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Chapter 878 Xu Xiaoshou! What Are You Doing! (Part 3)

What a demon…

This ability to fight across multiple levels was simply a replica of the young Bazhunan!

With a thought, Patriarch Wuji wanted to use Divine Secret to slightly evade the effect of the aura.

However, the aura was shapeless, intangible, and abstract.

How could it be evaded by a material Divine Secret technique

Due to the origin of Bazhunan, Patriarch Wuji was pushed to the successor of Bazhunan, Xu Xiaoshou.

He didnt have enough confidence when facing the young man in front of him.

He could speak tough.

But in the end, he couldnt completely ignore the effect of the aura on Xu Xiaoshou which was like the wrath of an emperor.

At that moment, he could only stammer a few times and tell the whole story.

“Before I entered Abyss Island, I fell into that guys hands.

My body was destroyed by him,” Patriarch Wuji pointed at Yi and suddenly felt slightly ashamed.

He was indeed forced by a junior to give such an embarrassing answer.


Forget it, he could only take it as giving face to Bazhunan! Patriarch Wuji sighed.

Hearing this, Xu Xiao suddenly laughed.



“Hahaha, hahaha…”

He straightened his eyebrows, and his smile faded.

At this moment, his eyes were almost dyed black completely and swallowed by the evil Qi of the Fourth Sword..

With thousands of strategies and all kinds of wisdom…

Xu Xiaoshou felt that he had calculated every possible strategy.

Even the absurd organization of the First Pavilion in the Sky, which was branching out from the Demi-Saint force, had brazenly acted like a demon under Rao Yaoyaos eyes.

He had even protected it.

Even if Mu Zixi had revealed a little of the unexpected nature of the life-devouring wood body, or there was a possibility of danger…

Even if he didnt know whether this danger was because he was being paranoid or not…

Xu Xiaoshou had put in the strongest protective measures by sending out Liu Changqing.

He wanted to expose the danger in the dark and destroy it head-on.

However, he had never thought that this so-calledthe strongest protection would break internally before it was broken by the outside world.


Xu Xiaoshou knew that this couldnt be considered a betrayal.

What Patriarch Wuji said was understandable.

However, being rational was one thing.

At that moment, he could only feel the intense hatred of being stabbed in the back!

He paused for a moment.

Xu Xiaoshous lips twitched and he laughed out in a somewhat sick manner.

“Personal grudge”

“I asked you to protect her, but you told


“You ignored her life and death for the sake of personal grudge”

Xu Xiaoshou held Mu Zixi in his arms and slowly stood up with the Fourth Sword in his hands.

In the eyes of others, this scene was nothing more than a madman, a madman who had lost his mind completely under the control of Fourth Sword.

He was going to start messing around!

When Yi saw this scene, he even stopped his self-remedial actions.

He was afraid that this was another trick.

The two people in front of him were fighting and defending.

And then, Xu Xiaoshou would turn around and give him another slash.

That was the Fouth Sword!

However, why did this internal strife… not seem fake

No matter what, his vigilance was at its highest.

His eyes darted back and forth between Xu Xiaoshou and Xuan Wuji.

Patriarch Wuji looked at Xu Xiaoshou who was walking toward him with a sword in his hand.

He was clearly just a junior, but he suddenly felt a great threat.

His back felt cold, and his forehead was slightly sweating.

“Xu Xiaoshou! What are you doing!”

His gaze focused on the Furth Sword in Xu Xiaoshous hand, and the image of the sword cognition slashing Yi replayed in his mind.

He knew that the various techniques of this young man who was slowly walking toward him could not be compared to those of an ordinary Master (stage).

Immediately, Patriarch Wuji suppressed his urge to take half a step back and shouted angrily, “Xu Xiaoshou! I am one of your people.

The most important thing now is to kill… to save the little girl in your arms!”

It was only at this moment that Patriarch Wuji finally realized.

The little girl whom he didnt care about the most and whose consciousness had collapsed was actually… the most important person among the four people present!


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