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“Charge up the mountain!”

At the peak of the Fourth Dragon Range, Luo Yin and the leader of the original attacking side had temporarily formed an alliance.

However, before the seventh and eighth Dragon Guard flags could be removed, the sounds of charging at the foot of the mountain were already close at hand.

“Xu faction… theyre charging up!”

Everyones hearts started to race.

Everyone at the foot of the mountain was well aware that they couldnt stop the momentum of the Xu factions charge.

However, the speed at which the Xu faction charged up the mountain was so fast that it still made people panic.

“Are they still not done”

Luo Yins expression was complicated as he looked back at the two members of the original attacking side who were still pulling out the flags seriously.

In his heart, he was already beginning to condemn the rules of the Nine Dragon Range.

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It was too much of a scam.

15 minutes, who could withstand it!

“There are still three minutes left.” The timekeeper reported the remaining time as they stared at the person who was pulling out the flags.

Three minutes!

Whether or not they could achieve their aim in the three minutes of life and death… and whether or not they could use the Dragon Range depended entirely on this wave of defense!

Luo Yin restrained all his mixed emotions and released his aura.

He shouted in a trembling voice, “Everyone, get ready to face the enemies!”

Both parties on the mountain knew that a great battle was about to break out.

After they had mentally prepared themselves, they shouted in unison, “Get ready to face the enemies!”

For a moment, the mountain wind was bleak.

All the strong men were determined to die.


In the blink of an eye, the shouts of the Xu faction members had already reached them.

The moment the voice reached the defensive side, they have arrived as well.

On the mountain, everyone on the defensive line had already been completely spread out.

However, the fearless Xu faction members, who were in their peak condition, withstood the great pressure and flew up forcefully.

“Theyre coming!” Someone looked at the Xu faction members who were flying up the mountain not far away and felt a sense of urgency in his heart.

“Everyone, focus your fire and shoot these people down.

Hold on for three minutes!” Luo Yin waved his hand and took the lead to gather his spiritual source, like whack-a-mole.

As soon as the members of the Xu faction appeared, he sent a wave of spiritual sources over.

Everyone followed his lead, one by one.

After all, the people on the mountain had a geographical advantage.

Although they were not in a good condition, they were under the premise that they did not need to fight hard since they did not need to receive the attack.

Instead, they just needed to knock their enemies back to the foot of the mountain like the moles in a game of whack-a-mole.

“Bang bang bang…”

The sound of explosions was endless.

As soon as the first wave of members of the Xu faction popped out, they were indeed blown off their feet by all kinds of spiritual source attacks and fell from the peak of the mountain.

However, there were too many people!

The members of the Xu faction used their numerical advantage to tear apart the defensive line of the people on the top of the mountain.

They only occupied a small space, but these bandits used this little bit of terrain to gather all their people over.

“Here! Here!”

“Damn it, his big head was blown away, but he broke through the defensive line.

Everyone, come closer to me.

we can go up the mountain from here!”

“Hurry up! Hurry up!”

“Theyre coming, theyre coming…”

“F*ck, dont hit me, go blast someone else!”

The scene was chaotic.

When the people on the mountain saw that there was a hole in the defensive line, firepower immediately focused on that spot.

However, they were too few in number.

Once the firepower shifted, another bloody hole was created by the Xu faction members on the other side.

“F*ck, there are too many of them!” The people on the mountain began to curse.

They fought and retreated, tightening the defensive line step by step.

The members of the Xu faction charged up the mountain, but they didnt want to fight.

Instead, they started to fly around randomly, dodging the fire blasts.

Each of them seemed to only want to use their own lives to attract the attack away from their comrades, flying around in an extremely ostentatious manner.

However, their words were filled with the meaning of “My fellow comrade, you can die, but I cant”, which was very contradictory.

“Whats the situation”

Luo Yin looked at the overall situation and frowned.

He had a vague feeling that something was not right!

The bandits of the Xu faction were clearly at their peak condition.

Generally speaking, after they charged up the mountain, they would directly attack the people close to them.

Their own people were severely injured and would either die or be injured.

Very soon, all of their defenses would be broken through.

Why did they have to take unnecessary actions and fly around on the mountain peak

Enjoying the scenery

Are they crazy!

Luo Yin couldnt understand the Xu factions plan at the moment.

Suddenly, a group of bandits from the Xu faction dodged and flew close to the person who was removing the flag.

This time, Luo Yin came to a realization.

These people were looking for the person who was pulling out the Dragon Guard flag.

Were they planning to focus their attacks on one spot

“Good grief!”

Luo Yin was furious.

The people from the Xu faction had just come up the mountain and already knew how to fight the Battle of the Nine Dragon Range

“Everyone, tighten the defense line immediately.

Dont let them get close to flag-pullers!” Luo Yin immediately shouted at the top of his voice.

Swish! Everyones anger was ignited.

The enemies could touch them, but not the two people in charge of pulling the flags.

This was the final line!


“Blast that place!”

“These people want to steal the flag, we must stop them!”

The original members on the mountain moved closer to the two who were in charge of pulling out the flags.

They focused all their firepower on defending the two of them.

Fireballs, water cannons, lightning strikes, wind blades…

The people squeezed out the little spiritual source they had left and used the maximum amount of spiritual power they could maintain in their current state to bombard the flag-raiders with a consistent low-level spiritual technique.

“F*ck, this is the Dragon Guard Flag” A member of the Xu faction who had just been blasted was scared **less.

“Dont bombard me.

Im just passing by.

I really dont want to steal the flag…”

With a few chaotic bangs, all kinds of spiritual source attacks directly blew that person away.

“Dragon Guard flag!”

“That place is where the Dragon Guard flag is!”

The attack from the people on the mountain was effective, but without a doubt, they had also exposed the location of the Dragon Guard flag.

The Xu faction members didnt know the Dragon Guard flag at first, but now, they all noticed the movement at the location of the Dragon Guard flag.


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