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Chapter 846 The Ultimate Life Demon Physique, the More One Thought of the “Three-ring Theory”, the More Terrifying

“Did you see it all” At the peak of the Yunlun Mountain Range, Rao Yaoyao pointed at the spirit mirror in front of her and asked in a low voice.

On it were the scenes of the battle for the spatial origin stone.

The focus of the final scene was on Young Master Xu.

“Kaw–” There was no one behind Rao Yaoyao, but at this moment, a crows cry was heard and a black shadow revealed itself.

The black shadow was extremely muscular and her shoulders were unusually wide, as wide as three people, making her seem so huge that she did not look human.

Her entire body was covered in a layer of black feathers, making it impossible to see her true figure.

She had a pair of ink-black eyes.

Other than that, her face was extremely gloomy and dark.

Outsiders could not see her true appearance at all.

“Ye Xiao” No response came for a long time, so Rao Yaoyao turned her eyes and asked again.

“Yes,” A gender-neutral voice sounded.

It was apparent that the figure was a miser with words.

Rao Yaoyao frowned, but she knew that the Chief of the Dark Division was not good with words, so she continued her deduction, “About Young Master Xus abilities, other than the special fire-type that he had revealed during the Alchemy Competition, as well as the space attributes and the Way of the Sword that he had revealed in the Yunlun Mountain Range, he basically hadnt revealed any other aspects of his abilities.

But I really did not expect his physical body to be so powerful as well.” Ye Xiao remained silent and only stared at the spirit mirror speechlessly.

Rao Yaoyao continued, “But these are not important.

Though the fact that the spatial origin stone had been able to force out his trump card is a pleasant surprise, the main point remains that this person has yet to make a move.”

She swiped her fingertip and another image replaced the one currently on the spirit mirror.

On the image was the blurry outline of Ye Xiaotian, who was hiding in his space.

“He has space attributes,” Rao Yaoyao said firmly.

Ye Xiao still did not say a word, but extended a hand at this moment from under the black feathers.

Her hand was sparkling and translucent like jade, but it also seemed to have lost some luster due to the lack of sunlight all day long.

It looked somewhat sickly pale.

With a swipe, the image on the spirit mirror changed again, and the face of a loli with twin ponytails appeared.

“Mu Zixi” Rao Yaoyao was surprised.

She remembered that this was someone by Young Master Xus side, but she didnt expect that the little girl would be the focus of Ye Xiaos attention.

“Are you trying to say that theres something wrong with her physique” As Rao Yaoyao spoke, she paused.

The scene of Mu Zixi fighting hundreds of Masters alone and draining almost everyones life force flashed through her mind.

“At first, I also thought that she didnt just have the Life-devouring Wood Physique.

She might have another sacred physique.

However, Young Master Xu also has the ability to devour, as she does.

Look at what happened just now…”

Rao Yaoyao replayed the scene on the spirit mirror.

What appeared on it was the scene of Xu Xiaoshous “Feast”.

The speed of the replay on the spirit mirror was slowed down.

This time, the moment the Taotie Beast Head appeared, the scene was frozen.

Rao Yaoyao scrutinized the ferocious red beast head and deduced that it was some type of energy form, seemingly a spiritual technique.

As for the attribute of the spiritual technique and the kind it was as well as its grade, Rao Yaoyao couldnt understand it at this moment.

“If Yu Lingdi was still here, he might have recognized this technique, but Im not from the Spirit Division after all…” Rao Yaoyao said.

The reason why she had dispelled her suspicion of Mu Zixi was because of Young Master Xus swallow ability.

The two of them were of the same origin.

If this was the special inheritance ability of the Demi-saint Xu Family, then there was obviously nothing to be suspicious of.

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But at this moment, Ye Xiao spoke, “Theyre different.”

Her words were calm and little as ever, but it made Rao Yaoyao fall into deep thought.

She knew that Ye Xiao would not speak without thinking.

In these unknown aspects, the research of the six Divisions was far more than what she, Rao Yaoyao, had seen on her own.

“You mean…” But this time, Rao Yaoyao was completely clueless.

She looked straight at Ye Xiao, waiting for an explanation.

