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How much did this little girl care about the title ofLeader of the Xu Faction !

“Its indeed his fault for not giving you the position of the Xu Faction Leader.

Youre the Leader of the Xu Faction, youre the most powerful…” the trial officer squatted down as if he was comforting the angry little girl whose balloon had been taken away.

He spoke very gently.

When the little girls emotions had stabilized, he asked, “After you left the Xu Factions tent Where did you go”

“To… Xu Factions tent… outside…”


The veins on the trial officers forehead bulged.

How stupid was this!

She was an adult, her spiritual intelligence would not be so low, right

He suddenly understood why Young Master Xu did not give this little girl the leader position of the Xu Faction.

If the Xu Faction was defeated, this little girl would definitely make a great contribution!

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“What did you do outside You must have some ideas to go outside, right What do you think of Young Master Xu How much do you know about him” the trial officer said the most gentle words with the darkest face.


“Mm,” the trial officer leaned over and waited for a long time.

But the little girl did not say anything else.

“And then”


Did she fall asleep

This girl must have been retarded!

I asked so many questions, but you only remembered the first one

The trial officer felt that he could not treat this little girl with common sense.

After all, he was not the kind of ruthless person that should appear in the red-clothed prison.

She was not even mentally sound!

He had to ask the questions one by one.

“What happened after relaxing”

“A walk…”

“Im asking the next question…” the trial officer almost roared.

Very quickly, he calmed down and changed his exclamation into a cute tone, “The questions are… So, do you know anything about Xu Xiaoshou Do you hate him”

“I know… Oh, I hate him… Oh, I know…”

“Okay,” the trial officer took a deep breath and understood something.

“One question at a time.

Ill ask first.

Do you hate him”


“Why He didnt give you the position of the faction leader!” the trial officer understood how important this position was to the little girl.

It was equivalent to the Ten High Nobles.

“Hes so tall, so handsome…” the little girl collapsed on the ground.

Her legs were clamped together, and her body twisted like a maggot.

The trial officer was puzzled.

He opened his eyes in the air and froze for a full 10 breaths time before he realized that she was indeed at the age of a young girl in love.

It was very normal!

“How much do you know about Young Master Xu” the trial officer calmed down.

This was his first time facing such a contestant, but he now had the experience.

“Hes so tall, so handsome…” the young girl collapsed on the ground.

Her legs were clamped together, and her body twisted into a maggot once again.

The trial officer was annoyed!

He restrained the hand that he wanted to slap down.

He thought to himself, “Calm down, calm down”.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

From here, he wouldnt be able to get any information about Young Master Xu.

He changed the topic.

“You mentioned just now that you went for a walk.

After that, where did you walk to”

“The mountain…”

“What did you do”

“Relaxing in the wind…”

“What the f*ck! Okay, okay! After relaxing in the wind, relaxing in the wind, and relaxing in the wind, who did you meet” the trial officer couldnt help but guide her.

“A person…”

“Of course, you met a person.

Can you meet a ghost!” the trial officer finally couldnt take it anymore and roar.

He swore that this little girl was even more difficult to deal with than the people in the red-clothed prison!

However, when he saw the little girl who was trembling being frightened by his words, he panicked and held his palms together.

“Im sorry, Im sorry.

Go to sleep first and dont wake up.

Lets not talk about this.

You met a human, not a ghost, but a human!”


Seeing that the little girls emotions had calmed down, the trial officers face was ferocious but his voice was cute, “What did he do to you”


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