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Chapter 848 Half-Moon Residence

In the Saints residence of the Black Heart Fruit Clan in the Southern Region, a white-haired elder suddenly stood up from his cross-legged state of enlightenment.

His old face was filled with shock.

“How is this possible How is this possible!” Demi-Saint Zang Rens sudden emotional fluctuations caused the wind to blow, the clouds to change color, and the lightning to crackle in the surrounding dozens of miles.

The biting cold wind, accompanied by the heat of summer, blew away the ice and snow that had suddenly drifted down from the sky.

Then, with the desolation of the end of autumn, the wind wiped out the traces of the green plants on the spot.

“The Saint has been angered!”

“Oh my God, when theres a change from the Saint, the situation will change as well!”

“Chaos! Chaos is about to befall the Black Hearted Fruit Clan.

What on earth has alarmed our Demi-Saint”

The clansmen of the Black Heart Fruit Clan who were in the Demi-Saints secret realm were all panicking.

The Chief Elder, clan leader, and the others instantly flew out of their respective cultivation residences and into the sky where the clans residential area was.

The minute they laid eyes on the scene where the order was in chaos, they were speechless.

Other than when he had enlightened the juniors, Demi-Saint Zang Ren of the Black Heart Fruit Clan had not made such a big move for hundreds of years.

What had caused the Demi-Saints anger today Someone wanted to go ahead and ask the Demi-Saint, but the Chief Elder and clan leader immediately stopped him.

If the Demi-sSint needed something, he would issue a decree.

The clan was still fine, so how could they disturb the Demi-Saints cultivation for nothing In the Saints residence, Demi-Saint Zang Ren lost control of his emotions for a moment before he immediately restrained himself.

With that, the outside world also returned to calm.

However, just because it was calm on the outside did not mean that Zang Rens heart was as calm.

Just now, just as he sensed that something had happened to his successor and he had tried to wipe out the brats will, before he could even finish pointing his finger which would do the job, many wills of the same level had actually been disturbed.


Since Zang Ren had been trapped here, the number of Demi-Saints who had interacted with him over the past hundred years was not even as many as the wills he had encountered this time.

One could imagine how shocked he was.

“That youth…” Zang Ren muttered.

He could not believe that his successor would provoke such an expert.

Had she stirred up a hornets nest Just how many Demi-Saints schemes did that youth carry Just how important was his life that so many terrifying wills would appear at the same time when his will was on the brink of destruction by another Demi-Saint! “Hu ~” Zang Ren had not been so shocked for a long time.

He understood that those Demi-Saints had probably not even met before they set up their plans.

Otherwise, they would not have exposed themselves all at once.

After all, he wouldve given face to any Demi-Saints will if even only one had appeared when he wanted to make a move against that youth.

But now, all of them had come out! It was just a little brat.

Who would have thought that so many Demi-Saints would leave trump cards on him at the same time!

Zang Ren had not felt fear for a long time.

Ever since he entered the Demi-Saint Stage, he had only ever needed to give face to the Holy Divine Palace.

Apart from that, as long as he did not make a move against the inner island of Abyss Island, which was known as the head of the Seven Breaks, he was invincible in the world.

But this time, he had come into contact with “great terrors”!

Any one of those “terrors” could shock the world.

“Penetrating Divine Senses… No, it should be the aura of sword cognition.

And Demi-Saint Infernals aura… But wasnt he a member of the Holy Divine Palace Hasnt he gone into seclusion When did he leave a backup plan in the outside world” “Theres another one that feels similar to the Infernal lineage, but its definitely not just the will of a Demi-Saint… the will of a Holy Emperor”

Zang Rens withered hands trembled violently.

He seemed to have recalled something, and his face turned deathly pale.

“Could it be one of the three ancestors of the white vein on the inner island in Abyss Island The person who was born from the seed of the Ashvattha divine tree, and cultivated to become a Holy Emperor through the Infernal Hell Fires origin spirit Is he the one known as the Ultimate Grand Ancestor… Great Infernal Ancestor”

Coming to this conclusion, Demi-Saint Zang Ren couldnt help but take another deep breath… Demi-Saint and Holy Emperor.

