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The scout looked at the two-meter-tall and sturdy man in front of him.

He knew that this was the deicide of the Fourth Dragon Range, Luo Yin.

He swallowed his saliva, he replied with great difficulty, “I am absolutely not mistaken.

There are at least 800 to 900 people.

They are all real people and have auras!”

“Could it be that other small groups have joined forces” A brother beside Luo Yin walked over and glanced at the surrounding attackers.

“Just like them”

Luo Yin pondered.

This was indeed a possibility.

The situation on the mountain was at a stalemate.

Both the offensive and defensive sides suddenly stopped, and the atmosphere immediately became a little awkward.

After all, after the intense battle just now, even if they had no enmity with each other, they also had some hatred.

But the thousands of people at the foot of the mountain were indeed a little serious, causing everyone to be unable to breathe.

For a moment, no one dared to act rashly.

“How about this…”

Luo Yin opened his mouth, wanting to speak and express his thoughts.

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A delicate shout sounded from the foot of the mountain.

It was full of energy and was clearly heard by everyone from the bottom to the top.

“People on the mountain, listen up.

You are already surrounded by my Xu faction! Obediently descend the mountain and surrender, bow your heads and kowtow!”

“Young Master Xu has promised that everyone will only swish the trial jade pendant once.

We dont want any more than that and will give you ten breaths to think!”

“Whether you live or die, make your own decision!”

— Xu faction!

Everyone on the Fourth Dragon Range mountain felt as if they had been struck by lightning.

How could it be Xu faction

How could it be Xu faction!

How could the Xu faction, whom all the trial-takers respected as their nightmare, appear here

If this group of people did not appear in a single night, shouldnt they have already conquered the other Dragon Ranges

Luo Yin didnt expect this.

The people who attacked the mountain also didnt expect this.

After all, they were all masters.

No matter how strong their investigation ability was, there was still a limit.

Once the Battle of the Nine Dragon Range started, everyone started moving.

How could they have the energy to send people to keep an eye on the Xu faction

Besides, they could keep an eye on the Xu faction, but how could they send a message

In the Yunlun mountain range, any communication method within the master stage realm would be ineffective.

Sending people to keep an eye on them would only be a waste of manpower.

Everyone could only make guesses.

One night had passed, and the people of the Xu faction had yet to come to the Fourth Dragon Range.

They must have gone to the other Dragon Range to claim the King position.

Thus, when they were fighting for the Fourth Dragon Range, they were all full of energy.

One day was equivalent to a million points.

They might not be able to defend it in the future, but if they could occupy it for one day, then so be it!

And now, the person who shouted from below clearly stated that the Xu faction wanted the Fourth Dragon Range.

What the f*ck was going on

“Could it be that they have already occupied one Dragon Range and are starting their second operation” Someone thought of something and his face turned pale, “Young Master Xu… is he trying to seize the title ofLord of the Nine Dragons”

“Impossible!” Luo Yin denied wantonly, “The Nine Dragon Ranges are very far apart and it will take time to conquer them.

Even for the Xu faction, it will also take time and effort.

And if they want to carry out their second operation, it will be impossible for them to send out their entire army.

It would be more appropriate for them to be well-equipped and simple.”

“Then why is Xu faction here There are over a thousand people, how could this situation be fake” The leader of the attacking party was also stunned.

This situation was too strange.

It couldnt be that the Xu faction was resting for the entire night, right

Who would have the ability to make the thousands of people of the Xu faction stop their actions for a night

Even if the trial officer came, it wouldnt work!

While everyone was still thinking, the counting voice at the foot of the mountain had already sounded.


“What should we do” The people on the mountain were panicking.

The name of the Xu faction was known by many.

If any trial-taker had not heard of it before, they must have cut off their social connections and would only know how to lie down.

If the Xu faction wanted the Fourth Dragon Range, who would be able to stop them

“Let me think.

We still have ten breaths of time!” The leader of the attacking party took a step forward, wanting to start pacing back and forth.

In the end, he barely lifted his foot.

“… 987654321!” The counting at the foot of the mountain stopped after a pause.

Then, he continued to shout, “The time is up.

Since you all intend to put up a stubborn resistance, then dont blame the members of the Xu faction for being ruthless!”

The people on the mountain were confused

What the f*ck is this!

It hasnt even been a breaths time, right

It ended after he counted all ten numbers!

“Brothers! What is our latest slogan!” Without any room to breathe, the devil-like voice of a loli rang out once again.

Immediately after, the members of the Xu faction roared in unison in the midst of the clamor of drums and gongs:

“The Xu faction has gone on an expedition.

Not even a blade of grass can grow!”

“When the Xu faction goes into battle, they are screwed!”

“Kill, kill, kill!”


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