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Chapter 876 Xu Xiaoshou! What Are You Doing! (Part 1)


The ice sculpture behind them obviously couldnt trap Yi and Patriarch Wuji for long.

It took only a short while for them to break free.

Yi grasped his wound and subconsciously retreated.

He frantically used his Life Force to connect the two halves and restore his body.

However, he realized that the residual power of the sword cognition in his wound was preventing him from using any means to repair himself.

“This d*mn thing always plays sneak attacks…”

Yi was extremely resentful.

He had been successfully ambushed twice by Saint Servant Xu Xiaoshou.

The last time was on the long street of Dongtianwang City.

He should have been more cautious after learning from the previous experience.


The opponents Master (stage) cultivation was too confusing.

Yi never expected this guy to launch an attack without saying a word as soon as he landed.

“Mad dog!”

Yi cursed in his heart while he used Path Principles to dispel the residual sword cognition on the wound.

However, the sword cognition was the second generation of the Penetrating Divine Senses.

The Penetrating Divine Senses was so great that Kui Leihan deserved to be ranked first among the Ten High Nobles.

He even surpassed the Eighth Sword Deity who was famous back then.

It was because the attack method he created had the three states of Qi, will, and spirit.

It turned abstract into substance and used illusory telekinesis to launch an actual attack.

This was almost the only method under the Holy Power that could attack regardless of the level.

It was also recognized in the continent as the most unassailable attack and defense move among the spirit cultivators of the same level.


Even if the Ancient Swordsman had mastered the Nine Major Sword Techniques, they would not be given such a title.

It was because the genius Bazhunan that was closest to the wordunassailable was also defeated by Hua Changdengs three sword strikes.

But the Penetrating Divine Senses was completely different!

According to the concept of the Penetrating Divine Senses developed by Kui Leihan back then, even an Acquired (stage) spirit cultivator who had mastered the Penetrating Divine Sense could, in theory, injure the Great Void.

People even laughed at this statement back then.

It was because such a situation was impossible.

Even the Great Void experts had no way or talent to learn the Penetrating Divine Sense at that time.

The Holy Divine Palace originally had seven divisions.

The seventh division was called theSense Division.

It was established to assail the first generation of the Penetrating Divine SensesGod Punishment Tribulation.

However, after more than 10 years of establishment and investing countless research funds…

The Sense Division was disbanded in the end.

This story told a cruel truth to the people of the five regions.

Geniuses were always geniuses.

No matter how hard a stupid bird worked, no matter how much effort it put in, it could not compare to a geniuss flash of inspiration that could suppress a hundred generations!

Kui Leihan was such a genius.

He had predicted something that would never happen when the first generations Penetrating Divine Senses was born.

Today, after several decades, it seemed like it was about to come true…

Xu Xiaoshou, a junior Master (stage) cultivator, using just one move of the sword cognition, had injured a Great Void!

Yis body had been replaced with a brand new body since his last match with Xu Xiaoshou.

However, when he faced with a slash of the Scruffy-Looking Mans sword cognition, the effectiveness of his remedial measures…

Was extremely minimal!

On the other end…

Patriarch Wuji looked at the two persons in the deep pit in front of him and fell into a long silence.

He vaguely felt that he had done something wrong…


As one of the secondary leaders of Abyss Islands White Vein, the second-ranking in the continents Divine Secret technique, the cultivation base of a former Holy Emperor, and the status of an elder…

All of these caused Patriarch Wuji to dismiss the absurd thoughts that had suddenly appeared in his heart.

What identity did I have

The person in front of him was not Bazhunan, the Master of the Black and White Veins.

He was just his junior, Xu Xiaoshou.

Why should he feel guilty

However, it was a minor mistake in the first place.

After pondering for a long time, he chose to speak, “Xu Xiaoahou, that little girl…”


Xu Xiaoshou didnt even turn his head as he spoke in a low voice.

He was still holding Mu Zixi in his arms.

His Perception was completely focused on the person in his hands.

He was trying his best to observe if the little junior sisters condition would improve after consuming the Holy Blood.

Patriarch Wuji frowned and was displeased.

It was fine if it was Bazhunan who spoke in this manner.

Even though Xu Xiaoshou was his designated successor and had the Four Pillars of Destiny Token, he was not even mature yet.

Yet he was so impudent towards his senior!

He didnt keep quiet but continued speaking with a slightly dissatisfied and resentful tone, “That little girl is just a pawn.

Since you want to take over the future team of Bazhunan, you have to learn not to be merciful…”

Xu Xiaoshou felt as if he had gone beyond his maximum tolerance level.

He suddenly turned his head and roared ferociously, “I told you to shut up!!!”

Patriarch Wuji was stunned by the shout.

After he came back to his senses, he was furious.

However, at this moment.


He heard a faint sound.

In the next second, Patriarch Wuji found his eyes were burning with white flames!

“Infernal White Flame”

Patriarch Wuji was scared to death.

At this moment, he almost thought that Xu Xiaoshou, who was squatting in front of him, was one of the three ancestors of the White Vein who was punishing his subordinates! “Please forgive me, Ancestor…”

After the physiological reaction, Patriarch Wuji immediately came back to his senses.

Although this white flame could burn the sky and boil the sea, it didnt have the unlimited burning power of the Great Infernal Ancestor.

The Path Principle rolled and separated the Divine Secret.

Patriarch Wuji tossed the white flame away, after feeling the burning pain in his eyes and the completely blind world.

He was angry and ashamed at the same time.

“Xu Xiaoshou!”

“I was setting up Divine Secret to seize control of the world of Cloud Realm.

I just want to kill Yi.

I was just one step too late.

It was not that I didnt want to save your people and let her die…”


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