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Rao Yaoyao nodded her head and did not comment.

She then looked at the others.

“I am willing to listen to the arrangements!”

“I will absolutely obey the orders!”

“Sword Deity Rao will be the leader of everything!”

The thirteen higher voids were calm.

They knew what they might face next, but none of them backed down.

“What about the others”

Rao Yaoyao looked at the cutting paths and sovereigns behind the higher voids.

This group of people seemed rather hesitant.

Their highest cultivation level was only at the cutting path stage and the higher void level was still far from their reach, let alone becoming a saint.

When the risk was at an acceptable range, they did find it okay to gather information for the seniors in the clan.

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But would it ever be worth risking their lives

Some of the cutting paths, who had a sense of belonging to their clan, nodded and took a step forward.

Other than them, the majority of the rest retreated and chose to refuse.

“If you dont have the guts or the courage to die, why do you still insist to be that clown” Rao Yaoyaos eyes were filled with ridicule as she waved her hand.

“If you want to stay, then stay.

The rest, scram!”

The people behind didnt dare to go forward.

Other than leaving dejectedly, they didnt dare to say anything else.

Rao Yaoyao swept a glance at the people who had stayed behind, and a strange smile appeared on her face.

Then, she turned her head to look at Teng Shanhai.

“Ill leave these people to you.”

The thirteen higher voids were slightly startled.

Naturally, they had obtained their official status because of the Holy Divine Palaces trust in their capability.

They wouldnt let down their meritorious subjects.

However, their immediate higher-up wasnt Rao Yaoyao, but this one-eyed man who was covered in armor


Reverend Huang Yang stared at the armor and vaguely felt that it looked familiar.

“I am Teng Shanhai!” Teng Shanhai said indifferently.

The thirteen higher voids were all shocked.

This big fellow, who had been standing at the back quietly and was ignored by everyone, was Teng Shanhei The chief of the Combat Division who was well-known on the Shengshen continent

Facing the shocked and doubtful higher voids, Teng Shanhai grinned.

“Since none of you have caused any major trouble before, it is normal that you have never seen me prior to this encounter.”

“But since you are now under my command for this battle, I have no choice but to say a few more words…”

As Teng Shanhai spoke, his gaze changed, and killing intent filled the sky.

This aura was on a completely different level from the thirteen higher voids before him.

This was an aura that came from a lifetime of fighting and killing.

Even within the higher voids, its level could be considered to be at the top.

“I will only say one rule.”

Teng Shanhai raised a finger and said, with a voice full of killing intent, “In the Combat Division, those who do not obey orders during wartime will only have one outcome… Death!”

The expression of the thirteen higher voids changed.

This was a ruthless person!

Rao Yaoyao looked young, so she would not give everyone such an oppressive feeling.

However, in Teng Shanhais case, as long as he was given the chance, he really could kill everyone present.

“Teng Shanhai…” The Dragon Fighter Hong Dang wanted to speak.

Teng Shanhai coldly turned his eyes and sternly berated, “You should call mechief, not my name!”

Hong Dang froze.

Teng Shanhais killing intent was too strong.

They were both of the higher void levels, but Teng Shanhai was able to force him into an inferior position with a single glance.

Gathering his courage, Hong Dang faced him head-on and said angrily, “We are all higher voids, why should we call youchief This is just a wartime organization!”

“Do you think this is a childs play Is that why you dont intend to obey”

Teng Shanhai took a step forward, and the blood-colored patterns on the Cang God Armor were activated.

He laughed and said, “The Combat Division also has many higher voids.

Even if it is a higher void that commits a crime, I will still kill them!”

Hong Dang felt as if he was facing the god of war.

He was numb from being stared at by Teng Shanhais single eye.

Although they were both higher voids, Teng Shanhais pressure was stronger.

It felt as if he could kill Hong Dang with a single slap.

Of course, this was just an illusion brought about by Teng Shanhais aura.

If they really fought, Hong Dang didnt think that he wouldnt be able to take even a single move from Teng Shanhai.

He puffed out his chest and opened his mouth, “You…”

Teng Shanhai interrupted domineeringly, “Even if there are people that I cant kill, the demi-saints will do it!”

Hong Dang went quiet.

He wilted.

“How is it” Teng Shanhai retracted his aura and sneered, “Ill give you one last chance.

What should you call me”

Hong Dang, the Dragon Fighter, was a well-known figure in the central region.

However, the gap between the two higher voids was too big.

For the foundational roots of Saint Ascension, he chose to temporarily submit.


Teng Shanhai nodded his head in satisfaction.

His single eye swept across the others.



