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Chapter 833 Sang Ye Comes along! An Invitation Letter!


Xin Gugu looked at the 200 odd Master (stage) cultivators who had sworn to join the Xiao Xu Faction and then turned to look at Young Master Xu.

His heart was filled with admiration that was like the endless water of three rivers.

It was so awesome!

How did Xu Xiaoshous brain grow Why was he always able to make people risk their lives recklessly to fight for him In the end, you would realize that all he had given up was just a little toy that he did not need at all…

“Lauded, Passive Points 1.”

Xu Xiaoshou felt something unusual and looked back at Xin Gugu.

Seeing the incredulous expression on this guys face, he asked with a smile, “What did you learn this time” Xin Gugu said, “I learned true shamelessness and no lower limit.”

“Get lost!” Xu Xiaoshou couldnt help but laugh as he gave this fellow a vicious kick.

Xin Gugus buttocks tilted but he didnt manage to dodge.

He was kicked and embedded into the huge rock.

Soon after, none of the 216 Master (stage) cultivators chose to quit.

All of them swore to join the Xiao Xu Faction.

Everyone was very smart.

10,000 points, they could just kill a few people to pay for it as long as they wanted to.

But origin stones were a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity! Young Master Xu only had fire-type origin stone at the moment and too many people couldnt use it.

What would happen next According to what he had said, everyone in the entire Yunlun Mountain Range was still sharpening their spears at the very last moment facing the unknown origin stones appearance.

But Young Master Xu already had a complete plan — monopoly! If the Way of the Sword of Sovereign (stage) led 200 Master (stage) cultivators to charge over, even Chong Yuan, who was ranked first, would have to kneel down! What would happen next Would they still be afraid that there were no more origin stones of other elements

When the others realized the situation, it would still be uncertain if they could establish a force that could fight against the Xu Faction and Xiao Xu Faction.

Even if it was established, could they stop them

Once Young Master Xu took the origin stones… With his Demi-Saint descendants identity, it would not be good for the other Demi-Saint descendants in the Yunlun Mountain Range to lead their troops to fight for the origin stones, right “Young Master Xu, I request for the origin stone comprehension.” Xiao Jing was the first to rush over after taking the oath.

He had experienced the benefits of the fire-type origin stone.

10,000 points wasnt a problem for him.

What he wanted was a speedy advancement in cultivation level.


Xu Xiaoshou smiled and handed the fire-type origin stone over.

“Im not in a hurry for the points.

You might need to comprehend for 20 odd days! When you feel that its enough, give the points to me in one go.

After all, at most you guys only have two chances left to beplundered.”

“Alright,” Xiao Jing was touched.

It was indeed the case.

If he comprehended once and the trial jade pendant was plundered once, then there would be no sign of him in the Yunlun Mountain Range after two days.

When the Master (stage) cultivators by the side saw that the fire-type origin stone had been applied at the first instance, they were all a little anxious.

“Young Master Xu, Im also fire-type.

I can add points and apply for comprehending the fire-type stone before the leader!” said someone.

Xiao Jing swept his gaze over fiercely.

D*mn it, why was there a senseless member in the Xiao Xu Faction that dared to fight with the leader for the fire-type stone “Im also a fire-type.

I also request to comprehend the fire-type origin stone immediately.

Im about to break through to the Ying Yang State.

After breaking through, Ill definitely be able to bring more help to Young Master Xu.” “Im also a fire-type…” “Im also…” All of a sudden, dozens of people swarmed over.

Among the spiritual cultivators of the five domains of the continent, the five elements were the most numerous.

The Master (stage) cultivators present who could fight their way from the first battlefield to the second battlefield must have been coveting the fire-type origin stone.

Among them, the fire attributes spiritual cultivators were naturally the most numerous.

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Xu Xiaoshou saw the change in the situation and he smiled instantly.

“Everyone.” He waved his hand, and everyone suppressed their fighting spirit and looked over.

Xu Xiaoshou said, “Have you forgotten that we are not enemies now, but comrades For this fire-type origin stone, no rule states that only one person can comprehend the fire-type origin stone at a time!” Everyone was stunned.

Xin Gugu instantly slapped his thigh from behind.

“F*ck, thats awesome!” he cursed directly.

That was right.

