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However, the way of the Heavens energy movement was unable to detect traces outside of the divine secret, such as the “Weaving”.

Xu Xiaoshou thought of Lei Shuangxings backup plan and what Rao Yaoyao and the others would be able to deduce at this moment.

He felt that the plan involving Lei Shuangxing attacking the base of the besiegers to relieve the besieged was not enough.

He still needed to add fuel to the fire by creating a diversion!

He grabbed the array token that hid the Storytellers portrait.

This time, Xu Xiaoshou only planned to release the Storyteller because at the final moment of Yis death, Lei Shuangxing appeared with the ancient book in his hand.

Therefore, this kind of dirty work, even if the Storyteller did not know, Xu Xiaoshou had no choice but to dump it on him.

Lei Shuangxing dared to openly use the ancient book to plot against the Holy Divine Palace.

The storyteller would definitely try to clean up the mess for him.

Then… Lets just let each of them take what they need!

There was only a pause.

The array token was shattered.

At the same time, in a certain place in the Yunlun mountain range, many path patterns were outlined underground, revealing the figure of a shriveled man in a red dress.

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As soon as this figure appeared, Heaven and Earth spiritual energy was slowly injected into the surroundings, not disturbing the other things in the slightest.

Very soon, his figure became plump, turning into a bewitching and handsome entity.




He softly adjusted his voice.

After his voice completely matched that of the original storyteller, the current storytellers hand trembled, and an ancient book appeared.

He tried to flip open the page and use his finger as a pen to write a “Black” character on it.

he shouted “Command”, and the surrounding world was indeed painted black.

“Very good, the ability to swindle is still there…”

Xu Xiaoshou was far away in a foreign country.

He nodded in satisfaction in his bed.

He had hidden this storyteller a few days ago.

Now that he had appeared, not only did the place and time not match, it had nothing to do with Young Master Xu.

Even if the “Storyteller” bumped into the law enforcer, he only needed to “die” on the spot.

The law enforcer wouldnt know why the storyteller would die.

He would only think that this guy used some unknown method and escaped.

Then, the law enforcer would inform Rao Yaoyao.

Rao Yaoyao would be shocked.

She would send people to seal the surrounding land realm and search wantonly.

One day passed…

Two days passed…

No results.

Just as she was about to drop everything, another Cen Qiaofu appeared in another place…

She had wasted a lot of time.

There was no result.

At this moment, another important figure appeared in another place, Bazhunan!


Xu Xiaoshou was hiding under the blanket and could no longer suppress his snickering.

He really wanted to see Rao Yaoyaos wonderful expression when she saw these people who could not possibly appear in the Yunlun mountain range.

Ignore them

That would be absolutely impossible!

According to the Holy Divine Palaces way of doing things, with this thread, they would have to find some clues even if they died.

Otherwise, they would not be able to give an explanation.

But because of this…

“Theres no solution!”

Xu Xiaoshous body trembled under the blanket.

Rao Yaoyao would not be able to find an answer to this plot even if she died.

Even if she found the Storyteller and the others to confront, no one would be able to give her an answer.

This was because even the Storyteller did not know that he still had a “clone” that had been lost for many years and did not acknowledge its ancestors.

“Lets play!”

“Since the situation is already so muddy, the bigger and more exaggerated the matter is, the more exciting everyones performance will be!”

Xu Xiaoshou curled up in his bed, looking forward to the action of the law enforcers the next day.

The storyteller was clearly on Abyss Island, but he appeared in the Yunlun mountain range.

He clearly did not kill Yi, but he became the main culprit for killing Yi.

That thing was clearly not a clone, but no one dared to believe that he was not…


Xu Xiaoshou snickered again.

Soon, he was frightened by his strange laughter.

He scratched his feet in his bed and began to think seriously.

“Am I too sinister”

“Well, it doesnt seem like it.

I was forced to do this.”

“Besides, Im just an innocent person under the blanket.

What can I do about what happened outside”

A night passed in the blink of an eye.

The sky brightened.

The Imperial City Trial continued as usual.

What happened last night had no effect on the spiritual cultivators who were only at the innate stage and Grandmaster realm.

