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Chapter 830 Bodies of Your Levels Are Quite Fragile…

In the inner area of the Yunlun Mountain Range.

In the underground lava, a shirtless young man was bathing.

He was holding a mysterious flame crystal in his hand, and his aura was extraordinary.

His eyes were tightly closed.

Every time he breathed the spiritual source in and out, the hot and intense fire-type element shot out from his mouth and nose like a dragon snake.

The energy of the lava was too great.

Soon, as the Dao principles around his body changed, the fluctuations of the fire-type crystal spread out.

The young mans Sea of Qi surged, and a sense of enlightenment that could break through confusion spread out.

He opened his eyes.

The young mans eyes were filled with surprise.

“So powerful!”

“Fire-type origin stone, as expected of a supreme treasure.”

“Combined with this fire-type lava, in just half a day, it broke through the bottleneck that had trapped me at the peak of the Ying Yang State, allowing me to easily step into the Star Worship State.” “The stars in the sky have returned.

Now that I have the fire-type origin stone in my hand, I nearly made it to the level of no one under the Sovereign (stage) can defeat me!” The young mans name was Xiao Jing, the descendant of the Higher Void (level) of the Eastern Region.

After fighting for the origin stone in the inner area of the Yunlun Mountain Range and obtaining the supreme treasure, he was hiding here.

In just half a day, he had completed his breakthrough and reached the most difficult state of the Grandmaster Realm — the Star Worship State.

“After stabilizing my realm, its time to go out.”

After his breakthrough, the injuries all over his body had been healed by the boundless fire-type energy in the lava.

Xiao Jing held the origin stone in his hand, and a fierce look flashed through his eyes.

On the ground, there were still too many people wandering and waiting to kill him.

This time, Xiao Jing was confident that with the help of the fire-type origin stone, he could kill all the hundred-odd Master (stage) who were chasing after him!

“Where did he go”

On the ground, just as Xiao Jing had guessed, the two hundred odd Master (stage) were conducting a thorough search.

In the end, they searched every rock and cave within a one-mile radius, but they couldnt find Xiao Jings hiding place.

“D*mn it, this kid is seriously injured.

He really knows how to hide… Where can he go” someone was anxious and cursed angrily.

There were also fire-type Master (stage) who, after finding no results, had a close look at comprehension.

A look of pleasant surprise flashed across their faces.

“Underground!” “Deep underground, there seems to be a treasure ground.

I can vaguely sense the perception of the fire-type element.

Perhaps its a fire-type mineral range that is concealed by an array, or perhaps its magma at the bottom of the mountain.” “Xiao Jing is a fire-type.

He might be hiding underground!” Some people were skeptical.

“It cant be that serious, right That guy was chased by us until he was half-dead, and now hes still going into magma.

Isnt he courting death” “He has a fire-type origin stone.

Its a magical origin stone.

He might be able to make a breakthrough with the help of the dense fire element underground!” The fire-type Master clearly understood the peculiarity of his attribute.

To ordinary people, magma was terrifying.

However, if a fire-type physical body of a Master (stage) was in good condition, with some secret techniques, he could cultivate in the depths of the lava.

It was very likely that Xiao Jing, a Higher Void descendant, would be able to do it.

“Then lets go underground!”

“Boom!” “Crush the ground and dig 3000 feet underground.

We have to find the person!” The group of Master (stage) found a new target.

They waved their spiritual source together and launched a barrage of attacks on this mountain peak.

“Rumble…” “Rumble…”

The ground was penetrated by hundreds of feet.

Everyone focused their attention and attacked with their full strength.

No one could sense that three figures were rushing down from a small mountain in the distance.

“Young Master Xu, weve arrived.” On the mountain, Liu Changqing was holding the trial jade pendant.

He was astonished as he watched the 200 odd Master (stage) cultivators attacking the ground in a frenzy.

“Is the person hiding underground” Xin Gugu raised his eyebrows.

Judging from the situation, it seemed that the group of Master (stage) was trying to kill the owner of the fire-type origin stone but they couldnt find the person.

Thus, they began to bombard the area.

Xu Xiaoshou used hisPerception to probe the area.

