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After a pause, Patriarch Wujis expression turned serious.

“To be honest, the person outside doesnt have a very good understanding of the Divine Secret technique.

“But what surprised me is that hes extremely efficient at cracking the Divine Secret that Ive set up.

“From the moment we entered this world until the end of the battle, the amount of time weve wasted…

“I reckon that hes already able to take control of the Cloud Realm.”

Xu Xiaoshous heart skipped a beat as he asked, “Based on what youve said, if we leave the ancient book world, well be exposed to the red-clothed people”


Patriarch Wuji nodded.

It was rare for him to not say too much nonsense.

He silently looked at Lei Shuangxing.

He in fact wanted to explain the situation.

If this person didnt bring the ancient book world, the control of the Cloud Realm world would still be in his hands.

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If Lei Shuangxing didnt come, he, Patriarch Wuji, would need to use extraordinary power to kill the last wisp of Yis will.

It came from one of the three ancestors of the White Veins, Lord Qing ShisDivine Prison!

This move could lock Yis last will, including the Escape Divine Coin, into Lord Qing ShisDivine Prison and torture him to death.

It was Patriarch Wujis last move.

Of course, using this move could kill Yi.

But at the same time, the number of times he could borrow the power of the three ancestors of the White Veins was too limited.

It was better not to use it if he could.

Lei Shuangxing could help him kill Yi and not waste Lord Qing Shis limited number of appearances.

In principle, Patriarch Wuji was grateful.

After all, he did not want Lord Qing Shi to settle the score after this, considering that he had used the Holy Power to settle a personal grudge.

As long as Yis support did not appear at the last moment.

Everything was the best arrangement.

Everyone was silent.

It seemed that even after killing Yi, everyone was not optimistic about the situation that would follow.

Lei Shuangxing took the lead to ask, “Xu Xiaoshou, what do you plan to do next”

Xu Xiaoshou looked over in surprise.

He had come into contact with Lei Shuangxing a few times, but this fellow had always been indifferent to him.

Every time they met, it was either the Storyteller or Luo Leilei who spoke.

Lei Shuangxing had always been the one who accompanied them and remained silent.

Xu Xiaoshou had always thought that this fellow had more or less enmity towards him, an extra member of the Saint Servant.

He had never thought that at such a critical moment, he would ask him what he thought.

He didnt answer directly.

Xu Xiaoshou was also in deep thought about this question.

He had no choice but to kill Yi.

If he could spare this person, Xu Xiaoshou really didnt want to kill him.

At the current stage, if he messed with a big shot of Holy Divine Palace, it was declaring war on the other party.

Subsequently, there would be too many troubles to face.

Besides, he didnt know how Holy Divine Palace would react to this.

But Yi had made a move against his junior sister…

He had known too much…

Xu Xiaozhu sighed silently.

If a young man lost his passion and impulsiveness, what was the difference between him and a dying man

He didnt want to think about theif of this matter anymore.

Instead, he calmed down and carefully thought about theconsequences of killing Yi.

“Holy Divine Palace would know about Yis death” Xu Xiaoshous mind spun quickly as he raised his eyes and asked.

“Mm,” Lei Shuangxing nodded.

Xu Xiaoshou instantly sighed.

As expected…

He did not ask why.

If the Chief of the Transformation Division died and Holy Divine Palace was not aware, how was it different from some lousy organizations

It was a pity.

Xu Xiaoshou had initially planned to use the Imitator and Yis lifetime memories to make up for Yis position as the Chief of Transformation Division.

He wasnt afraid of death.

He was just afraid that it wouldnt be exciting enough.

But now…

Even if it was exciting, it would be gone.

If he used the Imitator to disguise as Yi in front of Rao Yaoyao now, the other party might really slash him.

“Will Holy Divine Palace through various methods find out how Yi died” Xu Xiaoshoui asked again.

This time, Lei Shuangxing shook his head.

He then looked at Patriarch Wuji.

“If what he said is true and the control of the Cloud Realm world was always in his hands, no one will find out that I killed Yi.”

Everyone looked at him at the same time.

Patriarch Wuji smiled confidently.

“Even if a Demi-Saint comes, he wont be able to find out who has attacked.

After all, in my original plan, I was the one who killed him.

