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“Is this the Lei familys foundation”

He was in charge of various intelligence missions in the Central Region and rarely went out personally.

He had never been to other places, and he had never come into contact with the White Cave Small World far away in the Eastern Region.

Therefore, he could not tell that the bounded domain around Lei Xier was the epitome of the White Cave Small World.

He could only assume that this was her talent.

The Lei family, the God Devil Eyes…

As well as the entire Higher Void Familys desperate effort before their destruction.

They had used all the treasures they had on Lei Xier to produce such a monstrous woman!

Yis soul began to calculate in the void.

He stared straight at the monstrous woman, twirling the Spirit Recovery Spiritual Flowers as he began to ponder.

“If its a Sovereign (stage), it should barely meet the requirements”

“Watched, Passive Points 1.”

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Xu Xiaoshou was affected by the White Cave Small Worlds power of bounded domain and retracted all the almighty auras.

He put Patriarch Wuji aside and silently looked to the other side.

In the quiet night sky, only the rustling of the wind could be heard.

The scene in front of him was so familiar.

Time seemed to be going backward.

For some reason, everyone had returned to the Small World in the White Cave.

If they took another step forward, it seemed that they could go to the Tiansang Spirit Palace.


Things remained, but people had changed.

As the wind blew, a silver-haired Lei Xier stood alone not far away.

Her tattered green dress, which was stained with blood, could not hide her graceful figure.

At the same time, it could no longer bring back the familiar feeling of the beauty of a small family.

Under the contrast of the hazy black and white demonic aura, there was only indifference and coldness on Lei Xiers pretty face.

Her fingers were green, and her silver hair that was blown by the wind was tied behind her ears.

Her every movement had a faint charm to it.

Xu Xiaoshou was feeling lost.

If the divinity of the God Devil Eyes was represented by Mu Zixis innocence, quirkiness, and vivacity.

Then, Lei Xier was truly a self-contradictory demoness, cold yet enchanting.

Xu Xiaoshou didnt want to accept that she was his junior sister.

However, the way Lei Xier looked at him…

That pair of God Devil Eyes revealed the color that Mu Zixi used to look at him with her eyes wide open.

Her emotions and expression were exactly the same!

“Youre awake” Xu Xiaoshou pursed his lips.

He did not take a step forward.

He only felt that he and his junior sister were looking at each other from afar.

In between them, there was an additional distance calledunfamiliar.

“Mm,” Lei Xier nodded.

“Sovereign (stage)” Xu Xiaoshou asked again.

“Sovereign (stage),” Lei Xiers red lips lifted as she smiled.

Her eyes were about to curve into a crescent moon.

“I can finally help…”

She suddenly stopped in the mid of her sentence.

She seemed to have realized that this was not the reaction that she should have.

She immediately controlled herself and her expression resumed the coldness.

Xu Xiaojie let out a long sigh.

Before she had obtained the Source of the World, Mu Zixis cultivation level had always been able to increase inexplicably.

At first, he did not understand why.

He only felt that his junior sister was also a genius, so it was understandable.

But now, it seemed like…

There was a reason for everything.

Perhaps, Lei Xier had always been there from the start, but he had never noticed it.

“Missed, Passive Points 1.”

The information bar jumped out and interrupted Xu Xiaoshous thought.

He turned his head.

After his aura dissipated, Patriarch Wuji stood up from kneeling.

However, it was clear that kneeling had damaged his dignity.

Patriarch would remember it.

Xu Xiaobei didnt mind.

He had taken a liking to Liu Changqing and treated him as a friend.

The other party had always been respectful and had never done anything out of line.

Xu Xiaoshou always treated him as a peer.

But Xuan Wuji…

When this old fellow first appeared, Xu Xiaoshou was indeed very respectful to him.

However, after the other party ignored Mu Zixis life and death, everything changed.

Xu Xiaoshou looked at Patriarch Wuji and raised his Fourth Sword.

His eyes were filled with undisguised killing intent.

“Are you injured from kneeling”

He smiled coldly and said, “You can hold a grudge against me and secretly trick me.

Even now, kill me on the spot if you can do it.”

Xu Xiaoshou pointed at the sky.

“The world of Cloud Realm is now under your control.

You can leak some information and borrow Rao Yaoyaos hand to kill me later.”

Patriarch Wujis body trembled.

He had indeed thought of it just now.

“Surprised, Passive Points 1.”

Xu Xiaoshou pointed at the surroundings again.

“The trial of the Yunlun Mountain Range still has a long way to go.

You can also hide here and accumulate your strength.

“Just like how you need to spend a long time ignoring a persons life and death to set up an array and only strike when you are fully confident that you can kill your enemy, slow down and set up a trap to kill me.”

The corner of Patriarch Wuji twitched again.

He had also thought of this just now.

“In Awe, Passive Points 1.”

Xu Xiaoshou looked at the information bar and took a step forward with a smile.

He said in a low voice, “I can think of all the backup plans and everything that you can think of.”

He paused for a moment and said coldly.

“But I cant even guarantee that after this battle is over, you will still have the right to live.

“So, from your point of view, the best solution now is to kill me here before I grow up!”

As Xu Xiaoshoui said this, it was as if the main character in his words was not him.

He was fearless.


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