Within a radius of 10 miles, there was no powerful fire-type energy.

On the contrary, a large amount of pure fire attribute energy was hiding underground, but it was concealed by the Dao principles.

However, this could fool others, but not Xu Xiaoshou.

“A familiar smell…” Xu Xiaoshou smiled as he recalled the scene of digging up the Infernal Original Seed in the Spirit Fusion Swamp.

At that time, the pool of magma in the depths of the underground was emitting a much more terrifying aura than what he could sense now.

A beam ofPerception pierced directly towards the area where the fire attribute undulations were.

When he sensed the fire attributes Dao principles, Xu Xiaoshou felt as if he had entered an uninhabited land.

With a thought, he broke the hidden array.

“What pure energy!” The aura emitted from the underground lava was tempting.

However, what surprised Xu Xiaoshou, even more, was a young man was sitting among them.

He was cultivating with his eyes closed and holding a crystal in his hand.

The most tempting fire attributes Dao principles aura was transmitting from the crystal.

“This is… the fire-type origin stone” Xu Xiaoshou was enlightened.

He retracted hisPerception and looked at the movements of hundreds of Master (stage) cultivators in the distance.

He smiled and said, “Good show, it has started!”

Xin Gugu said excitedly, “Young Master Xu, tell me, how should we kill them Should we surround them and beat them up, or should the three of us fight them all” Liu Changqing also looked over with anticipation.

“No rush.”

Xu Xiaoshou waved his hand, and the corner of his mouth lifted.

“Theres still time before the person and those people on the ground meet.

Let me set up a formation to catch all of them in one go.” “Set up a formation” Liu Changqing was shocked, and the corner of his lips curled up.

He said in telepathic communication, “Young Master Xu, you cant use the Divine Secret technique recklessly…” “Who said that I only know the Divine Secret technique” Xu Xiaoshou looked at him and chuckled.

“To deal with these people, a few nested spiritual array is enough.

Why do we use the Divine Secret technique” Liu Changqing was speechless.

Xu Xiaoshou raised both his hands, and the Thirty-Six Heavens Sealed Array that he had seen in the White Cave flashed through his mind.

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To deal with these guys, he naturally didnt need to set up all the great array.

Moreover, he couldnt set up a great array that was the same as the one used by red-clothed people in the White Cave.

He made some modifications.

It was enough to trap these guys.

“What a pity.

Why are there so few people I thought I would meet thousands of people this time!” Xu Xiaoshou set up the array secretly while feeling regret.

He also knew that he had missed the first battlefield because of the delay caused by Yu Lingdi.

Otherwise, more people would be trapped this time.

But it didnt matter.

He could just wait for them!

As long as he had the fire-type origin stone in hand, would he need to worry that no one would be tempted to come from other places Xiao Jing was resting with his eyes closed underground, the 200 odd Master (stage) cultivators were bombarding the ground, Xu Xiaoshou was secretly setting up the array… “Is this what we calleda mantis stalks a cicada while an oriole follows behind” Xin Gugu looked at Xu Xiaoshou, who was standing by the side with his hands fluttering in the wind, and thought to himself that the moral degeneration of the world was getting worse, and peoples hearts were unpredictable.

“Ive seen the bottom!”

“Its indeed a spiritual array.

D*mn it, Xiao Jing isnt a Spirit Array Caster.

This is definitely the array wheel that he brought.”

“What a huge array wheel.

It could envelop all of such a huge fire essence lava and not leak a single bit of its aura.

No wonder we couldnt find him.”

“The descendant of the Higher Void (level) is so terrifying…” “Hehe, but so what if hes terrifying If we can find him, its the end for this fellow!”

200 odd Master (stage) cultivators blasted through the ground in just a short while.

A deep pit that was thousands of feet wide and deep was blasted out from the top of the mountain.

Such great power that could seize the heavens and earth would probably be included in myths likethe foolish old man moves the mountain in the mortal world.

However, at this moment, no one felt that it was strange.

After all, to the Master (stage), moving the mountain and the sea was a piece of cake.

“Xiao Jing, its your time to die.

