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“You want to kill me!”

“You dare to kill me!”

Yi had gone mad.

His mind had been tormented to madness.

He laughed maniacally.

“Xuan Wuji cant even kill me.

Xu Xiao cant even kill me.

What do you have to kill me with”

“Soul weapon”

“Do you have a soul weapon Do you dare to kill me”

“Even if you have a soul weapon, my soul has dissipated.

You cant even hit me!”


Yi laughed wildly.

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Even if the Escape Divine Coin wasnt a lost divine weapon on the Inscription Stele, it was still a divine item without a doubt.

Otherwise, he wouldnt have used it as a life-saving trump card.

Yis will was hidden within the Escape Divine Coin.

In this world, only those who were proficient in spiritual attacks had the slightest chance of breaking through the hidden Escape Divine Coins defense.

Even soul attacks were ineffective!

What was this blind man in front of him going to use to kill him

This spatial treasure

Or…Divine-Beating Crutch

A boast without shame!

Even Xuan Wuji, his Divine Secret technique could communicate with the Way of the Heavens.

It was also effective against the soul.

But against the Escape Divine Coin, it was completely useless!

Xu Xiaoshou was at his wits end.

Xuan Wuji had no more ideas.

Even if Yi couldnt run out of this sealed territory, he wouldnt die.

As long as he could wait until Rao Yaoyaos support arrived, he would be able to turn the tables.

Xuan Wuji had sealed the Divine Secret.

But after such a long time, Rao Yaoyao and the others should have noticed that something was wrong, right

“I just have to wait, I just have to wait…”

The voice in Yis heart echoed continuously.

He tried his best to calm himself down.

However, for a Higher Void to have his physical body shattered, his soul destroyed, and only a wisp of his will was left…

‘Severely injured was not even enough to describe Yi.

He was on the verge of death!

How could he calm down easily

Lei Shuangxing was incomparably quiet.

He was just listening to the heart-wrenching roars of Yi in front of them.

He pondered for a long time.

As if he had finished accumulating his strength, he pulled out the Divine-Beating Crutch from his crutch…

“I dont need anything else to kill you.

Just a sword strike will do.”

The Way of Sword was similar to the way of spiritual cultivation in the last century.

It encompassed tens of thousands of things.

The Path Principles was perfect.

Although ancient swordsman was on the verge of extinction in the current era, it did not mean that the Path of the Ancient Swordsman had lost.

On the contrary, those who inherited the Path of the Ancient Swordsman in the current era were all amazing people.

If these people were in the previous century, their achievements would definitely be higher.

This was the case for Bazhunan.

Under the current difficult circumstances of the Way of the Sword, he was still proficient in the Nine Major Sword Techniques.

And as his successor, Lei Shuangxing had followed him since he was young, how could he only learn one of the sword techniques

Lei Shuangxing usually used the Fantasy Sword Technique.

It was because it was relatively slightly stronger and more convenient to use.

While the Nine Great Sword Techniques and Eight Doors required the use of the eyes.

Although Lei Shuangxing couldnt see anything, among tens of thousands of ancient sword techniques, there was a sword technique that suited him the most.

The Heart Sword Technique!

When the six senses were sealed, the sword wielder refined the sword technique with the heart, viewed objects with the sword, and killed unseen.

It could be said that Lei Shuangxings strongest sword technique that suited him the most was the Heart Sword Technique.

He had the highest attainments in this sword technique.

Usually, he did not use it because the time was not right and the opponent was too weak that he did not need to use it.

But now, against Yi…

It was very unfortunate.

The Heart Sword Technique was the most direct spiritual attack of the Nine Great Sword Techniques.


The Divine-Beating Crutch was held by two hands and gently inserted into the space.

Just like that day in the Eight Palace, Baizhunan used a branch from a tree to point at the seven hundred white-clothed people and cast the Present Gods and Budhhas.

Divine-Beating Crutch entered the space, and then suddenly raised his head.

An invisible spiritual wave rippled in the air like a spiritual domain and instantly enveloped everyone present.

“Clang –”

At this moment, the hearts of everyone present resounded with a melodious sword chime.

Xu Xiaoshous mind shook, and he felt many towering images appear in his mind.

Baizhunan, Ai Cangsheng, Demi-Saint Zang Ren, the wretched saint…

An inexplicable sense of panic arose.

Xu Xiaoshou felt his heart palpitate.

As if facing a saint, his knees couldnt help but tremble, and he almost knelt on the spot.

“Suppressed, Passive Points 1.”

“Disturbed, Passive Points 1.”

“Affected, Passive Points 1.”

The information window popped up.

And just as thesegigantc figures appeared, Xu Xiaoshous soul suddenly jolted — Spirit Awakening, clearing away all the panic phenomena that caused the effects.

“Disillusionment Finger (charge point: 0.11%)”

The spiritual effect had triggered theSpirit awakening of the Disillusionment Finger.

After the Spirit Awakening, the soul woke up.

But it was also affected by the Heart Sword Technique of Lei Shuangxing that thegigantic figures once again appeared in his mind.

The special phenomenon triggered the Spirit Awakening once again, and the charge points of Disillusionment Finger continued to increase.

The cycle repeated itself…

Xu Xiaoshou was shocked.

It was fortunate that his Disillusionment Finger had undergone an evolution.

As long as the charge points increased, it could trigger the Spirit Awakening.

Otherwise, according to the function of the Disillusionment Finger before the evolution, every1% increase in charge points was needed to trigger the Spirit Awakening.

And in the process of this point increase…

He, Xu Xiaoshou, would be completely controlled by the techniques like the Heart Sword Technique of Lei Shuangxing.

“What a powerful sword technique!”

As the only person who was clear-headed, Xu Xiaoshou was able to observe the reactions of the others under the sword technique of Lei Shuangxing.

There was no exception.

Everyone present, even Patriarch Wuji, was affected.


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