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Lei Xier closed her eyes tightly.

She seemed to be unable to wait any longer.

Her Life Force spread out of her body, and the power of the Holy Blood in her energy reserve burned even faster.

Just like how the power of the God Devil Eyes had transformed previously, the white Reborn Lily could be dyed black in the blink of an eye.

Lei Xiers black hair also turned silver at a speed visible to the naked eye.

“Xu Xiaoshou, wait for me!”

Just as Patriarch Wuji and Lei Xier were shocked by the success of Yis imitation of Xu Xiaoshou…

Yi, who was in the midst of the battle, looked at the berserk giant that was attacking him and then lowered his head to size up hisshorty.

His mind suddenly went blank.

“It shouldnt be…”

He felt that he might have missed a step.

Perhaps, Xu Xiaoshous ability needed to be activated further.

Hence, facing the two-winged black demon berserk giant, Yi pressed his palms together again.

Killing intent surged in his mind as if he had returned to the state before Xu Xiaoshous transformation.

“Berserk Giant, Form!”

With a hum, the spiritual source in his body surged, ruffling Yis brand new clothes.

However, other than that, there was nothing else unusual.

Not to mention the berserk giant, Yi couldnt even imitate the golden spots of light that had exploded before Xu Xiaoshous transformation.


Yi was terrified.

An imitator could imitate any ability of anyone in the holy divine five domains of the continent.

Even if it was the Holy Emperor, as long as one dared, one could successfully imitate him.


Why couldnt Xu Xiaoshous ability be imitated

Had this fellow transcended beyond the five domains and wasnt in the Great Path!

Yi didnt have time to think about it further when the berserk giant had arrived with his swords.


The berserk giant roared and didnt want to let go of the slightest bit of time.

He threw out Fourth Sword in his hand and crossed the distance of half a step.

He stabbed the vicious sword into Yis chest fiercely across the space.


The ground was directly pierced into pieces.

The Fourth Sword turned into a giant sword, which was way much larger.

Just the tip of the sword entering Yis body had completely cut off Yis entire chest, splitting it into the upper and lower parts.

“Windcloud Incarnation, Form!”

Yi was in despair.

He did not dare to try again.

He directly used the half of his body that had been slashed out by the sword cognition to receive all of the demonic Qi from the Fourth Sword.

In just an instant, that half of his body turned completely black.

Demonic liquid dripped out, and then its power went berserk and exploded into pieces in mid-air with a bang.


Yi did not dare to wait.

The other half of his body barely transformed into a whole form.

He was about to fly toward the back from the side of the giant head the berserk giant could not stop moving forward.

But just as he brushed past…

The berserk giant suddenly turned his head.

Their eyes met.

Soul Reading!


Yis mind went blank, and his body began to tremble vigorously.

He was an expert in spirit control and he realized it in an instant.

There was a super spirit control technique on Xu Xiaoshous body that even he had never heard of!

In his blackened state, Xu Xiaoshous will had never gone astray.

He controlled the battle in an orderly manner.

He hacked randomly countless times to cultivate Yis habitual thinking thatthe berserk giant is crazy and completely irrational.

At this point, he finally caught Yis flaw.

The move, Soul Reading, completely destroyed Yis possibility to survive by cutting off his tail.

Soul Reading had suffered a backlash.

Xu Xiaoshou didnt know if Yi had ever come into contact with Demi-Saint before, so he didnt dare to maintain it for too long.

After controlling it for an instant, he ended the awakening technique.

Then, he raised his hand.

The giants palm grabbed Yi that was trying to get past his ears.

Thinking of Mu Zixi, thinking of Lei Xier…

Anger rose in his heart, and his courage grew!

At this moment, Xu Xiaoshou admitted that he couldnt suppress his demonic Qi anymore.

He should have ended his opponent, but as the tyrannical Qi surged, the giant jumped up in midair and twisted his body.

He then raised his hand backward.

A terrifying force passed through his legs, waist, right arm, palm, and then fiercely threw him to the ground!

Yis body immediately turned into a ray of light.


The ground within a few miles exploded, and the shattered rocks shook the sky.

Yis body was blasted into pieces, and blood gushed out.

He only felt that the pain he suffered at that moment seemed to be able to make his soul completely silent.

But Yi still wanted to live…

Thus, he seized the process of his body being smashed into the darkness underground and tried to turn the situation around.

However, it was as if the crushed rocks would be blasted into the sky by the rebounding force.

A few large pieces of Yis blasted body also bounced up high when they collided with the space on the ground.

At this moment, Yis soul suddenly trembled, and an inexplicable sense of threat exploded.

The berserk giant looked at everything in front of him and opened his mouth slowly.

He used the Breathing Technique to gently inhale.


The rock fragments were gathered together and pushed Yis remains to form a line in mid-air.

The berserk giant stretched out his right hand and pointed at all the flesh and blood of Yi in front of him.


Disillusionment Finger!



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