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Chapter 843 Life-devouring Wood Physique The Great Demon King Xus Physique!

Jiang Xian and the others finally understood whatmadness meant!

With the order, the members of the Xu Faction were like mad dogs as they formed groups of twos and threes and surrounded the cultivators on the spot.

One had to know that those who were able to survive Su Qianqians strike till now were at least at the Master Stage.

On the other hand, the members of the Xu Faction were mostly only at the Innate Stage!

However, the members of the Xu Faction who had the idea that they would never fight one-on-one if a group fight was possible, were well-trained as they surrounded the Master Stage cultivators one by one.

One locked the opponents throat, one controlled the opponent from afar, and one landed blows and kicks on the opponent…

With that, three Innate Stage Xu Faction members were able to instantly take down a Master Stage cultivator who hadnt come back to his senses.

The Master Stage cultivators were stunned.

What was going on

Did they have some sort of special buff If one didnt look at their cultivation and just looked at them by their aura, the trial-takers would even think that the Xu Faction members who has rushed forward to take them down and subdue them were actually trial officers.

But… That was not right!

These people were clearly only at the Innate Stage!

Where was their “fear”

“I am a Master Stage cultivator!” A cultivator shouted indignantly.

Even after he was taken down, he still had not connected the dots as to what had just happened.

“But we are in the Innate Stage!” The three Innate Stage Xu Faction members who had taken the cultivator down shouted even louder as if they were stating a suppressive truth.

The Master Stage trial-takers could not help but be stunned.

So, the Innate Stage was stronger than Master


Until some struggled symbolically a few times under the suppressive frenzied charge of the Xu Faction members, and immediately, some of the members were sent flying with a few “peng, peng” sounds.


These people could even withstand the spiritual source storm alone.

The Master Stage cultivators simply didnt understand why these Innate Stage Xu Faction members would have the courage to charge forward without fear of death at a time like this.


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“This is shaming us!”

The Master Stage cultivators finally realized that the reason these people dared to charge forward was due to pure courage.

However, in a battle, relying on courage alone was useless!

As more and more Master Stage cultivators began to try resisting, the members of the Xu Faction were sent flying far away like rubber balls.

Mu Zixi looked at the Xu Faction members who had only won by numbers but were currently in a landslide defeat.

She acted as if she hadnt seen the scene as she angrily waved her hand again and shouted, “Those who resist will die!”

The Master Stage cultivators were stunned by her aura again.

Clearly, they seemed to have the upper hand

Yet from the other partys tone, it seemed like the Xu Faction members were about to obtain victory in the group battle… The cultivators looked left and right and shockingly discovered that their companions around them had already broken free of their restraints and obtained their freedom.

With this, they were even more puzzled.

Where did these idiots come from Did they only rely on their recklessness and not the slightest of their brains to fight

At that moment, the trial-takers realized that there seemed to be something wrong with the reaction of the Xu Faction members who had been sent flying.

They didnt come forward and surround them anymore.

Instead, they looked like they were looking at the God of plague as they stopped coming any closer once they had been sent far away.

“What is this” A trial-taker had the feeling that something was wrong.

He touched his body and felt some small bumps.

The trial-takers held up their hands to take a look.

Only then did they realize that it wasnt because of the Xu Faction members special hobby that they had touched them so much after knocking them down.

It turned out that it was only to… plant seeds


Some remembered that they had heard that Young Master Jiang had ordered people to plant seeds all over the place.

Recalling this, they were instantly stunned and were reaching a realization.

However… It was too late!

At this moment, the well-trained members of the Xu Faction had already left the battlefield and retreated to the back.

The moment they retreated, Mu Zixi, who stood in front of everyone with a crooked mouth in an attempt to show a ferocious smile, was very eye-catching.

Unfortunately, her attempts ended up still being cute and not very effective at all.

“Whats going on” Everyone was stunned.

The leader of the opponent had been exposed just like that

At this moment, the members of the Xu Faction who had retreated to the back cupped their fists in unison and shouted loudly, “Please make a move, leader!”

Mu Zixi moved in response and clapped her small hands, “Little Tree, Rise!”

The arena exploded with a rumbling sound.

The Master Stage cultivators who were still in a daze suddenly realized that the “seeds” on their bodies and the ground were starting to change.

Under Mu Zixis command, the seeds burst open and germinated…

In an instant, their entire process of transformation was completed, and they turned into towering ancient trees!

The originally desolate and barren mountain land was covered in dense smoke and dust from the explosions.

When the smoke and dust dispersed, everyone was shocked to discover that the place had become a dense forest!

With the battle at the center, the area within a one-kilometer radius had turned into a forest.

