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All these guesses were based on the groundless assumption that Young Master Xu was Xu Xiaoshou.

However, Yu Zhiwen would not immediately deny this baseless assumption.

She had worked with Xu Xiaoshou before and knew how smart this person was.

If one wanted to reason with Xu Xiaoshou, from the very start, they should not do it in a normal way.

One had to keep up with his wild imagination, as well as his behavior that seemed absurd and unreasonable, but actually hid a real mystery.

“If I were Xu Xiaoshou…”

“When I was in Dongtianwang City, I could use Young Master Xus identity to hide.

Now, I can also change my identity and hide behind Young Master Xu…”

“Change into someone else”

Yu Zhiwen frowned and hesitated.

As she thought about it, a look of disbelief flashed in her eyes.

She did not immediately deny herself.

Instead, with her suspicions, she switched to the images of all the trial-takers around Young Master Xu and carefully observed them.

She did not miss a single one.

She looked into those of the same age, same-sex, same cultivation level, and those with a similar appearance as Young Master Xu, however…

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Even though Yu Zhiwen had carefully observed more than once for any expert who matched Young Master Xus temperament and ability, including those who could switch places with Young Master Xus identity, she still couldnt find any flaws.

“It should be impossible.”

“Xu Xiaoshou can become someone else.

Hes powerful enough, but if thats the case, who would be used to impersonate Young Master Xu”

“After all, Young Master Xus ability, cultivation level, and wisdom are very high.

Not everyone can impersonate him…”

Yu Zhiwen had a headache.

She kept feeling as if she could catch something.

However, Xu Xiaoshou seemed to be fated to have no fate with her.

In an instant, he would disappear into the vast sea of people without a trace.

Yu Zhiwen hugged her knees.

Confusion appeared in her eyes, and her mood was somewhat dejected.

She was thinking that if she had been more resolute and more expansive during the time in the White Cave, she would have bluntly thrown out all the information that the Holy Divine Palace had of Xu Xiaoshou and helped him by force.

Would the current result change

Yu Zhiwen was in a daze.

She thought of the past and then thought of Xu Xiaoshous past.

From the very beginning, Xu Xiaoshou had been firmly grasped by the saint servant, Sleeveless.

She had appeared too late, like a passing guest in his life.

It seemed that… Fate did not allow it

Thinking of this, Yu Zhiwen lowered her head.

She hugged her knees and curled up into a kitten.

She let out a long sigh.

“Really, this is so difficult…”

The Fourth Dragon Range.


“Everyone move!”

“Be happy, dont be dejected!”

Mu Zixi, who was Xu Xiaoshous incarnation, excitedly commanded a dozen of people under her to plant flowers on the mountain.

When all the trial-takers in the Yunlun Mountain Range were fighting with their lives on the line, only the dozen of trial-takers from the Fourth Dragon Range were behaving like outsiders.

They were ordered by Leader Mu to plant flowers.

This scene was completely different from the others.

But it was indeed something that Mu Zixi, who had nothing to do, could do.

When Xu Xiaoshou did not take any further action, he could only continue to play the role ofMu Zixi.

He knew that even if the law enforcers were to gather in the sky, Rao Yaoyao would definitely put the law enforcers back to their original positions as soon as she realized that little was done even though they had a lot of discussions.

At that time, the search for the murderer of Yi would also be carried out.

He could only play the role of Mu Zixi so that no one would suspect him.

After all, who would have thought that the saint servant, Xu Xiaoshou, a well-known explosive maniac, would turn into a little girl in the Fourth Dragon Range and command everyone to plant flowers and grass

If Elder Sang came, he would have to call him, Xu Xiaoshou, “My good disciple” instead of “Xu Xiaoshou! Get lost!”

Xu Xiaoshou happily used his life force to protect the little flower seedlings to grow quickly.

If they grew crooked, he would cut them off and grow them again.

If they were not cut properly, he would pull them out and plant them again.

The wood attribute was used to raise flowers and grass.

It was very suitable for curing obsessive-compulsive disorder patients.

After just half a day, Xu Xiaoshou looked at the neat circles of red flowers on the peak of the Fourth Dragon Range.

He smiled very happily.


At this time, the trial jade pendant trembled.

Xu Xiaoshou took it out to have a look.

“Congratulations to trial-taker Tai Xing for pulling out the Dragon Lords flag and activating the great array of dragon veins.

He has become the Lord of the Third Dragon Range!”


Without thinking, Xu Xiaoshou knew that Tai Xing had been promoted to the altar under the support of Xu Xiaoji, Xin Gugu, Liu Changqing, Luo Yin, Rong Dahao, and other super experts.

At this moment, all the trial-takers in the Yunlun Mountain Range received this notification at the same time.

Almost 99% of the people had a confused look in their eyes.

“Tai Xing”

“Who is this guy”

“From the beginning, this name didnt appear at the top of the rankings, right”

“A new force”

Many people started to search for information about Tai Xing and asked around.

However, except for some people of the same level in the central region who knew Tai Xing, most people didnt know Tai Xing.

He was a nobody compared to the descendants of the higher void and demi-saint.

While everyone was confused.

The introduction of the trial jade pendant to the Dragon Lord was originally just a hint, but after a pause, another message appeared.

“Tai Xing, the first Dragon Guard under the banner of Mu Zixi, the Dragon Lord of the Fourth Dragon Range.”

All the spiritual cultivators in the Yunlun mountain range instantly became excited.

Tai Xing, the Lord of the Third Dragon Range, was the Dragon Guard of the Fourth Dragon Range

Didnt this mean that someone was going to start fighting for the title of Lord of the Nine Dragons


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