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Chapter 864 You Know Me 3

However, he had seen a lot of these tricks.

“Ive told you not to drag this out.

You pick the most important things to talk about and Ill definitely not do anything to you.

Of course, if you continue to play such a trick…” The expression in Yis eyes turned serious as he said in a cold voice, “Who are you!”

Mu Zixis head buzzed and she felt dizzy again.

She subconsciously wanted to tell him everything.

However, her eyes became hot again and she immediately woke up.

She clamped her eyes tightly and cried, “Youve said not to control my mind but why are you still doing it shamelessly Cant we have a good chat Boohoo…”

Yi was stunned.

Even though they were so close to each other this time, he couldnt detect how the little girl in front of him managed to control it.

There was not even the slightest spiritual source fluctuation.


It was eliminated in an instant!

Was she born with an immunity to mental manipulation


“Youre indeed not simple!”

Mu Zixi clattered like she was tossing beans.

She covered her face, squatting down, and crying, “Dont Mess with me.

I didnt do anything wrong.

You should look for our Young Master Xu.

He can answer your questions.

Why did you look for me Im just a baby…”

Yis mouth twitched.

Was this girl a chatterbox

He said solemnly, “Its because you didnt do anything wrong that I didnt interrogate you.

I only asked questions…Get up!”

He pointed at Mu Zixi who was squatting in front of him.

With a pull of his spiritual source, the little girl couldnt help but stand up.

Yi slowed down his pace and said gently, “So, lets talk properly.

I ask, you answer.

Is that okay”

Mu Zixi blinked her big eyes and suddenly asked, “Are you a stowaway Did you disguise yourself Whats your cultivation level” “Guess” Yi narrowed his eyes and his face turned a little ugly.

As if she did not see it, the little girl said thoughtlessly, “Then lets fight If I cant beat You, you can ask whatever you want.

If I can beat you, can you let me go… Hey, if I can beat you, then its my turn to ask you, right”

Yis eyebrows twitched frantically.

He finally confirmed that this girl was not stalling for time but her brain was abnormal, and her train of thought was also problematic!

He straightened his body and said in a serious voice, “Im a trial officer, Higher Void State.”

“Ugh!” Mu Zixis heart went cold, and the only hope she had left vanished into thin air.

She obediently stood at attention and asked, “May I ask, what do you want to know”

Just now, she had the thought of fighting to test the other partys cultivation…

After all, Xu Xiaoshou had used a similar method to scare many big shots before!

Yi took a deep breath and gave up on the plan to attack.

He was actually not afraid of the other party stalling for time.

If the little girl in front of him really had a problem and was really stalling for time, then dragging out the crux of the problem would not be bad luck, but great luck.

A true expert was not afraid of any tricks.

After Yi exhaled, he was about to speak when Mu Zixi raised her hand first.

“Hey, can I have a request”

Yi choked, “Speak out!”

“Can you change back to your original appearance Dont use Young Master Xus voice to talk to me.

Im scared…” Mu Zixi timidly poked her finger.

Yi smiled and turned his head.

He naturally took out a straw hat and changed into Elder Sangs appearance.

He put the hat on and said, “I dont have my real appearance.

Im sorry…” The person who did it didnt mean it.

But the person who heard it meant it.

Yis words came to an abrupt end.

He was used to dealing with Saint Servant Xu Xiaoshou in the past and had therefore taken up Sang Qiyes appearance.

But the little girl in front of him, upon seeing his second appearance, actually narrowed her eyes and looked shocked!

Yi was only stunned for half a breath.

As if he had understood something, murderous intent shot out of his eyes.

His withered hands reached out at the speed of light and directly grabbed the little girls shoulders.

The voice that was like crawling out of the deepest hell whispered in her ear.

“You know me!”


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