Ye Xiaos fingertip once again pointed at Mu Zixiw who was being displayed on the spirit mirror and said indifferently, “Sacred physique.”

Sacred physique Not the spiritual physique called the Life-devouring Wood Physique

Rao Yaoyao was shocked.

She didnt know much about physiques, but she trusted Ye Xiaos judgment.

“If its a sacred physique and not the Life-devouring Wood Physique, what physique does she have” “Its obvious,” At this moment, a delicate little girls voice drifted from the side.

Rao Yaoyao turned her eyes only to see a little girl licking on a candied gourd flying over.

The girl climbed onto Ye Xiaos shoulder and pushed the three-legged black owl to the other side.

“Yi” Rao Yaoyao raised her eyebrows, “Have you recovered”

“Half, but Im still on leave from suffering an injury at work, so dont make me do anything.

Im only here to accompany her.

I dont want to work,” Yi patted Ye Xiaos head.

Rao Yaoyao could not help but laugh and shake her head.

She asked, “What you said just now…”

“Its simple!” Yi pointed at the little girl in the spirit mirror and said, “There are only a few physiques in this world that are both a sacred physique and can swallow life force infinitely.

Even if she is a sacred physique, its not a big deal.

After all, she was brought here by a Demi-Saints descendant to participate in the trial.

Its understandable.

But thats not what Xiaoxiao wants you to pay attention to!” Yi paused and a hint of solemnness shadowed his eyes as he continued, “Of the three physiques I know, theres one that youll be surprised to hear about.” “What is it” Although Yaoyao Rao could not wait any longer, she still had to satisfy the “little girl”‘s special fetish of tantalizing others, so she immediately echoed.

Yi counted his fingers one by one, “The Evil Moon Sacred Physique, the Great Dark Heavenly Physique, and… the Ultimate Life Demon Physique!”

After saying that, he looked at Yaoyao Rao with anticipation.

As expected, when the first two had been mentioned, there was not even the slightest fluctuation from Rao Yaoyao, but when the last one was uttered, Rao Yaoyaos expression changed drastically!

“The Ultimate Life Demon Physique” Her voice was raised by a few decibels.

“I dont know if this is the Ultimate Life Demon Physique.

Its just a guess,” Yi smiled maliciously.

“It cant be the Ultimate Life Demon Physique…” Rao Yaoyao appeared to be quite flustered at this moment as she subconsciously denied the possibility.

She understood what the words “Ultimate Life Demon Physique” represented.

Yi smiled and said, “I knew you definitely wont believe it.

After all, the last “Ultimate Life Demon Physique” should have died more than ten years ago.

I do know about the tragedy of the Lei Family, and it wasnt just for the “Eyes of the World”…”

“Watch your words!” Rao Yaoyao glared at him.

“Tsk tsk…” Yi sucked on the candied gourd and shrugged indifferently, indicating that he didnt care about the consequences of the so-calledrevealing the Divine Secrets.

He continued, “Its impossible for her to be the deceased member of the Lei Family.

However, Im afraid that those with the Ultimate Life Demon Physique arent as little as the Holy Divine Palace expects.

After all, its not impossible for a Demi-Saints descendant to secretly find one and secretly nurture the person, right”

Saying this, Yi smiled brightly.

“Are you joking!” Rao Yaoyaos tone was a little unpleasant.

When Ye Xiao heard that, she turned her body to one side and shielded Yi who was on her shoulder behind her head, preventing the two from making eye contact.

Yi hurriedly smiled apologetically.

“Im joking, of course, Im joking.

I also know that no one dares to act recklessly anymore on such a thing…”

“Kaw–” An ear-piercing crows cry sounded.

Yi retracted his head and raised his hands, “Alright, I wont say anymore.

The more I say the more at fault I am.

Its all my fault, okay, Xiaoxiao…”

With that, he reached out and secretly patted the back of Ye Xiaos head, muttering, “Even you are bullying me!”

Rao Yaoyaos expression turned uncertain.

The tragedy of the Lei Family! She did not expect that a small incident in the Yunlun Mountain Range would be somehow related to such a distant matter.

“Are you sure that this is theUltimate Life Demon Physique” Rao Yaoyao asked.

