wasnt very smart, could see that for the Demi-Saint Xu Clan to have a guardian who had Divine Secret technique wasnt a problem at all.

How could Yu Lingdi still be suspicious But the key point was… If it was someone else, this situation would be like a hole in the sky that couldnt be mended!

But how could Xu Xiaoshou know so much! Xin Gugu sighed silently, once again marveling at Xu Xiaoshous methods.

This fellow knew too many things.

Time and time again, he was able to make the fake into the real and the black into the pure white!

“Divine Secret…”

“How is this possible” Yu Lingdi was stunned.

He looked athimself in front of him and then the Divine Path Pattern on the hand of thehimself, he knew that this was undoubtedly the Divine Secret of the Path Division.

“The Demi-Saint Xu Clan has the inheritance of Divine Secret” Yu Lingdi asked in surprise.

Xu Xiaoshou rolled his eyes and said directly, “No, this Divine Secret was developed by me on my own.

I call it the Weaving technique.” Yu Lingdi was speechless.

He was about to collapse.

He did not expect that the other party could directly provide the evidence on the and deny his suspicion on the spot.

“You should have said it earlier…” Yu Lingdi stopped in the mid of his sentence.

Xu Xiaoshou was very vicious.

Seeing that the atmosphere had calmed down, how could he not take a bite

“Did you give me a chance to speak Youre so aggressive as if youre rushing to be reincarnated!” he pursed his lips.

Yu Lingdi was dumbfounded.

Xu Xiaoshou turned a blind eye to his dumbfounded expression and continued, “Besides, if she didnt turn up, and if I revealed my Divine Secret technique, how would I know that you wouldnt have a second excuse You might say that two ghost beasts who mastered the Divine Secret technique had appeared in the Sky City, and one of them happened to have the same ability as mine” he pointed at Hua Ying and said.

Hua Ying smiled brightly.

She thought to herself, “Im really useful.

Uncle Xu has given me his recognition.

It was right that I showed up.”

Yu Lingdi was speechless.

This time, he was really embarrassed.

The Divine Secret was indeed not unique to the Path Division.

It was just that the Path Division was specialized in it.

The legacy of the Divine Secret was scattered in the outside world, and there was no systematic way to cultivate it.

Most of the wild Divine Secret Sorcerers were not proficient in it.

They couldnt even be called aDivine sorcerer.

It was considered good enough to be called aDivine Man.

But the Demi-Saint family was different!

As long as one wanted to learn it, they were qualified to enter the Path Division.

Although the important parts of the Divine Secret technique of the Path Division could not be taught to outsiders, as long as after a few generations, there would be a small number of people who received the true inheritance and brought some of their abilities back to the clan.

They would secretly cultivate some good seedlings in the clan who could resist the Divine Sorcerer.

It was just a tacit understanding.

It would not show up until the critical moment.

Yu Lingdi finally felt relieved.

It turned out that after fighting for a long time, they actually almost fought to the death in the end.

In the end, he was indeed wrong…


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