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“Oh, there are so many problematic people.”

On the Cloud Realm World lords seat, Yu Zhiwen stared at all the images displayed in the spirit mirror and found the abnormal reactions of many trial-takers.

A large number of treasures had spewed out from the Abyss Island Rift.

The people who were attracted were not only the trial-takers from the Yunlun Mountain Range but also the cutting paths and higher voids who were stationed near Dongtianwang City.

Even if these treasures were seized by the Holy Divine Palace at the first moment, there would still be people who were attracted to them.

However, the trial-takers from the Yunlun Mountain Range had indeed overreacted during the spurting process of the treasures.

They temporarily put aside the Battle of the Nine Dragon Range and chose to stay away from the battle.

They began to observe.

Yu Zhiwens mind spun.

She knew that these people were just afraid that the Battle of the Nine Dragon Range would delay their time to snatch the treasures.

In the end, the treasures did not fall into the hands of the trial-takers.

Only then did they choose to continue participating in the trial.

However, their initial decision to wait-and-see was already problematic.

Other than the stowaway and those who coveted the foundational roots of Saint Ascension, which normal trial-takers would ignore the matters at hand just because of the Abyss Island Rift and abandon their progress in the trial

“Seventy-six, thats a bit too many!”

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Yu Zhiwen counted these problematic people.

A large group of stowaways had already been caught from the beginning of the Imperial City trial.

During the process of the trial, the law enforcers continued to pull in the net.

Up to this point, seventy-six problematic trial-takers had been hidden until now.

It had to be said that these peoples hiding abilities were indeed quite impressive.

But they were more or less the same!

Yu Zhiwen sorted out the spirit mirror images of these people and passed them all to Rao Yaoyao.

Next would be the job of the law enforcers.

One by one, the problematic people would be arrested and interrogated.

This was for them to see if they could get anything out of those people.

After finishing her job, Yu Zhiwen turned on the spirit mirror image that belonged to Young Master Xu and looked at it seriously.

This wasnt peeping.

It was a mission.

From the perspective of the Holy Divine Palace, Yu Zhiwen knew that this battle was very important.

Even the chief of the Transformation Division had died in the line of duty, so she naturally didnt dare to bend the law for selfish reasons.

Even if Young Master Xu was the saint servant, Xu Xiaoshous suspicion had already been dispelled in the upper echelons of the red-clothed.

Yu Zhiwen still believed in her intuition.

She had always thought that there couldnt be two people in this world who behaved so alike.

However, even though she suspected Young Master Xu, she had no evidence, so she could not say anything more.

Therefore, while Yu Zhiwen was peeping at Young Master Xu, she also wanted to try her best to find some evidence to prove her ability.

However, things did not go as she wished.

From the beginning of the trial, Young Master Xu did not reveal any flaws.

He was so perfect that he was like a normal person.

Now that the Abyss Island Rift was spewing treasures, logically speaking, if he was Xu Xiaoshou, he should cooperate with the actions of the Abyss Island, right

After all, Bazhunan was on the Inner Island of the Abyss Island.

It was very likely that he was the one who did all of this.

As a saint servant, Xu Xiaoshou should have his own hidden mission to cooperate with the operation.

However, he didnt!

At this stage, after entering the Fourth Dragon Range, Young Master Xus group, including his two guardians and the captains of the various teams, led people to attack the mountain crazily.

It seemed that in Young Master Xus eyes, nothing in the world was more important than the Nine Dragon Range.

This was the normal behavior of a normal spiritual cultivator.

However, when it came to Young Master Xu, Yu Zhiwen was a little confused.

“The fact that hes so normal… isnt normal at all!”

“But its impossible to use this reason to make the law enforcer look for Young Master Xu for trouble.

After all, he still has the identity of a demi-saints descendant.”

Yu Zhiwens emotions were very complicated.

She was glad that she didnt find any obvious evidence of Young Master Xu.

At the same time, she also had some self-doubt.

“There should be something wrong with this person, but why couldnt I find any problem at all Is it because Im not capable enough” She thought.

Yu Zhiwen, who was ranked second on the Heaven Board of the Path Division, was very confident in her abilities in all aspects.

Rao Yaoyao had given her an important mission to supervise the spirit mirror.

If others were to do it, they could do it without seeking merit but had to do it without making any mistakes.

Yu Zhiwen had thought the same before.

But after Yis death, she couldnt do this anymore.

She was the Holy Maiden of the Holy Divine Palace.

The Holy Divine Palace had spent a large number of resources to nurture talents.

How could they hope that the people they nurtured would achieve the same results as the average person

They couldnt make mistakes, but they still had to make contributions!

This was the pressure Yu Zhiwen felt.

In the Holy Divine Palace, the incompetent couldnt survive.

Especially in the competition between the Holy Maiden and the Holy son.

It was the survival of the fittest

Yu Zhiwen didnt want to embarrass her supreme master, so she had to get some results.

If she was mediocre, she would be letting down everyone who had high hopes for her.

“This is so hard…”

Yu Zhiwen stared at the spirit mirror.

She was very tired.

She hadnt rested for a long time.

But when she was discouraged, she immediately adjusted her emotions.

A night had passed since Yis death, but Rao Yaoyao hadnt even found any crucial evidence.

This further proved the strength of their opponent.

It was normal to be difficult.

It would be weird if it wasnt difficult.

“I cant slack off.

I have to continue watching!”

Yu Zhiwen stared at Young Master Xu on the image of the spirit mirror.

After a long time, a spiritual light flashed, and she suddenly realized that her guess just now might be right.

“Hes too normal.”

“So normal that he doesnt seem like Young Master Xu.

If this is the real Young Master Xu, he has completely lost Xu Xiaoshous style of behavior.”

“The moment Xu Xiaoshou seriously participates in the Battle of the Nine Dragon Range, even if its to get rid of the suspicion of killing Yi, he wont have enough time to cooperate with the saint servants operation, so its impossible.”

Yu Zhiwen pondered.

She wondered what she would do next if she was Xu Xiaoshou and had participated in killing Yi as a member of the saint servant


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