Who said that only one person could comprehend the fire-type origin stone at a time

If this thing was placed in the middle, as long as the person was a fire-type, wouldnt he be able to start cultivating by sitting cross-legged and using spiritual senses As long as they didnt fight, and were amicable.

This place was the best place for the fire-type Spiritual Cultivators to cultivate!

And since everyone was a member of the Xiao Xu Faction, did they need to fight like before for the ownership of the fire-type origin stone If they fought again, this origin stone would still belong to Young Master Xu! Everyone realized in an instant and suddenly felt a little envious.

Based on this reasoning… At first, everyone thought that Young Master Xu could only earn 10,000 origin stones a day.

But now, it was unlimited! If he had 10,000 Master (stage), fire-type cultivators, under him, he could earn 100 million points a day! “Im convinced,” Xiao Jing finally realized Young Master Xus true intention.

“Im convinced too,” the people at the side also thought through this point.

Points, to people like Young Master Xu and his brain, it was really not a problem to earn! “Take a seat.

As long as you are a fire-type, start cultivating.

Xiao Jing, take down your name.

Once you have accumulated enough points, transfer them to me,” Xu Xiaoshou said.

He knew that his motive had been seen through, so he wasnt ashamed.

To be able to do such a thing, one had to be extremely powerful in the first place.

How many people in the entire Yunlun Mountain Range could make hundreds of Master (stage) cultivators sit together, cultivate without any ill feelings, and not worry about being ambushed or attacked halfway At least for now, there was only one! As long as he, Xu Xiaoshou, was around, the array around him would not be broken.

This fire-type origin stone could bring him hundreds of thousands of points every day.

And this was only the beginning… Xu Xiaoshou looked at the fire-type spiritual cultivators who were sitting cross-legged cultivating.

He then looked into the distance and at an unknown place.

He muttered to himself, “I hope the destined person will appear soon and help me find more Path Principles Origin Stone.” When the surrounding spiritual cultivators of other attributes saw their fire-type companions begin to sit down, they were all very envious.

However, the origin stone had a single attribute.

At this moment, they could not do anything.

“Young Master Xu, while they are cultivating, what do we do” asked the others.

They were standing by the side idly.

Why didnt they go out and earn some points for their cultivation fees

Xu Xiaoshou saw through their thoughts and waved his hand.

He said, “Go ahead but dont fight alone.

If you meet anyone, just swarm together.

I dont lack points, but if one of the members of the Xiao Xu Faction is missing, I will feel sorry.”

Even though they knew that this was a method to win over peoples hearts…

However, when they heard this, they couldnt help but feel touched.

Immediately, the other hundred or so Master (stage) cultivators wanted to go out together and start harvesting for the origin stone cultivation fees.

“Wait!” Seeing these people leaving in a hurry, Xu Xiaoshou hurriedly called out to them.

“Whats the matter” everyone looked back.

Xu Xiaoshou said, “When you go out and before you fight, there are two things that you need to confirm.

One is to ask if the opponent is from the First Pavilion in the Sky, and the other is to ask if the enemy is a member of the Xu Faction.” Everyone suddenly realized.

Young Master Xu had too many people under him.

He was afraid that the floodwater would flood the Dragon King Temple!


Everyone guaranteed him instantly.

They rushed out in high spirits to earn points after Xu Xiaoshou uplifted the seal of the array.

“Tsk, tsk…”

Not far away, the sound of grinding teeth could be heard.

Xu Xiaoshou turned his head.

It was Xin Gugu who was rubbing his butt.

He smiled and said, “Whats wrong with you again”

Xin Gugu pursed his lips and said in a strange tone, “Good job, Young Master Xu.

With just a few words, another group of people will help you earn points.

You are now in third place on the point board.

I reckon that when the points are calculated, you will leap on to the top by 10 streets.” Xu Xiaoshou raised his eyebrows, “10 streets Thats it”

Xin Gugu was speechless.

“Cursed, Passive Points 1.”

The situation of the Xiao Xu Faction had stabilized.

The Master (stage) fire-type cultivators began to cultivate while the others went out to earn points.

Xu Xiaoshou was waiting.

He was waiting for the next Path Principles Origin Stone to appear.

At the same time, he used the coordinates of the fire-type origin stone to lure more future members over to the Xiao Xu Faction.