The battle for the Nine Dragon Range had already begun.

At night, almost half of the spiritual cultivators rushed to the mountain range where they wanted to fight for the position of Dragon Lord.

As long as they occupied that Dragon Range.

The Dragon Lord could earn a million points every day.

The Eight Dragon Guards under him would earn 100,000 points every day.

In comparison, killing a cloud beast only gave them 10,000 points, and a cloud bead only gave them 100 points.

It was pitifully little!


It was obvious just by thinking about it.

If nothing went wrong, the top 36 spiritual cultivators who qualified for the Holy Palace trial would definitely be born between the Nine Dragon Lord and the 72 Dragon Guards!

The base of the Xu faction.

The bonfire was extinguished.

The entire mountain was filled with the leftovers from last nights revelry.

However, wine and meat could not extinguish the ambition of the members of the Xu faction.

The sky was slightly bright, and the members of the Xu faction were already lined up neatly under the leadership of their respective team leaders.

They were all here to welcome Young Master Xu, the Xu Deye who had given everyone a night off!


Under everyones gaze, Young Master Xu, who was Xu Xiaoji, gently opened the door curtain.

“Young Master Xu is mighty!”

“The leader of the Xu faction will rule the martial arts world for thousands of generations!”

“When the Xu faction goes into battle, not even a blade of grass will grow… Kill.



The deafening chimes were accompanied by the sound of gongs and drums exploding from all kinds of spiritual sources.

It was a heavy blow to Xu Xiaoji.

His legs went soft.

Then, he steadied himself.

He tried to follow his masters instructions.

He stretched out his hand and pressed down…


The noise that filled the sky disappeared altogether.


Xu Xiaojis eyes widened.

After a night of imprisonment, even after a night of sleep, he was actually in a somewhat dispirited state.

That was because he did not like not being free.

However, when he saw that with just a small press of his hand, he really had the power to command the mass of people in front of him, at this moment, Xu Xiaojis eyes suddenly lit up.

“What kind of feeling is this”

“Why is my heart beating faster, and my blood… is burning”

Xu Xiaojis blood was boiling.

Facing the mountain breeze in the early morning, he looked around and thought of all the information he had received last night regarding Young Master Xus next actions.

Suddenly, he felt motivated.

This was life!

This was the free world that he had always yearned for!

What was the Yuan Mansion

What was that fat cat

Even if there is a large amount of vital spiritual energy that you can absorb every day and a large number of elixirs for you to sniff, who would care if you lose your freedom

Who would care about being kept in captivity

Who would be willing to be bound by others

A good man would act on his emotions and massacre everyone.

Now, wasnt this the world where he, Xu Xiaoji, display his talents

He wanted to prove to the Young Master Xu that raising him in the Yuan mansion is a waste of his talents!


Xu Xiaoji said something softly.

Suddenly, he took a deep breath and cut off the words that were about to come out of his mouth.

He kept his mouth shut.

No one could guess his intentions.

The Xu faction members in front were not anxious either.

They were just looking forward to it.

Everyones eyes were burning.

They were waiting for the overlord of the Yunlun mountain range in front of them to lead everyone to conquer the world and take down the title of “Lord of the Nine Dragons” that no one could reach in one go.

Xu Xiaoji was affected by these pairs of burning eyes.

He looked straight ahead and swept his gaze across the people in front of him.

He saw the leaders before each team and recognized them one by one.

Xin Gugu, Liu Changqing…

The former leader of the Xu faction and the current deputy leader, Mu Zixi herself…

The Five Tiger Generals, Tai Xing, Mo Beibei, Xi Guanghan, Zhu Dong, Zhao Xiu..

Rong Dahao, Xiao Jing…

All of them!

All of them were looking at him!

Xu Xiaoji felt a surge of emotions.

Even Young Master was standing in front of him.

He had to submit to him, Xu Xiaoji.

What was there to be afraid of now

Thinking about it.

His condition had completely improved.

Xu Xiaojis eyes were filled with disdain.

He raised his hand and said what he did not dare to say in place of Young Master Xu, “I announce that the Xu faction will go on the expedition!”


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