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Xu Xiaoshou was listening by the side and sighed with emotion.

Was this a verbal exchange between smart people

There was no need to say it out loud.

Each person spoke one sentence and directly rewrote the story of Yis ending.

And yet, it was full of things that made sense.

The lack of cultivation level, insufficient ability, and no one knew anything…

Sometimes, the most dangerous situation was actually the safest.

Of course, for all of this to be materialized, one person had to be sacrificed.

It was very obvious.

In the current situation, the one who was willing to be sacrificed was Lei Shuangxing.

Without him, Yis ending would not be rewritten.

Only another person could bear this karma.

This was Xu Xiaoshous first plan.

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As he had to let Lei Shuangxing bear the consequences, it was not appropriate for him to say it out.

Even if everyone understood, it was better to let him say it out loud.

Was Lei Shuangxing being used

Xu Xiaoshou knew that this plan was making use of others.

But he was no longer the little sheep of Tiansang Spirit Palace.

This little bit of being used was really nothing.

Xu Xiaoshou had made the greatest use of others.

He had even used the lives of all the spirit cultivators in Dongtianwang City to trade for the safety of everyone in the First Pavilion in the Sky — the Imperial Citys Saint Explosion!

Or rather…

This could not be calledmaking use at all.

It could only be said to be an exchange of benefits.

It was because Xu Xiaoshou knew that to protect everyone, Holy Divine Palace would definitely choose to deploy all their forces to defend with all their might.

This way, the other sides military arrangement would be relaxed.

Xu Xiaoshou had asked himself if he felt guilty for thinking and doing the same thing when Holy Divine Palace wanted to protect him

He felt no guilt at all!

That night was the night of his true psychological transformation.

The world was black and white, but there was no absolute white, nor was there absolute black.

Light and darkness alternated.

Blindly doing good would only bring evil to one.

In a sentence.

If one was kind, one would be bullied.

If a horse was kind, one would be ridden by others.

One could not live forever for oneself, nor could one live forever for others.

It was too much.

That gray area between the two, those who understood would try to step into it and then understand life.

Those who didnt understand would never understand!

Xu Xiaoshou also knew.

Lei Shuangxing had the same thought as his.

He chose to sacrifice himself alone wasnt just because of his sister.

On the contrary, the First Pavilion in the Sky carried an even greater weight!

In Holy Divine Palaces eyes, it was a dark organization that had been established.

It even had a trading relationship with the Alchemist Association.

It couldnt do much at the moment, but in the future, it would definitely give everyone a surprise.

To the Saint Servant.

The First Pavilion in the Sky was too important.

Wasnt what Lei Shuangxing was doing also an exchange of benefits

They chose to use the name of Saint Servant to bear the consequences of killing Yi and keep another more important pawn.

That was all.

Before a person became a very kind person, he should first become a person who was kind to himself, to his family, and to friends!

“Do you have anything else to add”

In the ancient book world, before he left, Lei Shuangxing was extremely cautious and asked again.

Even in his heart, the current plan was the most perfect, complete, and flawless.

“There are still flaws!”

Patriarch Wuji suddenly said, “The control of the Cloud Realm world was seized, and Yi was killed during this period.

Im afraid that Holy Divine Palace would guess that it was me who acted.

After all, when I came out from Abyss Island, I used the ability of Divine Secret technique.”

Lei Shuangxing didnt say anything.

He even turned his head away, making it clear that he didnt want to answer this question.

Xu Xiaoshou could only say helplessly, “Youre confused! The one who seized the Cloud Realm world was Xuan Wuji, who colluded with Saint Slave, and the ghost beast that ran out from Abyss Island.

What does that have to do with you, Liu Changqing Moreover, youre not even Liu Changqing whos with Young Master Xu now.

Youre just a Master (stage) spiritual cultivator!”


Patriarch Wuji choked and his old face turned red.

What he had said made sense.

But why did it sound so strange

He asked worriedly, “At the Spirit Gem Trade Fair, Liu Changqing traded the Blood Trees Yin branch which I got from Abyss Island.

Perhaps Holy Divine Palace would use this to connect Liu Changqing with me and you from the First Pavilion in the Sky”

Xu Xiaoshou shook his head and no longer wanted to answer.

Patriarch Wuji was indeed a little too self-centered.

The incident at the trade fair had ended after the trade fair ended.

Everything had been resolved.

That time when Liu Changqing was not around, he had a conversation with the Night Guardian.

In the end, Mr.

Mei Siren came out to prove that the suspicion of the First Pavilion in the sky was completely resolved.

Unless something happened to Mr.

Mei Siren…

However, the old Sword Deity had run off somewhere and was enjoying himself.

Perhaps he was no longer in Dongtianwang City.

So he would not affect the situation here.

Perhaps Patriarch Wujis worries were reasonable.

Some smart people in Holy Divine Palace might carefully recall all the previous clues during their free time, and then they would have a small chance of getting these details.

But Xu Xiaoshou would not give them time.

“Shut up first.

If theres a problem, wait until I tell you the second plan before you ask!” Xu Xiaoshou said with a frown.

Patriarch Wuji was shut out, and his face turned dark.

But he was now very used to his position and Xu Xiaoshous attitude towards him.

Thus he did not say anything else.


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