The green was so dense that it made ones scalp tingle…

Jiang Xian was stunned.

After all that these people had done, it turned out that the so-called Faction leader Xu just wanted to turn this place into her battle domain

But what use could a Masters battle domain have

Even if she had grasped the geographical and timing advantage, as long as her cultivation wasnt strong enough, even if she created this dense forest, what effect could it have

“Trash!” Thinking of the other partys plan from the start to the end, Jiang Xian couldnt help but curse furiously.

The members of the Xu Faction had started digging from a mile away, waiting for an opportunity to ambush them.

They also took the initiative and spread the seeds, eventually forming this dense forest…

It could be said that if it were any other time, it would have been impossible for them to complete such a long series of actions under everyones eyes.

Yet, they had succeeded now!

They had done it when everyones attention was focused on the spatial origin stone, Gu Qingsan, and the trial officer.

“They cant break free” At this moment, Duoer looked at the trial-takers who were being hung by the ancient trees and asked in puzzlement.

Logically speaking, Mu Zixi was only at the Master Stage.

Even though she could rely on the geographical advantage and her previous arrangements to hang the hundreds of Master Stage trial-takers, the scattered power naturally meant that her control over the trees should have weakened.

Therefore, it should have been such that the trial-takers only needed a slight struggle before being definitely able to escape.

However, this was not the case.

The ancient trees pierced into the bodies of the trial-takers and hung them in the air.

These people all had different reactions within a short period of time.

Some were convulsing, some seemed dizzy, some were pale-faced, while some were dancing…

No matter their condition, their auras gradually weakened.

Even their struggles gradually weakened with the passage of time.

In the end, all of them seemed to have been “drained” as they fainted from exhaustion.

“That little girl drained everyone of their spiritual source” Duoer had an incredulous look on her face.

That was the spiritual source of hundreds of Master Stage cultivators with different attributes.

How was it possible for a little girl to absorb all of them at the same time

Even if she didnt absorb them, but instead fed all of the spiritual source energy back to the ancient trees, that didnt make sense either! As long as the cultivators were alert, they could just detonate the ancient trees that were controlling them with their spiritual source and escape.

“Its not spiritual source!” Jiang Xian looked at the scene in front of him and his expression suddenly turned solemn, “Its life force! This girl has almost drained everyone dry of their life force!”

“What” Tang Zheng was shocked as well.

Life force

He had never seen such a special technique, but that didnt mean that he had he didnt know a thing or two about it!

Such a devilish technique could only be possessed by extremely vicious people.

Would a Master be fine after absorbing such a huge amount of life force

He could not help but look at the Xu Faction leader.

The loli with twin ponytails merely patted her chest and burped.

After that, she seemed to be just fine.

“Leader is wise!”

“Leader is mighty!”

“Leader will rule the martial arts world for thousands of generations!”

At the back of the battlefield, the members of the Xu Faction cheered in unison.

It was as if they had practiced the whole process countless times.

As for how their leader who was only in the Master Stage could control hundreds of Masters, they had completely dispelled their doubts about this from the previous battle.

Rong Dahao was currently the second-in-command in the Xu Faction.

In the beginning, he had been unconvinced of Mu Zixi as his leader.

However, after Young Master Xu had left, the Xu Faction went through the first wave of attacks that came from only one person… He finally understood why Young Master Xu had repeatedly emphasized that they shouldnt provoke those from the First Pavilion in the Sky.

Mu Zixi was simply too strong!

Rong Dahao had only heard of a physique that could endlessly swallow life force in the legends.

But the “Life-devouring Wood Physique” that he had heard of seemed to have limits.

Unlike Leader Mu, who could endlessly devour life force.

“Is this a sacred physique” Rong Dahao had suspicions from the start.

However, he didnt have any knowledge that could be used to verify his conjecture.

On top of that, Leader Mus “sacred physique” wasnt like the others that would emit the sacred physique light.

As such, he could only dismiss his conjecture.

However, all of this couldnt suppress the shock that Leader Mu had brought to him after she replaced Young Master Xu.

That was because ever since the Xu Faction had fallen into the hands of Leader Mu, the nature of the battles had begun to change.

Just like the attack procedures that they had just carried out…

This was the most convenient method for them to accumulate points that Leader Mu had grasped through numerous battle experiments.

No matter how many people they encountered or how strong their opponents were, the method was always effective!

This was also why Leader Mu had been able to convince everyone to willingly shout those humiliating slogans.

Mu Zixis one move didnt actually manage to control everyone present.

There were bound to be a few people who were prone to hide at the back when they saw that things werent going well, and would wait for an opportunity to make a move.

