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A terrifying explosion sounded, causing ones eardrums to bleed.

This was a clash of Holy Power.

Mortals couldnt pry into it, so how could they eavesdrop on the sounds of the holy war with their flesh ears

Seeing this, the cloud-form saint had a look of pity.

He paused in the air, and then, as if an immortal was leading the way, he pointed in the air.

“Return to safety…”

A gentle holy voice once again appeared in the ears of the world.

With this voice, the Ten Orders Spiritual Array sent down endless rays of light to purify all the sounds of the holy war, restoring the spiritual cultivator who had suffered miserably to a perfect state.

Everyone raised their eyes in shock.

However, the battle in the sky was not over yet.

The chains of light and the shadow of the sword were still clashing against each other.

The space was clearly shattered, and the great energy constantly exploded.

However, at this moment, the scene was not as unbearable as before.

Everyone was watching the battle on various screens.

It was an extremely good experience.

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Furthermore, the booming sounds in their ears also became crisp and clear.

All the noise was purified.

“Holy Power!”

“What a powerful ability to use.

Hallmaster Dao is taking us mortals into consideration.

He doesnt want us to suffer because of the holy war!”

“What a warm voice.

What a thoughtful Hallmaster Dao!”

Unknowingly, all the spiritual cultivators were affected by the actions of the cloud-form saint.

They became devout and established their faith.

“Terrifying…” Rao Yaoyao was terrified.

She knew very well that Dao Qiongcang didnt deliberately use Holy Power to affect everyones minds.

However, every action of a demi-saint would have a great impact on the soul of a spiritual cultivator and even the great path of Heaven and earth.

After this battle, as long as the word got out…

Even in the Eastern Region, the title of “Hallmaster Dao” would not be lower than “Eighth Sword Deity.”.

In the horizon.

Devil Sword fought against demi-saints power alone.

It had only lasted for a short while, but it was already too much for it.

It was a famed sword, not the Holy Emperor himself.

To be able to kill the arrow of the Evil Sin Bow already showed its great power.

However, Dao Qiongcang was now using his full strength.

The strength of the famed sword mainly depended on the sword-bearers ability.

The Myriad Weapons Devil Lord didnt have a sword-bearer, so it couldnt even use one-tenth of its own power.

How could he withstand a saint-level great array like the Ten Orders Spiritual Array

Crack! Crack! Crack!

After shattering one wave of the wide chains, the Devil Sword was finally unable to deal with the endless wave of light chains.

It was bound by the chains of the way of the heavens formed by the Ten Orders Spiritual Array and became a sword dumpling.

“Wu ~”

A sobbing sword cries pierced through the hearts of all sword cultivators.

“Its summoning me!”

The eyes of the swordsmen in Dongtianwang City and Yunlun Mountain Range glowed red as they became excited.

Only the swordsmen could hear the content of this cry clearly.

“Help me…”

“If we become the sword-bearer of the Devil Sword, we can kill demi-saint together.

Quickly come and help me…”

Dongtianwang City was in chaos!

Yunlun Mountain Range was in chaos!

After the whimper of the sword cries, countless swordsmen leaped into the sky.

They were about to pull the Devil Sword out of its bondage and become the legendary sword-bearer!

In the Fourth Dragon Range, Mu Zixi, who was Xu Xiaoshous incarnation, was also summoned.

As an orthodox ancient swordman and a true sword-bearer of the famed sword, the call he received was even clearer than that of an ordinary sword-bearer.

“You are the Master of the Way of the Sword, the reincarnation of the god of Sword, and the future of the ancient swordsman!”

“Come on, Kid.

Pull me out, control me, possess me, and become the sword bearer of the Devil Sword.

You have the right to look down on the world and destroy the demi-saint!”

“I can give you everything you want!”

The voice was too clear and bewitching.

However, Xu Xiaoshous eyes had yet to turn red.

“Clang –”

In the Yuan Mansion world, the sound of sword cries also resounded, clearer and more penetrating than that of the Myriad Weapons Devil Lord.

The proud and aloof Fourth Sword, like a fierce God who disdained to dye everything in the world with his eyes, let out a cold snort and shouted, “Scram!”

The Flame Python, who had always been quiet, was also angered, it was as if the Flame God was beginning to spew out everything.

“Devil Sword, who has never acknowledged the qualifications of a sword-bearer, and has not even been heavenly unravel once.

What qualifications does it have to be on the same sword-famed swords seat as me You shouldnt become the 21 famed swords, but an ordinary sword!”

“ ” Xu Xiaoshou was stunned when he heard that.

The two swords of his own were actually had spiritual quality.

They could actually speak, but they had never spoken after all these times.