At this moment, he could see many people surrounding the array.

“Very good.” Xu Xiaoshou held the black sword, Hidden Bitter, not disturbing his subordinates cultivation, and slowly walked over.

“Its time to remove the illusion effect of the array and let my future members come in to cultivate.


In the Southern Region of Yunlun Mountain Range…

Not a single blade of grass grew on the rocky ground in the wilderness.

A short man with white hair and a young face was floating aimlessly with his bare feet about an inch above the ground.

“When can I come out…” Ye Xiaotian was feeling very depressed.


He was a stowaway.

After sealing his cultivation level and changing his appearance, as the principal of Tiansang Spirit Palace, he did not go with the disciples of the Inner Yard, but he did enter the Yunlun Mountain Range.

His motive was not the trial, but something else.

“Elder Sang…” His hand touched his chest.

In his chest, there was a letter lying quietly with a faint burning aura.

Ye Xiaotian did not want to get involved in this mess.

In the beginning, he did not know that Elder Sang was the Saint Servant, Sleeveless.

Due to suspicion, he asked Zhao Xidong to investigate.

After the results of the investigation were out, there was nothing else to do.

So what if he knew

So what if he didnt know Tiansang Spirit Palace had its position.

Elder Sang didnt want the people of the Spirit Palace to know about his second identity because he was afraid that he would drag his people down.

Ye Xiaotian thought that if he let go of Elder Sang, everything would be fine.

But things didnt go according to his expectations.

In the battle of the Eighth Palace, Sang Qiye was shot by Ai Cangsheng of the Holy Divine Palace and was captured by the devil.

Xu Xiaoshou joined the Saint Servant out of revenge… Ye Xiaotian couldnt do anything about it.

He couldnt stop it at all.

Even if he could, he didnt want to stop it.

Everyone had their own ambitions.

The Great Path faced the sky, and everyone went their own way.

Since Elder Sang chose the Saint Servant, it meant that he had completely cut off contact with the Tiansang Spirit Palace.

In the Eight Palace, others couldnt see it, but Ye Xiaotian witnessed the whole process of Elder Sang being captured using the spatial image.

It could be said that…

If he, Ye Xiaotian wanted to, even if Elder Sang was possessed by the devil, he could save him with spatial teleportation.

But it was useless.

So what if he was saved by him Ai Cangshengs arrow, not to mention Ye Xiaotian who was in the realm of the Sovereign (stage), even Elder Sang from the Higher Void (level) could not save him.

After saving him, what would happen next He would watch Elder Sang die of old age He would not save him!

Ye Xiaotian chose to cut off all ties with the past.

This trip to Dongtianwang City escorting the Inner Yard disciples to battle at the Yunlun Mountain Range was originally just a small matter.

However, before he left, Luo Leilei, who used to be a disciple of the Inner Yard and was now a disciple of the Saint Servant, sent over a letter.

It was a sealed letter with a faint infernal aura.

It was only for Ye Xiaotian to see.

And only he could unseal it.

“Completely sever…” Ye Xiaotian thought about his previous decision and struggled for three whole days.

Then, he chose to unseal the seal and take a look.

After that, he regretted it.

If he didnt unseal the letter, he would have already returned to Tiansang Spirit Palace at this time.

He would continue to live in that unremarkable corner of the Spirit Palace and be an outsider in the overall situation.

But after unsealing the letter, Ye Xiaotian had also come here.

“A scourge…” He cursed angrily.

Ye Xiaotian moved his hand away from the envelope of the letter and shook his head.

He looked into the distance and two obscure and hardly noticeable array diagrams appeared in the depths of his eyes.

The scene in his eyes had also become another world.

Outsiders could not pry into it.

However, the world that he saw at this moment was the Tiansang Spirit Palace which was far away.

“How is it now” Ye Xiaotian asked.

Soon, Qiao Qianzhi, the Chief Elder of the spiritual affairs division, spoke in a serious voice.

“Ye Xiaotian! Have you really made up your mind

“I have helped submit your resignation letter.

There is no problem with the process.

I reckon that the position of principal will change hands in two days after the verification by the Holy Divine Palace.

“I have also helped you persuade Old Xiao.

