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At this moment, a sovereign law enforcer raised the ancient book in his hand, and an uncontrolled shriek rang out.

“The last volume ofThe Book of Remnant Fire! Oh my God! This book is the last volume of my cultivation technique.

How did it appear here!”

Everyones actions came to a halt, and expressions of disbelief appeared in their eyes.

Perhaps, to the general public, theBook of Remnant Fire was an unfamiliar name.

However, in the red-clothed and white-clothed peoples treasury, this was an incomplete fire-type sacred cultivation technique.

There are a total of eleven volumes, and one has to use a significant number of contribution points to exchange for each book.

Adding on, the last volume of theBook of Remnant Fire – one that the red-clothed and white-clothed organizations could not even find, had appeared

And it had been thrown out by the Abyss Island Rift as if it was a piece of garbage

All the law enforcers went mad.

“Sacred cultivation technique!”

“The eleventh volume of theBook of Remnant Fire What kind of good f*cking luck do you have to get it!”

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“I also use theBook of Remnant Fire to cultivate, this… this…” Someone almost couldnt control himself and was about to take a step forward.

“Shit, Ive obtained a drop of Holy Blood! Holy Blood!”


Hearing the cry, everyone turned their heads in curiosity and looked over.

Holy Blood

That item was a supreme treasure that even the chiefs of the six divisions had to exchange contribution points for, and it was something one had to carefully consider regarding whether or not to use in a battle.

Had it also appeared

The greed that was swallowed by Rao Yaoyao before surged out crazily again.

Someone moved his feet and shifted his body away from the position where the crowd needed to stand.

It was just a hairs breadth.

And although this person immediately reacted and quickly returned to his position, Rao Yaoyao couldnt hold it in anymore.

“Watch your mouth – I mean, your image!” She shouted.

She chose her words carefully and didnt lose her mind like everyone else.

After all, different identities meant different statuses.

If she were the sovereign or an ordinary spiritual cultivator who had to fight with her life to obtain resources, and if she accidentally got the last volume of the book or the Holy Blood, it was likely that she would be even more excited than these people.

However, although she understood their purposes, military disciplines were unavoidable.

“Everyone… Silence!”

Rao Yaoyao suddenly pulled out the Cang Godhood Sword from behind, her deep voice that suppressed her anger reverberating in all directions.

The strong aura from her finally calmed everyone down.

It was over.

At this moment, all the law enforcers finally realized that they had lost their composure.

Sword Deity Rao was right in front of them.

Even if they were fighting for the treasures, how could they break the disciplines

“Whats your name” Rao Yaoyao was the first to look at the sovereign enforcer who had obtained the last volume of theBook of Remnant Fire.

She had to make an example of him.

The enforcer broke out in cold sweat and said in a humble voice, “Sword Deity Rao, my name is Zhao Nuo!”

“Zhao Nuo, right” Rao Yaoyao snorted.

She raised her Cang Godhood Sword and pointed at him with the sword point, then said coldly, “You have contributed greatly to getting theBook of Remnant Fire, so this item now belongs to you.

However, you have broken military discipline, so I will order you to three months of training in theInferno of the red-clothed people after the battle!”

It was akin to a pyrrhic victory.

The law enforcer kept quiet out of fear.


That place belonged to the prison of the red-clothed, but it was not a place to cultivate.

It was not a reward Sword Deity Rao had talked about, but a punishment!

If you stayed in the red-clothed peoples Inferno for three months, even if you had comprehended the Three Thousand Ways as a sovereign, you would still be tortured until you forget even the Two Thousand Ways!

Zhao Nuo only felt his vision darken, but he could only brace himself and bow to receive the punishment.

He would not dare to be in a position for anything anymore.

“Is there anyone else who wants to talk nonsense” Rao Yaoyaos cold eyes swept across everyone.

All the law enforcers were shocked by the punishment while trembling with fear.

As they frantically collected the treasures, they kept quiet and counted speechlessly.

It would be fine as long as only they themselves knew how much they had obtained.

The desire to share was not good!

After a short while, the crowd had become disciplined, and the treasures that spurted out from the Abyss Island Rift also seemed to have lost their strength and did not come out anymore.

Occasionally, a few items would also be “carried out” promptly by the law enforcers who stood before them.

The other law enforcers had serious expressions on their faces.

However, while they kept their eyes fixed on maintaining the formation, they were actually cursing in their heart.

“That was a close call…”

Rao Yaoyao let out a sigh of relief.

The Seventy-Two Dragon Essence Array was strong after all.

As long as one was in the sovereign stage, they would be able to resist the attack of the Holy Breath with the support of the array formation.

They would not lose their lives.

Under the protection of everyone, no treasure was missed out.

“Everyone, take a look at the harvest.”

Rao Yaoyao warned solemnly, “This is related to the ghost beast, which is a huge matter.

If you hide something and dont report it, it will cause the ghost beast to hide on top of the treasures and break into the Shengshen Continent through it.

You all know the rules of the clan!”

The bodies of the law enforcers trembled.

Ghost beast.

Indeed, the issue of the ghost beast was too crucial.

There were already so many treasures coming out, surely it was impossible for this strange spatial crack to only give away treasures

“Those who belong to the red-clothed…” Rao Yaoyao raised her sword and swept it forward, “Take out yourGhost-seeking disk and verify if each treasure has a ghost beast aura.

Those who conceal it and dont report it will be committing a crime, and those who investigate but still dont realize it will be committing another crime.

The two crimes are akin to each other!”

The announcement was made.

Everyone once again realized the importance of this matter and was so frightened they even couldnt say anything.

They also abandoned previous thoughts of stealing the treasure.

Red-clothed people stepped out and left the array formation.

However, they did not make any further actions.

Instead, they waited for Rao Yaoyaos follow-up instructions.

How to investigate

Who will investigate

These were all problems.

At such a critical moment, what they feared the most was chaos.


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