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At Yunlun Mountain Range.

Under the hazy moonlight, Lei Shuangxing walked on crutches and stood silently in the empty wilderness.

This place wasnt too far from the Xu Factions camp, but it was silent.

And in the quietness of the silence, Lei Shuangxing could feel the anomaly of the God Devil Eyes come from the empty space in front of them.

“Bounded domain…”

There was no doubt.

Someone had used the bounded domain to trap the host of the God Devil Eyes, his sister, in this place.

It wasnt too long ago when Lei Shuangxing recognized Mu Zixis identity.

It was only a month ago.

The first time he sensed the power of the God Devil Eyes was in Tiansang Spirit Palace.

The second time was when he confirmed his identity after the battle in the White Cave.

The Saint Servant and the others were talking in the cave at night.

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At that time, Bazhuan was present, Xu Xiaoshou was present, and Mu Zixi was also present.

Lei Shuangxing asked Mu Zixi about her God Devil Eyes but he didnt get an affirmative response.

However, from Xu Xiaoshous reaction, Mu Zixis reaction, and the feedback he received from Bazhuan…

Everything was confirmed.

Mu Zixi was undoubtedly his sister!

“Mu Zixi, Lei Xier…”

“Lei Xier, Mu Zixi…”

Lei Shuhang silently muttered these two names and was a little absent-minded.

The Lei family tragedy happened a long time ago.

At that time, he was still very young.

His younger sister was even younger and only had a playful nature.

She was innocent and naive.

However, the entire Lei family had been exterminated when the two of them were still children.

If it wasnt for the fact that the head of the Lei family had some relationship with Bazhuan, and Bazhuan had a sense of righteousness, courage, and strength, he would not have been able to protect the remaining bloodline of the Lei family in the face of the wrath of the Holy Emperor family.

Most likely, in the current world…

The Lei family would have become a thing of the past.

Even so, Baizhuan was not able to save the Lei family by himself.

Lei Xier was like everyone else in the family.

Even though she was saved, her eyes were gouged out and her life was in danger.

When Lei Shuangxing was a child, he awakened the most powerful God Devil Eyes of the Lei family in thousands of years!

God Devil Eyes had been recorded as the first eye technique in the Eyes of the World, not one of it.

The origin of the destruction of the Lei family, her sisters Ultimate Life Demon Physique, Lei Shuangxings God Devil Eyes, and the power of punishment of Way of the Heavens in the Lei familys hands…

There were even more complicated reasons that could not be explained.

The extermination of the Higher Void family would not be due to a single reason.

It could only be said that they had become the first pawn to be sacrificed in the process of the various bigshots trying to incite the flames of war.

Due to the God Devil Eyes, Lei Shuangxing was protected by the Lei family since he was a child.

Even though his face had been destroyed by the flames of war, his God Devil Eyes was successfully protected by the head of the Lei family after much effort.

In the end, his identity was changed, and he had been handed over to Baizhuan.

However, to save his sister, Lei Shuangxing had given up the God Devil Eyes without hesitation…

This was the why he was able tosee the enemy the moment Mu Zixi was in danger.

The God Devil Eyes was his!

He was the original master of the God Devil Eyes!

For 10 years or so…

Lei Shuangxing had been by the side of Baizhuan, desperately cultivating his sword skills.

However, he didnt know if his sister, who had been transplanted with the God Devil Eyes, was still alive.

To Baizhuan, he had only acted out of a sense of righteousness and didnt have the slightest intention of using them.

Naturally, he didnt want to drag the two remaining orphans of the Lei family into the Saint Servants whirlpool.

The Saint Servant was dangerous after all.

Therefore, Baizhuan had never told Lei Shuangxing about the whereabouts of his sister, Lei Xier.

The transplant of the GodDevil Eyes was successful.

However, the power of the God Devil Eyes was not so easy to bear.

Lei Xier spent nearly 10 years before she successfully matched the power of the God Devil Eyes in her secular life, and recovered her memories of the past.

However, the memories were too horrifying.

Lei Xier couldnt accept her impactful past compared to her quiet life in the secular world.

She then chose to hide.

And this…

Had triggered another characteristic of the God Devil Eyes, the second will.

The power of divinity helped Lei Xier to hide.

And Mu Zixi came out.

Since it was impossible to end karma in the realm of spiritual cultivation, Baizhunan let nature take its course and sent Mu Zixi to the entrance of Tiansang Spirit Palace.

Why Tiansang Spirit Palace

Elder Sang was there.

Being a strengthless girl who was going to grow up in the realm of spiritual cultivation and had to separate herself from the Saint Servant.

slave, she naturally needed someone reliable to take care of her.

There were too many dangers and accidents in the realm of spiritual cultivation.

Of course, to completely separate herself from the Saint Servant…

About the existence of Mu Zixi and everything about her, Baizhuan didnt say much to Sang Qiye who had parted from him because of the difference in their paths.

To Baizhuan, Mu Zixi only needed to grow up in a safe environment.

Even though Elder Sang had a bad temper, he was a good person.

Furthermore, he wasnt in charge of Tiansang Spirit Palace today.

It was Ye Xiaotian.

Even if something happened to Elder Sang, with his personality, he would definitely break away from Tiansang Spirit Palace right away.

When Ye Xiaotian and the others revealed their holy palace background, no one would dare to touch Tiansang Spirit Palace.

Mu Zixis should be safe…

However, under such a foolproof plan, Baizhuan had never expected that…

Mu Zixi had never been exposed because of the power of the God Devil Eyes, but because of the Life Devouring Wood Body that she became Elder Sangs disciple.


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