He is willing to take over as the new principal position, but…” Qiao Qianzhis words were filled with worry.

“But, are you really willing to take over Elder Sangs mess When we came out of the Holy Palace, we have said that if we dont want to get involved in worldly affairs.

He has betrayed us.

Are you going to follow in his footsteps” Ye Xiaotians footsteps were as usual as he continued floating.

Even the mystical divine Cloud Realm was unable to spy on him, a Sovereign (stage) of the Dao realm with space attributes, communicating with the outside world in the Yunlun Mountain Range.

Qiao Qianzhis words did not affect Ye Xiaotian.

Without moving his lips, his voice traveled over, “After all, Ive thought about it for three days.

Since Ive decided, theres no need to persuade me anymore.” Qiao Qianzhi sighed and said, “At most two days.

Ill help you get your resignation approved.

What youre going to do next will no longer have anything to do with Tiansang Spirit Palace.” As he spoke, his tone became agitated.

“But for these two days, you better hide well.

If you dare to implicate the people of the Spirit Palace, I will fight to the death to chop you up and feed you to the geese!” “Dont worry,” Ye Xiaotian smiled.

After a pause, he instructed, “On Old Xiaos end, you should also tell him that the three brothers of the Gu family have come to talk to me.

They have no problems.

Old Xiaos female apprentice disciple, dont worry and let her go.

Her future is bright.” Qiao Qianzhi was still angry.

He snorted and said, “Future is bright Im afraid that she will be dragged into trouble and cant get out of it!” Ye Xiaotian did not reply.

After pausing for a moment, he changed the topic.

“What about you Have you broken through the last stage of the research on the Divine Secret” “What Divine Secret!” Qiao Qianzhi scolded angrily.

“Ye Xiaotian, remember this.

In two days, you will no longer be a member of Tiansang Spirit Palace.

Keep your mouth shut outside! I didnt study the Divine Secret.

I only analyzed the Divine Puppet for decades!” That was all Ye Xiaotian pursed his lips and thought to himself.

Werent you study Dao Qiongcangs Divine Secret If not what else could it be

If not for that, you this old man wouldnt have spent so many years studying the Spiritual Array Path at the same level as when you left the Holy Palace.

“Dont worry, I wont spill the beans.” Ye Xiaotian continued to float forward.

As soon as he bumped into someone, he would instantly teleport to another mountain hundreds of miles away and continued to float forward.

“So, did you succeed” There was silence on the other side.

After a long time, Qiao Qianzhi sighed and said, “I succeeded when you brought your things over.

However, this time, I only took money from others to do things for them.

There is nothing between us!” Ye Xiaotian smiled, “Of course.”

He blinked.

The image disappeared.

The telepathic communication that was almost half a world away from the Eastern Sky Realm had lost its connection with the power of space.

Qiao Qianzhi couldnt send any more messages.

“Xu Xiaoshou…”

Ye Xiaotian sighed.

He took out the envelope from his chest and opened it for the last time.

There were not many words on it.

It was only a few lines.

“The night is coming, but the dawn has not yet arrived.”

“Since it is the general trend, how can we talk about transcendence” “My saint servant, your space.” “If Infernal die not, Cutting Path (stage) achieve not.” “Yunlun Mountain Range, Saint Origin Crystal.” The words were twisted like snakes.

They were so ugly that Ye Xiaotian could barely understand them based on their previous relationship.

“I am Cutting path (stage).

Do you need to send yourself to death” “Ha.”

Ye Xiaotian sneered, shook his head, and rolled his eyes.

Then, he carefully looked up and down and stopped a few times to read each word.

He snorted, “So elegant!”

And then…

He looked at the last line.

The line which was hidden in the corner, and the words that people could understand.

“Ill leave that stupid disciple of mine to you — Sang Qiye.”

He took out the letter for the 126th time.

This time, Ye Xiaotian endured it and finally made up his mind to hold it up high.


The letter that should have been shattered a few days ago turned into powder under the cutting of the spatial power.

Finally, it flew into a fine spatial crack.

All traces of the Infernal disappeared into the spatial fragment that no one cared about.

Ye Xiaotian looked up into the sky with a face full of twilight.

“Elder Sang, why didnt I realize earlier you had such a scheming mind

“You have long been dead.

When did you write this letter…”


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