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“Buzz, buzz, buzz…”

Next to him, layers after layers of spiritual source mist suddenly spread out from the silver-haired Lei Xiers body.

It was a sign of a breakthrough in her realm and the rise of her energy reserve.

While the others were fighting and arguing, Lei Xier finally used the White Caves Source of the World to devour all the power of the Holy Blood.

The Source of the World had long been integrated into her

After borrowing the power of the Holy Blood, she had perfected and activated all the power of the Path Principles in the White Cave World.

At this moment, through her Memory Legacy Secret Technique, Lei Xier had truly taken over the Source of the World of White Cave and obtained complete ownership.

The Source of the World acknowledged the ownership and was successfully activated.

This meant that Lei Xier had transformed and become the child of the plane in the extradimensional space of White Cave.

If the world of the Shengshen Continent was the only greater world recognized by the Great Path of heaven and earth…

Then, the extradimensional space that was born in various places on the continent was the lesser world.

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The Sovereign (stage) could cultivate a bounded domain.

However, the bounded domain was only the embryonic form of the world, and could not be compared to the real lesser world.

Xu Xiaoyou had Yuan Mansion.

However, Yuan Mansion was only a large-scale spatial secret treasure that was formed after the lesser world withered and gathered its power.

The difference was that Xu Xiaoshou had used all kinds of methods to successfully activate the lesser world that had withered.

It then began to evolve and give birth to a new world.

However, White Cave was different.

White Cave was truly a mature extradimensional space that still stood on the Shengshen Continent.

It had perfect orders, its own life, and the Worlds Will.

As long as one was recognized by the Source of the World and the World Will, and obtained the ownership and activated it…

Then, the person who had the Source of the World would be the only master of the world of White Cave.

It was like Xu Xiaoshou of the Yuan Mansion and Yi of this bounded domain.

In the world of White Cave, Lei Xier at this juncture could transform into a god-like existence as long as she knew how to use the various Path Principles of heaven and earth.

The Holy Blood had fixed all the shortcomings.

After the Source of the World had completely recognized its master, the energy that was being fed back would be extremely huge.

After becoming the Lord of the White Cave World, Lei Xier no longer had to worry about the Path Principles comprehension of the Grandmaster Realm.

The world of White Cave could completely be self-sufficient in these low-level Path Principles comprehension.

There was no need for its lord to painstakingly comprehend the orders of the Shengshen Continent.

As a result, Lei Xier was able to receive the energy feedback from the world of White Cave without restraint.

Her cultivation instantly rose from the Heavenly Image State to Yin Yang, and then the Star Worship State.

And it was still rising!

From early stage to middle stage, late stage, perfect stage…

She was just one step away from breaking through to the Sovereign (stage)!

If it were any other time, as long as a spiritual cultivator of the Sovereign (stage) appeared in the Yunlun Mountain Range, the controller of the Cloud Realm would immediately notice it.

But now…

The controller was in the hands of her people!

Lei Xier had no scruples at all.

If she wanted to help Xu Xiaoshou, she could only rely on the cultivation of the Master (stage).

At most, she could only do some chores.

It was not enough.

There was only one method…


With a low groan in her heart, Lei Xier slowly floated in the air with her eyes closed while cultivating.

Complicated Path Principles could be seen with the naked eye on her body.

A magnificent airwave was pushed away.

Then, the sky resounded with a shocking buzz.

Dense world energy spread out and even completely covered Yis bounded domain, devouring and assimilating it, forming the initial bounded domain of the Sovereign Lei.



It was like a newborn world that had yet to be developed.

However, in just a breaths time, this world of chaos and nothingness rapidly evolved.

Mountains, lakes, rivers…


The Spirit Fusion wamp, the Lijian Grassland, the dark valley in front of the Abyss Island Rift…

Lei Xier suddenly opened her eyes and her God Devil Eyes spun rapidly.

The black and white mist and the aura of both god and devil continuously emanated from her body.

“The bounded domain of White Cave World!”

Lei Xier opened her red lips slightly, and her silver hair fluttered in the wind.

Her God Devil Eyes looked down at the world.

At this moment, the pressure of the Sovereign (stage) she brought with her seemed to be on par with Xu Xiaoshou, who had accumulated his aura for such a long time.

The two auras coexisted at the same time.

And they completely suppressed the auras of the two mighty figures, Patriarch Wuji, who was under the control of others, and the Chief of the Transformation Division, who only had a soul left!

“How could it be!”

Yi was completely stunned when he saw the silver-haired Lei Xier standing up again.

Just a moment ago, he was still shocked that Patriarch Wuji had been forced to kneel by Xu Xiaoshous words.

It was Xuan Wuji!

In the Transformation Division, even though his physical body had been destroyed by Yi, Patriarch Wuji had never been so humble.

However, Xu Xiaoshou was able to make the other party kneel with just a word.

This shock was not insignificant to Yi.

However, in the next second…

The shock in his heart was replaced by another person.

Lei Xier, who had been cultivating with her eyes closed, stood up.

At that moment, the world pressure almost made Yi think that it was a Demi-Saint who had stood up!

“She has broken through”

Yi felt his mouth dry up.

He could see that for some reason, Lei Xier had passed the three states of the Master (stage) in one go.

Even the bottleneck in her comprehension of the Path Principle couldnt stop this girl from advancing.

All the way to the Sovereign (stage)!

“But how could a newly-born Sovereign (stage) bring such a powerful pressure”

Yi was completely dumbfounded.

It was fine that Xu Xiaoshou was a monster.

But why no one around this fellow was normal

A little girl who had been thrown by a Great Void and could barely catch her breath had suddenly awakened another will.

Along with her breakthrough to the Sovereign (stage), she had even created such a perfect bounded domain!


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