Only Saints at this stage would know the gap between these two.

“Saint” was only a general term, which included Demi-Saint and Holy Emperors.

However, Demi-Saints were ultimately merely “Demi”.

A true “Saint” referred only to those in the Holy Emperor Stage.

After pausing for a long time, the figure that had taken human form and faced him just now appeared in Zang Rens mind.

“And this person…” He was reluctant to continue to think.

The information that had been given by the last person had been too accurate and too much.

Eighth Sword Deity! “Why does even Bazhunan have a backup plan on that youth Could it be that the person that Duoer had provoked is Bazhunans successor Bazhunan, the Master of both the black and white veins, had entered Abyss Island as a fallen Sword Deity.

He could even wreak havoc before a Holy Emperor…” Zang Ren was terrified.

He had never entered Abyss Island and couldnt even fathom how Bazhunan, who wasnt even a Demi-Saint then, could do such an unbelievable thing.

However, this didnt stop him from having great respect for the legendary Eighth Sword Deity.

The respect didnt come from the absurd battle achievements, because the older Demi-Saints all knew Bazhunan not by the Eighth Sword Deity, but as “the successor of You Tu, the leader of the Seven Sword Deity”!

You Tu was someone who had ascended Sacred Mountain Gui Zhe while merely being a Sword Deity and beheaded the previous Hallmaster of the Holy Divine Palace with seven strikes of the sword.

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No ordinary Demi-Saint would dare to provoke such a person.

Nobody was willing to make a move against You Tus successor, to begin with, and mow that Bazhunan had the title of “the Master of the black and white veins”, people were even more unwilling to get involved with him.

But now, Duoer had only made a move against one youth, and not only did the will of the Holy Divine Palaces Demi-Saint Infernal show up, but Abyss Islands Ultimate Grand Ancestor, Great Infernal Ancestor showed up as well.

Even Bazhunan, who was known as the ultimate calamity of the current generation, almost came to his door with his sword and scolded him.

“Damn it…” It had been a long time since Zang Ren had made such a slip of the tongue.

After becoming a Demi-Saint, saying such vulgarities was an insult to his identity.

However, at this moment, Zang Ren felt that he had returned to his younger days when he had lived in the fear of being dominated by mighty figures on the road to becoming a Saint.

In the past, when he saw injustice, he would curse and choose to attack, but after becoming a Demi-Saint, the last time he made a move was a hundred years ago.

As for swearing, even he couldnt remember clearly how long it had been since he had done


“Successor What bull** successor I really shouldnt have allowed those little brats to go out and cause trouble!” At this moment, Zang Ren regretted his previous actions.

If he had obediently stayed in his Saint residence, would there have been so much trouble at his door

However, just to maintain his dignity and bring the Black Heart Fruit Clans reputation out of the Southern Region, he had nurtured many successors.

The result was that not only were his successors growth unsuccessful, but he had to pay off the debts that they had left behind.

“Trash, all trash!” The more Zang Ren thought about it, the angrier he got.

He paced back and forth in his cultivation residence.

Fortunately, no outsiders saw him talking to himself like this.

Otherwise, his image as a Demi-Saint would have been completely overturned.

After a long while, Zang Ren regained his usual calm and began thinking about his next move.

“Turn a blind eye Impossible! Since Ive already been involved in the scheme of the Demi-Saints and Holy Emperors, Ive already provoked karma.

Its impossible for me to not be implicated in this.

The only solution now is to take the initiative to enter the chess game…” Thinking of this, Zang Ren clenched his fists and his knuckles cracked.

He had already become a Demi-Saint!

Back then, he had found an obscure corner that was not on the chessboard in the chess game of Heaven and Earth, and chose to live remotely.

But now, he had to step into the chessboard again because of this trivial matter.

The world of mortals was a just chaotic mess of cause and effect.

The Great Path was myriad and complicated.

“It is easy to enter the world of mortals, but difficult to leave.

If successful, leave and not enter.

