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The worst thing was that to protect Xu Xiaoshous true disciple identity, and protect his early growth, Elder Sang had specially organized a grand disciple-accepting ceremony for Mu Zixi.

Otherwise, why would people say that life was unpredictable

The wheel of fate was like being controlled by an invisible hand.

No one could escape the cycle of karma.

Things had happened to this extent.

Baizhuan had completely let it go.

When one was growing up, it was impossible to have someone to always take care of him.

He did not know if Elder Sang could see through Mu Zixis true identity later on and help her hide it.

But since the outcome had been fated, it was useless to force it.

Baizhuan placed his focus on Lei Shuangxing.

He was indeed a genius in swordsmanship before Xu Xiaoshou appeared.

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The Saint Servant also needed new blood.

The past, temperament, and talent of Lei Shuagxing were enough for him to shoulder the heavy responsibility of the next generation of the Saint Servant.

Baizhunan had entrusted many tasks to Lei Shuangxing.


The other party had also completed them extremely well.

Until the time at Tiansang Spirit Palace…

Even Baizhunan probably didnt expect the origin sensing of the Lei familys God Evil Eyes to be so strong that after more than 10 odd years, the first and the second hosts of the God Devil Eyes would interact when they met.

Mu Zixi was exposed.

So what if she was exposed There was indeed no need to hide it.

Thus after the battle at the White Cave, Lei Shuangxing asked and Baizhuan explained everything.

This loop that had lasted for more than 20 years had finally closed after traversing an extremely long and huge space-time.

Some people were still kept in the dark and did not know the truth.

And some people already knew everything.

Lei Shuangxing who knew everything didnt choose to acknowledge Mu Zixi.

He followed the wishes of Baizhunan and also trusted him.

Not dragging his sister into the Saint Servants whirlpool was the best choice.

Thus Lei Shuangxing chose to silently protect her.

In the past, he lived for revenge.

Now, he lived for his sister.

To lei Shuangxing…

Before anything happened to his sister, his sister would be fine as long as the root cause was removed in advance.

Just like in Dongtianwang Citys alleyway, he had beheaded Yamas Reborn Lily.

Before his sister was exposed, his sister would be fine as long as his identity was exposed.

Just like at this moment.

Lei Shuangxing knew that there was a Cloud Realm world in Yunlun Mountain Range, and people were watching.

However, when the God Devil Eyes showed signs of anomaly, he held the Divine-Beating Crutch in his hand, activated his Lifelong Vein, and rushed to the scene immediately.

No matter how big the mess was, it didnt matter.

Who could divert his attention from the successor of the Saint Servant, the orphan of the Lei family, the owner of the famous Divine-Beating Crutch, Way of the Sword of Sovereign (stage), Lei Shuangxing

Lei Shuangxing had this confidence.

Similarly, he also had the same strong determination to protect.

“Since I cant see, leave the darkness to me.

Ill leave the world of light to you.

“My sister…”


In the spatial fragment, the last sound of footsteps faded, and Lei Shuangxing stood silently.

He couldnt see anything, but he could sense the auras of four people in front of him.

Lei Xier, Xu Xiaoshou, that Divine Secret Sorcerer…

And… the enemy!

The last person with obvious hostility was probably what the God Devil Eyes saw, and impossible for him to appear here,Sleeveless.

With Lei Shuangxings intelligence, he could completely imagine who had the power to imitate Elder Sleeveless special temperament, aura, and power.

The Chief of Transformation Division, Yi!

It was not difficult to guess.

The person who could make Xu Xiaoshou suffer for so long and had the intention to kill his sister could only be one of the big shots from Holy Divine Palace.

Yi was the first choice and the only choice.

“Are all of you here”

Lei Shuang Xing was composed and calm, “Ive been waiting for quite some time…”

He had indeed been waiting for quite some time.

From the moment he arrived at the scene to the moment he discovered the bounded domain, he tried to break it open.

He realized that the order of the Great Path was not right.

After deducing carefully, he realized that the power of the Divine Secret had changed.

It must be one of his people making a move!

Lei Shuangxing suppressed his impulse.

He was thinking.

His sister was in danger not far away from Xu Xiaoshou, and Xu Xiaoshou would definitely not ignore it.

Therefore, it was the Divine Secret Sorcerer beside him that he sent that, had made a move.

As for whether Xu Xiaoshou was in the bounded domain or not, Lei Shuangxing did not even need to think about it.

The reason why he dared to protect his sister silently and let her be free on the surface was that his sister had Xu Xiaoshou by her side.

How could a person even the Chief would praise endlessly disappoint him

Lei Shuangxing did not forcefully break through the bounded domain.

He knew that if Xu Xiaoshou was in there, and he did not even use the thing that he had just given him…

Then, the other party must have a certain level of confidence!

The Divine Secret in this place had been tampered with, but the Holy Divine Palace had not sent anyone to help at the first moment.

That meant that Xu Xiaoshous backup plan could cover up the battle here.

Perhaps the Divine Secret technique had blocked the perception of the Cloud Realm.

He dared to touch his sister, but Xu Xiaoshou dared to block the Divine Secret.

What did that mean

It meant that this fellow…

Had the Master (stage) cultivation but he wanted to destroy the Higher Void (level)!

If it was anyone else, Lei Shuangxing wouldnt be at ease.

But even though he hadnt seen Xu Xiaoshou many times, this person was trustworthy enough.

Lei Shuangxing was terribly rational!

Even though his sister might be in danger, he believed that Xu Xiaoshou could do whatever he wanted.

Thus he chose to watch from the outside.


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