How could I let myself be imprisoned”

Original Plan…

When Xu Xiaoshou heard this, he couldnt help but feel angry.

He forcefully restrained himself.

It wasnt the right time to deal with Patriarch Wuji now.

It was better to wait until he got through this difficulty before making any plans.

Xu Xiaoshou muttered to himself and paced back and forth.

His thoughts began to wander and he began to reason.

“Since Holy Divine Palace will only find out Yi is dead, but they cant find out who did it, then, for the time being, were still safe.

“We wont consider anything beyond Demi-Sant.

“The big shots world will be taken care of by the big shots.

Lets focus on analyzing the current situation.”

Xu Xiaoshou knocked on his hand and said, “From Rao Yaoyaos point of view, Yis action is due to Little… Lei Xiers Ultimate Life Demon Physique.”

He looked at Lei Xier and stopped talking.

He read this information from Yis souls memories, and there was no doubt that it was accurate.


Xu Xiaoshous voice became serious.

“You are now the most dangerous!”

When Lei Shuangxing heard this, his heart trembled slightly, and he turned his head in Lei Xiers direction.

Patriarch Wuji did not care anymore.

Yi was dead.

Next, he only needed to wait for Xu Xiaoshous arrangements.

Ever since Xu Xioashou told him tokneel, he didnt dare to resist anymore.

After this matter, whether he lived or died depended on how much he could do in the process of breaking the situation.

Patriarch Wuji looked as if he was waiting for orders.

He would accept all challenges as long as he could live.

When Lei Xier heard this, she was indifferent.

She seemed to have inherited Mu Zixis personality.

As long as Xu Xiaoshou was by her side, she didnt like to think.

She immediately tilted her head and asked softly, “Then, what should I do”

The night wind blew her silver hair onto the side of her face.

Lei Xiers body was still stained with blood.

Her face was still a little pale.

Her voice was gentle and ethereal, but there was also a seductive feeling that belonged to the demonic power.

This expression, coupled with her helpless voice…

Xu Xiaoshou felt that he was a little lost control looking at her.

He realized that he had witnessed his junior sister grow up overnight.

He had never imagined it before…

How could his junior sister have such a method to unleash herself

The magic of the God Devil Eyes, the special nature of the Ultimate Life Demon Physique, coupled with the devouring and dispersing of Life Force had resulted in a person giving birth to two completely different personalities and appearances.

The feeling they gave off was completely different!

It was just like a game character that could change its skin.

Xu Xiaoshou didnt expect that he would encounter such a ridiculous thing.

He blinked slightly and came back to his senses.

“What should we do”

Xu Xiaoshou repeated this sentence in a low voice.

He finally came back to his previous train of thought.

He looked straight at the God Devil Eyes of Lei Xier and said, “Of course, we should go back to the past.”

“The past” Lei Xier raised her eyebrows as if she had read Xu Xiaoshous other thoughts.

Xu Xiaoshous heart skipped a beat.

But he nodded and said seriously, “If you want Rao Yaoyao to not notice anything unusual, you have to be normal first.

If you say that Yi came to look for you, and then Yi died, and you changed your appearance.

Who dares to say that theres no mystery behind this”

“So” Lei Xiers red lips curved.

“So…” Xu Xiaoshou took a deep breath.

He did not dare to shift his gaze and said directly, “So, can you become smaller”

“Become smaller” Lei Xier smiled for a moment.

The flowers lost their colors, and it made people restless.

She smiled and asked, “How do I become smaller”

Xu Xiaoshou could not resist this soul-stirring smile.

He couldnt help but look down and fix his gaze on Lei Xiers body, which was about to be torn out of her clothes.

Then, he gulped.

He couldnt handle it…

His gaze went past Lei Xier again, and he looked at the distant mountain peak.

He wanted to insinuate something and say something…

But this was too tactful…

Xu Xiaoshou felt that he shouldnt avoid it.

He looked back and said directly, “Here!”

Then, he looked down again and fixed his gaze on Lei Xiers long and round thigh.

“And here!”

He looked back and looked directly at the other partys God Devil Eyes.

Xu Xiaoshou didnt dare to look at anything else and said seriously, “Shrink all of them! Can you do it”


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