This time, they were angered by the Devil Sword, so they began to criticize it.

Xu Xiaoshou hadnt recovered from the fact that the Fourth Sword and Flame Python had spoken.

He knew that this was just the communication between the two swords and the Devil Sword through their own souls, but it was too shocking!

However, in the next second, something even more shocking appeared.

Hidden Bitter was like a little brother following behind two big brothers.

Since the big brothers had spoken, he could not stay idle.

However, the opposite Devil Sword was also a big brother, so it trembled in fear and carefully chose its words, it carefully followed and berated, “Get up, get up…”

It did not dare to say “Get lost” like the famed sword Fourth Sword, nor did it dare to say long words like the famed sword Flame Python, so it could only say so.

After saying this, this fellow even twisted into a maggot in the Yuan Mansion world, “Wu wu wu, Im so scared…”

Xu Xiaoshou, “”

His eyes almost fell out of their sockets.

Hidden Bitter, you can speak now

When did this happen

Xu Xiaoshou carefully observed it.

Hidden Bitter was indeed only a grade six spiritual sword, and it didnt show any signs of crazily breaking through several grades.

But its spiritual intelligence was already very mature.

This was clearly a scale of spiritual intelligence that only a grade three spiritual sword could possess.

Normally, a newly forged grade three spiritual sword wouldnt even be able to form such mature spiritual intelligence.

“Thats not right.

During this period of time, I either caused trouble in the city or entered the Yunlun Mountain Ranges trial.

I didnt have much time to observe the sword.

Hidden Bitter, how could it grow so quickly” Xu Xiaoshou was puzzled.

Soon, he thought of the “Nurturing of Fame”.

In this world, there were two ways to advance a spiritual sword.

One was to reforge it.

This was a last resort, and it was very difficult for spiritual intelligence to be born.

Two was to walk the path of the famed sword, relying on the famed sword-bearers fame and using the way of the heavens power to nourish and cultivate.

Hidden Bitter had an additional “Witness Sword Technique” to assist it.

However, this path was not so fast as the regular path.

The only thing Xu Xiaoshou could think of was the orthodoxNurturing of Fame.

On this continent, the most famous sword that walked the path ofNurturing of Fame and eventually became famous was the Bazhunans number one saber, Qingju.

Qingju was originally a nameless sword and couldnt even be considered a tenth grade sword.

However, it followed the Bazhunan for the longest time.

Later on, the Bazhunan became famous, and Qingju also grew to the level where it could be compared to a famed sword.

Other than the twenty-one famed swords that had become famous in the ancient times, Qingju was the strongest sword in the world!

Although Qingjuan had broken off after Bazhunan had “fallen”, after that battle, not only did it not lose out, but it also received the title of “Broken Sword”.

Who would dare to be called Bazhunan if it was only half a sword

Qingju the broken sword was clearly not among the 21 famed swords, but it had the same title as the Evil Sword Yue Lian, Flame Python, the Voice of Nulan, and other ancient famed swords.

This was enough to show the strength of Qingju!

And now, Hidden Bitter seemed to have walked on this path as well

Xu Xiaoshou looked at Hidden Bitter in Yuan Mansion, who had been beaten up by the two big brothers because he had twisted and turned after agreeing with them, and his expression became strange.

So, during this period of time, Hidden Bitter had been nourishing himself with the fame that he had started to take shape while cultivating with the two big brothers

It cant be…

At that time, it was just a fantasy.

Hidden Bitter, could it really have the qualifications to become a famed sword

If this weird sword really became a famed sword, what would its title be

In the sky above the Yunlun Mountain Range.

With the protection of two swords, the bewitching words of the Devil Sword Myriad Weapons Devil Lord could not move Xu Xiaoshous mind at all.

It could not even let Xu Xiaoshou reveal the fact that he was actually a swordsman.

However, the swordsman in other places were completely different.

After the whimpering of the Devil Sword, a large number of swordsmen flew over from Dongtianwang City.

They gave up on the trial in the Yunlun Mountain Range and surged into the sky together.

Swordsmen from the Eastern Region were most likely.

This densely packed group of people flew into the sky like locusts crossing the border.

They were not guilty of begging for food, but the outcome of crossing the border would definitely be bleak.

They could not be forcefully stopped, and they could not be killed directly.

Even Rao Yaoyao felt a headache watching them.

The cloud-mist saint, however, did not take them to heart and only lightly shouted.

“Demonic words confuse the masses.

They deserve to be punished!”

With a boom, the Ten Orders Spiritual Array emitted streams of light that went straight for the Devil Swords body, which was bound by the chains of the way of the heavens.

The poor Devil Sword, without a sword-bearer, was blacked out by the mighty power of a half-saint.


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