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He grabbed Patriarch Wujis shoulder and lightly exerted force.

His five fingers pierced through his opponents flesh and blood.

“Do you dare”

A whisper in Patriarch Wujis ear caused his hair to stand on end.

He looked at the cold demonic Qi in Xu Xiaoshous eyes and felt the terrifying pressure on his shoulder.

When he lowered his head, he saw the Four Pillars of Destiny Token of Bazhunan.

Patriarch Wuji was silent for a long time before he gritted his teeth and shook his head.

“I dont dare…”

He finally straightened his position.

A pawn would always be a pawn.

From the moment he was sent out of Abyss Island by the three ancestors of the White Vein, his life was no longer his.

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Under such circumstances, how could he dare to touch Xu Xiaoshou, who might become the chess master in the future

Not to mention Baizunan.

Just the anger of the three ancestors of the White Vein alone was not something that he, Xuan Wuji, could bear!

At this moment…

As if he seized the opportunity during the internal strife among a few of them, Yi suddenly attacked.

His soul body turned into a stream of light and headed in the direction of Lei Xier.

“Watch out!”

Patriarch Wuji immediately reminded him.

He tried to make up for his mistakes and give up the fight for control of the Cloud Realm to help Lei Xier.

“Do your job!”

Xu Xiaoshou scolded and turned around.

Why did he need to be reminded

The soul body that his Perception focused on was the one that Xu Xiaoshou had been long waiting for.

Yis speed was fast.

But his bounded domain had been replaced by Lei Xiers White Cave Small World.

No matter how fast he was, he could not be faster than the master of this bounded domain, Lei Xier, and Xu Xiaoshous eyes.

Almost at the same time that Yi moved…

Lei Xier tilted her head slightly, and without any movement, she turned her God Devil Eyes.

“God Devil Seal.”

Her red lips opened, and a clear enchanting voice sounded.

The void trembled, and the God Devil Mist around Lei Xier bloomed like a black and white Reborn Lily in full bloom.

Then, the shadow of Yin and Yang, black and white God Devil Eyes appeared in Yis eyes.


In just an instant, Yis figure was frozen in the air.

Xu Xiaoshou was shocked by this scene before he could even release his Soul Reading.

He recalled when Lei Shuangxing was fighting against Ye Xiaotian, he had skipped several levels and froze him in midair.

So, this was the use of the God Devil Eye

Yis soul body that he was clueless to deal with, Lei Xier could just take down using God Devil Eyes directly

Xu Xiaoshou immediately put down the thought of using Soul Reading.

His hands spun rapidly as he muttered something.

The divine path pattern appeared, and it swiftly sketched a clear and mysterious formation in the air.


Patriarch Wujis eyes instantly widened.

Wasnt this the construction method of the Spirit Shifting Six Profound Formation

Did Xu Xiaoshou really learn it

And looking at the proficiency of it…

Patriarch Wuji looked at the youth beside him in disbelief.

What monster was he He could even learn the Divine Secret technique!

Moreover, his attainments were so high

“Spirit Shifting Six Profound Formation, imperial order!”

Xu Xiaoshou received the seal with both hands, and the Divine Secret formation was immediately sealed away.

The path pattern seeped into Yis soul body which was unable to move.

Using the Great Paath as a bridge, it communicated with Yin and Yang and opened up a large gap in Yis soul bodys second space — the soul space.

The spatial ring, spiritual weapons, elixirs…

All the secret treasures were clearly visible!

Xu Xiaoshou skipped the others and first searched for the thing he wanted the most.

In the end, he found it in an inconspicuous corner.

It was a fist-sized stone figurine that looked like a clay doll.

It had a head but without facial features, and its body had bare limbs.

It was very strange.

“Is this… the Imitator”

Xu Xiaoshou was watching coldly.

With a hook of his finger, the divine path pattern was constructed and drew it out.

“Give it to me!”


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