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A strange sound spread throughout the wilderness.

The Abyss Island Rift was moving strangely!

At this moment, countless spiritual cultivators, including the people of Dongtianwang City and the trial takers from the Yunlun Mountain Range, raised their heads to look at the sky.

The opening in the sky had attracted everyones attention.

After that, the spatial crack remained dormant and no longer had any movement.

Thus no one continued to investigate further.

After all, such a special heaven and earth anomaly was beyond the reach of ordinary people.

In the event of the sky cracking or collapsing, naturally, people from the Holy Divine Palace would withstand it.

However, not investigating further did not mean that everyone no longer paid their attention.

Therefore, when the crack in the sky no longer remained dormant and emitted a strange sound that reverberated throughout the entire Dongtianwang City…

Almost all the spiritual cultivators at the Sovereign (stage) and above in the surroundings were on high alert.

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“What happened”

“About that spatial crack, the Holy Divine Palace has sealed off all information.

We can only make a vague guess that it has something to do with Sky City.”

“A few days ago, it didnt move at all.

Now, theres a sudden change.

Something big is going to happen!”

Everyone in Dongtianwang City was panicking.

No matter which city it was, when an additional ancient city appear above it, or a crack in the sky appeared around the important mountain ranges, it would be something that cause panic.

Immediately after a buzzing sound, everyone was extremely nervous and panicky.

An anomaly descended from the sky.

The strange buzzing sound lasted for about 15 minutes.

Then, the towering city in the sky above Dongtianwang City suddenly buzzed.

“Its moving!”

“Sky City is moving!”

“Will… will it directly smash down and destroy Dongtianwang City, sending thousands of spiritual cultivators to their deaths”

In the Imperial City, some people nervously looked at the majestic city above them.

The change in the Abyss Island Rift had affected Sky City, which confirmed most of the spiritual cultivators guesses.

The spatial crack was brought by Sky City!


As time passed, the sound of Sky City became more and more intense.

The majestic city, which only showed a corner of it in the spatial crack, pulled at the thick chains of the Way of the Heavens within the sound.

It was as if a wild horse that couldnt bear the pressure and rushed out.

“Its out…”

“Its… its out!”

“Oh my God, I cant stay in Dongtianwang City anymore.

I feel like Ill be crushed to death at any moment!”

The people of the Imperial City were all terrified.

In a short period of time, from the tip of the iceberg to unrestrained by the chains of the Way of the Heavens, Sky City was forcefully pulled out close to one-third of its size from the spatial crack.

Just one-third of its exposed area was larger than the entire Dongtianwang City combined!

Crushed stones were thrown everywhere.

Along with the movement of the ancient city, it was as if meteor rain was falling from the sky.

Stones that were burning with fire broke through space and fell onto the top of Dongtianwang City.

However, they were blocked by the City Guarding Array.

The stone fragments of Sky City could be stopped but not the sound.

The rumbling continued.

This doomsday scene made the low-level spiritual cultivator in the city strongly feel helpless.

When doomsday arrived, the only thing the weak could do was pray that the god in their hearts could protect their families.

There was no other way.

Fortunately, the Holy Divine Palace reacted in time.

As the meteorite fell, countless red-clothed and white-clothed figures rose.

They were like guardians guarding the four sides, calming everyones minds.

“Dont worry, everyone.

Sky City wont land above Dongtianwang City.

We have calculated its landing point.

Even if the calculation is wrong, Demi-Saint will move Sky City to another place,” Lan Lings voice spread across the entire Dongtianwang City.

The city was dead silent.

After that, the sky was filled with noise.

This statement could only comfort people because everyone had to choose to believe it.

However, choosing to believe it subjectively was one thing.

Objectively the doomsday scene still made people feel fearful and anxious.

The sky had become dark!

Before this, Sky City had only revealed a corner of its magnificence but had caused the dusk of Dongtianwang City to be brought forward drowning out almost all of the afternoon time.

Now, this small half ancient majestic city was pulled out from the spatial crack.

It was clearly daytime, but Dongtianwang City was covered in the dark.

It was as if the light could not enter the city at dusk, and the shadow covered everyones eyes.

“What exactly happened…”

Lan Ling blocked the noise in the city and stood on top of the City Guarding Array of Dongtianwang City, looking at the sky city in shock.

She swore that this was the most magnificent scene she had ever seen in her life!

Even the birth of the extradimensional space and the never-ending battle of wits and courage with the ghost beast were not as imposing as the doomsday that was about to fall from an ancient city.

She turned around and looked into the distance.

The Abyss Island Rift was still sobbing, but it was now much softer.

It could be heard in the Yunlun Mountain Range clearly, but only a few remaining sounds were left in Dongtianwang City.

“The abnormal movement of the Abyss Island Rift has led to a drastic change in Sky City.

It has resulted in the chains of the Way of the Heavens unable to suppress it, and this ancient city to almost fly out”

Lan Ling could only make this conjecture.

She was in charge of keeping an eye on Sky City.

However, she was only keeping an eye on the Cutting Path (stage) and Higher Void (level) experts who wanted to sneak into Sky City.

Lan Ling was completely unaware of the mysteries of Sky City and the game between the inner and outer upper echelons.

As an ignorant pawn, in the face of such a doomsday disaster, the only thing that could be done was to pray like everyone else.


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