Only seek to be a Saint for thousands of years, yet is not even as good as an ordinary person in the world of mortals.” Those who had not experienced these words would not listen to them, and in the end, they were bound to have to experience it for themselves.

On the other hand, if those who had experienced the words could transcend, then they would not want to go through it again no matter what!


In the eyes of outsiders, Demi-Saints were already the supreme of Heaven and Earth, but in Zang Rens eyes, Demi-Saint were just chess pieces with a little more deterrence.

He couldnt agree with the actions of any faction in the world, even the Holy Divine Palace.

That being said, their rival faction, the Saint Servant, had a good saying: “If you dont become a Saint, youll become a slave!”

The “Saint” as referred to here didnt mean a Demi-Saint, but to be at least a Holy Emperor.

Zang Ren was, after all, a Demi-Saint.

As such, he wouldnt start blaming fate as ordinary people would be.

He would also not go to the extreme of summoning his successors and killing them one by one.

Instead, he put the past behind him and began thinking about the future.

“I have two paths… The Holy Divine Palace or the Saint Servant.

How should I choose” There was only one window in the cultivation residence.

Zang Ren looked out of the window silently.

At this moment, he looked just like a helpless old man.

The world outside the window was peaceful.

There were blue skies, rivers, and lands.

There were birds, beasts, and pedestrians…

Zang Rens hands were on the windowsill.

He looked at the world outside wordlessly as if he was looking for something.

The vivid world filled his eyes, yet he could not find even half a “truth”.

He stood there for three days and three nights, looking at the sunrise and sunset thrice.

Then, bitterly, from the depths of his sealed memories, he took out the answer that he had deliberately sealed after he had become a Demi-Saint.

“The answer…” Zang Rens fingers that had been tapping on the windowsill suddenly stopped.

He turned his palm over and sighed helplessly.

This was not a windowsill, this was a mortal shackle that had trapped a Demi-Saint for hundreds of years, the “cage”.

The Southern Region.

As the most chaotic and difficult-to-govern region of the five domains of the continent, the Southern Region was known as the “Land of Sin”.

Hidden here were too many top-wanted criminals that the Holy Divine Palace of assassins known as the “Three Incenses” were after.

Death apostles, abominators, and dispirited corpses were the three levels of wanted criminals that were the nightmare of almost every spiritual cultivator.

Once a bounty was placed on these three levels of wanted criminals in “Three Incenses”, they only had two paths to go.

One was the Cross Corner Street in the City of the Dead Bodhisattva.

The other was to escape to the Southern Region, where life and death depended on fate, and success or failure depended on the heavens.

The Southern Region was famed for the Higher Void and Demi-Saint factions that had established their families and clans through “unorthodox” techniques.

The Xu Yue Grey Palace and the Black Heart Fruit Clan were examples of such factions.

The spiritual cultivators of the Southern Region were all unorthodox.

If one were to stick to being orthodox in this place, one would only be played to death by others.

On the Land of Sin, one could even find unaffiliated Divine Sorcerers who could rely on their own understanding to forcefully cultivate the Divine Secret into an unorthodox yet magical ability that could break thousands of techniques.

That being said, these were all miscellaneous discussions.

Other than the unorthodox factions mentioned above, the Southern Region also had a slightly normal intelligence organization, which was very famous.

it could be said to be extremely difficult and arduous to rely on gathering intelligence and selling intelligence to find a living in this chaotic land.

Yet, this faction had established itself in the Southern Region decades ago.

It had developed to this day and had become the only organization that the many evildoers in the Southern Region were willing to trust.

The Half-Moon Residence!

Half-Moon Residence was located in the secret realm, Half-Moon Bay.

Half-Moon Bay was a foreign land that used to be an extradimensional space.

After it merged with the mainland, it became an additional small space on the Shengshen Continent.

They played by their own Heavens and Earth Order.

Demi-Saint were not allowed to enter not interfere, otherwise, the Half-Moon Bay would completely collapse.

Therefore, many wanted criminals at the Cutting Path and Higher Void Stage could freely linger here and enjoy the wonderful power and status brought by their power, as long as they could give the information that the Half-Moon Residence wanted.

