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“How far are we”

In the small wooden house of the Xu faction, Mu Zixi, who was Xu Xiaoshous incarnation, was “snoring” under the quilt.

He definitely wouldnt dare to sleep.

Xu Xiaoshou was very clear-headed.

He guessed that Rao Yaoyao and the others should have studied the real murderer of Yi after collecting the information, right

Rao Yaoyao did not lack people around her, so there must be a lot of elites.

However, he did not know how far they could deduce from the various clues.

But obviously.

As long as the law enforcers of the Yunlun mountain range did not come to their door immediately.

That meant that the matter of Yis death was not done flawlessly.

In a short period, Rao Yaoyao and the others could not be sure of the outcome.

Otherwise, they would have already killed their way to them!

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“Lei Shuangxing, what are you doing now”

Xu Xiaoshou thought of this blind man.

He had already given away his plan to save Bazhunan, but he did not know how long it would take for Lei Shuangxing to summon Bazhunan and the others.

Bazhunan and the Storyteller were still on Abyss Island.

Time waits for no man…

Xu Xiaoshou didnt place all his hopes on others.

Or rather, he knew that his line of work wouldnt be like those normal spiritual cultivators who would safely complete the entire trial like the others.

With the Saint Servant around, who knew when something would happen…

Yis night attack came out of nowhere.

Perhaps this wasnt the Saint Servants fault.

However, Xu Xiaoshous preparations had already started from the moment he entered the Yunlun mountain range.

Moreover, what he expected himself to be able to handle was the unexpected situation of “everything”!

“Its time to use all of you…”

Xu Xiaoshous spiritual senses probed into the Yuan Mansion.

Inside, all kinds of people were wandering, cultivating, and practicing their sword moves.

There were the white-clothed and red-clothed, Saint Servant, Ghost Beast, passers-by on the street, and all kinds of famous young talents…

Everyone who had seen them before was drawn!

In the Yuan Mansion, people came and went.

It looked very lively.

However, no matter what kind of attitude these people showed, they were all controlled by Xu Xiaoshou alone.

The distraction manipulation technique brought by Weaving Expertise gave Xu Xiaoshou the foundation to multitask.

In addition, after obtaining Drawing Expertise, he had spent a lot of time practicing and experimenting.

The current Xu Xiaoshou could already command multiple clone portraits to perform different actions without interfering with the main bodys words and actions.

As time passed and as Xu Xiaoshous experience increased, his Yuan Mansion clone portraits increased drastically.

However, if there were acquaintances present, such as Xu Xiaoji, they would realize that the number of these portraits had increased, but some important figures had disappeared.

For example, Bazhunan, Storyteller, Cen Qiaofu, and so on…

They were so important that they could easily attract the attention of anyone in the Holy Divine Palace with just a swish of their faces.

They didnt even need to verify anything and those in the Holy Divine Palace would already be on high alert.

They even had to send an application to the headquarters for battle assistance.

Without exception, all of them were sent out after Xu Xiaoshou entered the Yunlun mountain range.

How did he send them out

Of course, he sent them out in a way that was bold and open, yet at the same wouldnt attract anyones attention!

As a hidden spiritual array sovereign and also a Divine Sorcerer, Young Master Xu would spend a large amount of time setting up an array before every battle.

These actions were extremely normal in the eyes of the people of the Xu faction and Rao Yaoyaos Spirit Mirror.

After all, what Young Master Xu had set up was a great array that could seal off the escape routes of all spiritual cultivators.

However, to Xu Xiaoshou, this was too abnormal.

His sovereign stage Weaving Expertise had a very deep understanding of the way of spirit array.

Why did he need so much time to set up the array He could almost do it with ease.

However, he still wasted a lot of time.

In fact, all of them were used to hide the clone portraits.

These people were too important!

If he wanted to hide people under Rao Yaoyaos eyes, he had to do it quietly.

He had to spend a lot of time arranging it.

At the end, when the clone portraits moved, Young Master Xu himself had already left the place and had a perfect alibi.

The clone portraits didnt need to do anything.

They only needed to “meet” the law enforcer and disappear on the spot.

“How did they disappear”

“Why are they here”

“Why do these Saint Servant members look so weak”

Xu Xiaoshou didnt need to think about the answers to such questions because these were all things that Rao Yaoyao had to worry about.

Xu Xiaoshou had experienced it firsthand.

The efficiency of the Holy Divine Palace was very high.

As long as you were under their suspicion, it wouldnt be long before a sovereign or cutting path would find you.

High efficiency was a good thing.

But in the eyes of smart people, not only could shortcomings be taken advantage of but also strengths.

Conspiracies could never be compared to overt schemes.

Especially overt schemes like “wherever I point, you must strike.

If you dont strike, even you wont be happy”!

In the Yuan Mansion.

Xu Xiaoshou had transferred over a dozen spiritual array tokens that he had hidden with his clone.

The spiritual array that he had set up had already been destroyed less than half a day after the various battles.

However, the spiritual array that he had hidden under the spiritual array and used the weaving technique to cover it up would return to normal as soon as he used it.

The other type of divine array that had lost all traces would not be noticed by anyone.

After all, the weaving technique included the spiritual array, the way of the Heavens energy movement, and so on.


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