If you know whats good for you, quickly come out and hand over the fire-type origin stone obediently!” Outside the spiritual array, a burly man holding a scimitar shouted.

The level of the Spiritual Array wasnt low.

All of the people present were geniuses of Spiritual Cultivator.

They werent old, and all of their time was spent on cultivation.

None of them had ever cultivated the Way of Spirit Array.

If they wanted to break the array by force, they would have to resort to some means.

However, if they could call the person out, the result would be completely different.

It would save time and effort.

It would also save them the risk that the lava might cause.

The crowd ridiculed them.

All kinds of swear words and curses covered the sky and earth.

They were just trying to see if they could anger Xiao Jing and force him out, but they didnt have much hope.

However, in just a few words, the lava suddenly surged.

“As you wish!”

With a shout, a shirtless figure suddenly rushed out of the underground lava.

Xiao Jings eyebrows were wide open, and his black hair fluttered in the wind.

The flowing hot lava slid down from his perfect muscle lines and splashed on the spiritual array below, making achi chi sound.

“Xiao Jing!” “Its Xiao Jing.

This guy really dares to come out.

Holy sh*t!” “Look at his cultivation level…” “Star Worship State!” “He broke through to Star Worship State!” Out of the 200 Master (stage) cultivators, someone had seen through and felt fear in his heart.

Everyone was a genius, and they had suppressed their cultivation level to enter the Yunlun Mountain Range.

However, after breaking through, some of them could only enter the Heavenly Image Stage and some Yin-Yang State.

However, breaking through three realms in a row and entering the Star Worship State was extremely rare.

After all, how many years of cultivation would one at the Innate Stage take to break through three realms and enter the Peak of the Master


It was simply impossible! But now, Xiao Jing, who had only displayed the cultivation level of the middle-late-stage of the Ying Yang State, had used the fire-type origin stone to break through to the Peak of the Master (stage), the Star Worship State! Could a Star Worship State person take on 200 Heavenly Image State or Yin Yang State


This was something that everyone knew well.

However, if he was a Master (stage) of the fire-type holding a fire-type origin stone in his hand, and was a descendant of the Higher Void (level), the outcome of the battle between the two would be hard to say.

At the very least, to win against Xiao Jing, half of these 200 odd Master (stage) cultivators would have to lie down! “D*mn it, how did this guy break through to the Star WorshipSstate Is the fire-type origin stone so strong Its only been half a day, how did he do it…” someone panicked.

No one was willing to be the first to stand out and stroke the beard of a furious Star Worship State cultivator.

After cursing the person out of the lava, the 200 odd Master (stage) cultivators were afraid.

As for Xiao Jing, who was furious and trying to take revenge, the killing intent in his heart could not be controlled.

“Go to hell!”

He shouted.

Xiao Jing, who was standing in the air, flipped his hand and grabbed a huge halberd.

Then, he moved nimbly like a fish swimming in the water.

He only took one step forward.

“Spirit Nether Steps!”

Xiao Jing rushed to the front of the burly man holding a scimitar who was the first to curse.

He waved his huge halberd, and the fire source vibrated.

The principle of Dao exploded, and the element cleared from the ground.

“Raging Wave, sweeping the sand!” He struck horizontally across his chest like a wave crashing onto the shore, shocking the sand in the sky.

This wave not only had the power to destroy, but it also had the burning of fire.

The speed of the halberd was so fast that the man on the opposite side didnt even have time to react.

Star Worship State versus Heavenly Image State.

A qualitative suppression.


It was just a single strike.

The perfectly executed Master (stage) spiritual techniques caused the chest of the burly man who had spoken arrogantly to be covered in blood and flesh.

His entire body was thrown out.

Xiao Jing succeeded with his halberd.

He took advantage of the situation and turned around, turning the sweeping force into a palm.

In the air.

He clenched his fist toward the figure that was sent flying by him.

“Flame Explosion!” Poison of fire seeped into his body.

At this moment, he took over the spiritual source of the muscular mans Sea of Energy and ignited it.

Bang! Blood and flesh flew in the air.

Everyone was shocked.

That man was crushed by Xiao Jing in the air.

