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The martial arts world was in chaos.

At the Yunlun Mountain Range, the night breeze was far away.

After killing Yi, something big happened in the outside world.

However, Xu Xiaoshou didnt know about it.

He only knew that he had to play the role of Mu Zixi to survive the trial by the Law Enforcement Officer of Holy Divine Palace.

“Who will come”

With curiosity, Mu Zixi, whom Xu Xiaoshou had disguised, led Liu Changqing back to the Xu Factions tent reluctantly after she complete her great show.

After parting with Lei Shuangxing…

After sending Liu Changqing to Yuan Mansion, Xu Xiaoshou left the world of the ancient book with the vanishing technique.

He then left the venue where Yi died at the first instant.

Where Young Master Xu stopped and Mu Zixis whereabouts…

He had put on a show for the right people to see.

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Logically speaking, when they were in the world of the ancient book, the control of the Cloud Realm had been taken back by Rao Yaoyaos people.

Even if Xu Xiaoshou used the vanishing technique, it would be very abrupt the instant he appeared.

It was because in the eyes of outsiders, two people suddenly jumping out of an empty mountain range would be weird.

However, Patriarch Wuji was indeed powerful.

The backup plan that this fellow had prepared for him was simply too powerful!

A time-attribute divine array wheel had changed the time of the scene.

It had shifted the time when Xu Xiaoshou and Liu Changqing appeared back to a quarter of an hour ago.

A quarter of an hour ago!

This wasnt the first time Xu Xiaoshou experienced the ability of the time attribute.

But Patriarch Wujis move to change time through the Divine Secret technique had truly shocked him.

It was even more shocking than Gou Wuyues Time Sequence Reverse.

This time-attribute divine array wheel was Patriarch Wujis masterpiece.

It wasnt like Gou Wuyues sword.

While moving the time forward, it would simultaneously bring everything that had happened during that period of time to the past.

However, he moved the events that had happened between the two of them to the scene a quarter of an hour ago.

In other words, even if the control of Cloud Realm was snatched away, and Rao Yaoyao found the scenes of Divine Secret in the dark, she could only see…

After parting ways with Yi, Mu Zixi and the guardian Xiaoqing dawdled on the neighbouring mountain for a quarter of an hour.

In the end, after persuasion, the two of them returned to the Xu Factions camp.

Top-level application!

Xu Xiaoshous horizons were truly broadened.

All these old foxes were brilliant and unpredictable in their methods.

Not to mention Rao Yaoyao, there wasnt a single time-attribute spiritual cultivator who could find any clues from it.

Even if there was!

Patriarch Wuji frankly said that as long as there wasnt any time-attribute higher void (level) expert that appeared, his divine array wheel …

After a quarter of an hour…

The divine secret technique would simulate the events that happened between the two of them and the scene before the time shift.

After that, it would fuse perfectly and seamlessly.

If it was late, all the evidence would be erased by the divine secret technique.

How would Rao Yaoyao suspect Mu Zixi and Liu Changqing at the first instant These two were too weak.

Even if she wanted to make a move, she would have to wait a long time before she came to test them!

And during this period of time…

Xu Xiaoshou had led Liu Changqing back to the Xu Factions camp.

If anyone came looking for him, they could only come to the main entrance of the Xu Factions camp.

As for the second scene of the crime which had been tampered with by the time attributes ability, it was believed that by then, it would have been recovered by the divine secret technique.

Even so.

Xu Xiaoshou, who was extremely cautious, still kept an eye out.

He had Patriarch Wuji make a mark in the second scene.

As long as someone had been there, they would be able to detect it on the spot.

The tampering by Divine Secret was so subtle that Cloud Realm couldnt detect it at all.

Even if such tampering in Divine Secret was detected, it was not a secret that Liu Changqing knew the Divine Secret technique.

Using the excuse of protecting Mu Zixi or other reasons, he would be able to pass through it easily.

To deceive the heavens and cross the sea, it was indeed necessary to display their abilities.

Back in the tent.

Mu Zixi in Xu Xiaoshous disguise did not interact much with Young Master Xu in Xu Xiaojis disguise.

After all, on the surface, the two of them were still throwing tantrums.

Xu Xiaoshou was also afraid that Xu Xiaoji could not put on a good show and accidentally expose some flaws.

There would be more mistakes if they talked more.

It was better not to talk.

Thus, Xu Xiaoji continued to be imprisoned in the main tent.

Xu Xiaoshou ran into the wooden house by himself and slept on the big bed that belonged to his junior sister.

The little girl obviously cherished the place where she lived very much.

It was a wooden house that she had personally constructed using wood, not a tent.

Inside the wooden house, flowers and plants were planted.

There was a refreshing smell of nature.

Other than the messy quilt which someone had tossed and turned over it, the other things were placed in good order.


Xu Xiaoshou fell into a deep sleep.

He felt that this was something that Mu Zixi could do.

“You should water the flowers.”

From Yuan Mansion, Lei Xiers indifferent thoughts came over.

Xu Xiaoshou was stunned.

He did not expect his junior sister to have such a habit.

He had no choice but to get up and water the flowers.

After the evolution of the Yuan Mansion world, Xu Xiaoshous thoughts could now communicate with the inner world.

He and Lei Xier had agreed that he couldnt let this fake junior sister of his make any mistakes in the details.

Thus he had to communicate with her.

“Clear the weed.”

Okay, he would clear the weed then.

Although there wasnt much grass to weed…

“Do you see that little bug” Lei Xiers voice came over.

“Yes, I saw it.” Xu Xiaoshou held the small wooden pot and the small wooden shovel.

He stared at the little fat bug on the flower and was somewhat puzzled, “Why are there bugs here They cant be raised here, can they This wooden house has only been established for less than a day…”


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