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Xu Xiaoshou took it and scanned it with his spiritual senses.

The jade scroll recorded the notice of the trial jade pendant without missing a single word.


“Congratulations to trial-taker Zhao Xiaoxiao for killing his way to the peak of the Fourth Dragon Range and triggering the core mission of the Battle of the Nine Dragon Range.”

“The Battle of the Nine Dragon Range is divided into two identities: the attacking side and the defending side.

Any side only needs to seize the Dragon Guard flags and the Dragon Lord flag at the peak of the Dragon Range to be able to completely control the Dragon Range.”

“There are eight Dragon Guard flags.

The time for the flag to be removed is fifteen minutes.

Spiritual source must be continuously injected into the flag during this period.

Due to the restriction of the power of the Dragon Range, the person who pulls the flag out can not make any other movements during this period.”

“There is only one Dragon Lord flag.

After all the Dragon Guard flags are pulled out, the trial-taker can pull up the Dragon Lord flag and obtain the title of Dragon Lord.”

“Once the Dragon Lord flag is pulled out, the trial takers identity will automatically be changed to thedefending side.

TheGreat Array of the Dragon Range can be unlocked and used to resist the attacks of all the trial-takers who attack the mountain.

At the same time, the trial-taker can assign the eight Dragon Guard titles

“Trial-taker Zhao Xiaoxiao, your identity is the attacking side.”

“Currently, the progress of the Fourth Dragon Range is as follows: Dragon Lord: 0/1, Dragon Guard: 6/8.”

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“Come on, member of the attacking side! You are just one step away from becoming the Dragon Lord!”

Xu Xiaoshous brows twitched after reading the information.

This thing is even inciting their own people to fight for the position of the Dragon Lord

However, he quickly calmed down and realized that this was not the main point.

The main point was that the current progress of the removal of the Fourth Dragon Range flags was already “6/8”.

In other words, the people on the mountain only needed 25 minutes to unlock the “Dragon Range Grand Array”


Maybe 15 minutes!

The Dragon Guard flag… The trial jade pendant didnt say that it couldnt be pulled at the same time, right

Xu Xiaoshou realized that time was pressing.

He didnt want the people on the mountain to grasp the “Dragon Range Grand Array”.

Although he did not know whether the “Dragon Range Grand Array” was powerful or not, if it could be used as a basis for defense, then no matter how weak it was, the “Dragon Range Grand Array” had to have the ability to defend against multiple attacks at the same time, right

“We cant delay!”

Mu Zixi, who was Xu Xiaoshous incarnation, immediately flew up.

Her green dress fluttered in the wind as she shouted, “Everyone, put down the heads on your hands and immediately follow me to attack the peak of the mountain… Hey, thats not right.

Come to my side.”

The little girl waved her hand.

Many of the Xu faction members were stunned.

Were they not going to fight anymore

What was the purpose of going to her side

However, when Leader Mu gave the order, everyone did not dare to disobey.

Thus, they put down the matters on their hands and ran over eagerly.

Actually, the Xu faction members were not a big deal.

The battle was on the verge of breaking out, but it was resolved in one move.

The opponent was really too out of it.

Their spiritual source had been emptied beyond empty.

Furthermore, with such serious injuries, they were like an army of the old, weak, and disabled.

Xu faction fought like they were bullying people.

Soon, everyone gathered in front of Leader Mu and looked around anxiously.

Xu Xiaoshou waved his sleeve and threw out a large number of poison seeds with high-strength mutation spiritual medicine that he took out from the Yuan Mansion World.

He shot them onto the heads of the members of the faction one by one.

“Everyone, take one! The battle situation has changed.

Later, when you follow me up the mountain and reach the peak, the first thing you will do is to plant this seed for me.”

Plant the seed

Everyone caught the seed and was stunned.

The faction members had quite a lot of experience with this tactical arrangement, but..

Didnt they each take a few in the past Why did they each take a big handful now Was Leader Mu planning to blow up the entire Fourth Dragon Range

Before everyone could ask questions, the arrogant Leader Mu waved her sleeve again, and many pill bottles flew out this time.

“I dont know if this antidote is useful… cough, cough.

Anyway, when the time comes, all of you will plant your seeds and run down the mountain.

You will definitely be fine.

If you are accidentally poisoned, then take the antidote.”

The members of the Xu Gang were confused.

This time, everyones hearts skipped a beat.

Good heavens, what was Leader Mu trying to do

This battle had made his own people afraid before they could even frighten their enemies!


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