“Greetings, Chief!”

No one dared to clash head-on.

Everyone spoke up.

Even Reverend Huang Yang and Granny Tianling chose to temporarily submit.

The one who was trapped in an inferior situation had to be humble…

“Very good.”

Teng Shanhai laughed out loud.

Finally, he said, “Let me give everyone a piece of advice.

Since you have chosen to temporarily join me, you should put aside your petty thoughts.

If you affect the overall situation…or the people that the Combat Division wants to kill, there will be no place for you in the Shengshen continent.

Do you understand”

Everyone was silent, and no one answered.

Teng Shanhai was furious.

“I asked you all a question, did you all become mute!”

This time, everyone reacted and shouted in unison.


After drinking, the thirteen higher voids and the twenty-seven cutting paths were all stunned.

What the hell was this!

Why was it completely different from what they had expected

They had just left the sect and had chosen to fight for their own opportunity with their newly found freedom.

In the end, despite obtaining their official status, they had to undergo training and work under this one-eyed man

Someone sneakily looked at Rao Yaoyao, wanting to ask this seemingly easygoing female Sword Deity for help.

However, after Rao Yaoyao handed everyone over to Teng Shanhai, she no longer paid any attention to them.

She was looking at the big picture.

How could she lose her sense of propriety because of these old fogeys with ulterior motives

With Teng Shanhai holding down the fort and the Combat Divisions great reputation suppressing them, even if these people had any ulterior motives, it would be very difficult for them to stir up trouble.

Teng Shanhais ruthlessness was exactly what Rao Yaoyao wanted to see.

“Abyss Island Rift…”

Looking back at the spatial crack, Rao Yaoyao continued to speculate about the intentions of those almighty experts on the Inner Island of the Abyss Island.

Did they want to manipulate the hearts of the people so that the Seventy-Two Dragon Essence Array would collapse by itself

That shouldnt be…

Rao Yaoyao suppressed everyone in an instant.

Naturally, she didnt think that such a low method would be used by those people on the Inner Island of the Abyss Island to achieve their true intentions.


Would they have a backup plan


Yunlun mountain range.

Above the Fourth Dragon Range, Xu Xiaoshou was still paying attention to the movements of the Abyss Island Rift.

The Holy Power Treasures gushed out and were blocked by the great array formed by the red-clothed.

Others could not see them clearly, but he could with his “Perception”.

The Yunlun mountain range was originally sealed by the Cloud Realm World.

Xu Xiaoshou could not take away the Cloud Realm World.

It was also difficult for him to use it to fight.

However, after spending ten days, he had solved part of the mystery of the divinity in the Cloud Realm World.

After all, weaving expertise was best at array shattering.

After losing the basic spiritual senses of the Cloud Realm World, naturally, he could use his perception to see clearly what was happening in the outside world.

“Throwing treasures”

Xu Xiaoshou was puzzled.

He couldnt figure out Bazhunans intention.

If he only threw out some treasures, those treasures might be accompanied by holy power that could be used to attack their opponent.

However, that little bit of holy power was obviously unable to break Rao Yaoyaos defense.

On the contrary.

If he was just being generous by giving out gifts, wasnt he increasing the enemys combat power

“Bazhunan isnt that stupid…”

Xu Xiaoshou knew that he probably didnt see the second level, third level, or even more of Bazhunans intention, so he quickly denied his judgment.

He paid attention to the higher voids and cutting paths in front of the Abyss Island Rift and started to think.

As a result of that wave of treasure-throwing, they had helped to arm everyone in the red-clothed and at the same time, also attracted a large group of people to their opponent.


This group of people eventually became Rao Yaoyaos subordinates.

“Is giving them treasures not enough for you, Bazhunan Now, you still want to give them manpower”

Xu Xiaoshou was confused.

Once again, he was muddled by this operation.

“Could it be that there are people hiding among these people” Xu Xiaoshou speculated again.

However, if he could think of it, Rao Yaoyao must have also thought of it.

All he needed to do was to do a simple investigation and probe.

Once these peoples abilities were revealed, their identities and backgrounds would be clear.

If there was a Cen Qiaofu hidden among them, it would be revealed immediately.

“Thats definitely not the case…”

Xu Xiaoshou once again dismissed his train of thought and could not figure it out.

Before this, he had thought that the Abyss Island Rift would spew out ghost beasts, and then the storyteller would send a message to him, asking him to help out or something.

However, he did not expect it to spew out treasures.

It could not be that Bazhunan threw out the ghost beasts at the wrong time and turned them into treasures, right

“Bazhunan, what exactly is he up to”


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