Yi popped his head out, “I told you, Im not sure! Its just a guess! Its possible that its not theUltimate Life Demon Physique but some other physique… Oh right, do you think you should ask us about physiques”.

Rao Yaoyao was stunned.

She suddenly thought of something and asked, “Wheres Wang Dachui”

Chief of the Physique Division, Wang Dachui.

As long as she called this person over, she would know immediately.

Why was she guessing blindly here

“I dont know,” Yi pouted and spread out his hands, “Maybe hes still fooling around in some brothel while on leave from being injured at work!”

“Call him over!” Yao Yao Rao glared at him.

“Its not like Im the one fooling around…” Yi rolled his eyes and was about to leave.

“Kaw–” At this moment, the crows call sounded again.

Yi had no choice but to jump down from Ye Xiaos back, “Alright, alright, you go, you go.

I didnt intend on fooling around at the brothel anyway, why are you being so careful…” Ye Xiao turned around and lowered her inky eyes.

Yi immediately shut up.

“Alright, alright, I wont say anymore.”

Ye Xiaos figure immediately disappeared.

“Ill follow and take a look…” Yi held the candied gourd in his mouth and his expression returned to excitement.

“You stay,” This time, Rao Yaoyao wasnt willing to let him go.

She pulled him back and pointed at the spirit mirror, “Now, you have something to do.”

Yis expression immediately turned bitter as he regretted his actions just now, “I shouldve just kept everything to myself…” “Investigate this little girl,” Rao Yaoyao instructed, thenchanged the scene on the spirit mirror to Young Master Xus side and said, “Be careful, dont investigate her while shes with this person.

This young man is too vigilant.

Lure the girl away.

Youre good at this.” “Dont worry,” Yi was speechless as he blew at the hair on his forehead.

What kind of reminder was this

As long as it wasnt that Saint Servant Xu Xiaoshou, did they even need to worry that he, the Chief of the Transformation Divison, would not be able to trick a little girl

“Go!” Yao Raorao waved her hand and made Yi leave to look for an opportunity to do his thing.

She was then left in front of the spirit mirror, and she began to frown and think hard.

“Impossible… It shouldnt be the Ultimate Life Demon Physique…”

She sat for a long time before her body suddenly shook and her eyes lit up.

“The Jiang Clan!”

The Demi-Saint Jiang Clan had participated in the matter of the Lei Family back then, so if the little girl with the twin ponytails had the Ultimate Life Demon Physique, the Jiang Clans Demi-Saint descendant might have a reaction when he saw her.

Jiang Xian was at the scene of the battle for the spatial origin stone in the Yunlun Mountain


“Lets check!” Rao Yaoyao immediately flipped through the scenes on the spirit mirror and replayed the scene.

However, the more she watched, the tighter her brows frowned.

There was no sign of them loosening.

She saw that from the beginning to the end, Jiang Xians desire to fight had been very strong

Other than the Xu Faction, Jiang Xian had the most people with him on the battlefield.

Naturally, it was apparent that Jiang Xian was determined to obtain the spatial origin stone.

However, the turning point happened when Mu Zixi appeared.

Her Senluo spiritual technique had lifted all the Masters into the air and almost drained their life force dry.

After that, Jiang Xian had retreated!

Faced with Duoers interrogation, he didnt even say a word, as if he had given up and didnt want to participate in the upcoming battle at all.

At that time, Young Master Xu hadnt even appeared…

To say a Master Stage “Life-devouring Wood Physique” could make Jiang Xian lose all will to fight

Rao Yaoyao didnt believe it at all.

She turned the screen again, and this time, she watched it from a panoramic view.

The content was Jiang Xians close-up reaction when Mu Zixi had lifted all the Masters and absorbed their life force.

“His pupils had first contracted abruptly, then he became expressionless.

After that, he regained his calm, but following this, he didnt speak at all.

He even retreated to the outermost part of the battlefield, not even having the intention to help.

Even though he does have a grudge against Young Master Xu, in theory, he shouldve made a move to help Duoer…”

After Rao Yaoyao watched the whole replay of the scene, she didnt know how to react.