“The mortal world is full of worries, far inferior to the Half-Moon Bay.

Die alone in the outside world, but be wiped out in Half-Moon Bay.” These words were widely spread among the Death Apostles.

The implication was that if one was captured by a Demi-Saint in the outside world, one would most definitely die.

On the other hand, if a Demi-Saint were to make a move in Half-Moon Bay, the whole bay would be destroyed and everyone would be killed along with it.

The point was, there were commoners in Half-Moon Bay.

As such, a Demi-Saint could not just end the lives of all mortals only to capture a wanted Death Apostle.

But as long as a Demi-Saint couldnt make a move, the Half-Moon Residence could protect one for the rest of ones life.

“Half-Moon Bay, such a wonderful place!” These were the thoughts of the Death Apostles as they had pretty ladies in their laps after dinner.

At this moment, in the only place of order in the Southern Region, the three-layered “Flower Pavilion” in Half-Moon Bay, the two leaders of the intelligence organization, Half-Moon Residence, were lying drunk on the third floor, surrounded by beautiful women.

Hei Yezi and Bai Yezi, two names that could make people tremble in fear.

Outsiders would think that the two leaders of Half-Moon Residence were extremely ferocious and ugly men with thick waists.

But in fact, they were not.

They were two extremely graceful women.

They had exquisite facial features like the most perfect jade sculptures in the world.

Their figures were fiery and enchanting, only covered with a thin gauze.

Their every expression and every movement had an enchanting charisma.

The two of them looked exactly the same.

Their faces were the same, their heights were the same, and their devilish figures were the same.

The only things that could be used to differentiate the two of them were their clothes and hair color.

Just like their names, Hei Yezi had black hair, and she usually wore black gauze.

Bai Yezi had white hair, and she wore white gauze all year round.

Both were peerless beauties.

However, the “Flower Pavilion” had an explicit rule.

The criteria for those who were allowed to enter did not depend on their cultivation, but were based solely on their appearance and figure.

On top of that, they had to be female.

There was only one criterion for entering the “Flower Pavilion” — one had to be someone selected by the Half-Moon Residence to be on the “Continents List of Peerless Beauties”.

The List of Peerless Beauties only included the top 100 beauties of the continent.

It was unknown where the information on this list was gathered from.

Some of the people on the list could not even be found.

It was unknown if those beauties had already been found by someone else and were being kept as mistresses in golden houses.

However, the lists credibility was strong!

For example… The twenty-fourth on the List of Peerless Beauties, Rao Yaoyao (straight shoulders, inch-wide waist, jade-like back, the number one swordswoman).

The seventh on the List of Peerless Beauties, Yu Zhiwen (a young girl who has just entered adulthood.

She will bloom in the wind when her name is known in the future.

Her Star Eyes will make people infatuated).

Every person on the list would be given comments on why they had been selected.

Some comments would stick to the format, giving a brief summary of the beautys appearance and figure.

However, some of the comments were only a few words of introduction.

For example… The third on the List of Peerless Beauties, Aunt Xiang (a beauty so peerless one would still choose to rescue even if one had to battle mortals and ghosts alike).

The first on the List of Peerless Beauties, Yue Gongnu (the Eighth Sword Deitys woman).

This list had become extremely credible because of its top three.

The villains of the five regions all approved of

All of them wished that they could find one of the women on the List of Peerless beauties and take the beauty as their wife.

Even if they died having sex with these beauties, it would be worth it.

It was nothing more than that.

At this moment, within the three floors of the “Flower Pavilion”, there were thirteen beautiful women.

Some were cooking wine, some were arranging flowers, some were reciting poems, some were singing and dancing…

Amidst the beauties, Heiye Zi and Bai Yezi were lying there drunk, enjoying the beauty and feasting their eyes.

Suddenly, the jade bracelet on Bai Yezis wrist moved.

She casually glanced at it, and immediately sat up in shock.

She turned her eyes to look at Hei Yezi, who had a colder temperament, and said in surprise, “A letter from the Storyteller!”


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