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At the core zone of the Yunlun Mountain Range.

The battle of the Nine Dragon Range was in full swing.

It seemed that the spiritual cultivators who survived until the second stage of the trial rarely achieved transcendence.

Regardless of being active or passive, everyone was caught up in the tide.

But there were always exceptions.

A small number of the trial takers in the Yunlun Mountain Range did not come because of the trial, but Sky City.

These stowaways were indifferent to their progress in the trial.

They were only concerned about the Abyss Island Rift in the sky.

“When will it descend”

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Xu Xiaoshous portrait clone of Storyteller was staring at Abyss Island in the distance.

The towering ancient city stood above Dongtianwang City.

Even just a corner of it had revealed its magnificence.

After the portrait clone was unearthed, it had been modified twice.

It no longer had the original appearance of Storyteller.

Even the iconic red dress had been dyed in plain black and white.

Storyteller couldnt appear openly in the Yunlun Mountain Range and wait to be caught.

What Xu Xiaoshou wanted was for the trial officer to take the initiative and discover it unintentionally.

He did not want to give Rao Yaoyao the chance to see through it.


As he was strolling in the mountains, an undetectable spatial fluctuation transmitted over.

Xu Xiaoshou immediately detected it with his spiritual senses.

If it was in the past, he might have missed such an obscure spatial ability.

However, after he obtained the spatial origin stone and analyzed Yis bounded domain from the space node perspective, he was immediately certain that…

“Theres a battle nearby.

Someone has opened a bounded domain!”

The bounded domain represented the Sovereign (stage).

Which trial taker had the cultivation level of Sovereign (stage) and dared to start a battle in the Yunlun Mountain Range

Not a single one!

This was definitely a battle between the stowaway and the trial officer.

It had happened again in an unknown place!

“Finally, after so long…” Xu Xiaoshou sighed in his heart.

He immediately controlled the portrait clone and showed a look of extreme disdain.

He then muttered softly, “Why are there fights everywhere They dont let people rest, do they”

And then as if he had encountered some trouble and feared that he couldnt avoid it in time, he left quickly.

Sensing there was still a risk, he thought for a moment and the portrait clone drew a spatial crack.

His body got into the crack and disappeared.

The spatial crack was drawn.

The scene of getting into the crack was also fake.

But the disappearance was real.

The effect of the portrait clone ended here.

After passively triggering the trial officers attention, it immediately disappeared.

And after it disappeared, the spatial crack also disappeared.

It was as if no one had been here before.

Controlling the portrait clone through space, using the portrait clone to activate the spiritual source of the few portrait bodies, wielding the non-existent brush, and drawing another scene where the portrait clone was located were things that Xu Xiaoshou had experimented with.

They were the only methods that the clone could use.

Other than that, the clone did not have any fighting power.

Once it was approached and touched…

These illusions would collapse.

However, if it disappeared before it was touched, then what was left for others was only a fantasy and endless imagination.

As for disappearing so far away, would it be that no one would notice it and he would only fantasize about it in his mind and end up wasting a clone…

Xu Xiaoshou was not worried about this at all.

There were no fools in Holy Divine Palace!

One breath.

Two breaths.

In less than three breaths.

The spatial fluctuation in the distance transformed into the shape of a black bounded domain.

After that, the bounded domain collapsed and a black-robed law enforcer carrying an unconscious person on his shoulder appeared.

“Who is it!”

Night Guardian narrowed his eyes.

Before he could retract his fierce aura after the battle, he coldly glanced at the location of Storyteller.

Within the bounded domain, only the master of the bounded domain could observe the situation outside.

If the master did not have strong control over the bounded domain and focused his attention on the matters within the bounded domain, it would be very difficult for the master to discover what was happening outside the bounded domain.

However, Night Guardian was different.

Even if the stowaway became the Sovereign (stage), he would not be a match for him.

He finished off the stowaway in two or three moves.

While interrogating him, Night Guardian discovered the small movements outside the bounded domain.

A young man dressed in a black and white dress, which was the attire of the trial taker, moved around aimlessly in the mountains.

This place was completely deserted, and it was not even close to the Nine Great Dragon Range.

Logically speaking, a trial taker should not have come to this lousy place.

In just a short while, the young trial taker seemed to have noticed that something was wrong with the scene.

He tore open a spatial crack and escaped.

Who could sense that there was something amiss

Who could easily tear open the space

Night Guardian immediately realized that this was another stowaway with extraordinary abilities.

He immediately knocked out the stowaway from the bounded domain.

But it was too late.

The young stowaway in the black-and-white dress had left.

Night Guardian carried the person to where the stowaway in the black-and-white dress had been.

He used his spiritual senses to probe carefully, but he was surprised to find out.

There wasnt even a hint of spatial fluctuation in this area!

Normally, even if someone used the spatial crack to escape, as long as they followed closely, the Night Guardian was confident that he could guess the general direction of that person through the spatial fluctuation.

But now, in just a few breaths, the spatial fluctuation in this area had disappeared completely.

“So powerful!

“That guy could wipe out all the spatial traces”

Night Guardian was shocked.

He felt that he had found a big fish.


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