She suddenly realized that there were faint signs of things going off course… She had thrown out a space origin stone just to lure the short white-haired man with space attributes to take action.

She didnt expect to catch a “big fish” that couldnt be pulled out of the water.

Though whether or not it was a “big fish” was still up for discussion, just with the various signs, Rao Yaoyao felt that she might have coincidentally run into something big this time.


It was over!

The nature of the matter would be instantly changed!

At this moment, images flashed through Rao Yaoyaos mind.

There was the Lei Family, the Saint Servant Lei Shuangxing, Bazhunan, the First Pavilion in the Sky, Young Master Xu, Mu Zixi…

Layer after layer, they unfolded one by one.

This was the first loop, one that was connected to all sorts of recent events.

Other than that, there was also Abyss Island, and the scene of Bazhunan and the Storyteller sneaking into the place.

From this, she deduced why the two had been able to enter Abyss Island.

Further back, Bazhunan had been crippled by Hua Changdengs three slashes, and had “fallen” into Abyss Island by accident…

This was the second loop!

It was an important loop in the timeline that had lasted for decades!

Finally, there was the White Cave…

Yaoyao Rao was originally sitting cross-legged, but at this point, she suddenly stood up.

She was so shocked that her entire body was trembling.

Her thoughts kept drifting, and the focus of her pupils scattered.

In the end, her eyes were just empty as she was in a daze.

“The White Cave had previously been the Infernal Hell Sea of Seven Breaks.

The Infernal Hell Sea originally didnt have a name, but because of the Infernal Dire Seed and the Demi-Saint Infernal that resulted from it, it had been named as such.

However, Demi-Saint Infernals disciple, Saint Servant “Sleeveless” Sang Qiye, had betrayed the Holy Divine Palace and joined the Saint Servants.”

“His disciple, Xu Xiaoshou, had appeared in the White Cave and successfully joined the Saint Servants there.

After that, Sleeveless had been sent to the prison of the Sacred Mountain by Ai Cangsheng at Eighth Palace outside the White Cave with his bow and arrow.

Why did he appear Was it because of Xu Xiaoshou”

“No! He was there to help the members of the Saint Servants, namely Bazhunan and the others! So why did Bazhunan enter the White Cave He obviously didnt gain anything.

He didnt even get back his Fourth Sword…”

Rao Yaoyao was still deducing when her face suddenly turned pale.

“The Fourth Sword fell into the hands of Saint Servant Xu Xiaoshou! Bazhunan gained something too!”

“Gou Wuyue had said during the judgment on the Sacred Mountain that in the process of him chasing after the Storyteller from the Central Region to the Eastern Region, he had found something strange on Abyss Island.

He suspected that someone had moved the crack on Abyss Island, so he cut off the connection with one sword.”

“Later, it was discovered that the direction where the crack appeared might be in the Infernal Hell Sea… No, the White Cave.

Yet, the red-clothed people couldnt find it at all!”

Rao Yaoyao paced in the void anxiously.

Her eyes were filled with shock as she kept clapping her hands.

Clearly, her reasoning had entered a critical moment.

“And at this moment, Bazhunan had already become the supreme of the black and white veins of Abyss Island.

He must have been able to find the crack in Abyss Island.

He and Abyss Island must have met each other before.

Thats why he was able to enter Abyss Island when it arrived at Dongtianwang City… No!”

“He was the one who summoned Abyss Island in the first place.

When they had met in the White Cave, things were destined to end up like this! So, its not that Bazhunan didnt gain anything, its just that… No one can see what he gained!” The third loop!

The horrifying third loop!

Rao Yaoyao felt that her unintentional brainstorming had broken a huge secret.

The logical and terrifying third loop had almost pushed her to the brink of collapse.

But… No matter how hard the reasoning was, no matter how bad her brain hurt, Rao Yaoyao did not think much of it.

She only wished that…

“These are all wrong! All of this is just a coincidence, right I only came to this conclusion based on the fact that Mu Zixi has the Ultimate Life Demon Physique, but her physique is still up for discussion.” If Mu Zixi was not… “I hope not,” Seven Sword Deity Rao Yaoyao suddenly clenched her fists and prayed in her heart.

“Definitely not!”


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