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Rao Yaoyao did not harm the spiritual cultivators in the slightest, but under the effect of Holy Power, she split the Black Dragon Energy of the Demonic Emperor Black Dragon into a layer of obstruction on the path of the spiritual cultivators heart.

As long as the spiritual cultivators could break through this layer of obstruction, not only could they eliminate the influence of the Black Dragon Energy in an instant, but they could also raise their state of mind by more than one level.


Although her idea was good, Rao Yaoyao had overlooked the difference in power levels.

Even Dao Qiongcangs Ten Orders Spiritual Array had been tainted by the Black Dragon Energy.

Her move, Red Dust Sword, which could only be slashed out with the help of Holy Blood, could not even compare to the Ten Orders Spiritual Array in terms of Holy Power aura.


In just half a breaths time, Rao Yaoyaos figure was jolted back from the void.

She opened her mouth and spat out fresh blood, her eyes filled with shock.

On the path of mental state training, this sword of hers could not even transform the Black Dragon Energy, let alone help all the spiritual cultivators.

It was useless!

“Rao Yaoyao, dont force yourself.

This is a battle of the level of Holy Power.

You have yet to step into this state.” A decadent saints voice sounded in her ears.

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Rao Yaoyao tilted her head and looked at Dao Qiongcangs saint phantom.

She knew that this was Dao Qiongcangs exhortation.

But she didnt listen.

“The Demonic Emperor Black Dragon took great pains to send out its dragon scale.

There must be a mystery behind it.

The Shengshen Continents ways of heavens is targeted to everyone.

You are the head of the main hall.

Can there be an exception and you can use the full power of a half-saint” Rao Yaoyao analyzed calmly.

Pausing for a moment, she then continued telepathic communication, “You used the Ten Orders Spiritual Array to seal time and space to prevent the Holy Emperor from escaping.

You have already expended a lot of energy.

If you have to spend more effort to solve the troubles of the ordinary spiritual cultivator, how much energy do you have left to deal with the Holy Emperor Dragon Scale”

Dao Qiongcangs saint phantom was silent.

It seemed that Rao Yaoyao was right.

Looking at the battle situation in the Yunlun Mountain Range, everyone thought that he, the demi-saint, had made a glorious move.

However, in reality, Dao Qiongcangs difficulties were only known to people of Rao Yaoyaos level.

“You save your energy to deal with the dragon scale.

I will solve the trouble of the spiritual cultivator.” Rao Yaoyao wiped the blood from the corner of her mouth.

The power of the Holy Blood was increasing crazily with the passage of time.

There was a strong confidence in her words.

Dao Qiongcangs saint phantom only paused for a moment and did not stop her.

He said, “Act according to your ability.

Remember, your life is more important than all the people here combined.”

A flash of impatience flashed across Rao Yaoyaos eyes.

“Dont talk to me like that!”

With that, she no longer paid attention to the demi-saint Dao Qiongcang.

She leaped into the air again and raised the Cang Godhood Sword above her head.

Holy Blood was only demi-saints essence blood.

Seven Sword Deity was only in the higher void state.

With the previous sword, “Red Dust, Heart Refining.” Rao Yaoyao knew how big the gap was between the power of the Holy Emperor and the power below the saint stage.

To outsiders, this gap could not be made up for in a short time.

Rao Yaoyao was different.

She raised her eyes slightly and looked devoutly at the Cang Godhood Sword.

She muttered, “Im counting on you…”

The Cang Godhood Sword was one of the Five Great Divine Instruments of Chaos.

It was the destiny-suppressing treasure of the headquarters of the Holy Divine Palace on the Sacred Mountain Gui Zhe.

The reason why it was asked to leave the mountain was to deal with this urgent situation.

If there was any external force in this world that could resist the power of the Holy Emperor, it would be the Cang Godhood Sword.

There should only be the power of fate that had been nurtured in the Cang Godhood Sword for thousands of years and had been strengthened by many demi-saints and even Holy Emperor.

The power of fate in the Holy Divine Palace!

It also represented a part of the power of fate in the Shengshen Continent!

Rao Yaoyao stood in the air with a solemn expression.

She let go of the sword in her hand and crossed her fingers in front of her chest.

“Xuan Cang, open!”

A clear shout.

It was clear that the Cang Godhood Sword was not held by the sword-bearer.

At this moment, it began to spin in front of Rao Yaoyao at a high speed.

As it spun, strands of power of fate flew out like golden sparrows.

It was like the first ray of dawn that lit up the dark night.

In the eyes of the spiritual cultivator who had been demonized, there was a glimmer of hope.

A world of darkness that spanned a hundred thousand li.

On the ground, the spiritual cultivator was scratching and hissing crazily.

In the sky, the female sword deity was guiding the sword and breaking the situation.

Sword Deitys edict, the power of fate took forms.

The divine sword danced, and the sparrow guided the dragon.


Not long after, a large amount of power of fate from the Cang Godhood Sword turned into Five-clawed Golden Dragon and flew up into the sky.

It directly broke through the seal of the black Ten Orders Spiritual Array.

Rao Yaoyaos eyes lit up at the same time.

She grabbed the spinning Cang Godhood Sword with one hand, and her clothes rustled in the air.

“Heartless Sword…”

The loud and clear dragons roar disappeared when Rao Yaoyao held the sword.

The Golden Fate Dragon also followed her shout and flowed into her body from the sky.

“Slay Demon!”

The sword slashed horizontally.

The sword that was augmented by the power of fate pierced through the void and struck the Black Dragon Energy in the depths of the spiritual cultivators soul.

There was no dissuasion.

There was no transformation.

At this moment, Rao Yaoyao did not choose a roundabout method.

She used another method to get rid of the Black Dragon Energy.

Because she understood.

Ordinary spiritual cultivators could not get rid of the Black Dragon Energy alone.

With the blessing of the Golden Fate Dragon, there was no need for her to take a roundabout route.


The sword was finished.

Gold replaced black.

The world of darkness within 100,000 li was replaced by brilliance, and the Ten Orders Spiritual Array regained its light.

As for the demonized spiritual cultivators, the black in their eyes was also dyed with golden light, and they finally regained their clarity.


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