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Suddenly, besides the surging demonic Qi in front of him, a beautiful and mournful blood-stained face appeared after Lei Xier blocked a blow for him.

“Mu Zixi…”

Xu Xiaoshou trembled as he muttered absent-mindedly.

His mind was filled with the scene of mountains of corpses and seas of blood wreaked by demonic Qi.

He was clearly unable to think, but his tears were still falling uncontrollably.

In the next second.

At the Purple Mansion spiritual altar, the last wisp of clarity was finally suppressed and depleted!

Xu Xiaoshou looked past Lei Xier and saw the familiar face of Elder Sang behind her…

It was Yi!

Xu Xiaoshou was puzzled.

He had already suppressed the primitive crazy desire of the wild beast in his mind for Mu Zixis sake.

But why…

Why was this old fellow…

Always so noisy!

Always interrupting!

Always refusing to repent!

Just as his thoughts were about to fade away, Xu Xiaoshous rationality was finally completely destroyed…

This was the enemy!

The ferocious, sinister, and smirking face came from the only person who wanted to kill him!

“You are courting death…”

Xu Xiaoshou roared in anger.

His voice, which was as deep as the abyss, became hoarse.

It was totally not a human voice that the contents couldnt even be made out.

Suddenly, golden light spots bloomed on his body.

Exploding Posture!


Under the control of Patriarch Wuji, Yi was sent flying on the spot.

After doing all this, Xu Xiaoshous eyes were clearly dark red as if he was a mad demon.

However, when he looked at the pale face in front of him, his eyes could still regain a trace of clarity.

Xu Xiaoshou had long learned to control the berserk beasts desire under the tempering of Xin Gugu.

He slowly helped Lei Xier up and placed her on the ground.

Then, he squatted down and reached out his hand to gently stroke the head of the person in front of him.

As he passed through the vitality energy movement, he whispered in her ear.

“Dont be afraid, dont be afraid.”

“Its alright, Im here for you…”

Lei Xier was stunned.

She looked at the young man in front of her with her God Devil Eyes.

The image that flashed in her mind was the image that Mu Zixi wanted to see the most.


She pursed her lower lip and shook her head gently.

She knew what Xu Xiaoshou wanted to do next and tried to stop him.

The corner of Xu Xiaoshous mouth twitched.

He tried to put on a kind ferocious smile.

And then.

He took a step forward.

His eyes widened in anger.


A beast roar that seemed like it was going to explode in the sky was heard.

It overturned the black Reborn Lily that filled the mountains and plains and blew up all the rules and rationality.

Amidst the swaying flower fragments, a resplendent golden light shot into the sky.

The berserk giant appeared!


The roar raged through the heavens and earth.

The demonic qi in Xu Xiaoshous body fused with the berserk beast in his mind, igniting all his killing intent in an instant.


A soft sound rang out.

The golden berserk giant turned black and was brought into a demonic state bit by bit.

Under the overwhelming killing intent, the black berserk giant didnt move.

On the contrary, he raised both his hands towards the sky.


The Fourth Sword was summoned and flew into the berserk giants right hand.

It had been waiting for this scene for too long.


In the Yuan Mansion, Flame Python heard the summon and moved.

For the first time, it officially entered its masters left hand and started to participate in the real battle.

At this point, Yi and Patriarch Wuji were completely stunned.

The two of them looked at the unattainable black berserk giant.

Neither of them had expected that the Master (stage) junior could possess such a terrifying might when combined with his heaven-shattering aura after transforming.


It wasnt just that!

The black berserk giant gripped its two swords and suddenly bent its knees and shot up into the sky.

Then, golden light spots filled the sky and exploded crazily amidst the booming sounds, pushing away layer after layer of airwaves.

In the midst of this…


White flames burned on the body of the black berserk giant.

“Ding-a-ling, ding-a-ling…”

With the rhythm of the sound, a giant ice lotus that seemed to be able to support the entire world bloomed under his feet.

The berserk giant held his two swords and as if he felt that they were too small…

He suddenly squeezed them.



The two swords moved in response and expanded rapidly, matching the giants size and becoming giant swords that hung in the sky.

The giant held his swords and slashed downwards.

With two rumbling sounds, the power of white flame and ice lotus attached to his body.

On his back, they bloomed into gorgeous wings that were ice-blue and scorching white.

Complete Form!

Two-winged black demon berserk giant!


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