Seeing that the situation had gotten a little out of control in the end, they had already started escaping from the terrifying encirclement of the wood domain in advance.

“We simply have no chance in this fight anymore.”

“Xu Faction is too scary.

Lets run first!”

These people already had the intention to retreat.

They no longer wanted to continue fighting as they turned and started running towards the outside.

But not long after, just like what Gu Qingsan had experienced before, with no exception, these people who were running ran into an invisible barrier.

“Hi-” Just as these people were seeing stars from the collision, an ordinary-looking man appeared out of thin air.

He waved his hand to greet them.

“You are” Some didnt recognize him.

But soon, someone cried out in surprise, “Young, Young Master Xu!”


It was Xu Xiaoshou.

Being part of the group that had been quite far away, by the time he lead the Xiaoxu Faction to this place, Jiang Xian, Duoer, and the others had already been here for a long time.

Seeing that Su Qianqian was strong enough to fight, Xu Xiaoshou didnt show up in advance.

Instead, he stayed behind and started to do the same thing as before…

That was to set up an array!

It was not easy for a spatial origin stone to have appeared and unite everyone here.

As such, it was only natural that he had to take down everyones points and passive points in one go!

After that, from the moment Gu Qingsan appeared to the end when the trial officers appeared, Xu Xiaoshou had witnessed the entire process.

He had also watched how Mu Zixi had led the Xu Faction to secretly set up the place as well as their explosive appearance.

He had witnessed the entire battle from Gods perspective and had been amazed at the growth of his former companions.

At the same time, he pitied his points and passive points that were disappearing bit by bit.

However, these were not enough to force him to show himself.

Since his junior sister wanted to be great for once, as her senior brother, Xu Xiaoshou was more than happy to stay behind, even if he might lose some passive points.

The thing that had really forced him to show himself was not this group of people who were running away.

“Knock them out!” Xu Xiaoshou waved his hand, and the members of the Xiaoxu Faction, who had been hiding in the great array with completely concealed auras, knocked out those who were trying to run away.

Then, Xu Xiaoshou looked in the direction of his junior sister with a worried expression — the only reason he really showed up.

“Life-devouring Wood Physique” Xu Xiaoshou frowned as he recalled the first time he met his junior sister.

It was during the Windcloud Competition in the Outer Yard of Tiansang Spirit Palace.

Xu Xiaoshou still remembered the little red flower that Mu Zixi had made bloom above his head.

Xu Xiaoshou also didnt forget the little girls expression as she drooled over life force.

He had once thought that if the Life-devouring Wood Physiques special characteristic was to absorb life force, then it should be considered an evil physique!

However, Elder Sang still accepted Mu Zixi as his disciple.

Moreover, the old man only had two wishes for Xu Xiaoshou.

The first was for him to protect himself.

The second was for him to take good care of his junior sister on the premise that he could protect himself.

In the past, his junior sister had always been by his side.

Although her strength had grown, her radiance had been completely suppressed, and no one had noticed her.

But now, upon entering the Yunlun Mountain Range and escaping from Xu Xiaoshous control, Mu Zixi had started revealing bits of the terrifying ability of her unique physique!

“She is definitely not of the Life-devouring Wood Physique!”

Elder Sang had once asserted that Mu Zixis ability was limited.

It was very difficult for her to develop into the kind of evil demon that only knew how to devour the life force of others that Xu Xiaoshou had once predicted.

But now, Xu Xiaoshou returned to his senses and was completely certain that the Life-devouring Wood Physique was a small set of restrictions that Elder Sang had put on Mu Zixi, just like how he had done to protect him.

This set of restrictions might not be of much use to his junior sister when she was insignificant, but as long as she grew and was noticed by others, someone would investigate her past.

With that, the restrictions would be able to delay these people a little!

“Elder Sang isnt an ignorant person.

Hes actually a Saint Servant and an Elixir Master.

He clearly knows what junior sisters physique is, but he wont say anything at all.

Instead, he made everyone accept the termLife-devouring Wood Physique in advance…” A bright light flashed in Xu Xiaoshous eyes as if he had understood something.

At the moment, he still didnt understand what the true abilities of his junior sisters physique were, but he knew that there were people watching in the Cloud Realm.

If he did not step forward and suppress the ability that his junior sister had displayed just now, perhaps in the next moment, the trial officers would come knocking on their door.

He may not be the target, but the possibility of such a thing happening was even more terrifying than himself being the target.

The situation was urgent and he did not dare to delay.

Xu Xiaoshou waved his hand and disappeared once again with the Xiaoxu Faction.

“Lets go! Its time for us to show ourselves!”


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