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The moment the clay doll flew out of the soul space, it restored all of the properties of the real thing.

This thing was not a soul weapon, to begin with.

Sensing that the spiritual source could control this thing, Xu Xiaoshou compressed the spiritual thread in his hand and threw it out, locking it into a spiritual cocoon.

Ignoring the resistance of the treasure, he grabbed it from the air.


Patriarch Wuji cried out involuntarily.

He could now see clearly what Xu Xiaoshou was actually after.

This fellow, while he was still fighting and Yi had not died yet, had already set his eyes on the other partys treasure.

The Imitator was one of the 10 super performance weapons and a supreme treasure that could imitate anyone and any ability in the world!

Yis soul body started to tremble vigorously as if it no longer could endure all of this.

However, the controlling power of Lei Xiers God Devil Eyes was too strong.

That pair of God Devil Seal that had completely controlled his soul body, Yi still was unable to break free from it.

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“Xu Xiaoshou…”

Lei Xier looked sideways and muttered, her pretty face showing an expression of pain.

Her God Devil Eyes soon would not be able to hold on any longer.

Xu Xiaoshou didnt expect Lei Xiers control skill to be able to control the Great Void for such a long time!

Without saying a word, he blasted the Imitator into the world of Yuan Mansion.

At the same time, he used his spiritual senses to pull it out…

The Divine Secret triggered the other treasures in the soul space and pulled them out one by one like a torrent.

“This is crazy!”

Seeing the countless spiritual weapons, elixirs, and 10 or so spatial rings flying toward Xu Xiaoshou in a line according to the rules, Patriarch Wuji was dumbfounded.

This is too crazy!

When a battle was halfway through, you directly seized the other partys treasures in the inventory that had been stored for hundreds of years

Who could tolerate this

Clearly, Yi couldnt tolerate this at all!

His soul body trembled vigorously in the air and was so angry that it split open…


It was not by anger.

This fellows soul body had split into two on the spot!

The first half of Yis soul body was still under the control of Lei Xiers God Devil Seal.

But now, it seemed to have pulled back all of Yis spiritual will and it no longer resisted.

And the other half that had split open was like a cicada escaping its shell.

In the blink of an eye, it rushed towards Lei Xiers direction.


Yi laughed strangely, and its laughter was filled with arrogance.

“Xu Xiaoshou! So what if you empty my soul space Next, even your people will be mine!”

A stream of light flashed and disappeared.

Lei Xier, who was still trying her best to control the first half of Yis soul body, the other half of Yis soul body was about to rush into her body before she could stop and react.

This time, Patriarch Wujis expression suddenly changed as if he had understood something.


He cried out in shock, “Xu Xiaoshou! This guy doesnt intend to recover his physical body.

He has taken a liking to your junior sisters body.

He wants to possess her!”


Xu Xiaoshous face turned pale.

If Yi recovered his physical body, he had the Fourth Sword to slash him.

Therefore, this guy gave up on the plan to recover his body and diverted to Lei Xiers body

Lei Xier had just broken through to the Sovereign (stage) and her cultivation realm was still unstable.

It was the perfect opportunity to possess her!

And as long as Yis soul body got into Lei Xiers body…

Without knowing whether Lei Xier had been possessed or not, how could his Fourth Sword slash at his people


Xu Xiaoshou cursed angrily.

His demonic Qi surged once again wreaking havoc in his mind.

His body trembled uncontrollably, and golden light blossomed.

The demonic Qi seeped into his body, and the berserk giant appeared again!


With a single stomp, the ground shattered.

Carrying his massive body, Xu Xiaoshu ascended into the sky with a single step, appearing in the path on which Yis soul body was moving.

He wanted to protect Lei Xier with his towering physique!

Xu Xiaoshou did not know if Lei Xier could resist the possession.

However, he clearly understood that if Yi dared to crash into his body, the will of the big shots in his body would be able to kill Yi on the spot without thinking about whether the other party possessed his body!

Xu Xiaoshou understood this when he soul read Duoer, and the Demi-Saint Zang Ren.

At this moment, he was still a pawn of those big shots and could not resist.

Just like what Elder Sang had said.

A pawn only needed to do its part.

As for the rest, someone would come out and clean up the mess that it could not fight against.

This was also the reason why Xu Xiaoshou dared to be so tough.

He no longer gave face to Patriarch Wuji.

He would drink when he needed to drink and fight when he needed to fight.

Sometimes, a pawn could be more unscrupulous than a chess player.

A truly brilliant pawn could even influence various factors in the game, and in the end… make use of the chess player!


It was all in his mind.

Yi was not stupid.

How could he follow the script given by the enemy and move along

He initially didnt know about Xu Xiaoshous status in the Saint Servant, and he indeed had the intention to choose between Lei Xier and Xu Xiaoshou to possess.

However, after seeing Xu Xiaoshous Four Pillars of Destiny Token and Patriarch Wujis kneeling…

No matter how stupid Yi was, he could figure out that Xu Xiaoshou must have the backup from the Eighth Sword Deity and all the big shots of the sects on Abyss Island.

If he wanted to possess anyone…

In fact, none of the people present were the best choice.

Patriarch Wuji was directly ruled out as this guy was previously a Holy Emperor when his cultivation level was at its peak! His will was incomparably strong!

Xu Xiaoshous body had too many arrangements.

Perhaps once he entered his body, he would provoke a will even more terrifying than Patriarch Wujis.


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