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The scale of the Demonic Emperor Black Dragon

The higher voids and cutting paths were confused.

They had never heard of this strange title.

Teng Shanhai was shocked.

The scale of the Holy Emperor!

On the Shengshen continent, even the higher void faction couldnt reach the secret of the Holy Emperor.

Under the seal of the way of the heavens, no one knew anything about the secret of the Holy Emperor.

As the chief of the Combat Division, Teng Shanhai had the right to know the secret of the Holy Emperor.

This black scale that shot out from the Abyss Island Rift was the Holy Emperor Dragon Scale of the Demonic Emperor Black Dragon, the Lord of the Black Vein on the Inner Island of the Abyss Island!

“Why would such a thing appear” Teng Shanhai stared at the scale as if he had seen a hot potato.

He did not know whether he should put it away.

Rao Yaoyao also had a headache.

Even she couldnt see through this scale.

If a ghost beast had been sealed in this scale with holy power, the ghost-seeking plate wouldnt be able to find any information from a treasure of such level.

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The best way wasnt to take it but to destroy it.

But even if everyone was gathered, it would still be difficult to destroy this Holy Emperor Dragon Scale!

“Seal it.”

Rao Yaoyao hesitated for a moment before she thought of a way.

She said, “Immediately summon Situ Yongren and Yu Zhiwen.

Seal this dragon scale with the divine secret technique and hand it over to Hallmaster Dao.”

Teng Shanhai immediately took out the communication bead to call for help.

However, it was too late!

After a short pause, the Holy Emperor Dragon Scale in Rao Yaoyaos hand suddenly trembled violently.

“Hum hum hum!”

In just an instant, the thick black holy power was like a wave pattern.

Layer after layer, it continuously surged out and tore through the void, forcing Rao Yaoyao to retreat.


A loud dragons roar resounded from the scale.

In an instant, it spread in all directions and went across the entire Yunlun mountain range.

Even the people of Dongtianwang City heard the roar.

“Argh! What sound is that!”

All the trial-takers in the Yunlun mountain range covered their ears in pain.

Blood flowed out from their seven orifices.

The dragons roar contained a great pressure that made people submit to it.

Spiritual cultivators at the grandmaster realm could not withstand it at all.

They immediately knelt and kowtowed to the ground.

The spiritual cultivators of Dongtianwang city also cried out in pain.

Those with low cultivation levels even fainted on the spot when they heard the dragons roar.

The leaders of the highest land realm resisted with all their strength.

They turned their heads and looked at the peak of the Abyss.

On the distant horizon, along with the dragons roar, dark clouds covered the sky.

Lightning flashed and the entire sky was dyed black.

The majestic holy power overflowed like water that broke through a dam.

It broke through all restrictions and continued to wreak havoc in all directions.

It swallowed and dyed an area of space.

Experts from the cutting path stage and the higher void level could faintly see the black dragon scale floating in the air.

No one could step within a thousand feet radius.

Even Rao Yaoyao, who held the Cang Godhood Sword in her hand, was forced to stand a thousand feet away and resist with all her strength!

“The holy power…”

In front of the Abyss Island Rift, the thirteen higher voids and twenty-seven cutting paths were all green with envy.

Such a dense wave of holy power was rarely seen in the world.

Even if one only obtained a tiny bit from that wave of holy power, with a little comprehension, demi-saint would be just around the corner!

“What on earth is this Supreme Treasure of the Holy Emperor Is there really an expert at the level of the Holy Emperor in this world” Reverend Huang Yang felt that he could no longer suppress the endless greed in his heart.

He was completely unaware that devilish energy had been released from his body, and he could not help but take a step forward.

“Foundational roots of Saint Ascension! This is my opportunity!” Granny Tianlings eyes had already been dyed black, and she was prepared to fight for the opportunity.

“Something is wrong!” The Dragon Fighter Hong Dang was famous for his physique cultivation, and he was keenly aware that everyone present had been invaded by the black holy power.

Devilish energy!

The devilish energy was the cause.

It was affecting everyones inner demons!

The people in the arena might not be affected by external things, but towards the foundational roots of Saint Ascension, their obsession became crazy.

Under such circumstances, the black holy power only had to strengthen their guide a little more and a higher void could be led into cultivation deviation.

Rao Yaoyao held the Divine Sword Xuan Cang upside down and used her divine power to resist the invasion of the Black Dragons power.

She also realized that the situation of the people around her was not right.

“Dont go over!” Rao Yaoyao roared.

The Divine Sword Xuan Cang trembled and the power of fate burst forth.

Together with the boundless sword will on her body, it gathered into a form.

Amidst the black dragons power that filled the sky, the phantom of the Golden Sword of Fate suddenly pierced through the sky and blocked the invasion of holy power for everyone.

“This is a trap set up by the Demonic Emperor Black Dragon!”

Rao Yaoyaos voice was like a loud bell, ringing in everyones hearts.

Reverend Huang Yang was awakened by this shout.

He immediately chanted the “Heart cleansing mantra” and managed to regain his composure.

“Terrifying!” He felt a lingering fear, and his back was drenched in sweat.

This holy power could even control the emotions of a higher void so easily.

It was as if it wanted to toy with everyone.

Granny Tianling also calmed down.

The Dragon Fighter, Hong Dang, retreated a few miles away in an attempt to stop the influence of holy power.

He coveted the foundational roots of Saint Ascension.

However, there was something wrong with the foundational roots of Saint Ascension in front of him.

It felt more like it was demanding for his life.

At this moment, life was much more important than this strange foundational roots of Saint Ascension!

The other higher voids had strong mental fortitude.

Under the interference of external forces, they managed to break free from the influence of the holy power and retreated rapidly.

However, the cutting paths were not so lucky.

Even though Rao Yaoyao blocked the attack of the holy power for everyone, these people still could not recover from their obsession with the foundational roots of Saint Ascension.


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