“Exploded” “Is Xiao Jing crazy He killed people directly” “The trial jade pendant can protect Zhang Haos body and send him out of the Yunlun Mountain Range.

But at that moment, the pain that his soul suffered could kill Zhang Haos consciousness!” “This guy is serious…” 200 odd Master (stage) cultivators were scared by a fierce guy.

Xiao Jing, who was holding a fire-type origin stone and a big halberd, jumped out of the lava at this moment.

He was like furious flame godhood, looking down at the surroundings and covering the whole scene.

“What are you afraid of” “We have offended him anyway.

Is the descendant of the Higher Void (level) so great After entering the Yunlun Mountain Range and becoming a trial taker, everyone is equal.” “Go! This guy is a close-ranged combatant.

We will attack him from afar!” There were a few shouts.

Everyones aura rose again.

With an idea in mind, the 200 odd Master (stage) cultivators pulled apart the distance and gathered spiritual sources across the air.

All kinds of attacks came at them from all directions.

“Its the same trick again!”

Annoyance flashed across Xiao Jings eyes.

He was a close-combat player.

When faced with such an inhumane team, he had no other choice but to take advantage of them one by one.

Fortunately, he had the help of the fire-type origin stone this time.

Under the overwhelming energy attacks, Xiao Jing lowered his eyelids.

He clenched his left hand and entered a state of epiphany.

Then, he opened his eyes again, and joy flashed through his eyes.

“Theres a flaw!”

At that moment, the fusion of the Way of the Heavens allowed him to grasp the three gaps in the attack.

What he wanted to do was to pass through one of the gaps and instantly kill the dozens of people on the side.

“Spirit Nether Step!”

He crossed his arms and dodged.

Although he was trapped, Xiao Jing felt like he had entered a state of no one.

He brushed past all kinds of energy attacks and used the smallest price to rush in front of the 10 or so people closest to him.


The faces of the 10 or so people were shocked by the sudden appearance.

They turned around and grabbed the spiritual weapon.

But it was too late.

Xiao Jing held the fire-type origin stone again.

Time and space seemed to freeze.

At this moment, he had the clearest judgment of the battle situation in front of him.

“Dragon Snake Flame Sweep!”

Empty steps, striking the halberd.

Another step, collapsing the air.

The spiritual source of the Sea of Qi transformed into a fire-type dragon snake and struck down with the halberd.

The scorching energy directly covered the dozens of people in front of him.

“Its over…”

At this moment, only the 10 or so Master (stage) cultivators were really facing Xiao Jing.

Only then did they know how terrifying a Master (stage) of the Star Worship State with a fire-type energy stone was.

They couldnt withstand it at all!

Seeing that the fire-type energy had instantly invaded his Sea of Qi, Xiao Jing flipped his palm across the sky and was about to clench it.

Everyones heart was filled with the desire to die.

It was the special secret technique of the Xiao family in the Higher Void (level), the Explosive Fire Poison.

It was the Peak of the Masters spiritual technique, Flame Explosion.

“Go to hell!” Xiao Jing shouted sternly and clenched his palm tightly.


It was a soft sound.

Xiao Jing was shocked to discover that not only did the 10 or so Master (stage) of them not die, they didnt explode either.

On the contrary, there was another person in front of him!

And in his palm, there was a fist! “Who is he” Just as this thought flashed in his mind, Xiao Jing felt a terrifying force explode in the palm that was holding this persons fist.

He couldnt resist it!

“Bang –“

There was an explosion.

Xiao Jing only used a small grip strength.

However, after he clenched the fist of the person in front of him, the recoil force and cutting force from that persons hand directly cut off his five fingers and sent him flying! The blood mist dispersed.

The entire place was deathly silent! This scene caused the 200 odd Master (stage) cultivators present to be dumbfounded.

Xu Xiaoshou was also stunned.

He stared blankly at the young man in front of him who had only his wrist left from the explosion because he had clenched his fist.

For a moment, an apologetic look appeared on his face.

“Im sorry, I rarely fight with Master (stage).

For a moment, I forgot that the bodies of your level are quite fragile…”


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